Friday, September 09, 2016

One day in the psychiatric society

One day in the psychiatric society all the department heads got together for a mental health review. Some definitions had become out of date and they decided to update the disorders and make them more current. We join the meeting in the middle:

"Gentlemen, you all have the list in front of you. Aardvark, alien, bull, chimp, chocolate, devil, divan, engine driver, Eric Sykes, Felix the Cat, female, Frank Zappa, fungus, genius, gipsy, giraffe, governor, horse, independent financial consultant, Jesus, Julius Caesar, knight, Louis Armstrong, male, moorhen, murderer, Napoleon, nuclear scientist, Olympian competitor, Oscar Peterson, Oscar Pistorius, page three model, prince, quetzlcoatl bird, radiator, satan, tightrope walker, van driver, Van Gogh, Van Morrison, warthog, zebra.

This is the short version of the list of some of the more well known delusions since records began, and we have decided that to become more relevant to 21st century society some of these are surely no longer to be considered delusions, or mental illnesses at all. Who is it for society to tell others who they are or are not? If a man wants to lop off his penis and testicles and call himself Rita then surely that expresses his inner self and is not only not an illness, but that man is clearly actually a woman, and his body and XY chromosomes are an irrelevant distraction to their real identity. The same goes for a person born female who feels the other way. All those in favour raise your hands."

Well I can't think of a better explanation, can you?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Economic predictions

It's impossible to make non-linear (based on accounting) economic predictions. So people make them, are wrong, and everyone's already forgotten. So I have saved two here and we will see who's right:

can you afford to be at least £2k worse off a year, taking into account wage drops and rent/mortgage increases? 20k over 10 years
I have copied and saved your claim. Please do the same with not a single economic claim made by remain will happen.
Now we can both be held to our claims, mine is second.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Twitter poetry

I just came across my first piece of Twitter poetry so here are my own efforts in response.


If you like society diverse then the divide and rule it causes will do the exact reverse.
A multicultural society has plenty of variety but the apparent variation actually causes more isolation.
When your area becomes diverse the quality becomes worse and what began as an experiment quickly becomes a curse.

I will add any more as they come to me here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

To work or not to work, that is the question

I was requested to write this by my new mentor, one of the world's top martial artists (4th Dan Karate) and gym instructor. The message is combined with my own direct experience, and combines the lack of control over half our lives (the part decided by others) and the obsolete requirement for everyone to have to earn their money personally.

I began with a normal start, and as my finances did not quite stretch to full time postgraduate courses had the cheap version of part time courses, which forced me to take part time work. This continued for most of the following decade as the courses were on and off, and when I finally finished was at last ready for long term full time work. Unlike the 80s, when you (and I did) could walk out of a job (or be kicked out) on Friday and walk into another on Monday were long gone. I was overqualified for anything besides teaching which by then I'd had enough of as I was only required in one subject which I taught over and over again each year in different classes and privately till it was too much. I'd qualified as a counsellor but where was the work in that? In the end after 1 1/2 years I ended up in the regular position of working for someone I knew, as nearly all my previous jobs had been, and only three days a week. I supplemented this with a lodger and the odd client and rolled along fine for five years till they ran out of cash to pay me.

The same routine as before was performed, the only condition again being I wasn't commuting into central London as it ruined the day before you even started work when I had. That limited the work available drastically but my health came first. This time it took me 2 1/2 years again to get a part time job after leaving my details in numerous shops. The new shop they opened was beyond the town centre and had no paying customers in the first week, so he decided (as it was obviously never going to improve) to let the shop out instead and closed down. I applied for around 100 jobs per year till then and had about three interviews for each year maximum. This time I received a letter from my professional organisation some time after telling me I was now eligible for my accreditation, something which had prevented me not just from getting a counselling job but applying for one, only being able to work for myself. This was a heavy home study course, and with the new unemployment threw all I had into it, and still had to take one part twice. This meant I was eligible for one of the handful of relevant jobs a month, and two years later got my only interview, of a short list of six which I didn't get through. Besides that I had the odd client and occasional accounts work to keep me going, and had offered my services to the UFO community to hypnotise people who thought they'd been abducted by aliens. It was unpaid but I said all I wanted from it besides the research I did it for was to get on TV, and after a few years was given four different programmes after many more interviews. No pay but I was shown worldwide for many years later which money can't buy.

