Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Progress possibly

In the last couple of days I've had not only more evidence of remote viewing, but stories from people I know (rather than from books) about seeing the future and being protected from disaster that hadn't yet happened. All this paints a picture of a world quite different from what it appears, the problem being the higher level only appears to most once in a blue moon against a background of banal normality.
We have choices, but given in order to learn which is the right one, and suffer the consequences to avoid us making them again, like enjoying yourself when studying for a degree. These are the self created problems, my only beef being the severity of consequences I would probably have changed without such loud messages. For instance suffering for months rather than hours from a poor decision doesn't teach you any more. You realised your mistake so extending the punishment is more earthly than heavenly. If you create a system (assuming a creator) why make the system tougher than it needs to be?

On the other sides, I still see what could be called piles of manure in the road ahead, and am either ploughing right through or round them when I can find a way. Until this week there was little pleasure to balance, but if my TV programme is on after all that is my good news. After today the only crap ahead is the tax inspection which was delayed for a few weeks and not by me. Crap that I know of anyway. I am realising my reluctance to go out is a physical thing as well, as recovering from chronic fatigue I am using the effort to go round a few shops it would have taken for a day at work. I am limited by my energy and that is low. My brain works perfectly though so I take it back home and create. Photo prints, essays, discussions, networking, all from here. I have visitors, do psychic research and meditate.

Typically Big Brother starts tonight and I have to go out so am recording it, I just hope it works as seeing the new arrivals is a unique programme and sets you up for the rest of the series. My priorities may be all fucked up but they work for me. Meanwhile I see other people running around going out to cinemas, meals and meetings and wonder how I ever managed them myself. I am now able to do limited activities for about an hour and then return home. Better than nothing for sure and it's a lesson not to feel inadequate as a couple of years ago (with the help of tablets I can no longer take) I was like that as well, though not like 20 years earlier. As so much going out is driven not by interest but boredom I see a virtue there, as I'm content nowadays at home, especially with friends or family. I may well have experienced more than the current people my age travelling the world as I crammed it all in to about the first 25 years. Making the lists I am still probably ahead on theatres cinemas and football matches as I used to blitz them when I was interested, and still do with the football health permitting. 4 games in 5 days I think is my record. Driving 50 miles on a Saturday to see a new ground and then drive home was actually good fun and I always bought a little souvenir from the club shops if open, and have a teddy from Southend, a ruler from Oxford, a car from Wycombe and had I not thrown it an empty paper cup from Reading. My version of tourism.

I think the delayed high from last year from the TV programme will carry me along for a while as at the time it was the only thing keeping me sane, was then removed so I had to survive unarmed, and have now got it back. Until you're enlightened you can only get most of your pleasure from outside, and that's how it's designed to work or we'd never bother to do anything. Once you've worn out these avenues (women excepted) you work on inner pleasure as I did in 1996. OK, I'm still waiting, but trying legal drugs which only ended me up in a & e were my only attempt to speed the process. Bad move, seen the error and never again. Many try and many fail that route, not worth the risk but I was desperate and totally uninformed. I suppose the fact LSD was unavailable at the time is one help as people can live with that for life after one trip. Soon after I was offered some and said I'd already tried that route and stopped. Good timing there at least, it may enlighten a few people, and drive the others insane.

Well, that's the news from NW9, it's a relief to have net access but hope the laptop is fixed so I can keep the quizzes up over the weekend. But I still have to look at the cheese and not the holes. Not always that easy. But nothing wrong with a good hole either.

A trip round the supernatural.

Despite having sod all to report (rain and shit) I've been challenged to return, plus my laptop lost its internet connection so couldn't get on over the weekend.
So what can I say? There are a few shafts of light mainly the announcement my 3rd TV appearance appears on now, July 7th. Watch this space once I see it in writing on the schedule. That was really a relief. It's not only a third of my total speaking parts but on a channel with 10 times more viewers than the other two. I have also taken a pile of photos in Mill Hill, partly inspired by a request to add a pond photo I just took to their group, and realised there were many ponds in Mill Hill. So from running out of ideas I ended up with many new pictures besides the usual buses and a nice view of the M1 from the shopping centre.

