Saturday, September 29, 2012

Angel progress2

I've been on the phone with my friend who trusts the angels implicitly, and as a more scientific type am happy to try the experiment out as I have nothing to lose and an open mind. She also drifted off to talking about how much we have to do, and in the end had gone full circle to taking our own initiative, while the angels just make things work more easily. Now to me either they are angels (virtually omnipotent) or nothing, and if you believe in angels you hand stuff over to them. Not just 'make this bloody hard job a bit easier' but 'do this bloody hard job for me as it's actually something you're a lot better at and assigned to do it'. No buying dogs and barking yourself.

Nothing out of the ordinary as such, but it is at least an interesting experiment. My theory on it if correct is instead of being bounded by our physical sphere of influence, eg you ask a woman out and she decides, or write an exam and someone else marks it, angels and any other tricks extend this boundary so we don't just do our bit but ask for outside help to influence it the way we want. I think I'd notice if they did, especially as I now write a daily record of it to do it properly. But as long as I remember if I was waiting for anything I knew was possible I'd be distracted from everything else even if it was weeks away. It's my nature and as a child I pulled my carrots up to see how they were growing, and tried to get some of my plastic models out of the moulds before they were set. Having wrecked them both as a result I learnt not to do that again, but when I make a request and see any chance of even the first step on a distant horizon I do the maths and say 'nothing's happened', which technically is correct. I am talking supernatural here, ie no physical laws apply. My books have numerous examples, including verified timeslips and teleportation, as there was someone at each end who saw the person at point A and then point B either instantly or far sooner than they could have got there normally. Not being possible at will you simply can't subject any of this to a scientific test as until someone volunteers themself who says they can do it when asked, it's only those lucky enough to be there at the time who can confirm each story one by one. Quantum physics is still at the root of it all, as if you shift the bonds of these atoms which all vibrate at one frequency, you then open a space to others. Observation affects the position of atoms, one of the earliest ever findings when possible to see with electron microscopes, so combine observation with focused thought and you may well be able to shift the frequency locally into a different one. I am actually studying a course teaching this myself and will report as and when anything happens.

So I will know when something happens, but without probably the first or two events will not have much confidence in it yet. My friend does even though I don't think she's had many more results than me, but there's only one way to know and until it does happen nothing has happened.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More angel progress

My friend who channels the masters (judge a channeler by the quality not the sources they claim) said the angels can only work slowly and gradually as so many things have to be put together, and people can only change gradually from one level to the next rather than get somewhere all at once. I have certainly see my plans run far more smoothly and connectedly than usual, with everything actually fitting in together rather than missing out or getting in the way of each other. Last week I managed to squeeze everything in without spreading things out over days but managing to do two in one and get a lot more as a result. The next arrangement seems fairly certain now, and will just get on with other things till it happens at the end of next week.

If you were told the angels were not just working for you, but had to if you asked, what would you ask for? My first and to me obvious request was a clear sign, and not just the usual synchronicity I am already fully aware of, but a little miracle which was more than usual and clearly unlikely to have happened otherwise. I have just read on Facebook that even though we are aware the authorities lie and cheat it doesn't matter as if we evolve personally we will be far more powerful and not affected by it anyway. That was good advice and maybe I can let the lot drop now and use my existing information for my media career if possible and not give another damn whether people learn about it as they can right now anyway if they really wanted to.

There is the view that miracles don't have sizes, as once you work outside science it's all equal, if you materialise a coin or a million pounds from nowhere they are no bigger, if the money wasn't for you you'd be just as impressed with either. So to me this wait and see attitude is more earthly than spiritual, and the very shlock which holds us back as we are- wait for this to happen, that to happen, be patient. That is the old work ethic and you only get out what you put in, except you rarely do even that, it should be about thinking and believing big, that can happen and I will make it happen one way or another regardless. Small thinking keeps us where we are, so although logically we must wait for everything to mature on the other side there is no time or space so they can do what Dr Who did on Saturday and take the business out of time and return it a minute later after doing all the complicated work. Now if we lived as long as him I wouldn't mind waiting weeks or years, but every day I'm 'consolidating' (read doing F.A.) that's another day off my allotted time and would rather use it with new abilities and knowledge. I've read all the books in this library and played with all the toys, it's time for some serious action. Please?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Angel progress

