Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Al Gore Nigerian?

No one wants to know, but as it rained all day today I had one work call, streetviewed for hours (one old no through road discovered, same as 20 others I already have), cleared lots of old messages and replied to comments, and did another piece for Youtube as well as watching lots of videos there. I'll get the food tomorrow now, it wasn't urgent and more something to do than needed although it soon will be. I hope I can get hold of the new UFO magazine tomorrow as due out, I have to phone a few shops first as no idea who has it locally, and get the other shopping done wherever I do if I can. I don't mind one day in a week but more than that you run out of material as you'd expect. I'll also be interested to see what the earwax drops do as I've never needed them before. It is the little things...

I get regular Herberts dropping in telling me science has already established global warming is man made so why do I tell people it isn't, as I doubt any of them are the very people who invented the story then they are being used to divide and rule as they are doing their dirty work for them. On the surface it looks fine, except that is hasn't happened, which is always a problem but one they have convinced the majority of the lowbrows isn't important, but then you find they fix their figures in every possible way, just like an internet dating site or Nigerian CV. Al Gore has taken the 417 scam and made it the biggest story ever told.










Yes, it's that obvious to many people, but unlike the genuine (or actually fraudulent) article only a small percentage DON'T fall for this one. If the Africans would like a greater hit rate I expect they'll rename their messages to include carbon credits and will multiply the positive responses many times over. It's like being the only sober one at a party of drunks.

I'd have even less to do without the global warming research, and the recent fightback where they've thrown all sorts of equations at us appearing to sew up their story just made it more of a quest rather than simply patiently repeating it's garbage as they can't prove it. That is true, but the smokescreen they've provided to appear genuine, and like smoke hide the fact it's not happening any more than would be expected from er, climate changing, needs to be blown away and see the empty boxes they're covering up with expensive goods like a mock auction. Nearly everyone falls for them once but never again when they turn out to be worthless, this is one big hustle and when they've taken it as far as it can go before falling temperatures force them to stop we'll all be living like savages.

Meanwhile I hope my own life becomes more occupied with useful activities and let the climate look after itself as it always has and always will. It seems commonsense has been handed out very selectively. And will the lost sheep ever find it?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Out of school

Oy a broch, he's back, and fully medicated. I got the thumbs up from the doctor in around three minutes flat, a possible record of efficiency and can now get my botty tablets from the chemist as well which saves a prescription. I'm now free to do basically sod all, get my food tomorrow and possibly an eye test if he's free. I hope I can actually get my magazine article the following day, I've no idea who sells it round here without a number of phone calls and not sure if it's being posted to me either. The shops I checked hadn't heard of it so not that simple.

So I'm a free man (as far as that goes) for now anyway. No plans, no ideas, inspiration or otherwise, and that's about it. There are more global warming graphs for the files and nothing less than a worldwide fraud which is impossible to hide for long as the graphs clearly vary from the alternative data. Climategate was the only thing that lost them a few supporters, as worse than realising your rulers are crooks, no one likes being made to look as stupid as they actually are. I may see a crack in their armour.
Let's see which other projects take off next. If I'd been working in an office doing the same work and research I do now I'd be respected for it, somehow people who work from home are usually considered wasters unless they earn a fortune from it or are famous. I work from home partly as no one wanted to employ me elsewhere besides a few hours a week and my anxiety shut the door to anywhere more than a mile away since. Big deal. Judge by what people produce and the internet now brings every world library to me, rather than Finchley library which was the best I could do unless Hendon had it first (except you could park at Finchley).

I have little else I can think of, will see what tomorrow brings besides some expensive (donated mind you) food, and may make another social call to a woman in case we can come to some sort of mutual agreement to meet somewhere convenient for me. The rest is handed over to my guides.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting nowhere?

I'm at such a loose end at the moment I've almost become circumcised again had it been possible. I've done a bit of work so able to pay the bills for a few more weeks and precious little else. I found yet another before and after temperature chart, this time the whole USA showing they've swapped cooling for warming figures with no shame at all. But we know and that's the biggest shame of all. Their wig, false teeth and eyelashes and padded bras have fallen off and we see the pathetic dying joke that global warming truly is.

