Sunday, January 27, 2008

Either way...

Keeping busy can produce some interesting results. Being forced to be distracted from what may never happen in the newspaper has concentrated my attention, and besides a tiny bit of work between Friday and yesterday have been free to run wild. Taking photos in the rain in Golders Green and driving across Hampstead and Highgate with a video camera (bearing in mind the light goes at 3.30pm) is what happens when I run wild. But looking through the files wondered if I now have the world's biggest collection of photos of London NW11 (well over 1000) which ought to be put in a museum at least. The Golders Green photo museum, ran by me. That is an idea, except for the fact if it was located in Golders Green everyone going to see them would have just seen the same places before seeing the photos of them. A bit of a non-starter really.

I am majorly running out of ideas now, and officially there's only a week left for the paper to use the piece I'm in, and being the first after what will be 48 years on Tuesday is rather important. Possible date on Wednesday, visitors on birthday weekend and nothing else known. The paranoia about wasting the opportunity of using the article grows each day nothing happens, and the media are notorious for not using material. Nothing I can do about it. My latest photo album arrived yesterday, and with no known mistakes. I'll have to try and sell a few more now, when the weather improves anyway.

So, having a major career possibility contrasted the existing lack of anything at all in my life, another woman may be possible as well later in the year but that is very early days. If nothing happens then so be it, and the fact the media career also includes 3 speaking parts on TV, plus one I'm about to see when the DVD arrives. So slowly building, but so slowly there's as yet no public presence or image. The paper would fix that, and the career now rests on a knife edge.
Everyone would be the same in that position and most probably have what could be called a life to distract them from it. I have a camera and NW London. That is it at the moment. Until the book deal. My arse.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Plans continue

I didn't want anyone to think I'd dropped off or anything, and I have actually been busier doing things than writing, plus half my activities haven't been completed yet so only one to report. That was my 3rd speaking TV part, on Women's Entertainment TV, a cable channel across the US, and hopefully I'll get a DVD soon so I can see it. That was on Saturday.
I am also awaiting a date for a newspaper appearance, more on that when it comes. That kept me busy for a day or so anyhow.

Otherwise it's business as per, another possible woman on the system, again more when it happens there, the other one should be seen next week as well. No work this week, I mopped up two videos so far on the new camera and plenty of photos, and tomorrow haven't a clue as although it's nice to be free there's only so much to do when there's no one else around. I'll have to wait and see. Of course the main thing is to get a newspaper date so in quiet moments is hard not to worry about that.
So quite a lot has happened but only a little reached me. Another album is due in a day or two, and I have followed up the IQ situation a lot further as well. It seems if I can provide evidence Mensa will consider it (did I tell them I was 11 though? that could make a difference). I traced my psychologist to heaven (should it exist) as she was an alter cacker back then so no surprise she is long gone. That is basically an end to my chance of getting her records, and my mum has mislaid the file with the correspondence we did have in 1971 although we doubt it had an IQ result. I expect I'll have to take it again either way and not hopeful of my ability any more. The media exposure is more important but both would be nice of course, why either/or?

Well, tomorrow is another day, the week has been productive so far but the ideas are running out. There's plenty of crap to do at home but I'd like something to do out when it's light as well. I've videoed NW11, NW2, NW3 and N2 now and that presumably means N6 next. That's covered that although I was there last week after an NW11 trip. As I can't do multiple Youtube clips as it needs a mains plug to do it I am taking a 3-4 minute video and then any photos in the same direction. Of course on VHS I kept filming while I had places to take but I don't know if I can make files any other way without possibly an expensive editing program. One I couldn't figure out probably either.
So I have to do one video even though I can get lots in a couple of hours, and at least it forces me to find other places for photos as well, Bounds Green today. Right, that's Thursday (or my next trip) taken care of. That fixes another day. It's nice when you don't have to rely on your own resources as well though.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While I'm here...

Speculation is the fuel of the media, and I am no better, except I admit no news allows speculation as it's human nature. I have many starts and few finishes, and even the finishes are graded by their effects. Most are good to have done but have no effect afterwards. The TV programmes would have both a possible delayed reaction plus the ability to make more on the back of them. One more on Saturday, the biggest so far but not in this country. These have the biggest potential for my life since getting my degree almost half my life ago, although the results are a lot vaguer and longer term. But repeats alone have meant despite one channel being pulled in the UK I must have been on about 10 times in the last year in this country, however few watch it.

I often struggle to make plans when old ones are done, and producing more paintings is fine but doesn't sell any more. I'm ordering another photo album this week as I have enough new photos to make one, but haven't yet got round to making more sales trips. Maybe when the weather improves. The female situation has slightly improved, one possible and one new arrival. Of course if both prove goers I'll make my choice, but so far one is going in about first gear.

