Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to 1968 for me

It's been an almost interesting week. I've finally found the 60s music videos on Youtube, returning at last to the scenes of my childhood I watched on Top of the Pops and am now seeing again, sometimes after a 40 year gap. Nothing links me with true happiness more than the atmosphere of that era, and best shown through the actual people and music as if happening now.

Two days found me in due to rain plus a total gridlock half of Wednesday I was lucky enough to miss. I had a few friends over and got some good photos today from a 4th floor balcony in Finchley. I have also finally eliminated the concept of peak experiences from enlightenment, and realised they are irrelevant to it as unconnected. It was explained clearly in a book I read parts of again and has removed one more barrier from my progress. And to tie it all in my idea now is to use something from bridging the time gap in those videos to bring that era back within me, and whatever's outside I'll be in 1968. But consciously. Life peaked then, wherever you were. Everything was as it should be. I was only 8 but we went on our first holiday of around 26 to Devon, and I was exposed to the reality of intelligentsia through a music school. I stayed with a German film star to be, one of the best looking girls I've met even then (and saw her naked), was surrounded by the best buildings and scenery I knew and met many people who would become friends for years ahead.

That was behind me, half the buildings are derelict and half the facilities gone by 1990, time to stop going as all the people I knew had left by then. I miss it but the vibe was the same in London then so still can be. For me it was in Hampstead as that was where all the money and style was, we went there many weekends, the coffee bars and Heath, boutiques with psychedelic clothes, posters and music playing. Furniture with curves and lights that looked like spaceships. It isn't as different as many places have become but due to parking restrictions I rarely bother now. And fucking expensive. You pay more in Oxfam than many things cost new elsewhere. And no hippies there either except if you count Rainbow George.

Apart from a photo trip ahead in the southern half of the capital, I have few plans. I did see my 3rd TV appearance on DVD and was pretty good and had me in a minute longer than the first two. One day everyone else may see it but I am going grey waiting.
I'd also like to take the register again, if anyone I know is still reading please say hello, I know I get a few visits a day but no idea who any more. It's bloggers fault for removing the links and if they use adsense they won't sell many clicks if no one can find them.

Anyway, I'm now born again. Back in 1968.I may see the same outside (for now) but I have my link and that was the one that was missing till now. It reminded me and proved I was always right. There is treasure back there and the videos don't change with time. You may not understand and many people didn't get it then either, but for the ones that did, you'll never lose it, even in this century.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Celebrity rectums

Error on page, using HTML. Never mind, at least I'm used to it. Well some time and wind have passed, my routine has continued more or less, photos most days although not today, I was about to despite the rain but my front tyre packed up and ended up with two as the wheels were crooked and wore them out. At least they did it in record time and with discount. I got some nice ones yesterday though, including a typical British station, without a train.
Since the laptop was reset I couldn't get the firewall open and the new one banned a quiz from entering the scores today, I think a trojan horse would do less damage than the programs designed to protect them. And there was no crap on the machine a month after running it with no protection at all. A moral there.

I think it could have been 3 months since anyone commented here but I do know 10 people a day come in on average so someone must like my description of a repetitive life with reactionary opinions and toilet words thrown in. I'd like to hear or read news that mentioned farts, mucus, enemas, suppositories, vaginal douches and skid marks I'd buy a paper every day. I suspect a few others would as well. Meanwhile I am still waiting to see my 3rd TV showing as the delays are stacking up and the latest is it's going on the internet probably next month but with free access which I call a monumental compromise. Better than a kick in the arse and that's as far as it goes.
This week only has a little work booked in, the rest who knows. I may go and buy a second pair of glasses as my only spares are for distance and if I knacker these I won't be able to read without using my old ones instead. The cost is the issue as I was told the discount place is unlikely to make them as they are so complex. I'll take the camera if I go but won't take the optician's. And I've taken more photos round there than anywhere, although one I took on Friday got the first Flickr award in over 2000 entries. It was a good one which I had decided already.

