Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Global warming, a universal lesson

Global warming is the lesson for the entire remaining people in the world to grow up and rely on their own wits rather than those in authority. Currently the world is divided roughly into two groups, those who totally accept the ever increasing claims of the scientists and those who ignore their degrees and simply judge the figures.

The jury system is based on trial by peers, and accepts everyone... eligible is an equal arbiter, given the professionals to present and explain the evidence, which has absolutely no limits as to its technical content. Bearing this in mind, we can already see a clear precedent for trusting the untrained mind with technical issues, as logic comes above training, and anyone with ten fingers can count to see if the figures add up.

People must mature, and those without must gain independent minds. This means whoever has told them what it must be tested first before being trusted. We soon get to feel what is right and wrong with practice, and any lawyer or detective can spot a liar a mile off, and with a little encouragement so can everyone. People lie, professionals no less than any others. Currently around 50% of scientific papers have been found to be made up to maintain someone's career, as the urge to succeed is far stronger than the urge to be right. This permeates the entire world, and not just the third world and Italy are ravaged with government fraud, the west just cover it up better.

If eventually the entire story comes apart and those responsible are shown to have been dishonest from the start, the lesson will be learnt by circumstances, but do we really have to wait an indefinite period for that to possibly happen, or should we instead hope one by one new people will learn to stand on their own feet and think for themselves, trusting their own instincts above all others as logic is a universal quality and wins every fight.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This is agoraphobia folks, read and study

I think I've pinned down why agoraphobia is the least socially acceptable illness in existence. People simply don't believe you have it. Not being able to go to certain places is simply seen as a weakness, one which with a little effort can easily be overcome, and force yourself to travel abroad, sit in concerts and spend days on courses. Offer any other variation, depression, fear of heights, spiders or even OCD and people can just about sympathise to some degree, but if you can't visit the local supermarket or cinema without a panic attack it's somehow your own fault.

The friends you could lose as a result is the major issue, while most of the family who can't actually dump you just think you're weird and see it as a burden any time arrangements need to be made. Decent friends of course would understand, but the normal strategy is simply never to tell anyone until you really have no alternative, and once they know half don't believe or understand, while the others react like you've just said you're a career criminal or psychopath. It's such a rare condition compared to the rampant depression and schizophrenia it barely ever gets mentioned and then most people think it's something to do with being outdoors (it isn't), simply as they learnt two Greek words and assume that covers it. I expect there are also people scared of being outdoors (there would be for anything really) but it probably has a different name, but it's not me.

The next little spin on it is when you say you've gone out somewhere, and they say 'But I thought you were agoraphobic?' (Translation, you want it both ways, you were when I invited you over but you're suddenly OK now), which again has no comprehension of the condition. I don't want anyone to suffer to learn, but if they had it even for a day then the questions and judgements would stop. How it works is: There are boundaries, they change long and short term, and when I get decent tablets they go away 60-80% at times. Where I can go on a Monday can be different on a Friday or five years ahead. I never really know till something turns up whether or not I can manage it, and that's its nature. In fact I'm now the least bothered by it as as long as I'm not forced to go across those boundaries I'm no different from anyone else, like putting someone in a lift and then stopping it between floors. Same person, same lift, different situation. Put me in an audience or restaurant and that lift is stuck, and if the performance lasts two hours that's a heck of a long time in a stuck lift, even with the best tablets in existence.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thought police, the details

Having been required to refine my observation on the 21st century phenomenon of 'my opinion or no opinion', or 'this is not an opinion, it is right', I will make a nice checklist of the main examples so everyone is clear exactly what it means.
All these would normally have been considered either a personal preference or an uncertain position but now if you're not on their side you're the enemy.

Gay Marriage: To quote Will Self (who allowed me to discover this phenomenon): "If you disagree with gay marriage you're homophobic". Well that's one opinion killed stone dead for a start.

Immigration: Although now the Labour Party who created this meme with Tony Blair have now abandoned it in the face of opposition from everyone in the country swamped by immigration including many of the earlier immigrants, "If you disagree with, or even want to discuss unlimited immigration you're racist". But there is still a hard core trying to hold on to this.

