Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A summary of apparent chaos

I will open the box and leave this to chance tonight. Last week was work (it happens) and good thing too as I am someone who is affected by low interest rates. 4 more years of that, great, everyone who has saved one way or another and many who have retired and rely on that plus a lousy pension will suffer for four more years. And the people who borrow will be happy. Those are the priorities of a government who want votes as the sheep/masses borrow and the patricians/intellectuals in the great minority save, so sod them as they barely affect the results, let the scum be the benefactors, excuse my expression.

That said, it's work again this week (can I take it???) including the wonderful Jewish custom of the second funeral when the stone is revealed. It's a funeral service just like the proper one a year later, we all have to go back and do it again. I wish I could see these friends and relatives without the need for someone to die but that is where we see most of them and only a handful otherwise. Shopping tomorrow for the catering side and a bit of work the next day. There's a football fixture the second the work finishes, but somehow think with energy conservation in mind I won't manage it which is a great shame, ironically I missed a good few matches when my grandma was alive as towards the end she did object to me seeing her a different day and Tuesday was usually when they were on. Maybe that would be an appropriate way to see her off as it won't happen again.

So overall I'm hoping the next stage of my guidance, which is dropping all my attachments (ie caring about) the badness around me, is all actually leading somewhere useful. So far I have profited from it for my collection, and then back to life as before. I feel the same, I no longer react to many things now I've learnt I don't need to, but don't feel any different. It did motivate me to meditate more and aim for as often as possible now. The active one is for enlightenment and so far haven't seen anything result, the other is to feel good and when it works it can do. Ultimately the most important thing is to get me living in a family again, not my own as only my parents remain, but the closest to it. I've had one more offer but it's one which I'd probably not even notice her around, and couldn't even get a trial out of her to see how it went. At least I'm still able to get the odd woman interested though. Is it chaos or just a stage between either the old and the new or more of the same? At least there's no dentist involved on Thursday so not such a biggie really, and the rest is nothing special so will see.

From past experience I know all this is normal life and it was so much easier when I lived at home. It's like carrying the same shopping but with help. But that can't be the wrong person to share it with or they become the baggage as well. I could really do with some more guidance now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In which the IPCC come clean

Now free of most obligations and ambitions I can look towards the next ones. My intuition is showing itself to be more and more reliable so following that now and have the routine to explain to skeptics I am following something I can't yet demonstrate but it's as if I'm picking it up remotely (which is probably the case) without the need to understand the workings.

For instance today I tracked down two links about global warming where everything I'd said was agreed with. Nothing new there you say, but one was from the head of East Anglia's CRU in 2007, and the other direct from the IPCC. To summarise the two points. The first was about 'Post-normal science', where the fear of global warming was so great they had to act without proof just in case. That's dangerous stuff in itself but the IPCC statement then pisses over the flames totally by saying "The worst case temperature scenario is that in 100 years the developing world will be over 8 times better off than they would otherwise at over 9 times better off". It goes on to say that the actual problems faced would be exactly the same weather we have now but in different places, and there would be many benefits as well. Conversely all attempts to reduce CO2 will guarantee to make us worse off so this non-normal science or whatever they call it (I'd say 'non-honest') is actually trying to prevent, er, well, nothing, with STEALING OUR MONEY. Great deal, and now they do actually admit it so (as it's not a crime if the laws have been changed to allow it) I don't have to convince anyone, they've told you all. So with the CRU admitting truth is second to policy (their exact words), while the IPCC in their little world slip out the scenario the CRU are trying to prevent is a long chain of er, benefits, and er, more weather in different places to where it is now and sometimes more frequent, that is if they can measure it and then pin any of it down to us and not natural increases etc, the bottom line being "Our money is being extracted to prevent an unprovable and unproven future scenario which the worst computer model possibility in 100 years shows that, er, nothing is going to change besides a slight possible lowering of benefits compared to otherwise"