Besides that and the rain and freezing weather (when it reached 4' last night my boiler went off) life is pretty routine. I am now more convinced in more psychic powers than I was, although that doesn't affect my immediate life. My grandma told a story of their friend's brother who went to a medium, and their mother said she had an argument with his wife, she pulled her hair and she kept it in a drawer. He went and looked and there it was. Now after a 16 year career as a researcher this hardly surprises me as all information can be tuned into, but is one of the clearest pieces of evidence if one message is good then however rare it is a reality. We can all do it, just some better than others and need practice like any other talent.

Now I just read a very sad philosophical description of existentialism, describing the universe as a cold hostile place and we're on our own here. Now this is surely the impression it gives, but the psychic messages we get contradict some of the view as we can't be alone. But all the information and help I get is neutral, doesn't improve life but just means we can see more. More of the same crap basically. God, love and all that isn't really evident as the true current behind everything. Even a few enlightened people I met say it's no better when they are aware of their true natures, just accurate. Many say it is better but I wonder what the deal is if some claim it to be just a different view of the same things.
I'm still scanning blogger to find other blogs but all I find are the editor's choices, none tagged or linked by interest. So all these labels we add here appear to be totally pointless so I just summarise mine with a few variations as my subjects rarely vary.

On a final note no internet allows me to meditate again, and that is the only positive route I know of. Had my move been in miles rather than millimetres since I started I'd be a very happy person by now. It works by moving us towards feeling pleasure and grows with use. Some eventually feel it constantly and have basically become enlightened, one of who I met who reached that level through a different method to mine. But they all work as others have as well as mine for me. But slow is the word and before I cut down I did it daily for well over 2 years but little happened except for the odd go. I know what it can do but rarely actually get there, and know if I don't do it I can't any other way. And it's not dependent on life outside or anything else, just a way to feel good which is something we can all do naturally as we are designed to. How nature designed us to not feel something unless a teacher tells us how is one of life's mysteries I can't start to understand, but am glad whoever discovered it did and then told me. After my qualifications that was the most important course I did, and the others are business, this was the best pleasure one. It was a weekly hour video for at least 5 months, but as the teacher didn't come here more than every year I had to wait about 15 as the first time I hadn't done my quota. Then a one or two evening selection process where they check you understood the course and then a weekend course (in Brighton Centre for us) to see him talk one day and teach the methods the next. Despite little sleep that was one of the proudest days of my life. For over a year knowledge, as it is called, was the most important thing in my life and now I'd sat in a big armchair and within 2 hours knew what it was. I've 'been there' for a few minutes or so a number of times, so will carry on doing it for life, and hope one day I break through like so many others to the higher levels. And it's not even practice, people often get there quickly but it may not last. Beyond me to fathom out, I just persist and hope.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Home truths

Besides the last news on not only synchronicity but for the first time someone appeared to be having a conversation with someone who is dead. This totally shakes every belief I have, and add to that the scientific proof people can apparently see the future plus these coincidences mean what we see as random free will is actually arranged from a higher level.

The trouble is the actual details of the life guided by these principles is mainly cack at the moment. I get bits and pieces of good in among a background of darkness. I have just been on the phone to a live example of transcending our suffering as he has a natural ability to overcome pain and related suffering by telling himself it isn't that bad. That could be taught to others and save the medical profession a lot of work. It's a rare ability and one that is a high yogic achievement and of course some people have these things naturally. I have my own but it doesn't include immunity to anything besides anger. Not having much anger means others can see life can be lived without it, and it really isn't a necessary emotion. No use to me really and if it comes it goes very quickly.

Today was almost wasted, I didn't sleep for ages so got up later than usual and besides cut the front lawn used the spare time to almost do nothing. There's a bit of time for more, I also saw the European Cup final on TV which was almost as exciting as the semi finals, and more than the FA cup final, and now I'm back here telling everyone just how little I did. Naturally doing nothing in a family is fun, it only sucks when you're on your own. I found many people who go out and away a lot are so bored at home they try and find excitement that way. I have in the past but agoraphobia aside am now at 47 perfectly content in an environment I spent years creating, and have done enough exploring to find whatever's out there isn't as clever as here. A representative sample of events, countries and other activities, and now my focus is on spiritual development and creation, all of which can be done right here.