Global warming: If you even dare to point out firstly the current position is far from certain, and their actual fears are based so far in the future as to be unknowable you are called a murderer. Lovely.

Equality: There are two types of equality, first the fact (ie not an opinion) every human life is equal. Then the political, as in people should not be allowed to become too rich compared to the others. That is their opinion and they are totally entitled to it, but try questioning it with one of them and see what happens.

Diversity: This came with immigration, as the motivation for justifying it to the people, and giving them a false cause to pursue. This means TV programmes need a representative sample of black and disabled people, as do workplaces, and they also want Britain (as that is where I know about) to be homogenised to be as diverse as possible, one spokesman describing his visit to Newcastle as being 'Disgustingly white'. If he is white (they always are, it's a form of patronising the minorities that it is nearly always the guilty majority members pretending to work on their behalf) then I'd suggest he makes damn sure his children marry people from ethnic minorities to stop his family also being disgustingly white, and ideally make sure one of their children is disabled as well.
But mad as I see it, I do not try and stop people having their opinion that diversity is not just good, but in their view the only way society should be.
Therefore, of course, they then need to spread their range elsewhere once Britain has been successfully homogenised, from women only shortlists to quotas for TV programme casts, and make sure China and Africa become more diverse and less black and oriental, and after watching a programme about NBA basketball guarantee a white quota in their teams, as at present they are disgustingly black (to use their own phrase equally). When put this way it pretty well sums up their entire attitude.

Multiculturalism: The Tweedledum to the Tweedledee of diversity, this is the invented philosophy that millennia of history can be swept aside and it's only right to live with as much of a mixture of cultures as possible. One word response, why?

Abortion: This is a throwback to the feminist movement, which is responsible in a large way for the current general position, having both fought for the rights for abortion and gender diversity in the workplace. But when it led to a possible EU law forcing a minimum number of women company directors it has gone mad, and the view 'Disagree with abortion and you are against women's rights' appears to put the rights of a person above those of life itself. Very sinister.

I'll add any more ideas as they come to me, but this is the 21st century left/liberal set of beliefs, which unless you agree with them are condemned as a criminal and treated as one. As Marx pointed out so accurately, extremes will balance, and the immigration meme is already withering on the vine, and using the momentum of freedom of thought it ought to only be a matter of time when the others fall as well.

Catching up

Due to the lack of response and rude comments when there was I've been keeping my personal activities blogged on another site and used this for other material, but I've done so much since I may as well catch up.

My personal activities have as always been fitting in hobbies (collecting mainly), friends and family with whatever work I can get, and my spiritual path. So besides all that, taking photos wherever I can get to and finding old road signs to take as well my main theme is how much is my life now guided, and then how much can I be the guide rather than the unknown forces at present. On Tuesday I had a small example, so far besides synchronicities and phases the specific guidances were virtually all to point me to old road signs, including one I saw in a dream (including the missing end) before finding months later in a different place. I was considering a major trip to Essex for two more as it was the only free day this week, when my weekly evening visitor put me off in case she arrived earlier than usual. My only other idea was to get a DVD recorder secondhand to copy my VHS tapes onto, and the main secondhand shop was opposite the only electrical shop selling DVD equipment to get the required cables. There was also a charity shop selling similar things but too late to get to both so just went to the main ones, and found the Cash Converters I'd used for years was locked and empty (are they all?) so went to the electrical shop and checked out their new equipment, risking another computer box like the one which didn't work last year, being convinced by the assistant there was no reason for it not to, and it cost more than that one but he said it was better quality so went for it regardless. Hours later I found a dropdown menu hidden in a text box, switched the source and it kicked into action. Although (my doing, you couldn't plan that far ahead) the videos were on long play so low quality, they are now online albeit the photo snaps I bought it to make are much vaguer than real photos, but clearly what they are meant to be.

Looking for the guidance in all areas (it's either there or not, I don't think it's saved for special occasions) I see certain smaller events which are running smoothly and fitting together well, the incredible time they seem to take is a bit of a mystery as although I'm not ancient most people have done a heck of a lot more on their chosen paths at my age than I have (no partner/children/fame etc) and want enough time when still healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of my labours if and when they ever complete. My paranormal research seems to raise more lessons than learning, a rich source of material online, which basically allow me to see auras more easily and often and so far not a huge amount else. My writing is growing, I have a book ready for a publisher now as a course anyone can read and become immune to all types of fraud. It's so important everyone should read it, and as a result I will happily do it for nothing should any publisher dare to risk taking it on. My only published article was a few years old before it was used, and once the material is written then it can be used whenever required.