I'd like to see stories about celebrity clitorises, incontinence, nose picking and other more interesting items than who they're shagging and how rude they are to the people around them. Not Helen Mirren's Russian family but the fact she struggled with stress incontinence throughout portraying the queen. How Dame Judi Dench is determined to get the word 'smegma' into her latest role. Masturbation secrets of the greats. That's another fascinating one. Nasal secrets of the stars. Do they lick, roll, flick or wipe it under the chair. If they have to keep going on about many people with less talent than anyone with 5 O levels (it girls, models, Paris Hilton etc) at least tell us stuff about them we may find interesting. I think there may be an untapped source of wealth for anyone with the right connections. And they could always make a film of it. It wouldn't get an Oscar but would probably make more than the ones that did. Just a theory.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Now I've hopefully got your attention, there's not a lot to tell, I need a valve for the bike front tyre before I can use that again, someone yet again didn't turn up as they seem to need a confirmation even though the date was arranged. I may have been tired but not the way to find out after the non-event. So I was hanging about for a while before my sole late booking of the day (I'm not a prostitute but it could sound like it), and was then on the phone for ages.
I'm still waiting to hear about the TV non-showing, I've now emailed the producer who hasn't returned my phone calls as it's becoming more and more of an abortion as each day goes by. If these fuckers want people to watch TV on demand then for Christ's sake advertise it. You get the worst tripe imaginable on Channel 4 on hoardings every few yards on the North Circular although every paper in the country has the listings, but some crack between the channels that doesn't appear in any newspaper can't be arsed to advertise despite launching a totally new service.

Maybe they want it to fail.

Meanwhile after waiting many years I believe the Guernsey UFO sighting has beaten the disinformation system at last. Multiple witnesses from official vehicles, double position sightings, meaning size could be worked out, and radar confirmation. Plus the object passed the test being beyond human capability to create, being a mile long. I've never come across a sighting with every box ticked before so each could have been something else. You can't fake a lit object hanging in the sky a mile long. As and when other people realise this is not possible to dismiss the long awaited discovery may slowly dawn on them, it's apparently been made. If nothing else non-earth origin objects have to be here as that bugger was definitely man made, unless they both mocked it up as a balloon and wanted to hoax everyone, but why?
Hopefully as with this story (3 months old) more will leak out over time. Like with an old woman on a long walk. Excuse me.

Anyway, having attempted to offend as many people as possible in as few words as possible, I could probably disgust a few more unfortunates and minorities, but I tend to do it far better when trying not to than looking for trouble. And leaking 0ld women quite turns me on actually, if they were attractive and under 75...
I think that must have offended a few more people. Bernard Manning? He was a proper comedian, only people with existing chips on their shoulders were offended, he didn't mean a word of it I believe, he just exploited the humour in people's stereotypes and had he been any of those groups himself (he had Jewish relatives) it wouldn't have stopped him saying a word of it. He represented freedom of speech and was the example I follow myself against the thought nazis of political correctness.
I however couldn't give a damn who I offend as if they can't see I'm trying to be funny they have no sense of humour. Feminists, Muslims, Common people etc will just have to take it, as I have for all my own clear and obvious shortcomings and personal ethnicity. I know the difference between funny and nasty and I never try to be nasty. I think had I been a Nigerian I'd still piss myself laughing about the permanent students in their 30s who study accounts in Britain while driving a minicab and tell everyone they're royalty and will join the government when they pass their exams the 4th attempt. They take themselves so seriously and have absolutely no sense of humour and that alone (besides what could be the most musical accent on the planet) makes them hilarious. Having worked with them since I was in the 6th form these stereotypes are deadly accurate and totally positive. Just as I piss myself with Jewish stereotypes. How morons (normally not Jewish) can call me anti semitic for doing them, while being Jewish, is an example how the 'Haringey mentality' has brainwashed so many half witted sheep who think by imitating someone you want to commit genocide. Imitation is surely the highest compliment assuming it's accurate and the thing that makes me laugh the most is when people take me off. When someone did me eating I nearly got a hernia.

So the day (once I perfect the accent) I make a Nigerian laugh with my impersonations of their compatriates I will have proved my points. While the white liberals are squirming with embarrassment hopefully the Africans will see the funny side I have observed in their own people just as Felix Dexter did, who is also not Nigerian, although admittedly the same colour. And Linda Smith had an identical stereotype on her radio show while she was alive, who was actually Nigerian but happy to play the exact character I do. Why? Because they are the most visible Nigerians in the country. But if I work for years on the accent and say exactly what he does I get accused of all sorts and would be banned from television for life, like Jim Davidson was as far as his comedy was concerned at least. Big deal. I was going for a walk but was on the phone so long I stayed in and wrote this instead. Besides hearing something I wanted to on the radio by pure chance I don't know which would have been preferable. Maybe I should go to Speaker's Corner, except I'd get shot by a Muslim within 10 minutes. Guaranteed.