Having been harnessing the divine power now for a couple of weeks how am I doing? I've certainly kept busy, with more old road signs turning up within easy reach and using up the last weeks before it gets too dark for photos more than round the corner till the spring. Otherwise it's been pretty well business as usual, nothing's actually gone wrong which is at the high end of normal, but the current issue is 'no finishes'. There are some small ones which don't change my life like finding more old road signs,

but major ones which do make a difference never quite get there. I fully accept they don't for anyone else, but as they are possible and see others who have them then as I've aimed myself in those directions have completed my half (the starts) while normally the other half is out of our hands calling on the angels is supposed to add the extra power to complete the missions. I know exactly the sort of jobs I would like done, and would like to have enough time and energy left if I ever do to actually enjoy them. It's also a scientific experiment as part of my research, so for the first time keep official records of requests and results to prove one way or another after a reasonable amount of time if it helps. One or two new starts have happened, every one has the potential to complete but like buying a house or applying for a job we all know how many reach the end of the road to the destination. This goes for outside events as well as my own life. I watch the world being openly run by liars and cheats and no one believes me. I can present 50 pages of properly collected evidence and they still couldn't get the point. Only this week after 23 years they found the police altered all their evidence after Hillsborough, and as well as being the first example of this revealed to the public outside the private sector it to me stands not as an exception but a precedent showing how business is always done.

If it works just to ridicule your accusers to stop an inquiry then the system is clearly run by the crooks or accusations would be followed up and dealt with. Obama alone has a list of unanswered questions, his and his family's records have been wiped from the public domain, even to his alleged college alumni. This is not normal business, and am guessing if you check any other president in the western world their college records will not just be complete but proudly displayed. And why wouldn't they be? He is the prime example of a stooge with absolutely no personal influence who is purely there to do a job he has been put there to do, by George Soros, David Rockefeller and all their friends and associates working for a world government with no national powers remaining. It's all on record and proudly announced by some as if they expect the world to agree with them, but the media don't like it and only come across a single article on all places as The Guardian. The IPCC admitted openly it's now about economic redistribution and not the environment, yet the media haven't caught on. When an authority knows so well it can admit its true plans and get no effect then it means everyone who counts is looking after them. Maybe a local paper could sneak in a small paragraph somewhere with no relevant headline but if The Times (run by Murdoch) had an article anywhere "IPCC admit they are about money not climate" he'd be under concrete by the following day. Now for someone, a single person, to be above Murdoch at all means there is a level even worse and stronger than the antichrist of the 20th century himself. Al Gore has taken that mantle, although being such a figure of fun makes him appear harmless that's a simple clown costume hiding the devil behind. Obama's not exactly evil, as he's an empty shell like a newsreader who just reads off his autocue and if it said we are going to kill all the first born sons wouldn't raise an eyebrow. If human cloning was possible I'd say he'd been made in a lab and just designed to do the job and has no past to record. That's certainly what you'd think if looking for it as well.

So one task for the angels is to get people to discover what I already know, whether from my work or generally, and have been told (I have a channel speaking to them for me as well) to summarise it on a single page and send it door to door. That is fairly expensive and takes weeks of damn hard work as I've done it before for my own business and got one reply from an old friend who lived in a house I leafletted. I can't see that as a good idea somehow but breaking it up into a few gradually growing lessons and one short page does make sense. I'm learning a lot though and each new idea becomes part of the teaching. Looking past the surface is the biggest lesson, like wind turbines or electric cars. Good selling, bad product. Don't buy the product to find out the truth. Misleading advertising is illegal unless by the government, so they have taken over the wind industry and force it on us although unlike the climate (another area people must do their own checking) the figures are known and certain. But people don't check (we can now, it's all online) and make death threats to others who suggest they do (I would know). So despite the solution being as easy as an hour's clicking and reading they get away with it as 'what's in it for them?' as I get asked whenever I venture into global warming fanatic sites. Unfortunately emotional maturity is a generations long process and those who have completed it have no effect on those who haven't. No wonder I've started relying on angels.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Working with the angels

I don't normally bother with such esoteric concepts- if I'm doing anything with the unseen forces it's straight to the top and nothing between. But if genuine the angels have come to me- first someone told me about a cat called Angel, then I met someone who was reading about them and working with them, and had it confirmed by working for someone called Angel, who turned out to be the same one I'd known for over 20 years, and then a third person saying she felt OK when she moved as she met what she called the angel cat. Of course the best way for the higher levels to communicate with us is through repetition, so if the same weird stuff crops up over and over again we can't miss the message. Then this week I had a psychic reading and was told to work with the angels directly, keep records and make requests, as it's their role to answer them as they have no will of their own but created for our benefit.

