Friday, March 13, 2015

Finishing the spiritual job

For most of the last 55 years I have been gradually learning about what is commonly known as the spiritual and supernatural. Technically it is a black and white issue. It is either all real or none of it. Therefore as I have experienced seeing auras and energy, clairvoyance, higher mental and physical states, feeling energy, contact with other beings in dreams (as they gave me information and music I would not be able to find myself otherwise), and synchronicity so far beyond the level of chance it is clearly real, then having seen the door occasionally open a crack, there must be an entire infinite system behind it.

That is my next mission. To take the known information I already have and extend it to its totality. There is an ultimate reality, where there is a single consciousness, capable of knowing and creating everything, we are a small section of it which can directly contact the remainder, which we often do without realising it when we know something without having seen it directly, or are given some added creative abilities. I aim to open that door now and keep it permanently open, ultimately meaning the mystery of what happens after death also becomes known, as well as seeing through the illusion of linear time. Quantum physics confirms most of this now as well, so it is only a matter of readjusting our awareness to the totality from the narrow band we are normally aware of.

I am initially learning this for my own satisfaction, certain clues and questions have to become answered, but of course the by product of such discoveries would mean it would be wasted keeping to myself. You cannot show people much of this directly, much requires a raising of your senses to be aware of it personally, and there is no direct way to do this otherwise we would all have learnt it already. So teaching things you cannot demonstrate directly is a doubly tough task, but if it ever happens will go ahead as you can't waste any added information as it will point people in a new direction to find out themselves if nothing more.

Plenty of people throughout history have already taught these, they underlie every religion and esoteric system, yet 99.9r%  of all people have little or no knowledge of any of it, besides the rare times the door opens for them, and most will then dismiss it as coincidence or a fluke. If it happens all the time, as some do now to me, then they must accept there is more to the world than the basic 3D they thought and will explore further, but ultimately most get as far as the first or second steps and few get any further. I aim to extend the tiny islands of awakening to join together continuously, and raise my own awareness to a point I have seen the slightest small opening of as to know it exists in the first place. The last piece in this jigsaw is belief. Open minds see more than closed ones, if you're not expecting something to be real you will tend to dismiss and ignore it if it happens. First you must accept anything can happen, and then as a result everything can happen. Then your mental blocks are released, and by default more 'weird stuff' will start to occur simply as you've allowed it to. Then if you learn to control the opening then you will begin to open your senses more and more directly.

I was given a mission I could not avoid. I have to know certain things are real or not. The clues imply they are otherwise I wouldn't have continued, and one scientific experiment confirms this as a start, the split screen experiment. Where a beam of particles is sent through a split screen then half go one side and the others the other as you would expect. But if you keep filming and stop watching it they become biased to one side. That is not possible in science alone, but to only do it when people who expect it not to happen stop doing so proves our awareness directly affects our reality. And it can't accept it there and nowhere else, it must therefore affect it all. Returning to my original observation. Some can't only be real, either none of it is or all of it. I have no memory before I was born, although some do, but it doesn't mean I wasn't alive, we can't remember before a certain point of our lives either but we know for certain we were alive then. There's another paradox to work through to its conclusion. If you can recover the known blocks in your memory (which you can to some extent) then they presumably could cover any unknown parts of our existence which are equally blank now but assumed not to exist simply as we have no physical evidence to back them up. The clues point to my preferred outcome, now I must get the bullet and the person who fired the gun.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Catching up-2015

I've wound down this 12 or so year old blog since the system changed and the blog community moved elsewhere. My daily life observations migrated to another site while I now use here to teach through the information and fraud blogs, but hopefully a few people still read this and remember my original activities.

Having come down with a chill as a result of my collecting activities getting me totally soaked for most of the afternoon last weekend, I am on mainly indoor duties today despite the sun shining, and given me the chance to catch up here. The activities are the same range as before, collecting, working, teaching and spiritual work. The women are as elusive as usual, with the remainder either being 99% more interested in me than vice versa, or the other way round and all mentally affected in some way as well. The spiritual work has found two online teachers, one who teaches powers and the other who passes on his enlightenment transmission, so covering both bases. Have I changed? Not to my knowledge. The powers are certainly real, or I wouldn't be spending anything on the classes, but the ones which have happened last moments and evaporate. But they exist, so just have to open the doors and keep them open, and like any major abilities take a lot of work and practice.