As Maharaji says, people travel across the world to find enlightenment when the whole time it's always been within them. You can be right where you are and do the right thing, where you are is irrelevant and any problems always follow you across the universe, as when I found I had to resit half my first year exams when away, I still had to do it and couldn't escape the realities of life by being elsewhere. Better to fix your problems and not care about runnig around once you've checked it all out. I also had the chance to blitz every aspect of entertainment by 20, living in London when everything was very cheap. In the end I switched from the cinemas and theatres and discos to football and psychic events. And whatever my family think this was not where I met friends and partners, just learnt things. So my conclusion is once you're content where you are no one (girlfriends in particular) shouldn't condemn you for doing so, as how many people are actually happy in and around home? Not that many I suspect.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Supernatural events

I was about to carry on talking bollocks as that's all there was, but having just at last been caught up in a psychic web at least that was the first message for a very long time the system is still there despite whatever crap it's been turning up lately. OK, it wasn't all crap, I have a few nice female friends but with the ones I like no physical contact, extend back to around 1983 and you get the picture.
The psychic stuff is another level of the highest type of phenomena I've found, coincidence. My friend has been hiding since his divorce, and I decided it was time I phoned him after not speaking directly for over a year. He said 'you got my message' when I called. No, what message? After well over a year he just left a message asking me to call him back. And what about? He'd just wanted someone they knew to call his mother after losing touch a few years ago and the same day she did. Then I did in response to a call about the same thing happening, only it was a coincidence.

This is how life fits together, there seems a time for things to happen somehow, and even my poor health slowed me down but didn't stop me and made me test my friend's understanding when I was slow or incapable. That's little better after a good week as the ear problem returns like Ken Livingstone (our local curse of a politician) and I'm not quite sure which is easier to get rid of. The final element was he'd had a psychic reading where the first name and second initial of my stepfather came in and he was described exactly as he was with every detail correct, some which he didn't know until I confirmed it. These things freak new experiencers out, especially unbelievers, and although I expect clairvoyance now coincidences have just begun to feel normal to me as they are a part of what I consider normal life now.
Whether there's a point, lesson or good in them I have yet to see. I have survived every assault of germs and neighbours (don't ask) or I wouldn't be here now, but so much needs sorting out in my life which is either beyond my means to arrange or I've already done what I can and have to wait.

The week ahead (so far) is clear, same as the last one was really, and so far the same sort of plans as there's nothing better and my health can limit the scope as well. So I work my way round London NW11, finding more and more details, rather than look to places unknown just because I've done everywhere else. Or known and not worth taking. I was pleased I made something from such pearls as Willesden and Acton, but there's really nowhere clever left. Swiss Cottage possibly, but Kentish Town, Southgate, Barnet and all places beyond are as photogenic in the main as Cherie Blair but less intriguing. I just read a few comments about her somewhere else and if nothing else that face sure generates interest. All the money in the world can't change that... But we all have a cross to bear, including those who don't, who tend to imagine it. I've already described mine, which put me at the 'has to try extremely hard' level of life for good, until you get married anyhow.

Last week was almost free of earache for a change, so it had to come back yesterday, although as I said I don't stop living with these problems, just seem to do it differently. But who wants pain and dizziness? But whatever lessons I may need to learn and changes make they need a little less to generate them. Why suffer to be a better person anyway? Well, I still see around 10 people a day visiting here, so thank you for your persistence, I suspect I know who left the comment yesterday and they clearly have issues that are being transferred to me by projection. No idea what their problem is, but it certainly isn't shared by me. That site has kept me going for much of the last 7 years and the only pratt or wally is the person who sent me the rude message there, and whether or not it's the same person the one who left the comment. Why these guys who know you choose to go anonymous when they know me is cowardly and pathetic, and at least it means some people have worse problems than me, mentally I mean. My mental is quite good now, just the physical.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Reporting the news

Struggling to squeeze anything out of the day, I've been looking at a variety of new blogs, all local as that's all I can link to thanks to a totally different website. Some are good but none quite worth linking. But it does show that blogging is still alive and possibly this new version is what's killed this. Of course most people give up within a year or less, probably got better things to do, but you still see busy people who blog and it really doesn't take long.

