Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week's progress

No, don't titter, I've been too busy actually doing things this week to stop and write about them. I exaggerate partly as half the work has been scanning Google streetview, but having missed taking the old junction sign near me it's my karma to scan every bloody road in London just in case there's one left. But it's fun, just would have been totally unnecessary had I just done what was needed.
But then I emailed someone to check the one in New Cross was still there and after I'd returned the reply came back there was another one down the road and I went back two days later and got probably London's only old One Way Street sign, albeit needing a good coat of paint on the lettering. And found an old A3200 sign on the way after the couple I knew had been missed. So a good result but a good deal of effort to get it. I'm now complete besides a red triangle sign and as not usually not on main roads need a lot of work and luck to find one.

So besides trawling the internet all day (that isn't new either) I have no idea what's next. But whatever the flow has brought me since it began has continued so am still trusting it whatever. The crossroads sign arrived and is the rare painted one, and the white paint is nearly all gone. No idea how it'll clean up as without raised letters may need more work than I'm able to do. But cheap and legible so can't complain. So I'll trust ahead and see whatever comes, I've more or less googled all the main road junctions I can think of, and my team still pass new ones over from time to time although my map is nearly all coloured in now so few locations left to know. The councils are slowly replying, still more questions than answers (99%) but if it guides them to an answer it will be worth it. Nothing from BBC radio (book) or TV (alien abductees) though but that is hardly a surprise. Or any other media I started working with. Now somehow although I've been too busy to care, I must sort out a woman somehow sooner or later. I can't go to M&S to pick one like I can a DVD player or pair of jeans, and once I finally find a single one who isn't frightening physically and/or mentally there's little success trying to gain their interest.

But I'm only used to mechanical pursuits of success, writing, studying and searching. Women are not capable of fitting into a mathematical or statistical equation or formula and when younger I just went out a few nights a week and tried every reasonable looking one until I got lucky. The social scene for over 40s singles is one which overlapped with my own in my 20s and 30s and basically anyone with more than a few O levels wouldn't be seen dead there so will not meet anyone suitable especially as the supply of mentally challenged patients is over represented there as well. The fact over half the women I've been out with for half my life were part of it does not mean I go looking for problems. The people themselves are usually unaffected bar the worst, but have ups and downs. Inevitably the downs have them off to hospital for weeks or months and doesn't lead to any sort of a relationship. They are as regular as the seasons and although some have found tablets to recover most seem condemned to recurrence for most of their lives.

But I don't dwell on it any more as I've seen it's out of my hands. Googling roads is not and neither is writing articles which I'm continuing to do as well instead of here, although many overlap. Ideas come by filling an open page and some prove invaluable. And then I teach them to others. No credit for it besides normal clients and unpaid articles but many writers and artists go unnoticed for most or all their lives so nothing unusual there. Being qualified or published removes any need for false modesty as if others acknowledge your talent then you needn't pretend you haven't any. You wouldn't want to hear your doctor say 'Well I only follow the books and trust to luck' but anything not an official profession you have to pretend you're not really up to scratch but somehow you've been lucky and anyone else who did what you did could get the same had it happened to them as well. Now few untalented people do well but many do badly as supply has always outstripped demand. The same few people act, write articles and books and the fact so many are related to others in the same field explains who gets the first go and everyone else is left as afterthoughts. If your parents are lawyers no amount of bribery can make their children lawyers, you either pass the exams or not. Unlike any media work. No qualifications needed, just talent and an open door usually with the same surname as you. But I did pass my first law exams as well though as a backup plan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The flow continues

I can say the system is still working, the business issue is taken care of and the rest can follow. Still even getting more old signs, and with Google streetview saved hundreds of car miles looking online, finding one more after the 4th day of eliminating roads. Now I've got another trip over the river at night but can't cut corners (pun intended).
Other than that free, gardening to do and that's about it. Plenty of jobs done last week, shopping, got a photo back from a video of an old sign that crept in unnoticed and now needs cleaning up to get it in focus. That's with a friend who knows how and hope it can be done.

