Saturday, February 01, 2014

Lifting the veil

One thing about members of any group is they can usually recognise others, as by being a member those traits are so familiar and distinctive it doesn't usually take very long to spot the others as you meet them. Now the phenomenon of lifting the veil of illusion of society, that which commends the inadequate and incompetent, and creates unlimited imaginary problems to control and hold back members from succeeding, means those who have already done so share the same clear vision beneath the veil, and say it how it really is.

Unfortunately the veil is so thick and heavy those behind it are in another mental dimension, and any suggestion from the other side they are not actually seeing things how they are are treated the same way as telling someone their mother's a whore. Even if she is, you don't like to hear it, so those actually equipped to have witness the act followed by money changing hands will usually be rejected in total for passing on such disgraceful but accurate material, and if actually accepted, even though only a messenger of an unpleasant fact, will probably be shunned for the rest of that person's life for doing so.

Mankind suffers from immaturity, not from age but development, and as the older kids bully the younger ones at school, the more mature in society but without any morals will exploit the gullibility and unconditional trust of the majority of society who have not and probably never will mature emotionally, and take advantage of them forever. Because the veil is opaque, those the other side witness it the same way a pantomime audience can see the villain behind you but the victim pretends not to be able to hear them. But what I do is at least to be aware of those free from the virus of misinformation, a couple of statements tell me the individual is grown up emotionally, and outside the influence of the backdrop which for example paints Barack Obama as a decent human being, nay, a hero with a Nobel Prize for fuck all, a category created especially for him, so certain they were he would do just that they awarded it before he had even been the president.

So, when anyone says gay marriage cannot be real marriage (it cannot be consummated, you cannot reproduce and children cannot have more than two parents in reality), immigration is a bad thing in general and races and cultures tend to stick together with their own people by their nature wherever you are in time or location, global warming appears not to be happening and probably never did, poor children who are good at school do better if they are educated with others like them from better backgrounds without even having to pay for it, most racism, sexism and homophobia is in the eye of the alleged victim and an excuse for their own failures in more cases than not, and women are probably not best designed to fight in the army.

The left and beyond want society to be a Utopian vision where everyone is equal and every culture is equal, which as every person is unique can only be treated equal, as unless we were all the identical height the entire argument would fall at step one. No, no one is equal except for their life itself, once you go beyond the right to your life being as good as everyone else's, you become what the left hate probably more than anything else in the universe, an individual. By being different from every single person now and beforehand you are destroying their entire means of existence, as they don't want women to be better at looking after children and tidying, or Indians being better at accounts, but put a thousand women and Indians in a test against a thousand others for those tasks with a checklist of a hundred criteria over an entire year and I think we can guess the results before we start, just like dare I say it black athletes (look at the medal tables if you are having racist accusatory thoughts). No, every group and individual within it is different, and instead of trying to shoehorn women into directorships in the EU by law despite the fact they do not want them, or get Jewish men to play professional sport, they will screw up if they do as they were not designed to do so as a general average rule. Families are similar, so individuals within any family will have simply inherited traits as all closely related groups must by scientific decree. If your parents were both athletic, without a single lesson more children will be than average, academic, whatever. The combination of millions or billions of other traits will then make the individuals unique, but with a bias towards their inherited traits. DNA analysis now recognises more and more of these and has only just begun.

All these illusions, from religion (regardless whether god is real or not, there's no need to worship and pray to him every day or at all) onwards, especially politics, are imposed on the immature masses by mature criminals to control and exploit them. And until you see through the veil you will be one of them and attack everyone who sees it and as a result refuse to open your cell door even though it was never locked and never will be, as that cell is your own mind and no one else can lock it except you.