Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Global logic

As a therapist and hypnotist I am depressed and horrified with the ease the majority of the world have been persuaded to accept vast costs and restrictions for something which is 100% undetectable, and in fact not actually real as our current climate is completely within historic patterns of change.

That aside the saddest part is failure to analyse. What does a slightly warmer world mean to me? Firstly you look at warmer places here. The worst are the desert regions and the simple answer is people don't live there very much. Logical captain. Warm the planet and they indeed increase, while the polar deserts, where even less can live (the Antarctic landmass (ie not the surrounding sea) has no animals or plants larger than your fingertip as permanent residents), would decrease accordingly. That would be expected to roughly even out.

Then the chaotic weather. What is the weather where you live like? Predictable? Regular? Always harmless? I doubt it, you have a prevailing climate (ie local annual average seasons) with the weather variations within. There is no new weather, you will just get more or worse of what there is already. No more is possible. Then look to history to see the planet in past warm conditions. There was no chaos, more people survived and food production increased. That is all.
So, I ask, what are people worried about? Clearly they believe everything Al Gore has told them, despite it not bearing any connection to either what we know about the past or any threat of it happening in our lifetimes if at all. It simply shows me the world has been given an IQ test and failed dramatically. I don't know how we can fix this, once infected few have so far returned to reality, and while people worry about non-existent bad weather after they're all dead then they can't notice the real threats the authorities don't want us to worry about. Terrifying.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too busy to blog?

I am beginning to suspect with all the competition from Facebook etc Blogger is finally winding down, with fewer people writing and apparently even fewer reading what the last of us who do write. As there is a counter that seems to be more than a suspicion but as long as it is above zero will keep turning up.

I've been too busy to get on the computer for a week or so besides uploading my photos, the long days allow longer trips and takes hours to map reference every one before adding to the site. We've also had to return to my late grandma's to clear the final tut out before it's sale, and they now want the garden done despite it being empty for nearly two years. Not a reasonable request, our gardener just gave up and I can't do it as it's like clearing a forest. It's a shame Roger doesn't still read here as like all weather even mine changes sooner or later, and started seeing more friends again after the first ever barren period in nearly 50 years. As people aren't sheep (unless they believe in global warming) you can't simply corrall them to your life when the old flock has broken up, they are more like cats in they come and go as they please and choose who they associate with. Everyone reading needed patience.

I have more arrangements for the next few days with photo trips either side planned, and is pretty good to be able to see the places I haven't seen for years now I'm getting out and about more again. We all discover sooner or later nothing lasts for ever, whether it be people, abilities or anything else. Impermanence, as Buddha said, and we can only do what we can now and not get attached to anything lasting. Like comments on your blog I suppose...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

How far will the guidance go?

I am watching the system closely at the moment. All's well that ends well has always been my view, and should a system able to deliver that in the short term represent the whole, then it could be possible for every single area of my life to fall into place on its own, as it has the last two days already. I'm not calling this God or any other label as the best logic would tell us it is only our own subconscious pulling the strings and as such not external to our own being. But regardless of source my conscious mind made plans, possibly inspired in themselves, but with only those two specific plans ended up with every possible outcome I hadn't planned or expected and couldn't have if I tried. The road signs are a hobby like any valuable antique collector. They were abandoned in 1963, and the main prohibition and warning signs were replaced soon after, except for a few mainly private roads where they weren't covered by the rules or a few where they were overlooked. Direction signs did better as they are telling you the identical information whatever the style, and each is unique as specific to that location. Streetview has allowed me to now drive roads online and then anything that turns up is visited and photographed if still there. Half or so I've come across since 2008 are gone already, and would have no record if not photographed first.