Technically I haven't done much anyhow since the last visit but it's a bit dead at the moment and this was the one place I can do something about it. I admit that I think the other side of my work here has virtually ended, the philosophy. Reporting current events depends on having any and not everyone wants to hear what I did in school 30 years ago. OK, I could be in bed but due to a mug of hot milk have to wait till it's finished. These details are what can make or break a blog, or your conversation in general. But this isn't a conversation, especially with the lack of comments, so hard luck.
Plans for the future have little water to hold either, especially as there are none of them left either. At this point in the past I've entered publish and lost a post, usually as it's better not said. But we all dry up at times and it's my turn tonight.

Technically if you read any paper 90% or more of the material is based on invention as little actually happens and what does (ie how many people were blown up in Iraq) isn't usually worthy of reporting. If anyone can tell me what goes on in Iraq that actually affects us here I'd offer the £1million prize, if I had it. So they talk about how fat people are and how children are having sex even earlier and unfortunately most mugs accept this as being as important as the rare item that actually is. This is sad and only reflects the lack of intelligence or depth in the way people judge what really makes any difference and is worth reporting. The reporters know it's crap and get paid so much managing to keep 100 pages full every day while giving the impression something's actually going on. Jose Mourinho's dog. Well that's really fascinating. If some Romanian had smuggled a dog here they'd have the dog put down and give the Romanian a flat. If Mourinho does it, or they even think he has, the whole media world has an orgasm. Please. This is as good as it usually gets. How many front page headlines will it get tomorrow? Foreign man with good job's dog disappears. Blimey.

You see now how similar our positions are. They invent crap or report irrelevances, and I try and make something from very little without straying into wanker territory. If the Daily Mail or even better The Times started dropping words like this into their articles, 'Tony Blair is an arrogant cocksucker' or 'Using the Tube in London is an experience of total shit' I may overlook a little of the cack they are actually reporting as it would at least make it a little more interesting. eg


Posthumous reports have finally discovered documents proving the late Prime Minister Edward Heath was actually an uphill gardener, like we all thought but weren't allowed to say in case we had the arse sued off us. Close friends said 'We all knew he was a raving Nancy boy, but due to national security, ie the fact they would have fitted us up for serious crimes, we decided to keep it quiet'. But letters written to such celebrities as Frankie Howerd, Kenneth Williams and even a young Michael Barrymore professing his love and recounting many experiences shared while romping naked putting it up the wrong 'un have finally confirmed what we all guessed but could never actually say, without the fear of losing lots of sponsorship. But now the bugger's dead we can say whatever we like. Thank fuck for that.

Not very pretty, but I respect the attitude and it's how most Sun readers would have put it anyway.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day, little changes

I have found by airing all my weird ideas here (and elsewhere) regardless of alienating many and looking like a self obsessed weirdo at least I've got this stuff out of the way and without paying a penny to a therapist. And for all the people accused or accusing people being too deep it's like calling someone too intelligent. You can be too shallow almost to the point of horizontal, but too deep? No way.

I just discovered I ordered (after being a lot more selective than usual) 207 new photos to be printed just now. I have been out 3 0r 4 times a week this year though and made plenty of new views of places known and unknown. Rather than spread myself further afield to undistinguished areas I'm finding smaller and smaller details between the ones I already take. So as people plant new gardens I have different places to see, and did a bunch of road name signs today, not just the sign but the area around them so you can see where the road actually is. The best was an old cast iron double, one above another, saying where it led to. These little things are what life is really about, we all live somewhere but not everyone takes much notice of the details or cares.

Non events, Gordon Brown will be our next Prime Minister. Like changing the name of 1 to 1 to T Mobile. We won't notice the difference. Or if Cameron the twat gets in for the only opposition either. Get rid of grammar schools- by the tories? Fuck me, they'll be promoting immigration next, oh bugger, they are. Talk about between a rock and a hard place. Either way you look the same crazy totalitarian and anti-British policies. Let the EU take us over. Allow anyone in you like with no limits (I think it was 400,000 illegal immigrants just allowed to stay, if my memory was right), and I expect Cameron will finally top it all by agreeing with road charging. If we ever needed a revolution the time is now. General strike, stop paying council tax, using cars and buying petrol. They'll miss us when we stop performing. Petrol costs so much as people don't shop around. The shmock selling it for 97.9 round the corner from 94.9 has just as many people queuing up as the other. So they try and add another penny and it's gone up about 7 in the last month with no economic reasons.
If we were to stop buying it for a few days they'd be stuck.