Now that's a deal every country has either taken on board already or working to pass through their parliaments, while the twinned organisations driving this machinery have actually said straight out (ie not me or some poor scientists accused of being insane by their opponents who want to keep their slices of the cake) there's not a problem and any changes we can see can't be proved to be relevant. I no longer need to try and source anything, I just say the purpose of green taxes is to, er, collect taxes, that's it. If they need the money that badly then just say so, don't make up a whole megillah around it to divide and rule while the people too clever to fall for it are fighting with the unfortunate majority who still think whatever our rulers tell us must be true, why would they lie? I hear this every time it's on the radio or internet, as if politicians are above theft. For fuck's sake, they probably invented it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Limbo NW9

My current question is what if anything is going to make life more interesting. My actual achievements this year have removed all the existing obligations from the priority list, but besides a few stragglers on the 'can wait' list have little new to actually do to make the best of the now freer time. Of course having a free run doesn't make the people or places any different, it just means you don't have other crap in the way before you can make best use of it.

I've cracked the biggest mystery in enlightenment though, the bad feelings scenario they claim no longer concerns you. It's because you no longer label your feelings with value judgements, but just observe them, that retrains you to actually seeing them all as the same and finally transcending them, being a great barrier otherwise. And secondly my body is no longer separate from everything out there, but just as 'not me' as everything else, me being awareness alone. That cracked the second mystery I am not my body. The subject and object are not my body and everything else, but my awareness and everything else. Bit of Zen quoted there for a source.

I can't at least undo the fact my life was and should still be guided. Why I was guided to drive over 20 miles for a sign I found on Streetview today which turned out to be an extremely nasty recent copy is a mystery to me besides finding a way to spend an afternoon, but got no other photos as been there before and only got some food on the way back which was hardly a special reason to do all the rest. Now if I can find meaning in such pointless events I should be able to in everything, although enlightenment isn't reached through the intellect but the awareness.
So I hope the week ahead will offer more than passing the time aimlessly, last week was mainly hard work and glad it's out of the way, a couple of bookings this week already but free otherwise. I must say there's nothing in the news at the moment that bothers me, it's all pretty irrelevant and will let them get on with it. I can afford their green taxes and would probably still have to pay even if they were honest about needing the money to pay their debts.

It is quite interesting that even when I discover the world appears to have the long reported mind of its own it doesn't make life any better so far. Getting shit jobs out of the way means I'm no longer worried about it, but doesn't create anything besides the odd item in my collections. The actual material available to me hasn't changed, it operates differently when it chooses to but I'm no different whatever I've learnt and while I've been directed to complete one collection it hasn't really touched any other area so far. The fact everything is connected is reminded me a few times a day when I read or write something and hear it on TV or the radio as I do so. That happens to a lot of people I know now as well. So there seems to be an intelligent force but not one with any sort of values as such. It doesn't think, as a parent or partner would 'You've had a hard time long enough, learnt what you need to and can take it easy now' or reward you for your work like an employer would with a little more than some old road signs, although I really did want them as well they aren't enough to affect my life directly.

Then I get an offer of marriage which is with someone I'd feel alone with even if here as she hasn't got an intellect or much conversation full stop. The rest is fine, which is worse in a way as if she was like the others I had the chance I'd have turned and ran. But at 50 with a track record I haven't seen in anyone else whatever's wrong with them and can actually talk to women it's not as if a better chance may ever occur. If I'm bored with her now then presumably whatever I do with her next to me I'll be just as bored as I am without anyone but with the chance to get one. Everyone unanimously tells me to keep away but she is damned attractive and even agreed not to hassle me, which is almost a miracle in a woman. I've known her long enough (16 years) to know if she says she won't hassle me she means it. On the other side being at that age she wants children (may be too late already) and doesn't know anyone else available, so suspect given a few alternatives I wouldn't even get a look in. And this could be guided as well?