I have nothing to lose- where I am so far is a small fraction of what I would like, so while all my plants are short green shoots and buds after 52 years while others have created a jungle, this is a totally painless addition to every other method I use. It is similar to Conversations with God, in that it becomes like another voice speaking to you, and you write down all the results to make sure you remember them properly and can compare what you had at the start with further along. I've got nothing to lose here and will just see how it goes, it really is as simple as that.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mission complete- what next?

The great risk blogging is separating the readers, we had this conversation years ago I think on the old ones, but besides changing names if you read an account of your life you'd know even if others didn't. Totally legal or newspapers wouldn't exist, but not everyone likes being discussed online despite it purely being a written version of half the conversations on earth (minimum). What's more interesting than talking about the people we know? Facebook caught me out, the first site people I know use, as one person at least has agreed with me to avoid politics for 35 years as we knew our views then and were happy to leave each to them. Now he pops up and tuts sometimes as if he didn't remember I used to support Mrs Thatcher, although purely as the bleach to wipe out the Labour mess rather than her general policies. Once she had done that she went wild and I joined the other lot (not Labour, there were others), until certain of their leaders filled the gap on the left since Blair shifted Labour away, which is not actually the remit of a centre party, so I had to leave.

Anyway, the good news is I spent 5 hours driving to Battle yesterday, and was so tired as the roads after the M25 didn't exceed 50 mph for a mile or so at a time and less on the rest, as I was hoping to carry on to Hastings, but another 7 or so miles, doubling to 14, was pushing me over the edge, and actually found on return I'd only gone 12 miles past my last trip that way. The road sign I needed had had the numbers peeled off, leaving a negative where the dirt hadn't reached the backing, just like a road junction one near Cambridge. And it had a red triangle for the children sign below it rather than the required circle (as on a private road) so only just an addition to the collection to the 'damaged' list (there is a joke there but even I can draw the line occasionally).

The new camera is wonderful, making sharp edges and blue skies most of the time, the faults being manual semi auto focus (ie no control but can't leave it to do the work) and it slants verticals which is pretty much like saying 'Macbeth' in a dressing room or bringing ham to a barmitzvah. And that's on a large digital screen, I will submit a sample to a photo forum and see if they can suggest a tweak. I spent most of today adding them online and just finished (don't look at the time), but nothing on tomorrow. The boilerman returned today, and found what I assumed was the fault hiding behind the fault he fixed, after a little direction from me as to its behaviour as a result of it. It was fixed and covered by the previous work thank goodness, and should now have a warm winter. If it works it won't need a service for another year anyway now.

So my map is full for 2012, and if I feel like it next spring would bag another 100km square which is at least 70 miles as the crow flies in any direction. There are methods to get two as the nodes touch so if you aim for one can do it that way, west is too far off the main road but north is a small detour west just before (cough) Peterborough. That's a fun ride I remember, but would prefer a luxury car (one with a boot and engine over 1300cc that is) as it does make a difference on a long run. But till then it's now whatever I like as the coast stops me going any further where the routes would be easier. The house and garden will now benefit, and whatever else I do when I'm here on the creative side. Although it's the exception (slightly above women asking men out) apart from other people finding road signs for me I haven't really achieved anything I can remember this year beyond my own work. Nothing else has really changed or happened to help, the news has been dire- apart from a new law making squatting a crime (as if it just occured to people having other people take your house over and stopping you living there, using the gas and electricity and not paying any tax) and anyone else I know's decisions have pretty much not been in ways I'd benefit from either. Of course when for instance a friend moves abroad it isn't personal, but then again neither would it be if they chose to come back, but I'd benefit. People don't do things to pee us off much, they do what they have to and we are caught in the crossfire as collateral damage. Maybe I should use that as a screen name, as from the day my mother left us to the day my friend left Britain probably for good I have had the roll of paper to wipe up after them. Thank god the most important decisions have been good, ie my exams, and then the successful TV work, but outside the business area which I've always had covered pretty well, the personal side has been scraps. Besides my good friends who have now dwindled as described in great detail long ago, the women have been worse than anyone could ever have written in a novel. Whatever could go wrong did, almost without an exception, hence my long history of being single, and each new attempt following the same end regardless of the means- mental illness, emigration, parent pressure, ex boyfriends, you name it and many more ways I couldn't have thought up beforehand it's gone wrong. I'm even going to the wedding of the one who left me the second her ex found out I'd caught her on the rebound in 1993. I'd possibly have been married to her nearly 20 years and had children otherwise, instead of a series of cats. Not that I couldn't have had them both.