The woman who wanted to marry me a while back is still around as my most local friend, and unless her formula of marriage or nothing shifts, it's like an insurance policy for me and have been working to see how much I can generate from the relationship in case it reaches a level it would become a reasonable marriage prospect, and it is growing over time. Normally I either think a woman is suitable or not, maybe 10-20% of all girlfriends are marriage material given the opportunity, this one was always girlfriend material, normally that would either last or die, and if it lasted if it improved enough then marriage would be the next step. Instead there's little or no relationship to build it from, and although definitely not against the idea it is a long way from what I expected from a possible wife, again if guided then it's to point me towards someone who's not obvious to me but better than many I think are. I'm sure she's testing me in some ways (or had already) so given the offer I'd be mad not to test her myself, as without a real chance to know directly I have to check all the peripheral areas.

It's now finally spring with long days so my photo trip season has returned, I have a few long trips planned and if even one is done I'll be happy (I mean long, as the rest were finished last year and no others really left) if it extends my coverage beyond its current limit. I'll keep on with the spiritual work and anything else that happens is ahead of me.

Monday, April 08, 2013

My name is David and I am a denier

No, amazingly I do not deny the 80% or so of my mother's family from Poland who were killed by the Nazis, every single one of them on the family tree and clearly noted. I don't even deny the temperature has risen and so has CO2, but I am not sure one has caused the other, or more than the bare minimum possible as I was born with a natural level of perception, the same one we all are, further trained by studying law and related topics, to make sure there is always enough evidence to draw a conclusion beyond the level of clues or speculation.

Apparently anyone who does not totally accept man made CO2 is both responsible for today's rise in temperature since 1850, and far more importantly believes this will become so high as to become dangerous is termed a denier, so as a result, I have to be a denier. It has, by taking on the historic role of 'nigger', 'kaffir', 'infidel', 'leper', 'apostate', 'pariah', pretty much every term applying to the lowest possible level of enemy of the state, rolled them all together and raised it by a power of many more. You are not just a denier of the murder of millions of people, but as I have been reminded more times than is healthy, a baby killer. Not a real baby mind you, or I'd be typing this from high security, but a baby who hasn't been born yet. Our unborn grandchildren, in the words of their messiah, Al Gore.

I am not apparently at the worst level, those who deny the greenhouse effect. They would at best be transported to the gulags and worst vapourised by those who see them as the greatest threat to the world since Adolf Hitler. I am not a scientist so I simply, to quote myself here, don't give a fuck about questioning the greenhouse effect. It is a separate scientific argument not relevant to the current man made global warming, as if you accept the greenhouse effect as stated by the majority of scientists (albeit based on laboratory experiments and calculations, not anything direct in the atmosphere, hence its openness to questioning by those qualified to do so), you are only accepting a doubling of CO2 adds 1C to the total temperature, doubling again adds another ad infinitum. This means you need a level of over 1000ppm to guarantee a rise above the UN's turning point of 2C, where the known benefits of warming (see the IPCC reports) may be outnumbered by the problems. That is the agreed issue in global warming, without a 2C plus rise we are fine. That is official.

Now for the figures. I do accept (within the adjustments, as they are sometimes as large as the original figures themselves) the temperature has risen 0.8C since 1850. I'm almost certain CO2 has risen 50% from 260-390ppm in the same period. Bear in mind CO2 varies all day at all locations just like temperature, but is only measured in one, Mauna Loa, by a volcano. But they must have a reason they rely on it so I will as well. I do not know if the CO2 is man made, and do not know if it has caused some, all or any of the rise. The UN only assign half the rise to it anyway, as it was rising for thousands of years, so using their own figures the 1C rise from CO2 is unlikely as they only assign half to CO2 and the rest to the existing trend. Their questionable part is the 1-6C rise by 2100 which they are using as an entire reason to stop using fossil fuels. I deny this as it's not verifiable (it's outside our lifespans), testable or repeatable, or part of a linear system.