So maybe the next level of guidance will be implied rather tha explicit and need more interpretation to see the point. And the main things I want are what nearly everyone else has already (except a job thank you) with the fame being the only extra which I can take care of myself, and enlightenment as a star prize. Deal or No Deal is how I am with this woman now, I've been told I can either get sod all or £1000, where the top prize is £250,000. I've seen people accept about that and then find they could have got a lot more, but I get a chance like this about every 10 years and although my heart rejects it instantly I don't know if I'd get used to it being better than nothing and having to find intellectual conversations elsewhere. I'm so easy to please now but still can't get anyone who covers just enough of the requirements who wants me to get someone.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The miracles have started

I've learnt that whatever milestone you pass it only affects your life in relation to that milestone. Everything else of course is still the same, so whatever prize (Nobel or otherwise) you gain life hasn't changed in any other way besides any possible benefits the prize comes with like fame, money or women. My road sign search is complete, it's a great relief as I missed the one off my own road and finally caught up but nothing else is different.
I'll deal with it as it is now, you can't do any more, it's still better than it was but all the other shit is still there. Nothing major, just the second level hard work but just about manageable stuff just below the dentist or having to go to a wedding.

So I've got the temporarily clear space ahead, the irritations are further and sure they'll take care of themselves. It's been quite a productive week (for me anyway)- more (in fact virtually the last) of the items removed and sold or given away from grandma's place, a bit of work and almost went on a date. I say almost as it was a date but not in the relationship area. Closest I get nowadays. But although it's more of a physical attraction to me (not much use when that's not on offer is it?) I did find there were certain conditions attached to its return for me, but too high I think for me. The price to pay for everything is restricted, and I think this was beyond reasonable in this case. If it's not the right person you can't offer so much as it'll only end in tears. It was nice to know she is apparently interested though but basically what she wants for any actual progress is more than I can offer. As far as I know.

Meanwhile I've been dropping every issue I have with the world as I come across it, it's not my problem. My life is barely affected by 99% of the things that bothered me, once I saw one I realised I didn't need to care about any of them. Global warming is about seeing how bloody thick many people are and how criminal a minority are who drive it. But it's not my problem. Although it's sadly confirmed people are worse than I thought (OK, an average IQ of 100 is pretty low as it means half the world are below it) it's not my problem. The money they're stealing from me I can afford, I just prefer not to pay more than double for my power than it should cost. But it doesn't spoil my life really. And there have always been pathetic jealous individuals who want to take away everything from other people they don't have, and call it socialism or variations of. As that's breaking one of the ten commandments I know which of us is going to hell anyway.

I feel exactly the same though, bad when it's going bad, OK when it isn't but can be bad when it isn't as well as the past has still affected me. But nearly everyone else is the same so not unusual, just not what I'm aiming for. I know a lot more, have seen how things link up and then start thinking to create situations, as described throughout history. And as underneath inner and outer are the same outer changes are no different from inner ones. They should reflect my own progress and that's in the Bhagvad Geeta. No science but a miracle. And if you have one miracle then they exist, and they keep happening now over and over again. So although I feel the same and react the same I see the world as different as it is. And unlike experience of god these can be seen by anyone around me. Despite being no others know for 80 miles I had two dreams with the road sign I needed, all the others had delivered so expected this to, and did within a short time after looking for well over 2 years, 1 1/2 with the benefit of Streetview. This should work elsewhere now I've seen it complete my first area.

So limbo isn't such a bad place but tomorrow has a short booking in the middle (meaning I don't have to try and find somewhere to wander around with the camera instead) and nothing else known besides a new booking on Tuesday. I'm still Streetviewing, more signs are always good but at least not concerned now as I've got my collection filled. But things should have started heading the same way now as you can't deliver in one area and not in every other?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress is made

Rather than draw my own conclusions I'll present a summary of my experience and see what you think. My photo collection of old road signs has been going 2 1/2 years now, and around this year as any enthusiast would I've been dreaming about them. But then soon after I had one the same type would turn up, and it became from simple wish fulfilment to prediction. Then the already reported incident of seeing an exact sign (complete with missing end) which was then seen intact in a book of old photos and then in reality exactly as I saw it, but in a different location. So when I had two dreams within a few days just with the elusive graphic red triangle sign, only known 80 miles away, I expected it to deliver as till then they all had since the first one did. I didn't have to wait long, a couple of weeks or so, before one turned up 15-20 miles away, exactly the same as the three scattered around in the literal middle of nowhere and not worth even my effort as a collector.