My other inner life is as quiet as the outer at the moment, although I know something out there can communicate and arrange my life it still leaves me to it most of the time and not conscious of anything there as if there never had been. Just staying out of trouble is a start but must be more than that to actually enjoy life. My research areas- ufos, psychic and the like haven't really produced a lot besides the guidance I mentioned over a year ago now which has continued and widened its scope, but very much the exception of the time so far. Being a natural detective, and wanting to find more than there appears to be I am always looking for something, and my intuition also points me towards areas that smoke without fire. In the areas I look in you're more likely to get shot than a Nobel Prize for discovering the truth let alone publicising it, but you only get your one chance if you do and would be a waste if you sat on it just in case. The number of qualified people who still believe this is all there is is one more reason I keep looking, they need shaking up and educating, and when anything I believe to be true becomes proved then they will have egg right across their bodies, let alone their faces.
I did read a piece on the psychology of belief today and is a sad reflection on why only a small minority of people are relatively immune to liars, however good.

Even the blogs seem to be very little inspired at the moment, I see the same material going round and round simply as it's reflecting life here. The only question is whether it's a circle or a spiral carrying me along as well as back where I started. Thank my blessings- my house, teeth (nearly all man made crowns but intact), parents (that's it for family now by blood relatives anyway), friends (when I get to see them nowadays), savings (at record low interest rates meaning the chance of spending some if carries on a lot longer), my qualifications (although half what I planned) and my TV shows. Even most of that list was still qualified by caveats, which is probably most people's situation- so many couples I come across on the wrong side (as their therapist) are happy as far as everyone's concerned except each other. I settle for people and stick with them but I think most were desperate and didn't really check everything before getting caught. I'm sure I have many more things to be thankful for but not straight away.
I'll be happy after the doctor tomorrow anyway, I don't like all that stuff so will also get another little hurdle out of the way. The rest should follow naturally.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Space, the big picture.

Let's try Firefox- yes, the theory holds. The fonts are arguing with IE.
Anyway, my current phase is filling space. I've been given plenty of it as if I need to learn to do more or get totally bored. Edgar Cayce said you have to make the first move before the world follows earlier today in a book I randomly picked up- they usually answer my questions and shows something is controlling at least the parts that appear to be controlled. I watch the world outside do the same irrelevant things it always has- friends with problems, lunatics becoming elected leaders, celebrities doing stupid things and politicians lying. I can't get anything out of the outside world when all it does is imitate a bad evening on Channel 4. The first step I felt needed taking was to get a more suitable woman than the one who won't. I don't want a woman who won't, whether she wants to marry me or is the most attractive woman in the world. I want a woman who is attractive, does and couldn't care less about marriage until well after we've been at it. More duds and lemons.

If the doctor comes up with new tablets on Tuesday I may stand a chance of improving, the others are OK but only use them when I need to so means the anxiety is totally left alone 95% of the time and does its thing in the background or foreground depending on circumstances. Of course this gap isn't the worst or biggest as besides the doctor visit which is pretty harmless there's nothing else to be tolerated at the moment, and should finally (ie after 50 years) be a published author next week (this week now) after just becoming a published photographer. No commission for a painting though, so many offers come for all sorts of work and then disappear. I'll do it anyway when the weather turns and if anyone wants it it'll be here. So what do I do about this woman and finding more to do in general? 1 is to meditate, inner change is better than any other as then the rest don't matter so much. Then as for women I could join yet another internet site, see a few apparently reasonable women, get a couple to reply and then find either the photo is ancient or they're seriously peculiar, or both. Two years or more showed me the pattern and the time wasted on phone calls and pointless messages isn't worth the small returns (one girlfriend total).

Although many people meet someone at work I never have, and don't work except with clients I can't see socially so that's dead in the water. I nearly asked a secretary out once but got made redundant the same day, and was too preoccupied with leaving than thinking about her. There was another once in a different office I never even met but sounded nice who said I could take her out for a meal, but me and restaurants never quite got on and I was made redundant soon after and moved back to London so missed any chance. Those were the closest times, while any classes I've joined also rarely produced anyone single, let alone interesting/interested. One much older woman did show an interest and more or less invited me over just before I met said internet girlfriend, and I only want one at a time. And I finally gave another long standing candidate a seeing to a day or so before as she was divorced now and back in England for a holiday. Those energy windows just open, let out whatever is there (nothing at the moment, but as a positive material) and then close again. The problems usually go when I realise what the phase is and then it stops, the good stuff seems to be totally random.

My next little task is to collect all the data on global warming trends- temperature, sea and ice levels. Now any sod could do this and get paid for it, but I do as I don't know anyone else who has besides one at a time. I need them all, and then compare the ones that go up with the flat ones for the same period, and see if anyone qualified can then see if they cheated. I've come to the conclusion this is how they do it as you can make it look any way you want as other people have little access to the raw data. In fact CRU haven't released theirs, so presumably if leaked somehow and compared with their public data they may actually end up in prison, or at least all get sacked and have to work mopping the university floors. You only need a brain to see any scam, and a professional to prove it. That's my role, detection, and pass the stuff along if I can ever find anyone able to test it.