The teaching is the big success story of 2014. Having contacted Mark Windows I have now done two interviews for his internet TV channel, and hope to do more. People often get a sense of things being wrong, and then tell people based more on the feeling, however correct it may be, than evidence, and get labelled conspiracy theorists. That is because they do not have the training or knowledge to wait till they have a case before they go public, something few people are expected to know. But when it is real, you have a case and evidence, then it's the media who block the progress. Recently for the first time that silence has been broken, with the publication in various newspapers of the UN climate adjustments required to make random and flat temperatures all rise in concert. That is the usual process, people know about a scandal for years, and eventually one person in the media picks it up, then it becomes a big deal (although it always was), and sometimes it gets dealt with, or in the case of Libor and Hillsborough major organised frauds they got away with a slap on the wrist so far, in the case of Hillsborough barely that as no action has been taken.

I try and organise my life into plans, the usual, business and pleasure, and then find practical ways to make them happen. Of course we must work with the formula we make the starts, others finish. So you can apply for jobs, ask women out and submit articles, and regardless of the quality or otherwise it is pure chance if the first, last or no other picks them up. The media career, as all business enterprises, is the easiest to control, as I simply write, network, and offer my work around for nothing. It's early days but way beyond most, with just the top level of mainstream media exposure to finish the beginning of the serious work. The other project totally based on luck is finding ways not to live alone and have local friends to replace the ones no longer here. As most of my friends were picked up before I was 20 and lasted decades finding new ones by planning goes against the grain and methods simply did not exist till now as they arrived naturally. I have plenty of friends but now only one I can visit nearby, and only my parents now as family and cannot rely on them indefinitely of course.

My photography is the collecting, and the treatment for agoraphobia. Wanting to get old road signs and new and further places on the map gives be a bigger reason to go out than stay local. I can't stay anywhere long besides the few places like Oxford I know like home (I lived there for a year and is almost as familiar as London to me), but can keep moving and mange all sorts of distances now. Otherwise there's the varying list of places I can go to, can't and will if pushed. I'm 55 now, too late to fix it, and learnt it's no different from schizophrenia or depression in that it's part of who you are and can only be repressed except in miraculous cases of remission. I'm used to it after 30 years and just tell people now the same way you'd have to tell someone you're blind or paralysed when you're asked to climb a flight of stairs. You can't fix yourself and it's tough as hell to be treated with any amount of success without the strongest of medication, and even that is temporary as it wears off and you have to start again every few years. I'm perfectly happy when left alone and not made to go anywhere I don't like, I have other anxiety but that is part of the same thing and made far worse as I live alone and have too much time to dwell on things and not talk to others. People get blindness, they usually get schizophrenia and depression, but most seem to believe agoraphobia is based on laziness, and with enough effort you can get rid of it. Why this is I don't know, but they're no more realistic than making yourself see again. It's not as obvious as hearing voices, but I can explain it well enough I worry by doing so I would set off the switch in people so don't take the risk. It's only an extreme reaction everyone else will get but not until they're in an extreme situation, and once experienced it often keeps coming back so you do all you can to avoid it. Pretty simple and basic. They've done experiments and lock a group of people in a lift and it's only a matter of time before everyone succumbs. I would just usually be the first.

But we all keep learning and experiencing, and although sadly I discover many people cling to the views imposed on them by society without working things out for themselves, the truth is always there when anyone is ready to accept it. I do my best, my material is written there, and claims I made decades ago such as the Common Market becoming a federal state taking over all national roles one by one proved to be the case 40 years after I said it. Once you see through people's plans they are almost impossible to miss, and without the authority and power of the media almost impossible to communicate to others. The internet has slightly changed that, and with enough time and material the weight there may be enough to move to the next media level, and some people may well come on board at that point.