I now believe I have crossed whatever barrier of connection with everything else, as synchronicities have happened in waking life for some time as well, including the story of finding three signs on the way to just one. I'm no different though- life's ups and downs still take me with them and don't feel anything has changed, but I know the world has something about it that isn't random and it can see and think and direct. But I was expecting the final dreams to deliver and despite the extreme rarity of the signs compared to the others I'd been shown it still performed exactly as hoped. I'm always being accused of not working hard enough for my progress, but if that means deliberately suffering when it's probably not required to do so then that's just commonsense. I already drove to Brighton at 7am to start the first stage of my meditation course after various long assessments in London, that was way beyond my preference but the goal was more important. And when I finished the course I did my hour a day or more for over 2 years, only tailing off when the results were too rare and when they did happen only lasted a few minutes. I gave it a fair run and didn't stop, just ran out of motivation.

But the point is there's no requirement to suffer to grow. As I say to my students it's not the hours you put in but the quality. With practice you're not studying so is different, but there it's more about finding a decent method and sticking with it, but no connection to anything having to be demanding to work. As my teacher says, it's simple to do but hard to keep doing. So the quality element there is not taking on something beyond you to overcome but not slipping out of practice. And many can be enjoyable as well, quite the opposite. So having narrowed down the two methods for me, the passive meditation hours and the active awareness you can do any time I just get on with it. Plus listening to as many talks online as I can (I did plenty in reality as well so just recharging the batteries with it) and can only keep going regardless and see what happens. For me it's not been feeling I'm connected with everything (not enlightenment but the stage before it) but knowing it from events. That's the first stage before all the others, so my progress is being indicated from outside rather than inside. Of course ultimately there should be no difference but so far I'm still me and suffering as before.

Presumably I must have done something to get to this level regardless. And why anyone should think you have to suffer as a means to avoid suffering seems a bit contrary to the intention. I think the outside/inside world is different now, and it's clearly always been the same for me and everyone, but doesn't come into action presumably until we can get what's happening and appreciate it. I'm sure some people would be freaked out and even imagine they were losing it when they were so tuned in they could dream the future and be shown things they'd never seen before. I've been doing clairvoyance for nearly 20 years so expect to get it right myself, and would be disappointed if I didn't. Like free energy devices we don't need to know how they work or intuition to use them. The same as our body, that gets on and takes care of itself, doctors know how most of it works but the users of anything don't need to know how to build them or how they work.

I only hope now whatever's guiding things both continues and extends to every other area in my life, it certainly needs it. And then I have some say in each area. But I think the first step has been taken.

Friday, July 09, 2010


I've done some hard work this week one way or another- and the builders next door have their moments waking me up every few days so far with months ahead. My mandibular tori are happy and well, bone growths from dental pressure and 100% natural. I've never seen them till this year so may well have just arrived and very small. The charity collected the last lot of stuff from my grandma's garage so almost clear now after a year, and went home and almost cleared the back garden in an hour, except the strimmer cracked its ratchet and probably can't be fixed. One small plastic cog and the whole thing may have to be binned.

Apart from continued Streetviewing there are no plans now, a few lousy obligations ahead either timetabled or at my own pace, but have to be done either way. When I still lived at home I just got on with these things and rarely went on my own, now there's no one around to balance such mostly pointless events and as such they stand out a lot more as painful experiences a week, two or three ahead. I've never liked that and haven't found a way yet to remove the awareness from my mind without having something totally distracting happening instead, which rarely happens of course.
So, if everything is meant to be- maybe we have some choice how to react to it otherwise we'd be automatons, but the conditions are set up 100% then there must be an awful lot of information hiding in the vast apparently pointless events, like junk DNA. We have to look for more of the meaning but can't too much or we'll turn delusional. I know enough schizophrenics who see connections in everything but credit each area with far more significance than it deserves. That's the opposite extreme and simply removes you from reality altogether.

