Saturday, September 25, 2004

Clive Bull

As promised, I've mentioned my call to LBC telling Clive about my blog. Well when I got my webcam I not only got a good number of viewers by calling Clive, but hundreds of hits on my linked website
I'm not sure if non bloggers can comment here, but as I allow anonymous posts I think everyone can (though it's free to register and you needn't use it to do more than comment, and it will also allow you to use the interest links to read blogs of people with similar interests. Finally as usual if you like interesting discussions and trivia (a bit like the Clive Bull show online) visit and if you see 'satguru' that's me as well, where I'm also a moderator.

Please leave a message underneath if you visited from LBC, thanks, David from Kingsbury

Friday, September 24, 2004


To quote the great Jon Tickle here, I just read a blog by a fellow Funtrivia member slagging off anorexics, as an ex anorexic. This took a lot of courage, and proved that, like me, these blogs are the ultimate area of free speech and we shouldn't ever be intimidated in pussyfooting around certain subjects or events (that aren't actually illegal), in case we 'offend anyone'. Well, I'm going to gossip my balls off, and if I want to be non-pc, I will be. It'll take a shedload of non pc in the whole of the world to ever balance out the pile of nonsensical newspeak the new fascists have developed as a backlash to old-fashioned sexism and the humour of Bernard Manning. And if people look behind the veil of offensiveness, they may actually learn something.

In 'other news' (blimey, another Tickle-ism), I have mopped up the location of my final Funtrivia archived post, which is still on the current site. But a new mystery has popped up I need a real computer geek to explain. Nearly every search engine has raised (in response to 'Funtrivia satguru) a post on a guestbook from a site where the post appears to have been deleted, but still visible to search engines. I need this to be analysed as how engines can see things not visible to us, (though not display the site) is a mystery to me, plus it can display the summary in their results. Until I get a girlfriend it's only these little searches that keep me occupied.

Otherwise, work is averagely busy, and little else has shifted in my long list of stuck situations. I have a question based on some recent stories I've heard. Do bastards ever reform or learn once they reach adulthood or is it too late by then? Many school bullies grow up, but some also become criminals. Intelligence, education, money and class have no effect, the two I mentioned have (between them, at least) everything in the material/talent/beauty departments, just no hearts or sense. As (it did talk some sense) the bible said (roughly) "You have nothing without love". If we could drop all the rules and just use the good bits there we could actually improve life a lot. Speakers' corner on the web, I love it!

Friday, September 17, 2004

I can be naughty now!

Having spent 44 years trying to keep a perfect record in life, life came back recently to show me I didn't have to. Within a couple of weeks I found myself in two situations where I was the 'naughty boy', and up till then I'd always done 'the right thing' as I believed I had to keep a totally clean sheet on the behaviour front. What an effort that could be as well!
But this time, the 'right thing' option the first time would have got me into so much trouble (I won't go into details of the events, but they were the sort of thing we all get caught in from time to time, just bad calls or mistakes) I decided to keep quiet and keep myself out of trouble.
I felt a bit guilty, but knew I had no choice as I'd have to live with a very irate person had I done the usual 'Jesus' type act, and then I got in another little scrape, and unlike my normal action, kept my head down.

The lesson was, it was normal to be like this. Life and people aren't perfect, even when they try to be. All I'd done was make the eventual failure delayed and like a no claims bonus or clean driving licence, both of which I'd long since lost, life itself has to take a few black marks or endorsements as that's its nature, and the unnecessary effort I'd made to try and keep it perfect in every situation had finally not been effective. It's some kind of freedom now being able to be a 'naughty boy' and not feel guilty about it. If we all made a list of all the things we'd done wrong, like when I peed on the toilet seat at my Uncle's when I was about 11 and my cousin got the blame, or if you'd chucked rubbish into someone else's garden (which sometimes happens round here) it will become clear we can't help being naughty at times, big deal. I'd built up such an aura about never doing anything wrong I'd almost become paranoid about it, and also when we inevitably fail we feel all the worse for doing something once most people do regularly.

So now, after 44 years of attempted sainthood, I'm off the hook. If I accidentally break someone's ornament or spread a nasty bit of gossip I was told to keep quiet, I don't care! What a weight off my mind, I can be human now and not an angel!

Funtrivia update

I just thought I 'd give the amazing outcome from looking for questions I'd posted on Funtrivia I'd lost. Though 99.99% of my readers don't know what Funtrivia is, they can all look now I've mentioned it a hundred times.

Anyway, on Friday night/Saturday morning last week I typed in a few URLs to the web archive from the vicinity of my post number I'd found written down, and though none appeared on the main index, the usual place to find them, I suddenly raised the first of four original lost posts, and it turned out, as I'd vaguely remembered, but forgotten why, they were from over a year since my apparent joining date!

Turns out I'd been on since a day or so after I'd got my computer in February 2000, and registered with a different name and email address. For reasons only describable as stupidity, when I tried to sign in a year or so later and had different details I re-registered. What a clanger, as that sent my proper membership into limbo and showed I'd joined at the second date. I then asked if I could alter my figures, but found if you reregister you can't merge details from one account to the other. I adapted my signature on posts with my original details (I'd started only 4 months from the day the forums started) and was allowed to post one message on my old account so it could be on the system, as the others had been deleted long ago.