My old road sign from Ebay is on its way and may clean up as a previously unknown flat version rather than cast iron. But a lot cheaper than others I've come across. No one else has replied from the council or the media (TV and papers) but they can fuck themselves. If they end up delivering it will be nice but am no longer caring what any twat in authority does for the rest of my life. I'm not their playthings however much they like to use us as one. When of course they're not playing with their own. I reckon if I was on a request, if it was a no of course you should say immediately, and if it's very complex and needs working on I'd send an email to say it was being taken care of. Not from these articles, half never reply at all and the others come back with yet more questions to incredibly simple requests. Almost impossible to implement but bloody easy to understand.

So I have stayed in the flow now since it began, and everything has arrived that has just as it was meant to. Of course there's a lot more that could happen but at least I'm no longer attached to that. And I'm completely mystified how I'll get another woman's attention after my standby met someone else after 24 years on and off (mainly on), as no others I met lasted long enough to drop her. I usually had one or two other reserves who were like eating pot noodles rather than a proper meal but pretty reliable in the same way. I met them in 1982, 1984 and 1987 so that period of my life when there was a reasonable supply, who I kept connected with for decades since is over by half a lifetime. The few since have come and gone (in all ways) very quickly, and any of the level I was actually interested in didn't often do anything before they buggered off either. But after decades of getting the sexual equivalent of rice and chick peas but regularly to literally nothing is something that needs to be remedied, but without resorting to payment for the first time ever, can't imagine what I can do.

But then again, if I'm in the flow, that has to include everything and should just turn up in the same way. If you're looking for something in particular you hardly ever find it, but often find something else. The more specific you are the less likely you are to get what you want to. So whatever comes the order doesn't matter and is in no way connected to the amount of work I put into it, besides the most basic scanning roads which is not complicated enough to require more than a blanket search.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It can go either way today

I had stopped all the spiritual stuff as it had run out but with the new trust in the system, which will have to screw up majorly before I drop my acceptance of it. Now why it would take 49 years before I was allowed this privilege is not clear, except that when things have been held back in the recent past it was to make me get more before I got them. Except I have not got them. I did get more I didn't know about first as I didn't have anything better, but so far, nothing better.

This means there is a growing list of 'nots'. From those I lost in childhood I haven't got back, ever since, and those I am currently attempting to get. Few have died either but the progress is slow enough to leave yawning gaps where I feel I could be wasting time as I run out of things to do. No more old signs left. Wherever they were within reach in 3 months I have reached all if not nearly all of them, so today will probably do a bit of speculative shopping (for things that are probably not available there) locally, one work booking (all week that is) and the rest is only known on the day or just before. That is the downside of all downsides of being alone, as you have no one else to make the journey interesting. If there's nothing to do for most people they talk. I can't.

I emailed 17 local papers with the sign story two asked me for, nothing. Little surprise there. I don't like wasting time but even now for instance I am writing this as there isn't anything else left to do. I end up imagining how nice it would be if something good happened by the end of the day to wipe it out but besides finding the signs already (and an old photo of them yesterday, although not my own), nothing. I don't expect too much. Nearly everyone else isn't alone even if not living with a partner. And even those who are are rarely only children as we are the exception. When our parents die unless we're married or have our own children that's it. And those with partners did not need to earn them by having a job either, the two things are not connected. So that's one fate I was inexplicably given. And the TV and media work is the result of years of activities however little I do now. So besides not being related to effort I don't think success is related to deserving it or much else, you either get it or not with no connection to the reasons others assume are required.

Well today is a good test. I have a clear view ahead (clear of anything worthwhile that is) and you can't have a theory without it being checked. The system can't just start and break down as soon as it's under pressure. Then it's not a system at all. I will see.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A missing entry replaced?

I thought I wrote something the other day but it's not here. I have another blog but thought I did both but no matter. Basically (I said London had no signs left to find last time) I had a free night on Monday and searched 3421 London old sign photos. Half way through one popped up I hadn't seen and on the way found another and a third I knew about on a slight accidental detour as they had given a slightly wrong address and not where it was supposed to be. Very interesting.