I then began writing (on my information blog if you return to my main profile list) which led to two online video lectures which may one day end up on TV if they can get the next step up. Again, unpaid but something I wouldn't have had time to research for the years it took had I been working regularly. Is there a theme forming here? Having read Dr Larry Dossey's book on miraculous healing, he had been working all hours till he hurt his back and had to spend weeks in bed. He'd planned to write a book for years but didn't have time to write it. Now he did. Not only was it a best seller it inspired healers around the world, and he never had to return to his old job. Most people besides the few doing what they're best at have something in them that rarely if ever comes out as they are too busy earning money, often for other people before themselves. Like you pay a markup when you buy retail, the employer keeps the majority the staff members make for them and pay them a fixed, usually lowest possible rate. My own latent abilities were being allowed out, and given credit with new qualifications simply as I had lost my jobs and used the time in between to allow them to flourish.

This continues till today. I am one of many people in similar situations, and am constantly being made to feel guilty for my escape from the system, including from others who also have. The key here is to drop the guilt and make the most of your time and freedom. What do many people dream of doing while they are working? Well you can do it now and they can't. No wonder many complain, as they see others doing what they wish they could and are envious. Their problem. When you see a great work of art, writing or performance do you either know or care if the person was paid for it, or did it either in their spare time or they do not work at all? No, you see their work itself and judge it on its quality. The same goes for people's time. If you earn money as a carer it's a job. If you look after family members because they need it it's your natural duty. Is it less valuable if you are not paid for it or do it for people you know rather than strangers? Of course not. If you are not working so have time to help family members how can that not be a good thing?

Judging others means you hold up a mirror to yourself. Are you perfect? Did you get everything you have as you worked for it, or did some of it just happen? Did you miss things you really wanted to have through no fault of your own despite doing your best? I think most of us would all be in the same boat with those questions. There is actually already enough money in most western countries to simply pay everyone enough to live on, which wipes out poverty overnight, and most people will carry on working for more, but as and when they want. Hours will fall and exploitation will almost become a thing of the past, as the employers will know the staff can simply walk out with little loss. Then so many people will choose not to work the stigma will vanish entirely as it won't be seen as an essential virtue to be in full time work, and many will work on and off whenever they feel like it as it won't mean they lose their benefits if they do a couple of days a week as they will now.

People work far too long. In the 70s they expected us to work a few days a week now maximum, but we work longer hours than we did then. We actually did work three days a week during the oil crisis in the 70s and production shot up as people crammed all the work into that period rather than stretch it out for a week and fiddle around in between. I can't see any downsides here, so many people used to dream of what they'd do when they retired and drop dead soon after and missed it all. And as we live longer so the retirement age follows so we will still be old and knackered before we can freely enjoy our true callings. I never planned to drop out of the employment system, it just happened, and somehow one way or another I managed. I did use the money I had earned well so that is always a way to protect yourself from future possibilities. But whether you can or not, do not judge anyone or yourself for not working, as not working never means doing nothing. You are always doing something and often creating or helping others instead, and the more time you have the more of both you can do.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The climate change bible

Now The Pope has merged religion with political ideology, the Catholic Church plan to rewrite the bible to include the sin of CO2 emission. This will include:

As the first human took its first outbreath it committed the sin of CO2 emission, and caused man to become fallen.

And the Lord sent Jonah to Nineveh to tell the people to reduce their CO2 footprints.

And Onan cast his CO2 into the atmosphere and committed the sin of emission.

As the world emitted CO2 water vapour built up in the atmosphere and caused the Lord to send the flood in retribution.

You do not know where the 2C rise shall come from, it will arrive as a thief in the night.

If you do not repent the sin of CO2 emission you will live in hell on earth.

And the Lord smote Sodom and Gomorrah, for they spent their time driving and setting their heating too high and caused pollution.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's important to you

Revisiting an old topic, each issue resonates with different people. This works in two ways. Firstly it allows something to be done about everything, as no one can carry the entire troubles of the world on their shoulders, so it wouldn't be appropriate for people to care passionately about every problem there is. But the other type of resonation is different to me. I've described the first type of caring, where there are so many different problems which could be addressed in the world, and a few people care so much about each individual one they do something about it, and that is how things should be and are.