So let's hope the boring phase goes as fast as possible, I ran out of material on Friday and had none since. There is only so much. No more old friends to look up online, few roads left to check on streetview, and a total lack of current inspiration. And one feature of that is it has to come from outside. Like tickling you can't inspire yourself. I do have hours of videos (Big Brother mainly) to catch up, but can't do that all day and don't want to, and will also make a couple more of these phone calls to more odd women just in case we can both benefit somehow. No one else so I will make my moves there first. Better than a kcik in the arse but possibly only slightly...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guidance and bugger all else

I think Firefox will probably get the fonts working here, it's always IE's fault when features are disabled. Not now though. Two halves today, real life (oh dear) and higher stuff. Although I'm close to my publication day it doesn't make anything different at the sharp end, and although I've done plenty this week I ran out by today. There's a pile of very hard maths I can't do on the global warming work, which is how they've managed to catch people for so long. The raw data has in fact been hidden in many cases simply as the variation between that and the hockey sticks they turn out like dogs squatting in the park would have them all locked up for fraud.
I have no other plans, a doctor's appointment at last next week (no quick appointments now the law's changed) and that's it. It gets boring so I get bored, not exactly complicated.

On the other side I did think that since I've been getting all sorts of information in my dreams- names, places and music then someone had to know what I was interested in, know where it was and have the ability to send it to me when I wasn't distracted by my senses. I've reached the point where I'm certain it's real, and now also operating in my waking life by pointing me to certain things in incredibly complex ways where I'd never have got them otherwise if one link of the chain was broken. Of course they are both aspects of the same intelligence, and it's amazing that despite discovering such a source exists the rest of life is identical in between these little episodes. I did expect that if I discovered any sort of higher power it would improve my life instantly but all I now have is knowledge of a random power that chooses when to drop in and help and then buggers off till the next time. None yet in my power to call or direct, and means it doesn't have to return (although now more frequent in my real life) while the dreams were probably just evidence for me to know it was there with absolutely no practical benefit otherwise.

The latest attack of the strange and inadequate women (two who both want to marry me) has only made me look for someone different from either of them as they represent what I don't want rather than what I do. That didn't seem guided, just part of an energy phase which was the original way this intelligence showed itself, specific random things happening all at the same time. So now the next stage is to find where this guidance is coming from, see if I can send messages as well as receive, and work it to my choice more than just demonstrating its power. It's a waste of time guessing as it is no more chance of one guess than any other, maybe if they're listening now they'll answer some of my questions. It is interesting but life still seems stubbornly exactly as it was before although now expect it to work differently. But although it has provided a few nice things it's like christmas, once you've got used to the new presents life returns to how it was before. You need something fundamental to change otherwise, and although I thought discovery of a higher power (not God) would do it so far it's business as usual more or less. It seems to have got a bit stuck for now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Caught between a stool and another stool

I've just tried the fonts after noticing they all looked the same and turned out they haven't been working for months. Very odd. Blogger support isn't worth the days involved but at least I know why not.
I've been doing a little more than usual, although the peak of the work has only been booking a doctor's appointment before the tablets run out. For almost 15 years they only booked the next day as although it was the law many didn't follow it. Now it's been dropped it was a week. Surely if they can make it the next day when forced they can full stop. Stupid buggers. I've done the front garden for possibly the last time since spring, finished my supermarket vouchers and dropped more stuff off at a charity shop. I've got a visitor tomorrow so covered and won't think beyond.

The good news (it does happen) is my first publicly published article should be out next week, I'll put up a link when it does but that's another step along the career ladder after 9 years of ufo investigation. Otherwise it's pretty much business as usual, the optician will be next and then hopefully all clear. Looking back at the year now I've definitely done a lot more than for some time, clearing my grandma's house, returning to the dentist, seeing a couple of women, getting all the old road sign photos, and whatever else has been sorted out I can't remember. Life shouldn't be about passing obligations but they do look very big to me probably as there's no one else around to distract me from them. And getting an indirect proposal (almost direct now since I didn't ask myself). Getting stuck with the wrong woman? I know exactly who the right women are. And have even attracted a few once. But now it's about being realistic, you don't want to risk more decades alone and then get any old widow for a few years and die. But I don't want a ball and chain either, had plenty of girlfriends like that so I can manage alone indefinitely but prefer not to.