So since then I've had no plans at all. But after that I trusted things seem to be taken care of, and although I've done nothing important since I've kept occupied and not actually wasted the free time. Nothing around me has really changed, the news is shite and my social life is even worse, but I have my interests and nothing stops them. I've scanned all my road photos back to 1969, and looked through all the others from 1950-80 of London as well. If there is indeed a new flow I am now going with it. Up till now all synchronicity was in the form of echoes, hearing the same word/phrase a few times, which is recognised and called the Baader-Meinhof effect. Interesting but useless beyond showing a background controller. But Monday followed all the influences described in Autobiography of a Yogi, from controlling thoughts and actions to timing. If it's happened now it should now mean I've crossed that line and is supposed to signify spiritual development.
In the logical side many of these phenomena exist at quantum level and they are now beginning to realise they are not limited there but affect us at all levels. We always knew but they couldn't prove it. Besides a bit of boredom and impatience nothing's actually gone wrong since then, and something really awful would have to to make me doubt the flow had now been entered.

Every attempt I have made has been forgotten like a lottery ticket (had I the lack of IQ to buy them), as if you have nothing and ask for something you still have nothing so can only live with that. The attempts are currently for: (I have added the likely chances)

1) A book to be published of my sign photos (0.01%)
2) An article to be written about my old sign campaign (50%)
3) An old sign to be put back (1%)
4) The location of an old sign to be discovered (50% although probably was removed)
5) An ex to get back on track, besides an 80 mile gap between us (5%)
6) Writing online crosswords (98% as I have already)
7) Get my final TV programme on (40%)
8) Bid for an old road sign (98%)
9) More old signs in Surrey (80%)
10) A national paper article (1%)

There are probably more but most wither on the vine besides the most likely ones, as they do for all, but when you consider most people's biggest ambition for pleasure is to get married and nearly everyone does, I've missed apparently one of the easiest. No idea why at all. I just heard a lovely single woman on the radio who wants a man, although probably Pakistani, and she had the same results as me for a long time except she was married first. Miles away from me and probably hostile to my ethnicity, and that sort of barrier has plagued every woman since I started looking. Even the hypothetical ones like her. But if my life is now being guided to success every old issue should be corrected. And it'll be about bloody time.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Learning from experience

Well the good news (nice for a change) is the old psychic powers are back and better than before. I get a brown (government) agency every month or two, and had no reason to expect one, and as I walked downstairs this morning felt there was one on the mat. My old abilities were similar in picking up post and other bad news before I got home, or if it arrived knew what was in it. But picking up an exact item regardless is beyond anything I've done before so was very impressed when there it was exactly as I saw it, on the middle of the mat, when I came down. And it was a copy of one they sent last week so definitely not expected and not bad either so have spread beyond the negative.

Besides that I am getting back to life off the road. I've done sign trips more or less daily since late November, and my London map is coloured in now more or less. Only trips on the way elsewhere now for odd roads parallel to others I go on. I've walked in the park with the camera, done the local shops, and am getting back into life around Kingsbury after doing a 20 mile circle plus other extras when needed. It'll save the car and the pocket but need another occupation now. All my projects are out of my hands now, but I think sign 1 is up for listing soon so a possible victory, possibly with two to follow. I also sent an email to 17 local papers about the campaign, hoping one will bite. As most are from the same few offices no more were required. So tomorrow looks like no further than Hendon and besides the maxim the time is irrelevant if the result is good, still have sod all to do until something else happens.

So having the freedom is a start but all these years of finding things to do alone are running out of new material. Hooking up with the old LB Barnet mental health care group is not better than that either, and I get nothing from the women involved except demands and aggravation. The best one has little to offer now as she has no interest in men at all. We spent 6 years travelling the country, she can't drive so we covered places like Winchester, Henley, Blackheath, High Wycombe, Crowthorne and Chorleywood, but I'm older and tireder and for no 'returns' have used up that particular seam. It's a shame as she is reasonable company and although not officially attractive turns me on. Total waste as per.