So, having streetviewed nearly all the feasible areas I moved on to a new project of driving as far as I could to cover more map squares for a different site. With my physical limitations an hour or so each way is enough before I can feel like I've come down with something so 30 miles is pretty well it at the moment and fast running out of places as a result. My last reasonable one was planned for Sunday but as I was up too late had to think of an alternative. The map told me Purley was the only quick one I had left to do down that way, and set off, planning to turn right where I normally turn left. Except there was a straight on on the same bend hidden by the corner where I normally turn, and we took that and ended up on the same road we'd just turned off as it was a loopback. The map said turn right on the next main road which also went to Purley, via a smaller road, and half way down I stopped to take photos and saw an old sign on the corner, becoming two on closer inspection. No one else had posted them or I'd have gone, and had apparently missed that spot on Streetview as I hadn't coloured the map in on the yellow or orange roads and trusted my memory by pencilling all new signs discovered. That alone needed about three or more steps to get to that point, but the next day I did the longer trip.

A month ago someone took about six old signs in Surrey where I was and lost the notes, and I located a few bar one with few clues as to its location, and after three weeks on Streetview had only eliminated half of Surrey. I planned an exact route and the very final point where I expected to turn, not possible to get lost as a single long main road, had that sign I'd spent weeks searching for. The chance of planning a route finishing at the exact spot a random sign was located after I'd seen a photo of the road to recognise the setting rather than before where it may have been missed are almost zero. So as well as doing both planned trips had mopped up three signs I'd probably not have come across otherwise except if he'd remembered where the last one was eventually (and if not after a month wouldn't be that likely).

Extending from there, I was aimed at these signs regardless of my intent and plans. I planned to take photos in new areas, and virtually lost all hope of finding any more signs. If weird stuff happens enough it tells me it's actually not weird but happening outside our previous knowledge of the world. If so then the signs are only one demonstration among everything. Why not everything else? Today I was inundated with jobs to do before I even woke up as all the messages were waiting for me. Granted today was my day off after two on the road, and just planned to take the bike out to get some food. I ended up working this afternoon, being booked for two more jobs and having to drive across London tomorrow as I left my camera somewhere. Normally it would be pissed off but if life is sending me in these directions and can place rewards there maybe each apparent task is to get me something I couldn't have got otherwise. It's got me a heap of signs so I know it can.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

World domination has come

I wonder how many people here have been blogging for nearly 7 years (it would have been longer had I know of this site earlier) without a gap- none of the people I read at the start even have blogs mainly let alone add to them, and most of the ones I've followed since haven't posted in months or years. I do find more at Facebook myself now as well as blogging on a small site where I know everyone as well as this, but it's in the archives and Sky-Hi Lee is still one of the only mentions of him on the web and gets regular hits, like my main site which was built to fill spaces where other data hadn't been posted anywhere else.

I am currently in the first stages of my latest spiritual work, but one I believe to be capable of delivery. I'll mention more if there's more to mention but the results seem to be fairly hard to question so far. In the material world I've been making long photo runs a few times a week now this year, and starting to run out of reasonable trips within my current capabilities. No doubt something else will turn up and as long as I've completed that mission will be quite happy as it is. The news outside is dismal, on the verge of a nuclear disaster in Japan, not if but when of course as it's a monster only safe while contained. And the bill do decommission our own in the UK came out today, many billions over decades to mop up any savings while they were working. Madness.

Otherwise we have Libya, where the whole Arab world operates in more or less the same way (as they are today) simply replacing one savage dictator and regime with another as that is their personal version of government and should be left to rot in their own filth. Many who do object to such regimes do not challenge them but escape and come here and similar places like Norway and Canada who revel in welcoming refugees from around the world regardless of quality and room available (precisely zero in the UK for one). Despite fraud cropping up in virtually every graph the global warming wars are ploughing ahead full speed- the EU will ban cars from cities now by 2050, confirming their total hatred of freedom and in fact turning Europe tomorrow into exactly the same as the Arab world today. Indeed, instead of trying to raise the Arabs up to our current level (as if it was possible) in fact we are falling towards theirs and the Chinese levels of totalitarian collectivism and god help all of us if they complete this mission.