Monday, July 16, 2007


It doesn't take much to start me off. Someone mentioned Brenda Blethyn, and when I looked up Chance in a Million, saw a photo of her with Simon Callow just as when I fell for her in the first episode. Then Fresh Fields, Sally Thomsett and Linda Bellingham. I should be so lucky. I did get a packet of Newcastle Metro tickets last week sent to me, the last traditional tickets in regular UK train usage. It's a shame it's so far otherwise I'd be up there for a few hours and collect as many as possible, even though they only have one station like the old Tube tickets, and some even have numbers instead of names. But they are real tickets, not the toys they provide on every other service. I could always fly there but as always the journey to the airport takes longer than the flight and I expect very few flights there from anywhere on earth.

In 20 years time I can't see much nostalgia in 2007. Hardly. Even though there's no mileage in it I've thought about moving, but a flat in NW11 (Golders Green) would be 25% higher than I'd get and the service charges on top of that. And how can a cat get in and out? Meanwhile the term 'In the can' now means something else to me. Two TV programmes. I haven't heard about the late one yet, and wonder when I will, and the other will be sent on DVD about January with any luck. The other was due last week, my arse.
This week besides a couple of client bookings is clear. I haven't really even got any jobs left to do. Nothing special really. The garden had it's regular seeing to last week and the house is even up to scratch besides some filing, although the drawers and cupboards could do with some emptying. The details are mainly irrelevant as it's doing all this alone that takes most of the fun out of it. Now if I get any TV news this week that will improve things greatly. I don't get paid for it, allow them to so deserve the respect any other workers would get. Like fuck.

Last week was OK, after the filming I had the odd visitor, went to Hampstead Heath and took loads of photos. The usual bike rides, gardening as mentioned and a few more calls to the radio. With or without a job I'd do the same things in my spare time but be judged less for them as we can't be expected to do much after a hard week at work which I haven't done since 1989, full time anyhow. Or even part time, some years later. Of course I've done many things for nothing since then and know at least the people I did them for value them and was more important than earning profits for an employer.
When life was good I still had plenty of problems, exams, no girlfriend for months on end, family problems, and loads of time being left on my own while my parents were working. But besides the exams which were the worst things I ever had to do they were good times. Now I have little left, paper qualifications only get you work if you're lucky, and respect, houses shelter, and money relative security. But without people you may as well be dead and in the coffin already. Just as much conversation and excitement. The source of most of my problems and without a miracle the rest of my life. God forbid.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Race riots

While I'm here, I suppose the more I write the more my few readers will have a reason to check in. I took over 30 pretty good photos yesterday round Golders Green mainly by finding new subjects to take, like people in the street. Always popular but will never meet the heights of a London Transport sign apparently. I have most of those already as well as enough buses to fill a garage. But no two shots of people will be the same so I have a new avenue.
Last week was the busiest for a while, punctuated by two nice walks on Hampstead Heath with the camera. No plans left now and I also called the producer of the TV programme twice to ask why it wasn't on and left 2 messages but no reply as yet. Anyone who remembers the Hutchison Rabbit, the earliest type of mobile phone will see the same elements in the Sky TV on demand system. No demand, no TV. End of.

Meanwhile little snippets of news creep in, the multiple witness UFO seen in Guernsey is the first I remember being reported plus with pictures and enough data to measure and locate, about a mile long. Can anyone tell me that could be man made? The lack of official answers is no surprise, and the truth is the ones who don't know can't, and the ones that do won't say. But we've seen it now so they can't say they aren't out there. I'm sorry it appears to only have been reported locally and online, but maybe some clever reporter will realise the significance and write about it again saying what I just did. You can't put that one back in the box. Judging by the apparent communication powers of aliens by telepathy, being telepathic myself I wonder how they work with me and can only communicate through others? I was trained to receive and when I try I get nothing. Others get scientifically valid diagrams, teaching and other information beyond earth's science and I have to hear it through them. Maybe it's something wrong with me?