If I'm still doing something wrong I can only hope I find what it is, I do believe I've missed out on a few things simply as nearly everyone else seems to have managed it. In balance I've done a few things few people have in comparison but they are either things I need rather than want, or so minor they don't actually affect my life as they stand. I'm glad I've been on TV of course, but had it been in the 80s or earlier when there were only 4 channels maximum I'd be recognised to this day, but once they have channels only a handful of people can watch then it's second division stuff unless you get back on what's now 5 channels or forget it. Most people still watch them even when they've got all the others.
I am at least no longer reacting to each area as I come across it as I started with global warming. Fuck them all, if people want to believe bad weather's dangerous and even steal my money to try and stop it it's not my problem really. The world's probably divided half way between the good and bad, and at either end is the very good and very bad, this is the current lowest of the low but only higher profile than normal. At least dropping these reactions will stop the blockages in my energy if nothing more.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

A journey to enlightenment

I will see what occurs here today, whether the message seems to be guided or just my usual bollocks. I am discussing enlightenment on Facebook and seems to show that besides actually reflect and confirm your own enlightened state the teachings should work whoever's teaching them. If someone said 'do this and that and something might happen' and it did, I wouldn't even have known or cared whether they were enlightened as long as it worked. Plus many who are don't know how it happened but are moved to teach anyhow. I've learnt for my own benefit and narrowed it down to what I'd call the tough or basic practises, only different in their speed of effect. Like any other if you spend half a day or more in some form of meditation it does add up. Unlike physical exercise meditation is not tiring so can keep it up indefinitely in different forms during the day, it will drive most people potty so only for the very strong, but seen the results online myself.
Otherwise you simply focus on the moment and keep that up as much as possible. It won't push as directly as the specific mantras and chakra work but won't interrupt most of your normal life either. The teaching is simple, the dialogue appears more to be answering individual questions. I've asked many and heard most, and the answers are always similar whoever is asked. It's like doing a degree so once you are familiar enough you can pass the exam, but this isn't theory but practice, you change your awareness, you notice something in a new way that tells you you are not the limited body you thought you were. All on trust. The master explains they are enlightened, individual ones describe what it's like then and currently, and it corresponds. Why make it up? Buddha is unlikely to have made it up and every buddha since both would have a job doing so, and others claim they can easily tell if someone is or not when they are enlightened themselves.

So if you're dealing with the mind, which is the main if not sole blockage to enlightenment, I can probably deal with them. And if most people want to know the usual set of queries, I have sourced them from the masters already, often directly. I'd never offer myself as a teacher but if asked am happy to do what I can. I genuinely have never experienced anything I'd claim was close to enlightenment as you often get small clues along the way, so it's a complete mystery to me so far. But the synchronicity itself means you're in the flow and is the first sign so it's not just feelings that indicate a change but your outer life. I am also more and more aware how everything is connected as I keep seeing it, and not just me but many people around me see it as well, often since I pointed it out for them the first time. In the end you can see every aspect of out there being connected and finally manipulate it to your own preferences. Once you've enjoyed that you then don't need to and just accept everything as it is.

Now my ego may enjoy teaching but then again who moves my ego? If you are moved to do something negative then it has to be your ego, but when moved to help others then the fact you like doing it is the motivation to get you out there and do more and more. The fact you may get some pride or satisfaction for it is a good thing, not a reason to claim a false source.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dropping the baggage

I'm free, no real jobs to to for the rest of the day or other ideas, maybe I'm being guided here again.
I have certainly established now about enlightenment, you can teach others if you know how, even if you're not enlightened yourself. I wouldn't volunteer it but if people ask I appear to have learnt enough of the answers to help. Maybe it's even a way to get there myself and do tell people I'm not either.
I hope anything I do say here whatever the source is useful. There's a lot of unnecessary work going on around, people caring and worrying about stuff that just doesn't matter. Self esteem and personal competition are two big ones for a start, and I've been shown no cause on earth is worth caring about even if you carry on working for it as it's not our personal problem. We can take an interest and do anything we want to help, but certainly no need to care about the issue as probably half the world will never be how we want it, but if we never existed or died today it would still be exactly the same.