Learning by trial and error is the worst but the commonest way, and I've lost my original membership by one quick mistake, when I could have asked someone what to do if I didn't know myself. Well, at least I know, and the fact I can't correct the details are very minor compared to the proof I was there for so long before I thought. And I've had a few comments made by members, so they know I'm here, hello everyone, keep leaving messages!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Week's review

Unusually this week I had a completely free week, no special things I had to do besides a few clients, so a chance to chill out and just see what happened. From past experience, nothing usually means just that. Would I think of anything new or something interesting happen for a change?
Not really, but I had a nice rest noetheless. Some really small things (to other people) did happen, but (To quote Jack Osbourne, another bright Yiddisher boy) it's the small things that matter. The first was, for some reason I was fascinated by having a bus route along the fairly main road where I lived for 28 years, but we only had the odd day when the local bus was diverted because of road works, till about 1986, when a minibus used the bottom half of the road but not my bit. Then, 39 years later after I moved there I saw a small bus stop near my old house, to discover a new service that finally used the whole road this year. I checked the times and went there just to watch it and take a photo.
The second small but important event was to virtually confirm my vague memory I'd joined Funtrivia before I registered in 2001. A note I found was dated at February 2000, when I first got my computer, by the URL I'd copied. So it turned out that I was almost a founder member of the forums which began in late 1999, though not regular as I was both posting on the late great Spiritweb forum, so couldn't be in 2 places at once, and was paying for access so I kept my posts for things I needed to ask at the time.

Other than those 2 highlights, it was a very ordinary typical week, hot and sunny as well, and I got absolutely no house or garden work done, which basically means there were more interesting things to do. I hope the next post will be more exciting, but this is a reality show, not a soap.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


I will write here without any more than a few trivial events to report this week, and see if the inspiration takes me somewhere else, as it often does when I just sit down and type. In fact, nowadays some visionaries actually channel via a keyboard, the main one being the late Ruth Montgomery, who wrote many books (very hard to buy in the UK) as a result of what had come to her via her guide, a medium when he was alive.
Anyway, this week I only had one client and two cancelled arrangements (which were no big deal anyway) so plenty of spare time. I have started tidying the house and garden at last, slowly but surely, and solved a little mystery today regarding some lost website postings at funtrivia which had confused me for ages, as I found a note saying what I'd posted where that confirmed what I'd done there when I started. I like to know these things, and though many sites keep archives, this had lost a bunch including nearly a year's worth of mine by accident. It's often the little things that mean a lot, and this was one of them.

Otherwise, I am currently free of all obligations (until another arrives) and luckily none of the potential disasters materialised, though the financial one is unlikely to avoid me as rules are rules, and I can't see any way round them. I won't starve, but it won't be so easy to get Sky Sports any more... But I don't know for sure so who knows? The dating site is wound up now, I have had a few responses, including miss droopy who I met. Oy a broch! The next sent me a photo and I was convinced it could have been a man, and decided not to push that one any further. The third was very nice and friendly, then said she hadn't seen the picture of me that was linked to my email, so I had to send her another. Have I heard from her since? Have I bollocks! Shows how scatty some people are, every email there was linked to a profile, mine had a photo, but she emailed me for a few weeks before thinking of seeing what I looked like. Maybe they should see a different photo to the ones of our faces, then they can get straight to the point...

Finally today I want to acknowledge Anna, T.O. and all the others who added comments to my blog. I still read all of yours, and always welcome more feedback. I suppose we can all spot similar souls to our own out there, and the reason I live at Funtrivia half the time is that's where more of mine are than anywhere else. A couple just met and got engaged via there originally, even though they live across the Atlantic and haven't met yet. There's a worldwide network of friends there and on the spinoff sites who have met, and remain close friends. There are now four of us here (that I know of) and hopefully we may get a bit of a community growing here as we have a couple of blog-type threads there as well. I think I'll do a bit of publicity there on that front now.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Weird stuff

The first weird thing was when I posted this the first time, it just jammed the system and wouldn't publish. I decided I may have added too much personal detail (not mine, that's why I'm here, but someone else's) so saw it as a sign to rewrite it with a bit less detail.

The question I have, where I need as many examples as possible from the readers, is whether it's possible for an unknown force to send very similar events in little bunches, and arrange life so a few disparate threads all come together in exactly the same place. Over the last week I've had a few really scary possible situations all crop up over a few days. None had materialised, but had potential to do real damage. I saw it as a message to tell me not to worry about them unless anything happened, and even then they couldn't really do a lot to me. These bunches of similar events, like all my clients cancelling in one week, or two or three starting on the same day , and then some even finished together, with one pair even coming back almost a year later on the same day after stopping. I can get phases when either my emails are ignored for a week, or three or four important letters arrive on the same day after hardly any mail for weeks. Regularly if I order two or three items mail order, whatever the different days I order them, the chances are they arrive together.

This is the sort of thing that now happens to me regularly. The threads seem to become more and more complicated in order to show me something is being arranged, just as the phases of similar events does. Unlike my other psychic proof, which relies on extending known scientific principles, this has no science at all. Someone or something, if there is control behind these events, has to be doing it. I have no idea myself, the two theories are we either do it ourself, but most do it subconsciously (unless adepts) or it's our guardians who are there to put us in situations to teach us how to deal with them.

What are your examples, and opinions on how these things happen?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I was there!

I now have the photo taken from my visit to Big Brother on August 13/14th 2004. The best news was a week later they showed the winner's week in an extended programme at peak time on proper TV! , It was the first time my face had been seen on it for 30 years! I was on in 1977 but wearing a crash helmet as I was riding a motorbike, and was on a cable channel in 2001, but was mainly shown in India!
This was taken from the Channel 4 TV footage, and I'm shaking hands with Jason Cowan, who came 2nd.