Otherwise things are clear for a while and I need a week off to recover from all the work last week. I was given the advice to sell my house and buy a flat so I could live near or in Golders Green and I am checking places out online to see if I can afford them. I've realised (besides getting a cat door) it may well be viable and living in a flat isn't so bad once you're indoors. I'd prefer to walk straight out to Golders Green Road and have some decent people and activities on the doorstep besides the parks here. I'm nowhere near the shops and most of the people may as well be from another planet. I talk to everyone but they don't and many, almost all the old timers here feel the same way and are moving out. As it's my blog and it's not breaking the law I will point out not only white people are racists. I think that speaks for itself. Other races may be the minority here but their attitudes are the same as any other group among the less enlightened members. Africans and Indians lower the status of darker members and India still has the caste system whatever they say. Based partly on colour, the Brahmins are the lightest and have blue eyes. Thank goodness for that, as if I ever got there I'd be a darkie but my blue eyes qualify me as the top caste! I do not and never have passed for English despite my parents' appearance I appear to have fled from a Middle Eastern desert and many people are still surprised when I speak such good English. I couldn't care less any more as I'm more concerned about my height, not my colour. You can be of any race but if 6 foot people will not take the piss. That is far more important than race for me. How many people will go up to an Asian and make a rude remark? Nowadays hardly any. But if you're below average height it's open season. They think it's affectionate and funny but no different from calling someone a wog as you are different to them and seen as inferior. As for being Jewish I realised yesterday had I not been and still lived where I had I'd be fascinated and probably want to become Jewish. There's not a thing I can find to say about the Jews that is derogatory despite being naturally biased. The holocaust set back science by hundreds of years as most scientists were killed and we had to manage with the bare minimum since. We may catch up but are decades if not much more behind.

So, maybe if I'm a little contraversial at least the odd reader may care to argue with me, it seems so often compared to the old days I may be talking to the wall here, and when I can be arsed intend to turn the best posts into a book. To be frank it's taken me 47 years to form my views and are based on testing assumptions and finding the truth behind them. It may not be possible to use facts and figures to support much but I know when I crack a problem and I believe I have with many so far. Truth isn't politically correct, some people are better at one thing than another so why not just leave it at that and accept we are all different and hate everyone not like we are? OK, it's not that bad but reflects the worst of the world from one end to the other. But only the middle class whites get the blame for any attitude despite easily being able to find them in every society in the world except maybe a few so inbred there are no differences...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy city Arizona

Well more than usual. I spent Monday filming my 4th TV scene, this time part of a whole 30 minute episode for 'Confessions of alien abductees', due to be shown on WETV in America at the end of the year. Meanwhile despite my 3rd scene being due last weekend, having finally found someone with Sky Anytime I hear it's absent from the menu. Fucking bloody wankers. That's better. Anyway, I'm phoning the producer tomorrow as it's supposed to coincide with The 4400 (whatever shite that may be) which started yesterday. What a fucking fiasco.

Besides that I went to Hampstead Heath with my dad today and took some nice pictures, had people over yesterday and more work than usual this week in the spaces. I haven't checked my stats for this site yet, the average has settled at 10 hits a day from the original 50, which I blame totally on the site stopping our linked profiles. My other site, which had 9000 hits before the counter was pulled, now gets 1-2 a day, but rarely updates so little reason to visit very often. The latest BBC lot of photos was only the 2nd without one of mine, but as the next lot will be the last, getting 8 on is pretty good and I hope they make a book of them, with mine in it of course.

Tomorrow I have no plans till my late appointments, and hopefully that will end up as a holiday despite being on my own and having little worth doing in advance. Maybe (especially if wet) I'll blitz the quiz site and see how many points I can score. Of course I learn so much as a result I scored 255 points (my 2nd best ever) in University Challenge's first of the series on Monday. Believe me that is good. 10 for a starter, 5 for a bonus. And before they get it. Tough.

I will end with a picture (says 1000 words) from today's trip,

I see the system posts these at the top now for some reason but I moved it. This is Wildwood Road from Hampstead Heath and one of those houses will cost around £5 million. I think if I was that rich I'd spend a portion of it on prostitutes. Bought to order has to be better than the random freebies I get from time to time...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

That week went fast

Blimey, I've been away for a week! Not by any plan, I just clearly had sod all to say. Today my 3rd TV programme was launched only on Sky Anytime. I now discover it is only on Sky Plus for people with the latest boxes and only with a software download. Ie nobody. Fuck that for a lark. Launch a new programme before anyone can watch it. Stupid bastards.

Otherwise I went out on Friday without my camera and by the time I realised it was too late to take them, so I'll have to return a mile or two away to retake them in the week. Work has picked up and I'm filming another alien abduction session with a client tomorrow but only to be shown in America. And I don't get paid, only in publicity. I'm about to check the stats and see if not posting for a week affected the visits or people check in regardless. Maybe google want to kill blogger since they got involved as I can't read any new blogs and neither can anyone else. Most of my links are to other companies and I have to join most so I can leave comments. What a joke. Blogger is the best presented and run site and they've totally fucked up by losing links to other bloggers. How the hell are we supposed to read them if they don't let us?