This week has been reasonably average, the job planned for yesterday was cancelled for a while and I did a bit of work, then started tidying the spare room at last. Lots left to do though. One booking today then to NW11 for more photos as planned, then came back and uploaded them all as usual. And then back in a circle to the order, which takes quite a long time, although I chose them earlier which was half the job. Tomorrow is free all day, if dry probably gardening, and no plans for photos unless something comes to me. Maybe carry on the tidying and who knows. The gap today was I literally spoke to no one. Not even a shop. Besides a couple of irritating people on the phone I've been like someone in solitary. Not good for the soul and nothing you can ever do will replace having another person around. Not even the chatroom I went in with a few stupid kids pretending they were talking to non existent people for half an hour which they thought was really funny. That was the standard. The photos were quite nice, although I realised whether it's raining or not I really can't be bothered to wait for buses to arrive at bus stops to show people getting on and off. If one comes along I'll take it but it's really not worth the effort to do it deliberately.

Unless I'm inspired I could be on the computer all day tomorrow if it rains, although there's nothing I need to look at there either. So many choices...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who came first?

I always knew she reminded me of someone. Billie Piper b 1982 Tiddler the Riddler born 1986.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I've been

Where do I start? Slowly things are beginning to be done and I'm still seeing pretty clear connections all around, in the form of bunches of similar events. It does make life more interesting and challenge every aspect of science which seems to limit our scope and ability to progress in life. I think all the news as such was in the last entry, and since then I've been back taking some very nice photos though I say it myself, road signs, gardens and a block of shops with a huge name on it. The number of details you notice when you go up every street in turn is quite fascinating. There's little point going to distant or foreign areas as I know most places beyond the existing scope and there are only a few worth visiting, and I will sooner or later. Swiss Cottage station is a real carsey from outside though a massive subway system underneath. I was asked to join 2 Harrow groups but besides the station it's not very photogenic, the Hill is the best part but well photographed already and not as good as where I went so far.

It's satisfying to have got so many crap jobs out of the way in one go, and shown I was up to it. One of our staff just went crazy at Funtrivia so a few cobwebs have been blown away as a result and the few of us left are having to pick up the pieces. It was someone I never really rated as well over the top, and by the look of it finally lost his pieces. The only drama via a computer and thousands of miles, but drama nonetheless. I'm back trawling blogs and have seen a few new visitors although no comments. If anyone actually knows how people on blogspot are meant to keep in touch now the links are gone please let me know as London is only a small fraction of my lost audience.
No major plans now, one female friend (no more yet but friend for sure) and there is a chance it will extend further. I also saw the woman I was busy with at the gym at last, and sorted out the little issue I had to sort out, and am confident she doesn't go online so can say I'm still in love with her. No reason ever not to be, she brightens the whole place up and whatever it is she's got I need more of it, wherever it comes from.

Knowing one of the three possibly best women I know is still interested in me after 32 years is no practical use unless her boyfriend disappears and then somehow I found a way to bridge the 60 mile space between us. She'd never live with a man again so that wouldn't be the solution. If it could happen. But knowing she wanted me (in theory) and is as good as it could get I know I must have whatever is needed to do it elsewhere. Not many like her about though. The one in the gym is not in my standard mould. Looks wise she is but is what you can only call working class, with standard associated lifestyle. Lovely woman and otherwise perfect but someone who probably expects all their problems to be solved in the pub wouldn't last very long with me. You know how you can divide people into those who want to ask questions and those who don't care about the answers. They can never mix and never change. She at least has some questions which opened a door between the class wall that may have previously totally blocked any dialogue between us, but I'd already been showing her how to do crosswords (reluctantly I have to say, she would rather have gone off and had a fag or something, had she smoked) but when it comes to her I could probably devote a separate blog to her as when I think of her I'm happier.