So let go of everything you don't need to care about. Everything will still get done the same but you won't be emotionally attached to it. You can't change a lot outside but can change yourself inside, and when that's getting better you see everything outside as better. There will still be dog turds in the street, crooks on TV lying to us and annoying friends and family, but you won't be so bothered. And don't stop at the small stuff, work your way through until there's nothing left. I may not be enlightened but when I was told about this it was so easy and happened straight away for the first area it applied to. If this clears the energy for higher consciousness all the better, it certainly can't hurt. And this advice works for everyone, there are no exceptions- it's part of Buddhism as well as anything recent.

Part 2: Intuition.

Here's the next one already. I've probably said it before but not important. Follow and expand your intuition. Discover what it is, accept it's real and use it. Rely on it. Don't be concerned you have little or no evidence as sooner or later you'll find it after the event.

I can't recommend things to people I don't know are real, it's something I've had all my life, and once I saw it's not important that people have to trust or believe you but you are doing it for yourself and if others choose to believe it regardless that's a bonus- once they see it in themselves then they can see it in you.

The powers that be hate intuition and want to suppress it. They say if you can't measure it or demonstrate it you are a liar or unhinged and should be ignored or worse still punished. What they mean is once people claim back their own power then of course theirs will go. Nothing to do with the truth, everything to do with protecting their false positions.
If something or someone feels wrong it usually is. Criminals are different, they act like people who don't care about anyone else and it doesn't take long before a feeling becomes demonstrated by their actions. If someone feels wrong either avoid them or if you can't don't trust them. People like (allegedly...) Peter Mandelson and his pet Tony Blair. Once you see how they operate then anyone else who behaves like that is not to be trusted. Margaret Thatcher, Enoch Powell, Ian Paisley, they speak their minds, you may or may not agree with them but only my intuition tells me what they say is what you get. Then compare the two and it's even easier to spot a bad'un as they stand out like wearing a uniform once you get the hang of it.

Animals and children do this quite easily and naturally, dogs and cats come up to people they can trust and avoid others the first time they see them, as they can't question their intuition, it's normal to them. Some have more than others and some are scared of all people as their learning has told them it's safer not to risk being badly treated. But those who have it will choose their owners if they can. They have no option but to take their abilities for granted, we can reason them away but they are still there whatever we do to try and make them seem false.
Just look back to every time you've had a strong feeling about something, you may or may not have dismissed it but how many times were they wrong? If we are indeed all connected then feeling something connected to you directly isn't so odd after all is it?

Monday, July 05, 2010

Conversation with god1

I've just been reading more of Conversations with God, the latest one (or latest one I have anyway), and realised along with other things that Neale Donald Walsch is one person who has apparently channelled god, but goes on to say god is within us all equally, so why not have a go myself? So rather than my usual Kingsbury nonsense I'll see what I get outside.

I haven't planned or prepared anything, but I suppose the best place to start is my vision of how things should be. I also believe this is common to most people, maybe all if they stripped off their prejudices. Besides the economics where there's clearly enough to go round if not held on to by the ones who keep it from their own people, it's also about basic freedoms. Laws are there to stop people getting hurt and losing their property. More than that is an interference. They get around it at the edges by bringing in arguments about what is hurting and what isn't. Wrong, if it hurts or damages you know it. If it needs a third party opinion it can't. End of that one. And I hadn't even got that before just now.

The hippies were the closest to this ideal I know of, certainly in my lifetime. I've hung out with them all over, and it was a good place to be. They didn't need the drugs, they wanted higher consciousness as those on the path all do, but saw them as a short cut. Maharaji turned up in London in 1971 and started turning them on to meditation and carried on soon after in California where he remains today, travelling the world around 300 days a year but his teaching and drugs work is there the whole time. It was downhill since then with politics and society reverting back to power struggles with unions, big business and crazed politicians, using the people as their tools to get what they and their little group wanted regardless of who lost what. Being the rule makers they were above the law so hurt as many people as much as they wanted as they continue to do.