Sometimes it seems it's getting closer to something happening, but from the evidence besides sorting out the rarest road sign in London everything else appears exactly the same as 15 years ago when I moved here, less a job and friends (same person actually). And grandma now of course but can't complain at 99. I've no idea what else I've managed without realising it (do we ever?) as as you get older it's about direction and focus rather than sheer effort, which had to end after my degree and subsequent jobs and studies, especially as the energy does reduce over time. I've never done what other people did at the same time, either being much later, earlier, or in the case of a long term partner not at all. It still pisses me off when some people genuinely claim you can get anything you want in life, as even if you find ways to meet more people there's never any guarantee of the quality. The number of bad marriages I hear about now makes it seem they'd rather not have bothered, although those of us on the outside can't understand why considering they all knew each other well enough before doing it. If this woman decided to move in with me then it would be easy, nothing to lose and if the 1% chance she'd somehow stop being boring and 0.001% chance she'd turn out to have something intelligent to say then I'd not only be amazed but also prepared to get married. I don't ask for much, but someone with a mental age in double figures isn't too much is it?

Am I being guided? Technically I must be all the time now I've seen it over and over again, but as I said about God seems very messy. The answer to all my questions were the devil causes all the shit, although my reading (in a book) was of course you can only have one God so the devil must be a side of the same entity. And we're in a fallen world. Again, why create a world and set us up to not just fall but apparently not have the means to fix it ourselves? That makes it even worse to me, and although I'm also aware of a supernatural guidance in life I'd say it was from another level of consciousness or dimension, maybe confusable with God but the place that supplies us with both ideas and influences. As I said before the good thing is I discovered I didn't actually care if God existed anyway as whatever you've got isn't any different either way, if someone showed me today I'd just say well it's there but isn't going to change anything is it? But like quantum physics, maybe once you observed it it couldn't be the same any more. And I'm not waiting till I die for any reward, and the punishment is apparently as I suspected, right here, the fallen world, ie hell. Maybe this is after death already and I can't remember my life? It would mean I am immortal of course but again if you don't know it then it doesn't help either. I hope I've confused you now as that's the effect it had on me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The nature of God

As requested by Roger, my current knowledge on god. I am no believer but suspect there may be something quite different behind the religious view. But for everyday life something few have thought of- 'who cares?'. Everything is exactly as it is. If god exists it's a bloody mess, if not then that's random and as you'd expect a mix of the best and the worst and everything else in between. But if god made it then so what? It's just the same however it came about.

Religion however is manmade. Does anyone who's followed their rules for a lifetime done better than those who haven't? I don't think so. It's made some quite normal people do some very bad things however and believe we could all do far better without any at all.

But there are areas we can't explain. Our senses only go so far, as do scientific instruments. If you can't see it or measure it today doesn't mean it's not there. I did just read something by the German Abd-Ru-Shin written almost 100 years ago saying god was not omnipresent, but separate from us in a different dimension. That makes as little sense as any other theory, but shows they don't all agree. My take on the usual view of it means we are aware of god in everything we are aware of now. If we become adepts then we become god as creators. The multiverse would be every creation beyond our own. That makes mathematical sense and would mean my awareness is god, and rather than actually choose how things are and know my identity actually got bored, started a 80 or so year long dream, after which I'll wake up and start all over again (reincarnate). The only way to stop this is to wake up before I die, in which case I become enlightened and end all reincarnation as I realise I'm god as I've become bored with the dream. That's what the Buddhists say and is more logical than the rest. No other god than 'I am' (as named in the bible), enlightenment is when this becomes an aware reality.

You then have to think from God's perspective. Creating all this would have to be to keep occupied. Worshipping him (ie yourself ) wouldn't make any sense, and the rules would be based purely on pleasure and pain, as they were our only true guides. Look for pleasure, avoid pain and then learn to do the same for others. Who needs religion for that one? Animals do that up to a point as far as pleasure is concerned, and some do help others as well as anyone with cats or dogs would know when they do something on their own to look after you. But a god wouldn't expect his creation to not only worship him, but then go a step further and worship what to our senses is nothing. You'd design human beings to progress only if they worship a totally invisible creator? One who has also built in so many apparently pointless faults- parasites, viruses, old age, baldness, all the massive yawning gaps and still say a perfect being designed an imperfect universe?