I never mind if anyone reads what I say as it's all fair and honest, and if she read this at least I wouldn't have to wish she knew how I felt every time I saw her. Having a wife who wanted to go to bingo, the Costa Brava and the disco every bloody weekend would force her into an affair as if she went it wouldn't be with me. It would be a real Pygmalion relationship, me the teacher and father figure and she would be mixing with her own friends and society while I looked on at a distance from my study. I hear Des O'Connor had a son at about 73 so I shouldn't feel too old at my time of life, but would still rather be seen as a father not grandfather.

I wanted a family and kids as soon as I was free at 24, I dreamed about it and babysat since 16, with many glowing reports from the kids. But not even close to my own results. Any and all of my mental and physical problems could get in the way but they don't stop anyone. Criminals, psychotics, all have no shortage of kids. It's not a requirement to have all your marbles or limbs. In fact this odd government prefer people without faculties apparently as they are favoured over others for adoption, lottery grants and laws so I'd be in good company. OK, my poor kids would have to admit their father didn't have a job but at least that's one form of diversity I do want to promote as having a job is no big deal either way. Paying the bills is a big deal, how you do isn't important if no one gets hurt. And if you wanted to blame anyone, blame the youknowwhats that didn't give me a job when I was prepared to work, not me for never finding one. The longer you're out of it the less likely you'll want to get back in. The aristocracy know that better than anyone. Only plebs actually have to work for a living according to them. Pretty impractical but no one really looks down on them for not working through reason of millions in the bank.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poo poo, the train's coming...

Well, as part of my new quest to revive blogger (since they unlinked all the fucking members, the crazy arseholes) I've been using the only linked blog facility I know, London Bloggers. OK, it limits me to only locals, besides those clever clever wallies who think it's amusing to say they're in London while writing from the Phillipines as they once spent a week in Earls Court in 1989.
Anyway, one trip took me to Ealing Broadway where guess what, he was offering and requesting poo stories. As soon as the blog site emails me a password I'll add mine, just the best one, as no one wants to be reminded of 10 minutes in the back of a friend's car at about the age of 6 with the fullest pants it's possible to have in human terms. It was just too big to wait. Well now I've told you instead but it's the wiping circles on the wall story for him, the one that had the 6'4'' John Mitchell doubled up with laughter in the school corridor when told by mt friend Peter in about 1976. Those were the days. Except for the exams, not that I even minded them then. A bit of travel (as a private candidate I got sent all over London per O and A level) and competition, with the inevitable fail grades the following summer. What a foundation laid for my future.
OK, I resat the Os, having started a year early for fun, and passed next time, and just scraped 3 As rather than fail, followed by failing nearly every exam in my degree till I got a private tutor. All's well that ends well in exam land anyway. My biggest shock at 16 was discovering I'd stopped growing at the exact height all my friends were when they started. Despite a long string of girlfriends I believed for many years this would hold me back although the evidence all contradicted it. And of course I'm stuck at the size (and mind) of a 14 year old all my life now, and it is absolutely no advantage at all. Like having one leg. No silver lining wherever you look. We can't even go after midget girls either now as besides achondroplastic most are now fixed with growth hormone and half probably overtook me at about 13. I suppose if there were to be a silver lining I think unlike Steven, my neighbour with the personality of a snail (after being trodden on), who walked into a disco once and the girls literally queued to dance with, forced me to use my personality as guys like him pulled with no need for one. A mental Napoleon complex. Pushed my mind to its limits as because my body couldn't grow I had to use the only thing that could.

I still think I missed a few hundred extra women though but I only ever wanted one good one. Still waiting. Meanwhile, where it lets me, I'm commenting on blogs again hoping to revive this dying format, and if I add enough maybe someone will have a look in here. An 80% reduction of hits in a year is pretty drastic and luckily this isn't a business. Flickr is how this was a couple of years ago. Loads of comments and unlike blogger you can track your own comments for replies in a click, which is so fucking simple to do it makes you wonder if this whole site is created by a machine and has no actual human brain behind it. It can't log me in automatically despite checking the box and the post labels are of no use to anyone as I always write about the same few topics anyway. If we could search other blogs with it then it would work, but our own? What the hell use is that?