So the bottom line is nothing, minus some money. None of my plans could get me anything, no newspaper articles, signs preserved or put back, TV programme or any other dead or dying issues. Of course until you have something you have nothing, but I rank all my somethings and none yet are enough to make a difference besides getting the one missing sign I needed but incomplete. That is the best of all results so far and every higher ranked outcome also has a lower chance of happening. And an article about me in the Sussex advertiser isn't really going to propel my cause that far but will at least bring more enthusiasts out of the woodwork. The number of people I've had picking up train tickets, writing down car number plates and now spotting old road signs shows if people become aware of what is around them they start to take an interest. I also now have one of the biggest photographic collection (certainly online) of old road signs in the UK, despite coming in at the tail end. Many are the only ones online and could easily have not been recorded (like thousands before them) had I not taken them.
I learnt a lot, like we all miss some really big things by taking them for granted, and never trust anyone in authority, and that is called experience. You only trust anyone in authority after they've delivered, till then it's all words, at best.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Filling time

I've reached another of those points where I have the time but few ideas to fill it. The time either side of work today was fairly well used, I became proactive with the newspapers, summarising my previous interviews and sending them one by one to every local paper in the country until one is used. As two already showed an interest I'm hoping to make it before 100.

Otherwise I am not any closer to any of my major ambitions, no more replies and one woman I would sell one of my testicles for to use the other on her is married. Not that she wanted me when she wasn't, but maybe time has mellowed her. It certainly has as a person if not her opinion of me. So when in doubt I blog. The comments are not like the old days (and one aspect of that is good if anyone remembers) but the hits are up so know someone's reading it all. Most of the people I was linked to have deleted themselves (and probably didn't save it) which always looks odd to me. If you work on something and get bored, don't destroy it. None deserved destruction and if you aren't going to add to it new people can still read it sometimes.
I've run out of stuff to do now. No more sign trips besides one or two at the weekend down south. But London (besides the far corner) is complete. As each county chooses when they remove the old signs London had so many it ended up with the most, half the surrounding counties lost all theirs long ago. Besides Surrey the handful elsewhere are nearly all known and found now and need a new project now this one is over except the missing red triangle sign.

So I now rely on either inspiration or other people. Neither are controlled by me, and just come when they feel like it. When I've got a day off and nowhere to go and little on TV I run out of steam about 9pm as I have now, and even something I've been waiting for since last night hasn't arrived yet to break the boredom. And the devil can make work, as I start gossiping when bored and like most people have various fascinating facts I'd get shot for if I was caught sharing them, but it does liven things up when you do. Sharing that is, not getting shot. I lost one particularly incriminating link with the old computer I can't get back and would give some laughs to another generation who hadn't yet seen it.

I will go for a walk soon, I haven't been out of the house today but needed a break. And I just heard the inevitable on the news, Obama is raising new carbon taxes. Once the US gets the bug the world has had it. So far they were the final oasis of sense but the Democrats are on the side of the devil on that area and as Al Gore missed out as president Obama has kindly inherited his bullshit which was simply saved for 8 years. While Gore spread it worldwide as not president and they are finally catching up with the rest of the victims. I hope the Americans don't take it like a girl and fight back when they realise they are being robbed. They argued (pointlessly) against rising petrol prices when they were paying the least in the civilised world, and if they vote in the devil they should expect the devil's policies. No doubt Obama has a selection of decent ideas like many of them do, but if he wants to turn the US into a ploughed field with no electricity or motorised transport he will not get very far in the country that taught the rest of the world how to live.

So now I understand people's fear for their families blinds them to the absence of global warming but that is the reason to look and see what is there and see past it. No, warmer temperatures can't hurt anyone. The extremes will but they always have, but more die from the cold than the heat. The sea level rises so slowly it may as well not rise at all, it won't do anything for centuries if it even keeps going. There's literally nothing happening and CO2 is a vital gas for all life besides harmful bacteria. That says a lot really. Remember the demonisation of the Jews? Of course many people keep that one going but there's no basis otherwise we really would own and run the world. It's the same with CO2 and equally ludicrous. It's a fraction of a percent of the air and we contribute about 3%. And that can fuck up the climate? For god's sake! If a student wrote that as an essay they'd be kicked out and sent to the counsellor. But if Roger Revelle, Al Gore and the IPCC say so people chuck money at them. We are in a sick period of ruling, from having our pockets picked by the bankers, which came to light about 10 years too late to save anyone, and no doubt the same thing will happen in a few years when the climate stubbornly refuses to change and they'll have to change the term to 'climate instability' although right now it's going through a stable period.