Other than that I just looked up to find Mensa have changed the rules since my disastrous attempt to allow any official test results for entry. Pity they didn't then as mine was in 1971, one of the two involved has definitely died and the other was probably older so little chance of any contact. Why we weren't all given our results in writing is truly a mystery- I'm sure my parents paid very nicely for their time and besides me writing the score and components in my diary recall no other documentation. Who would have thought 36 years later I'd have probably been able to use such a document not so much for status but the only missing area I know for a social life. I met some of the potential members at the tests and some of the women would have made very good possible targets (as I see them as a man). And anyone in the place clearly looks at other members first or why bother to join in the first place?
Anyway, besides the fact they take tests at any age I don't think they become obsolete but once taken last for life. So for the lack of proper paperwork plus a change in rules (I certainly didn't see this rule back then) I may have lost my chance for a little extra in life. Academic qualifications are useful in business but have no benefit on your social life. I have asked if there's any way to validate said test results as I have names and dates but am not expecting much back. But I know I could make it now as the qualifications now include my own. A sworn document maybe (ha bloody ha...).

Anyway, I'm so far free this week (a good thing, sod the money), and will be taking videos to replace the ones taken on the digital camera, and they are all easy ones. I also won a word quiz today from I think 128 people which was quite satisfying. It all helps.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another week

As I say, life passes and so does wind. And wind passing can often be more fun. I've sort of repeated each day in a variation this week. Even with the rain I've been able to take a video rather than many photos, and many more photos in places I wouldn't have dreamed of going until I used the others up and still got some nice results.

The women (two to be exact) are around one way or another, I say two as one more may be a possibility but can't say more until I know. If there are two (I can't think of that happening except once when the other chucked me anyway when I'd met the second one) I'd choose between them, but would need to have one or both available in the first place which I currently haven't.
The TV programme is in just over a week in America and then I hope to see it and also the whole series if they send me the DVD. I'm helping out on the website's forum as well as they have a number of abductees plus some fundamentalists that say the aliens are all demons. Yes, god created demons just to give us a hard time. Except very few of them do. Never mind, they know no more about them than anyone else which is why it's so easy to put any label on them we want as basically we haven't a clue.

Little ahead any different really, it has been a particularly boring week, even what little I did was no more than a blip in the horizontal line, returning to an empty house except for the odd message left by a cat.

Have I really succeeded at all in life? (inspired by a recent TV quote)? Wanting to be married from 24 onwards and have a few children I'm now approaching double that and although the business side was taken care of the people have dropped off one by one so whatever little resources I have are not to be shared with anyone. There's only so much you can do on your own and the current woman who is around shares the conversation of a not very bright 8 year old. Of course her other qualities make up for it but she can't provide much on that front somehow. Number two is some way off yet if a genuine hope and I only work with what I actually have in life, not smoke.

It only takes one or two people to turn it round. And if not the right ones they are no more company than the cat, often less. I have absolutely no plans for the week ahead, if it's light I can do yet more photos in weird places, then spend the rest of the day at home on the computer or eating in front of the TV. Now normally most people would say that's a good thing, but not when you can't share it with anyone. That is not how it should be.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Busy new year

It seems I must have actually been doing things this year more than having time to write about them. Now that makes a change. Few have been very life changing, if any. I have seen a number of friends, as many were off over the Christmas period, and heard from a very welcome one as well. There are a few plans on those fronts but can't report unless there's anything to report after the events.
My American TV series started on Saturday, I'll be on in 2 weeks but until I get a DVD can't actually see it. Meanwhile my own Big Brother connections are slowly growing after seeing someone I know arrive in the celebrity cock up version they started last week. Being well over twice their age (it's a school leaver's edition) I really can't relate to any of them as however similar any may have been to me at that age (which none are) I can't really enthuse about meeting anyone of that age, except for a shag of course.

Other activities have included the usual photos despite the light going by 3, and sorting out the video so the buildings are now the right shape. I've been working on the car the last two days, with the garage's help, and a bit more booked for next week. After clearing the clothes cupboard for the first time since it was built in 1999 I still didn't find my decent trousers but did find some other long lost items.

This week the plans are slowly building up, work and things tomorrow so won't be out, possible visitor the next day and then I'm not sure, but if free am going to Dudden Hill to take photos since seeing a picture of it and finding something worth looking at there. Due to finding the 'Things to like about West Hampstead' group I decided to search around the roads there and did find a few very interesting ones plus some over the line in Cricklewood. And yes, I've taken a few people with me to take photos now so not the solitary pursuit it usually was. You can't tell by looking of course but once or twice they've taken a photo of me to spot the fact.

If I can add to this picture of suburban life with any more exciting news I will be only too pleased. I have many starts but not enough finishes, and of course the more major the plan the less likely the finish. I have a few on the go at the moment as I said, but always prefer to reveal the rare finishes than the hundreds of starts. That's normal but what isn't are the few finishes I've had outside the academic area and buying my house. Others mean looking back to my childhood period. No wonder I'm so stuck in nostalgia much of the time.