But there is a second set of caring and issues I am interested in here. Looking at Twitter and other sites I see people either taking up issues I see as misguided, or ignoring issues I see as essential for everyone, as they affect everyone and don't need anything to be done except knowing about them. These are simply mocked, dismissed or ignored and means when there is a major problem which will simply stop if enough people are aware of it, by dismissing it or worse still disbelieving it then they are then becoming part of its creation.

I developed my radar from its natural source, and when you get a hundred different pieces of information the few significant ones always stand out for me, and I can explain why. Most follow Albert Ellis's 'false conclusion' theory, where people make a mistake based on inaccurate information, and then act on it as if it was true, often with very dangerous consequences. Others are precedents, where a totally new event has happened meaning it is now possible. It's not really complicated and if you know enough to pick out both simple errors and significant events you can use the same formulas as well.

I suppose the conclusion is certain things should be important to everyone. It is like a white cell mopping up pathogens. I notice certain things that stand out like a fluorescent highlight, and while a minority I tell get it, most think I'm making up conspiracies. That is the secondary mechanism which ends up acting as a means for the pathogen to survive indefinitely and become invisible to the system it's infecting. The best way to demonstrate it is with some examples. The next stage is are they important as they mean something or are wrong. Either way they need to be exposed and like vampires, if they are wrong they tend to crumble in the light of awareness. The other way round is when other people find things important, but they fall through the cracks in my interest system and I want to explain to them either they are wrong, or they are too trivial to matter. I've noticed online and the radio many people suffer from racial paranoia. I heard the phrase today 'white privilege', which apparently is a blanket term designed to remove responsibility for everyone who isn't white who hasn't done as well as they think they should. Now in Britain at least exam papers aren't marked by name or colour, so with the most vital source of success being educational achievements, exams and degrees are totally colour blind. Now whether an interviewer for an educated or experienced black candidate is biased or not can never be known, but if someone's actually good enough to do a job then they will usually get it. No one does first time, most take tens or hundreds of applications, but you don't hear white people anywhere on the planet say 'I didn't get the job because I'm white' or 'If I was black I wouldn't have had to apply 107 times before I got a job', they just accept it's a massive competition. As soon as you believe you have any form of disadvantage it is reflected in your negative attitude and it is that which will put people off, and would do whatever race you were. I'm not saying such prejudice doesn't exist, but virtually everyone is going to find some sorts of obstacles on their route to success unless they're part of an aristocracy who get a fast track.

I am also concerned about the current fashion for transgenderism. Body dysmorphia is a serious psychological problem, and although some surgeons do remove limbs for people who are unhappy with them it does break the Hippocratic oath, so removing sexual organs from people with the same family of disorders is no different. You can treat the mind that believes it's in the wrong body, but can't put the things back you've sliced off, or repair the urinary problems many suffer with for the rest of their lives.

These are technically none of my business, but as a free man I have the right to comment. But they are human, and if a single person is suffering for no reason it's one too many, and by stoking the fires of paranoia and mental illness the establishment is actually eroding society, so in the end such actions affect all of us.

I hope by gradually explaining the mechanisms of knowledge and awareness it will spread and grow, as it's only a matter of seeing things clearly and recognising not what's just important to you, which everyone knows already, but what's important and relevant in all the flood of material you come across every day, including what the establishment say is important and is absolute crap. If people don't get jobs or do well in business it's basically because they're not good enough. Any other tangential reason is irrelevant and only work to hold back the individual if they even consider race, bias or any other reason why they can never succeed. If you are good at something and don't give up you will succeed in any free country. Walking around with a chip on your shoulder means you are carrying a heavy weight and it is only that which will hold you back as other people ostracise you for carrying it. Drop the attitude and you'll suddenly find you are succeeding for the first time.