As out of the whole scenario the only part used to take a passing observation to an impending disaster that has to be stopped at all cost, then I deny all of this is possible to know due to the scientific criteria it fails on all counts. This is the only part of the picture which we are supposed to accept without challenge or question, yet the least able to stand up using both the scientific and logical principles. Even using legal principles there is not even enough on a balance of probabilities, let alone the required beyond reasonable doubt, to use to convict mankind of a crime equal to mass murder and genocide. So technically we may not all be deniers, but we are nearly all murderers (anyone reading this is, as they are using electricity to run their computer), so I suppose of the two being a denier is nothing compared to being a perpetrator, and if you deny it can be known that we will raise the temperature enough in the future to cause climate chaos, then you can't be a murderer either. I'll take that any time in preference. And if the scientists prefer the untested and untestable thesis then they ought to surrender their degrees.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Climbing the steps

Having seen the effect of western countries spending years in the lowest and the rottenest countries around the world, who also are exposed to our relatively civilised culture through the internet, who remain pretty much exactly as they were, arresting women who are seen with men in public, not allowing them to go to school or drive, slicing their genitals, holding elections where the only candidate wins 99.9% every time etc, it is fairly apparent these people cannot 'catch' goodness from outside, as they are equivalent to being a few thousand years behind us in time, and as impossible to influence a past primitive society from the present as to attempt it directly in the present. We've tried, time and time again, a little rubs off but only a few successes around the margin such as managing to abolish killing widows and organised crime gangs in India, which are one of the few examples where sheer force and persistence has wiped out other people's atrocities. But we still have bullfighting only across the channel in Spain, while today I saw a photo of people slashing a live camel with a knife in some Mayan style sacrifice to the gods in the Middle East.

Examples aside, my point is we have the standard pyramidal formation in society, where each culture and then the individuals within it start out like newborn babies, and have to learn each lesson over time, impossible to simply pick up good behaviour any more than children can learn from their parent's advice and experience and would prefer to make their own mistakes and learn directly. This applies almost universally, the few who take others' word for it being the small exception to the general rule. A friend told me yesterday she found a bin full of stolen goods, half with ID attached and some cash, all delivered to the owners where possible and the rest to the police. She told her dubious neighbours, who said she was stupid and naïve for not keeping the cash. You can't reason or educate such beliefs, as before children are told stealing is wrong they probably don't know, but once adults and have not been brought up properly they can't be simply educated to become decent from outside, they either eventually work it out themselves or die criminals.

My conclusion is each individual, regardless of their place of birth, has to work through every single lesson, first as a child and second as an individual, until they are all done. I can't say how it happens overall as we only have a snippet in a single life and I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do believe I've identified the process, and each lesson learnt isn't reversible as once you learn something new it becomes a known and a part of you.

The next problem is when you know various lessons and most people you come across don't. That is an advanced lesson in itself, one I'm in the process of learning. You can't tell them what you know as firstly offering advice without being asked will usually be rejected, but when a chance arises it will almost always be anyway, so you may as well not bother. You do set examples by your actions, which other people may learn from sooner or later if they see often enough, but I think letting them be who they are is the lesson itself. It's bloody hard when many of these people are actually the most powerful in the world, going back to my stealing example it's not exactly a secret many people making our laws right now wouldn't hand that cash back either, and would be quite happy to get someone else into trouble to get what they want (eg Chris Huhne), or take even more as they hadn't lost enough compared to what you wanted.

I've been listing these lessons myself for 40 years or so, and use them in my work and general life when others ask me, as then they are ready. But they are a small minority while everyone else continues to buy worthless investments, borrow huge amounts of money and vote Labour (just a poor attempt to offend half the country there) and there's not a thing I can do to protect them from their actions. Especially when they affect me, as Labour most certainly have. But knowing they exist is the next way to both be aware of them in general and to recognise your own. And to know what to do about it when you meet others who have not learnt the ones you have.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The lowest levels of world politics, 2013

Half time in the new Korean war. As I wasn't born the last time I only assume the bad guys won, and now have decided they don't just want half the country but the rest of it, but had they the means to do so would have actually invaded, rather than the actual statement they will retaliate if attacked. Yes, most countries will. They can make nuclear weapons as well, but don't we all? So looking back at the actual situation they are little different from Iran, and technically America are arguably worse as they actually do go in to random foreign countries (including Korea itself of course) and kick arse, even though very few if any (eg Vietnam) have gained them or anyone else a single thing as a result.