So this woman (see how smoothly I got back on track there?) appears to fit the same pattern I've had since the day I dumped my first girlfriend as she was boring (she was) and changed my mind the day after but she didn't want to know. I've been punished for that ever since, and even accepted boring women at 30 (I planned to drop faults from the list every decade), but can't yet accept dim ones. As I learnt long ago you need something to talk about afterwards (you know), it's the second most important thing (at least I'm honest in admitting it) to me, and may drop that requirement at 60 if no one else has arrived. The routine so far has been each decade when I drop a deal breaker from the list those women are no longer interested in me instead. The formula has been better than any scientific one besides putting vinegar in baking soda. It is infinitely repeatable and have as yet found no way to interrupt its constant action. If I have enough money I'll ask CERN to create one for me now they've found the Higgs Boson and have to find something else to use it for. Publishing one of my articles would be nice as well. Stranger things have happened

Monday, September 03, 2012

Spiritual update 9/12

Having had messages when I didn't visit for a while, and seen the hits go up again I can come back and actually trust I am being read, although apart from Roger hardly anyone seems to comment now, partly as most old bloggers have left and haven't found any new ones to replace them when I used to comment on theirs in return.

Anyway, spiritual journey time, and writing it down makes it clearer for me to see as well. Besides the caveat 'you can't rely on the unreliable' ie everything outside yourself, I met someone who has had pretty much the same path and discoveries than me, but in half the time I took. She took my details a week ago and have I heard back, have I buggery. OK, two or three possible reasons do exist which may have caused the delay, but the reason I used the screen name satguru 11 years ago was because with all the conflicting outside teaching only we could sort it out, and we are the satguru while they are the outer guru. I am still the satguru, and Neale Donald Walsch says we are all perfect at birth, and enlightened when we realise we never needed to add anything to be so. I will add from the next teacher that we also leave the dimensional frequency matrix to gradually see and affect more and more until we become adepts as well. One major school says the powers come before enlightenment, but he says that was to stop too many people using them so they could. That makes far more sense to you, as Walsch says, we're not given toys and expected not to play with them.

Technically I have reached a point where all my main work has been done this year (as photography needs long days if going many miles to get them), so apart from one optional trip I can only do when free and fit to do so I am catching up with everything else. Meeting her confirmed my path must be universal, as it was close enough to know it was the same as mine, and being guided by whatever is doing so must be in our best interests and not pointing us over a cliff or poverty. But isn't it better to keep this going rather than being ships which pass in the night? That would only work if we'd learnt all we could in one go from each other and then move on again, and I'd see it as a waste in this case. Part of the system no doubt, but not part of one I'd have chosen unless she turns out to be booby trapped and would blow part of me off if I touched her. If not then I am still bloody waiting.

I am certainly not at the stage of having any control of life using any powers, I can just about see static auras now (the best ones move) so getting somewhere (after having the third eye opened in 1991 and then not much since) and will certainly work on it more when I'm not on the road. I'm not complaining as being free is the best place to start, but I have run out of ideas for now. I got the new camera after completing the big ones (the old one is packing up gradually and couldn't wait for the final convulsion) and now just filling in spaces locally and there are now no trips under about 80 miles besides the final 2012 one so wouldn't be till next spring. This will be directed, and currently not even at the 24 hour point with a clue for tomorrow, but that always takes care of itself somehow, besides an eye test and gardening, and waiting for the boilerman to see why the boiler still goes out after spending nearly as much as a new one. Being married if nothing else would share these events, and whatever happened wouldn't have to deal with them all on my own. Even when the sole candidate appears not to fulfil one of my criteria (maybe if I wait till 60 only one will remain and the rest will be wiped off, maybe this should be brought forward?).

In the past and probably present things seem to return to the middle, the official place of the ego, where good and bad always cancel to neutral, so must escape it to enlightenment. But I've seen a little more than that and still remember it's possible, but not yet in power to find it myself.