It's the same in the news and politics. What they report as important is often total irrelevant drivel, and many really important issues get known on the internet years before they are finally reported or dealt with like female genital mutilation or forced marriage. Those are dire oppressions on women and girls people have known about for decades and are only just being addressed by the liberal, immigrant prioritising parliament of Britain. They had overlooked such issues in the fear by exposing them they would divide the society which was already divided as they had sent out search parties for people carrying out disgraceful barbarism from the third world from the 90s onwards. It's one thing sending out parties to educate them where they live, and a whole other thing inviting them to Europe and turning a blind eye to their primitive and savage practices. We wiped out suttee (murder) and thuggee (robbery) when we colonised India quite rightly, but when we import similar practises from the third world we wait decades before they become so prevalent they have no choice to start cracking down on them. It is actually more important to the rulers of the so called 'civilised' authorities to overlook killing and suffering to maintain a multicultural illusion. Putting politics over people is a crime against humanity but will we see any of the councils or police who hid evidence of child abuse in the north of England for years to protect the Muslim immigrants be convicted for assisting an offendor? Of course not. Society is corrupt at the top and always will be until people become aware of how they do it and reject it from the bottom up.

Update: A day after I wrote this a story turned up of the world's first official transracial, Rachel Dolezal, who has spent most of her life telling people she was black, and changing her hair and skin colour in ways to convince people she actually was, until her blond white parents said she wasn't. Now my question is should people be allowed to have surgery to look black or white if they feel they were born the wrong race?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Materialism and morphic resonance

I've just been reading about the conflict between traditional material science and Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance field, and it pretty much expresses both the conflict between closed minds and open minds, which I deal with elsewhere, and reality itself.

Having spent a lot of the last 40 years investigating this area myself, I can conclude for certain the materialism is based on the human mental failing of only accepting what you can see directly. This is not science as it draws a clear boundary where reality must end and the current Skeptic movement claim nothing beyond it exists. They are simply wrong. Since their dawn quantum physics now actually affirms most of their dismissed phenomena (as they are not repeatable reliably or measurable directly, so they 'don't exist' to them) at quantum level, and as translocation is now being carried out at greater and greater sizes (insects and small animals to follow) they have now demonstrated these phenomena aren't only possible at quantum level, and even if they were we are made up of quantum units so still subject to their actions.

Because it isn't possible to repeat these phenomena reliably, as even in the most talented individuals it is not something you can usually turn on at will like normal scientific functions, science assume they simply don't exist, and wreck anyone's career who claims otherwise, as they did with Sheldrake and John Mack. But the opposite part of repeatability is precedent. If something happens once it must exist, like exceeding the speed of light, or finding a single Higgs Boson. Even if you never do it again it's happened. It's also not so easy to draw the line from this side, the infinite unlimited possibility means some phenomena can be explained as scientific, as animals all have different visible and audible spectra, and when we expand ours we see things maybe UV or infra red cameras can see, although we can't usually or constantly science has found them so can't dismiss then when we find our eyes can do it directly and see auras and energy. Telepathy is definitely beyond their line though, so any examples prove them wrong and happen the whole time.

Telepathy is often dismissed when people first experience it, but the more it happens if it does the less it can be. Then you double the weirdness and foresee future events, not because they haven't happened yet but they must have on a different timescale, meaning ours is wrong. We see time as linear, but simply using relativity if two objects moving at completely different speeds then one will see the other maybe a second behind, and guess what, the other will see a second ahead, things that hadn't happened yet on their own timelines but definitely would. Not even the branch theory where the future is never certain but branches off depending on choices and prior events. We also respond by feeling, you get it about a person or place, and even if you couldn't see them may still feel it as everything contains its own frequency and we are designed to tune into them.

Dreams introduce many examples, as when you get words and names you never heard before which turn out to be specific foreign words and where you get a few all turn out to be in the same area. How exactly can this happen normally? As our minds are almost totally withdrawn from outside material when we are asleep then there's very little else coming in to distract us, and is clear for anything which is able to come in to do so. My own experiences are rare and low level, but enough to know it's real, and the whole point is if any of it exists then all does. Like water leaking through a seal, if it leaks once then you know there's water behind it, even if the seal is closed again. The point is the area beyond the seal contains water. Therefore if our minds open and connect with the morphic field or Akashic record, or collective unconscious (it has so many names as new people each generation keep discovering it and are then dismissed by everyone else), when they close again the field is still always there, and our minds can access them, they just very rarely do in most cases.

Luckily science doesn't create reality, it only describes what it currently can detect within it. But it is not science's job to say what doesn't exist, only what does. Free energy, aliens, all the rest may exist, we don't know, but is impossible to say they definitely can not. Those are two things we really do not know about, but the thought field has been accessed since the dawn of humanity, but science has yet to catch up.