It's pissing with rain and I'm waiting to collect the car from its service. I had a couple of spare hours as a result and decided to listen to the radio programmes I record overnight. I was busy yesterday, took the car in, had a friend over and had computer problems which have now been bypassed rather than totally repaired. Then saw Chelsea and Man Utd shlep out a pointless 0-0 draw having decided the champion's position already. I've got all my jobs done work or not this week and the rest is a bonus. But good to see poo stories are alive and well. Going back to holidays as a teenager when sooner or later someone would tell a poo story and it would last all night as we remembered car journeys and school assemblies where noises and smells gave away the unavoidable evidence of an unplanned dump. Going behind sofas, in back gardens, finding soiled pants discarded in a room etc are universal except possibly in primitive socities where that is all they do anyway, like Saudi Arabia. I joke not, anyone spending time in Edgware Road around Paddington will know they go wherever they are, and squat indoors in any available corner. Or outdoors once they leave the hotel or Harrods. My friend lived there for a couple of years and besides take a photo or ask me along to look I trust his word for it. Better than their bombs I suppose but almost as unpleasant.
Yesterday they had a programme on TV for non P.C. humour, and basically concluded if you make one subject taboo then how do you pick which? All or nothing really, and jokes are far less harmful than direct insults. But Arabs crapping in hotel rooms sadly is not funny unless you see someone step in it.

I still don't know how many spastics it takes to screw in a lightbulb though. Probably because it's impossible...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Nothing on TV but snooker

Being snookered (a very boring world final) by the TV I am back here. I am glad to see a few more visitors than recently, including one from Albania (they have computers?/electricity). I've done sweet FA anyhow since my last visit besides a bit of shopping (normally only reported by geriatrics and retards but little enough excitement can turn anyone into either) but I've played many more online quizzes and this was all that was left. The Funtrivia blogs were threatened with extinction, so typically everyone suddenly realised they needed them and started writing again and they're still there so far. We did get a little chat board instead but not quite as impressive.

The week ahead (my Monday allowance of predictions) seems fairly free, a couple of bookings and that's about it. I want to take pictures of a couple of stations tomorrow as I saw you can probably see them from bridges, and have chosen the next I want to print, and did end up with some nice ones last week after seeing little places in between the others I've taken. How long they will continue to turn up is anyone's guess, but I have now gone out taking them with someone else at last. And female. I certainly appreciate everything I do now as there have been days when I couldn't do any of them for health reasons and now I know it all counts, no job is small, it's only whether you can do it or not that day, like lifting weights. What may be easy to one is impossible to another but may be later on and vice versa. I still have my share of worries, some old, some new and some may be over but can't know for certain. But when I saw the stats today I thought how disappointing it can be to visit a blog and find nothing new. I found 3 of my links are gone now so time to delete but nothing to replace them with. I was looking up an answer for Funtrivia which made me look for this scene from Reginald Perrin, one of my all time favourites.

Adam: I done biggies! (The car screeches to a halt).
Elizabeth: That is not the right way to say it, Adam. It's "I've done biggies".
Linda: Let them talk the way they want to, Mum.
Elizabeth: Well, they should be able to speak correctly. They might want jobs with the BBC one day.
Reggie: Yes, and all the BBC newsreaders say "I've done biggies".
Tom: It's just that we like our own way of bringing them up. We treat them, not as children, but as tiny adults.