After the TV programme tomorrow I have little ahead, mainly peace I hope, and will start to get to know my neighbours as I'm asking them all whether they have Sky Plus. Otherwise I just have some more photos from round Hampstead Heath to show for a week, the weather was so bad I didn't even get out for a walk there. My friend in India returned for his annual visit on Wednesday so got to see a few people and talk about philosophy until next year when he returns. My friend in America couldn't afford to come for a holiday so won't be back now for 2 more years unless those plans go west and he stays even longer. The cat caught two mice, assuming one was the one in the house already so that would have been dealt with. Yech. So overall a really average and pretty typical week at the moment. I know there's little more I can do about it, I am starting another article and another quiz for Funtrivia, and again all I produce isn't paid for. All for pleasure or career and not a penny for me. I do manage but one day it would be nice to get paid for my abilities more than currently. And in the media it's all or nothing, they get more than most and for what I wonder? But if I get any I won't be complaining.

Anyway, at least if anyone's been wondering where I am now you know. Driving round Colindale looking for places to take photos. And anyone who's been to Colindale will know what that's like.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bollocks, winkles and a horse's hangdown

It's got a bit dull round here, I may avoid trouble a bit more recently but also avoid fun. Or it avoids me. I was just reading about the judgemental attitude of the new agers, unlike therapists, who blame cancer on the victim. Crap. I suppose there is always order in coincidences, I've said a few new quiz answers would be heard recently and after a few were learnt at least 3 were then heard on the radio or TV as expected, and these questions were years old and randomly selected.

So one more week till my TV series starts, although there are 7 short episodes so I may need to wait and if each is only available for a week sod all people will see it. What a record. Like the first person to shit their pants on TV. Not a clever thing to be known for, the first ever TV programme not made for scheduled TV. I'm confused and I'm in it! I have been roughly told by the boss where it is and I am uncertain, heaven knows what the people who can watch it would do. They have hidden a TV programme under such a pile of hoops to jump through, links and buttons I doubt the series will reach double figures. If that forces them to show it on Sky all the better but I will soon find out.
But it's boring. I've had the time to do some housework and it rained so no gardening, but still took loads of photos the couple of trips I made this week. 6 on TV now on BBC interactive, and I just sent one of my friend's old house which would be pretty amazing to get on TV. Despite 4 1/2 years at the gym and 60 kilo bench pressing my chest is stuck at the same size. Arms big, shoulders reasonable, legs able to shift the whole stack of weights but the chest remains the same. I have at least 4 of a 6 pack, I think the rest is hiding behind the inch or two of fat remaining, but when you look at the big guys of all heights I am not like that.

If I have to make my own entertainment it's similar to here, except it's real and even if I wanted to I couldn't make it up. Nothing here is made up, what's the point? So rather than be boring I use nursery words. Always have. Manure, piles, turds, droppings, suppository, rectum, always reliable as a last resort, I hope. Now if I really have any mental illness it's only stress related and half would go instantly if I moved in with a family. Currently any problem is mine. Mine alone. If I don't fix it and need someone else to I have to wait and often pay as well. Crap. And nothing in my power to change. That's the worst thing, when you are totally reliant on others. My friend in America couldn't afford the trip here this summer so is now due in 2 more years. And then probably 40 miles away. Typical example. And the things I can influence are so trivial they are just survival, no more than that. So I go online and talk about farts and guano as there's nothing better to do. And if I even entertain one person with it it's worth it. I made someone laugh with a Uranus last week, so it is still possible.

While I'm at it, if anyone remember the Wombles, can you imagine my version of it? Bungo brings in a used condom and the French chef asks if he wants her to cook it. Great Uncle Bulgaria keeps them all in until they admit who farted. And could you imagine Bernard Cribbins saying "'Well if you don't like it they can fuck off' said Wellington". Classic. And they'd all make use of the toilet, announcing they need to look around before they run out of paper, and Orinoco saying 'you don't want to go in there for 10 minutes'. I suppose you could call it 'Carry On Wombling', except they never actually swore in that series of films. That would make a bloody good series actually. And that, I'm sorry to say, is how my mind works. Not a penny in it for me.