Meanwhile the modern version of war is carried out economically, with Cyprus being the first official victim of a cash grab, one setting the precedent for both what the EU can now do, and may well repeat indefinitely in similar circumstances. If it wakes people up it will be worth every penny, as you can't expose a demon without catching them doing something which confirms to all their nature. No hints or clues any more, nothing requiring arguments and academic discussions, the EU are thieves and sacrifice their citizens for the Fourth Reich, I mean united Europe. United, of course, in such a similar way to the Third Reich as to be almost undistinguishable should it happen, and as I said last week, if I'd asked anyone two weeks ago if they thought a civilised country could steal money from its own citizens without a hitch you'd have said possibly Zimbabwe at a push, but probably not.

Well now the superstate which gets closer and closer to the empires of the past, Ottoman, Roman, Greek and most of all the attempted German empire which took my ancestors five years to defeat, it seems we only lost another battle but the war is continuing.

Overall we have the dual situations of the crazy and uncivilised managing to exist in a world where they have contact with the outside but carrying on as they are, as in rural Pakistan, Yemen, North Korea, Zimbabwe and half of Africa for a start, and the civilised but evil rulers using their sophistication to carry out similar regimes so quietly people hardly notice what is happening till they've lost their life savings. Economics is divided into accounting and macro economics, which is the more academic and complex area, while the accounting involves a nice database and a calculator. Base the work on the fundamental theories, who benefits from interest rates, how a gold standard works, what currencies do in relation to commodities etc, which is certainly covered at A level in total, and the general policies we are presented with can easily be seen to benefit the corporations at the expense of the workers and savers, ie they don't just fuck the rich OR the poor, but both at the same time. That is akin to having a Cossack soldier at either end with a member in each orifice, if you'll excuse the image. We are being screwed from both sides with no one escaping.

My blog is designed to point this out. I'm only on the radio when I phone, and tell them this to the extent the two regular presenters often quote me, and this blog is the only other place I can save the information where anyone can learn it. It's all verifiable, sourced and pretty hard to question. Now at least the Cypriots understand the potential of the EU and anyone in a similar position is now aware they may follow. Like Barack Obama, who made CO2 a pollutant, which would mean there would be no life on earth if it was gone, so can be called 'the liar, Barack Obama', although I don't know the official term (I don't think one exists) for it, the EU are thieves but made it legal to do so. But a thief would presumably not stop being one if they had the authority not to be made a crime when they did it. The carbon trading was considered a fraud when the board of Enron were convicted of it, but not now it's become official, and far worse as the Enron customers chose to risk it while we all pay through our taxes.

So a pattern can be seen here, firstly of the default position of governments, currently at the very least, working for themselves and their paymasters (David Rockefeller, George Soros, Al Gore, Henry Kissinger, Mikhail Gorbachev to name the main known panel, some ex leaders and others happy to finance the policies in return for guaranteed investments), George Soros while campaigning through three separate PR companies to demonise fossil fuel had almost a hundred million sunk into Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, while Al Gore set up the carbon trading company he paid his own credits into which made him a billionaire. Plus the British politicians with huge stakes or directorships of the green energy companies they legislate to subsidise. That's identical to what they did in Cyprus, but needs someone to explain it, and someone else to actually understand the explanation. Till now they kept going simply as they were subtle enough to hide behind others' ignorance, but all crooks get greedy and by crossing the line in Cyprus what at worst were a few vague suspicions, are now knowns. So the Cypriot grab may be the defining moment in world politics, as this century till now only the academics were aware of the structure, and despite constant attempts to communicate were only hitting a brick wall. The beast has now been exposed, a few poor countries may now be worrying as well while the rest assume they can't be affected, but whether or not Sweden or Austria are susceptible to debt recovery actions, they all now know the true intent of the EU.