The complete scripts are on I also found a load of Fawlty Towers quotes which also sent me back to around 1978. They don't seem to manage such quality any more, possibly Seinfeld but that's long gone as well. I watch a lot less TV now, partly as it's crap and partly as I have broadband. My favourite programmes are on digital which are all from the 60s like Randall and Hopkirk deceased, which I forgot to record today. The Avengers (Thursday) The Saint and all the rest of the similar bunch all show Britain as I remembered it, Morris cars (who sees them any more, not just age but abysmal quality) Routemaster buses, hippy posters, old phones with named exchanges (CUNningham 5797), the adverts you no longer see like the lemon on the grocery door 'I drink Idris when I's dry', Watney's Red Barrel and all the other products long forgotten, although Idris now appears only to supply pubs. These are the things I notice besides the action in life and TV. The setting. And art and design is influenced by atmosphere, and that must mean 2007 is poisonous if you look at the new houses and cars, let alone the TV ads, which appear to be written by and for drug addicts. Totally random and meaningless except to the writer themself. It's a diseased attitude throughout this century, begun with Thatcher's grey emasculation of anything left of the 60s culture, followed by Labour's mirror image 'style over content' government (named by Ben Elton, formerly a fan) which saw Britain become a multicultural overcrowded version of the worst suburbs of Paris. But without the cheap and frequent public transport. Anyone in London can't avoid moaning nowadays unless living in the parts that cost over a million, as the places and people have switched to the third world. Flats replace houses, people double in density due to loss of restrictions on immigration and as a result building densities. No room to move on roads pavements or in any public building. It can't just be Brent and Barnet changing like this, I assume every borough has their share of it and in 50 years the tower blocks will have returned and English will be a minority language. Not racist, just descriptive of how it's starting to change. And if people can't speak the language (I include people who have been here many years, not just recent arrivals) how on earth are they expected to mix with the people who do? They simply don't need to. They have their own communities and clearly manage to get everything they need within them. I mean kids who start school at 5 and have to be taught English, if they're lucky. At least they just had a TV programme about it though it left the viewers with no opinion or conclusion, just the facts. Not that it's hard to make one from them.

Isolation, division, overcrowding and competiton for resources are always signs of a declining society and economy. Add the highest prices for housing and transport (public and private) and anywhere else would have had a war or revolution. We have the Daily Mail which just moans about it and states the bleedin' obvious. Then they vote the idiot Blair and antichrist Livingstone in again to make the damage even worse. OK, David Cameron was chosen to do a Blair to win an election, so we'll get the same either way. Great. More lies about global warming and punitive taxes that hit the poor more as a result. If I say it often enough people may begin to wake up as if you miss the picture it's still there. You've just had it hidden by smoke and mirrors. I try and blow it all away, someone has to do it.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Busier than usual

I see the last post appears quite old but I'm sure I added one since. Never mind, they don't get lost here unlike flickr which sends many photos to oblivion and needs checking from time to time. Another week with two dates with two women, it often seems to happen that way though still only friends, ditto on that as well sadly. I need the patience of a saint whether I have it or not. Even my 2 local buses weren't as slow as these seem to take.

I had another major batch of accounts I just completed today, I assume they are OK. Took two decent lots of photos in between, not new areas as they are all done, but the gaps between the old places, and there seem to be many. I'd so much want to do a TV tour of London NW11 and if I ever get friendly with a producer will push the idea. And I wouldn't have to work far away or indoors either. Perfect job. These films have been made before and were fairly popular so is a possibility. And if allowed I'd be the only one to sneak in toilet jokes as well somehow. Or in the case of NW11 lack of toilets. One in the station and that's the lot. Temple Fortune never had any and the Suburb lost the NW11 one with the N2 one recently reopened. So in that area it's not just the bears that shit in the woods, trust me.

So a bit of business and pleasure this week for a change, and saw a few people, and female. You could almost say my life was becoming what boring people call normal. Of course if you enjoy life and don't hurt anyone that's normal, but not for conventional people. The hippies were the best hope to change all that but that died in the 70s and Victorian values seem to rule again. I think I'll ask blogger why we can't link profiles any more, upgrades are meant to be better but we have lost the most important tool for publicity. I literally have no way of finding any but the few blogs they link from the front page. There is London bloggers but that has been hacked by criminals and is now all ads for viagra, or viA^G*rA as they choose to spell it. Any webmaster can delete nonsense but I think the clever guys can block their spam from being deleted and the whole sites end up folding as did my one on enlightenment. Well, one day I'll be famous. People take the piss when you say that but there's no time limit and I think anyone with ambition can do it, as Max Clifford agrees. I am on step two now and just have to be patient. No sign of the web TV gig yet but they won't waste all that effort. My second subject already has a DVD of some so they have it ready to show. That's the news from Kingsbury for this week and anything else is better left out.