Currently the majority of people believe and accept most of what those in authority tell them. They'd have a heart attack if they found some leader actually wanted to steal as much as they could and lock up anyone who got in their way. If they can't trust the leaders then who can they trust? Themselves of course. If you can rely on your own judgement then you don't need to rely on those you look up to. Unlike academics politicians require no qualifications, just a desire to be politicians. It's just hard work. They are not our friends or helpers, a few are but they are far from typical. Once you lose your faith in leaders then it's easier to think for yourself and not rely on the work of others who know perfectly well most people are too trusting or lazy to do their own research so can basically tell them whatever they want.

So I'd let everyone do exactly what they wanted except physical harm to person or property (ie violence) and theft. You'd also need standards of quality for products but then again people tend not to make or buy substandard goods when they can just as easily make proper ones, but housebuilders will make tiny cells if allowed free rein and can't rip up parks and gardens just to make money. People will cut corners wherever possible but as houses are stuck there for centuries need some rules unlike stuff you can take or leave. But dangerous products etc are the same as causing physical damage so don't go beyond that rule.

So you get the general picture. Keep out of people's lives. More politics than that is up to the people themselves and for them to choose wherever they are. As violence is still going to be illegal they will have to sort it out nicely between themselves. With or without governments, they are far from essential as long as there's a legal system in place the politicians are a pretty low option on the priority list. We have them as they say we need them. We needed them to waste time and lives and money in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or spending millions of pounds of our money finding out that poor children commit more crimes than rich ones. That's mainly what they do. And write new laws. Each new law restricts our lives that much more, and throwing someone in prison for not showing metric measures but daring to show imperial as well shows what we need politicians for.

I am tempted to stop here so people can absorb what I've said,and may well do and then return later for the next chapter. I have no idea what may follow but certain it will when I arrive.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Current progress

Following the previous entry, I quickly realised if I can instantly drop my attachment to global warming as it wasn't helping me any more I could do that for everything else that I didn't like. Just decide I don't want anything to do with it and turn my back. The bonus was I didn't need to stop talking about global warming, but when I do now I couldn't care less. If I can do it at all I can do it full stop. The long list of things and people that piss me off was probably typical for most people, but unneccessary. I did know that we should ignore all acts of those less honest or intelligent as besides being part of the spread of humanity also means at least we know we aren't doing that ourselves. That includes people driving while on the phone, the whole Labour party, and everyone in my life who isn't doing things that fit with my own situation. It's about getting a key, and in this case it was one which opened a general situation rather than a specific one.

I also suspect my meditation was being blocked by such issues as all resistance tenses the body and blocks the energy flow as a result. The same practises should flow a lot more easily when the issues no longer cause contractions so the subject becomes more receptive to the same power.
Back in the practical world it's a fairly quiet period in actual activities- I managed to get to Paddington to get a set of old Paddington council signs (pre-1965) outside the congestion times, and got quite a bit of work done during the week- my mum's garden which I do regularly and taking someone round the supermarket. The car is back and just have to claim back my own costs from the other side who haven't even given the insurance company the form yet. As they need to to get their own damage repaired it can't be spun out much longer though.

So besides having my teeth cleaned on Tuesday haven't any other plans as yet, but am at least seeing more connections around me as I realise I can tune into far more and get it right without having to question the evidence. I doubt I was given the desire to ascend consciousness without the ability to do so. It's nice not having to play trivia quizzes every hour now, as the mixed game ended at the end of the month, having played exactly 13 times a day despite the odd computer freeze and time out of the house. And came 10th from many hundreds of regular players which was pretty impressive for a first attempt. The badge was top 10, then top 10 of new winners in the top 30, and finally just top 10 new winners which I think will mean people way down will get it and look as if they are good enough to against the top players which isn't really fair. If you're not good enough then you shouldn't get it really but by coming 10th in both I tried also meant I'd have even got it under the first rules which I never really expected.