If anyone offered you a business deal under those terms you'd laugh them out of the office with a boot up the arse for help. You observe in science, prediction is for fortune tellers. The more people wake up to that the fewer will listen to the evil crap they tell us daily to take our money. It's not a theory now, carbon taxes are the first level of a mechanism that will send us all (except the leaders of the system) back to medieval times. Like the Soviet Union, all but the few will be living like animals while they have everything else. For every person who stops believing in the bogeyman one less weight will be on the side of the crooks. Until the tipping point is reached where not enough people trust it for them to keep going, and they'll quietly retire, invest their money and bugger off. We won't get it back but they won't be able to take any more. And it's purely down to each person's belief. One mind to be freed at a time, it's not that hard to do if you check up for yourself.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A week of freedom and global lying.

Well well, Blogger was down for about half an hour and as I was about to give up it woke up. That very rarely happens actually. I hope I can remember what I was going to say now.
Well basically I appear (we never really know) to have plenty of freedom now, no local sign trips, one at the weekend and that's about it. I've done so many miles recently a rest is fine and can stay in and piss around for a while with no bad consequences. One more call needs making tomorrow but doubt it can get what I want as I'd checked the area given twice and too small to hide an old sign I suspect. But just in case. The one publisher who may be interested in my book isn't answering the phone, so may well be another victim.

Otherwise it's a mystery. I covered the signs already up to the Berkshire and Sussex border (only Surrey chose to keep their old signs) and besides Tottenham (three stations and doubt much else) one day in the week is clear. I expect the people at the various councils don't want people asking them to do things they consider illegal and probably impossible, but my research tells me the requests I have made are neither and just need someone who is on my side to help. I am now in passive mode, if anyone official calls then wonderful, if not then I have done my part.
I have learnt also that my intuition about people is to be relied on, you see a flaw or a virtue and it comes to the surface or grows sooner or later. I also try and teach the few real sods I do have to mix with quietly in case even one can see the light. It's like playing Jesus but if he managed it (enough people think he did) we all can, and he taught that as well. Meanwhile while I thought the antichrist was Al Gore, we must remember the devil does not come out in the open but hides behind a curtain of good behaviour. Then he slips the shit in and most people miss it.

Barack Hussain Obama is my new candidate, he has just pledged to attack every human in his country by attacking CO2 emissions he knows better than me are harmless. I saw it coming and he didn't take long to show his real self. The senate committee blew the whole lot out of the water in 2007 and despite this he ignored their own findings and ploughed ahead to fill the gap stolen by the banks with our money for carbon taxes. I won't use the C word twice in a year (I promised not to) but what a C. I couldn't vote for him (we have Gordon Brown I wouldn't vote for) and would never have had I been able to either. Watch how he'll gradually crap over every poor and middle class person in The States for the next 4 years while the rich get looked after. Oh, and he's called a Democrat. Just bear in mind I am using intuition and within weeks he proved my first theory right. I can't see Biden making a big deal on the climate just as Bush tried to leave it alone.

Now every statement made by the climate lobby can be beaten by raw facts. And science begins with observation, not prediction. You can't rely on predictions unless they can be repeated and anyone who bases their case on them clearly has no case. And the Earth can warm up a lot with no more consequences than any other climate besides an ice age which we all know is harmful for most. Like we could change it either way. One figure he carefully skirted was the discovery doubling CO2 would still barely effect the climate, let alone the 0.6 degree increase the IPCC figures yielded for the century when every other expert ran the figures they used. Don't let liars run your life, check their lies. We have the internet now where honest experts can post the findings the media avoid. And when people criticised my earlier sources (a technique perfected by the Nazis by the way) my latest is from a Senate Committee. Beat that Al.