So I'm back on Streetview, the orange highlighter covers the roads as I've seen them, but at least two signs were either missed as invisible or I overlooked them so can't rely on it totally. But while there are roads I haven't checked I will plough on as they keep turning up sooner or later. If I ever get a complete graphic with a red triangle my work is done, I have a few with circles which are even rarer but you can't leave holes in collections unless not possible. The rest of the week is mine so far, one booking Wednesday possibly followed by my usual visitor, a couple of jobs to book at my grandma's old house and otherwise no idea.

Friday, July 02, 2010

The cult of climate

Global warming has been called a religion quite rightly, but I realised it's not quite acting like a normal religion, but a cult. This is nothing to do with the science being good or not, but the human result of the idea. I checked out the characteristics of cults which confirmed the majority being applicable, and possibly with time more will happen. Here's how it applies:

A charismatic leader, whose misdemeanours are overlooked and treated as omniscient regardless/ Al Gore, material untruths in film, no effect on followers.

Followers controlled primarily with fear of future disaster/armageddon and given solutions by leader that must be followed in order to avoid this. Jehovah's Witnesses are a wonderful comparison with their list of strict rules for salvation. Of course if you follow these rules you earn the right to heaven, in this case a carbon neutral environment.

Own language/ The preponderance of unique terms used as essential core concepts, carbon footprint, carbon neutral, low carbon, sustainable industry, alternative energy, and many more unique terms that had never been coined before and used to control actions are rife within the movement.

Insults for outsiders/ Oil addicts, deniers, petrolheads etc were never used before then, they exclusively pour scorn and derision on outsiders who they see as a dangerous enemy.

Huge fees offered and accepted by leaders/ Carbon credits, green taxes.

Preoccupation with generating money- see above, plus grants, charity projects, research etc.

Proselytisation/ Read The Guardian and watch BBC digital for a few days just for a taster. The BBC run a couple of programmes on a loop, one for children on the Teachers Channel explaining what would happen for a degree centigrade change per degree and another interviewing children (with leading questions) on climate change.

Discouraging doubts/ Every time a new piece of data comes out that differs from their picture they explain it away. An unusually cold winter is only weather, not cvlimate. Ten years stability with maybe twenty ahead doesn't change the trend etc.

The ends justify the means/ They actually admit that it will remove much of what we take for granted in life, but worth it EVEN IF THE CONSEQUENCES ARE NOT CERTAIN.

Us v them mentality/ If you're not agreed you're a polluter. That is their mantra.

Shame and guilt used to control/ Paul McCartney said denying climate change is as bad as denying the holocaust (except that has already happened Paul). That is a typical emotionally charged guilt trip they use to try and force people to take on their belief system.

I didn't work these criteria out, I just recognised them.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Little has changed

I'll give them credit, New Scientist have put together a total anti-global warming skeptic library which seals nearly every hole in their picture. Synchronicity however is a miracle by its nature, and the most convincing argument is the CO2 levels creeping up gradually (to what they expect to be a critical point, but we all know we can't see the future in an open system) and despite being a tiny amount hang around per year until they reach this point. It started in 1958 for them at 318 ppm, and is now 390. Bloody hell, that's a 20% increase or so in 50 years. Then the synchronicity came along.

My Time Life science book was printed in 1961, and gives atmospheric composition. CO2 is the only variable amount given, as by its nature it's not meant to be a constant but instead has a normal range, this being 200-400 ppm. So had they measured a 400 ppm in 1962 it would have been at the top end, but still the top end of normal. It's currently 390, and one thing they didn't say but certain they'd have known, is what they'd expect to happen if it crept above that. Fuck all is my personal vote.

Anyway, when I thought it might almost be genuine (besides the current evidence being based on looking for something to back up the theory, which isn't science, the theory should follow the observations and not vice versa) and nearly all the scary shit being placed outside our lifespans I'd have considered retiring. Maybe I will anyway as I've done my bit and learnt all I can and can't contribute any more.
There's little else going on here, the car is due back tomorrow and that's about it. It's a great relief to have new computer memory and not care about having to download new stuff or get the disk full message. No more plans or ideas besides Streetviewing old signs, and just going with the flow and at least remaining free and dentally intact again.