On the plus side I am able to receive information as many others are. Neale Donald Walsch claims his is direct from god while others like me believe it's from the Akashic Record of all information, or possibly from the minds of beings higher evolved than us who guide us indirectly making it appear the good ideas are ours when in fact they've added help when needed. Not enough of course as we still have Al Gore, but only god himself is perfect. Beyond normal consciousness is meditative consciousness, I've got there for a few minutes and felt prana for many hours, and without meditation are unlikely to find that. But they're real and not a single person can convey it to another. Those who claim to experience god can't either, it's in its nature if real so far, although as omnipotent could indeed decide to change the rules at any time (like Big Brother) and show up just like Jesus was meant to have done. I reckon besides the miracles I'm as good a bet for that as anyone.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My guardian angel

So who thinks we have a guardian angel? And who would like one? And if we do then how do we still manage to get in so much trouble? Good question.
Anyway, I often find that if I have a subject (and often when I don't) I start writing about something and the information just comes to me. I've barely ever paused on any of my writing since I no longer needed it to be marked, and rarely had to edit anything for publication or had it edited (although the bad ones grammar wise do need eviscerating by me first but can usually spot them before they get sent away). Conversations with God is written that way, half anyhow (that's the God bit), as many others claim. It's God's own job to justify some statements when apparently written for me, and just have to be patient and hope the proof comes out somewhere else later, although I'm usually quite confident it's correct regardless.

Maybe we have to show we can look after ourselves before it starts happening? Tough love? I certainly only started getting it after 49 years where I did it all myself and have the damage to prove it. I didn't screw up everything, did well on many, but like any other set of tasks got some so badly wrong it caused major problems. All I have is what I have now, aren't too bad considering but the anxiety is way beyond what it should be based on all sorts of similar events in the past. My lower brain is reacting before the thinking part and only tablets and miracles can retrain it or bypass it in the slightest. I'd like the angel to work on this next as it can spoil more or less anything and probably totally a waste of time to have it at all.

Otherwise I'm just getting on with it, a couple of women are around (just like waiting for buses, always has been), neither adequate to requirements but unless others (one will be nice) arrive will have to do. It's stopped me wasting time or being lost this week anyway and better than being on my own within reason. Maybe the criticisms I've been getting recently were so I could realise not to judge myself whatever others were doing, as it ought to make me realise I'm not doing anything wrong by disagreeing with them rather than bending to their judgement as most people do. That helps no one in the end as if you make them feel they're wrong and it's their fault (even if it is) they only take it as insults and teaches them nothing. You have to present any help or advice in a caring way or it's just more rudeness and we instantly turn off when that's offered. Goodness knows if any of the unconverted have been changed by what I write on anything, but if I don't then I'll never stand a chance. And rarely if ever learn the fruits of my labours but that's not part of the formula.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living in my fantasies

I think I'll stay in fantasy today. There are two worlds, that of our wishes and that of our lives, and there is a small overlap where the two coincide. There are a few details added, that being happy is more important than the details and that we don't know in advance how many wishes will make us happy, but if it makes us happy imagining them we tend to be on the right track.

I'd start with women, the Venn diagram there is abysmal, Two circles of who wants who, roughly equal sizes at least but a very small intersection after nearly 40 years of dating. Then there's the media career, and would like a programme of mine on terrestrial TV and an article in a national paper. I've been close already and quite possible however slight. Then any actual good news or even miracles. Those are by grace, or maybe from things we did long ago which appeared to have no result but has been delayed for later. I've missed or lost many valuable things so to have a second chance for any would feel like a miracle at least, and then the sort of news involving any area that has been stuck, possibly even apparently dead. Finding there is indeed alien life, Al Gore has been cooking the books, getting an apology from a few people who are as yet unaware they are able to do such things, getting enough money somehow to move back to where I used to live, finding there's no congestion charge in London, hearing from an old lost friend, getting my friends back here from America, discovering a new cheap fuel, being invited to live with a woman I want to live with, and getting into Mensa as I lost my old test results which should have got me in 40 years later.

Think as big as you like, miracles can't be large or small as all defy known reality. The Secret promotes this view and I've managed a few of my own using it, which may or may not have happened otherwise but did nonetheless. But there are times in life when what's actually here seems whichever way you look it can't offer what you need at the time, so would be right for a miracle to break the drought. That's the element of grace, unearned wealth, and although happens occasionally is no easier to call up than actual rain when you haven't had it for months. The methods I used still took some time and can't be sure it was them or my own efforts but the results were quite tall orders ahead of the results. The Berlin Wall fell, Franco was deposed, Bernie Madoff was finally caught. Justice can be done but how long we have to wait for any form of oppression, stress or disappointment in life to lift is the essence of grace. The longer these situations last the more people suffer, but some do end sooner or later, as do our own Berlin Walls and dictators. Some are changed by sheer hard work but others just seem to run out of steam and happen almost naturally.

Looking at Karl Marx we are in a period of dialectics now, the division between left and right hasn't been as clear since I was born, they have two clear agendas and currenly the left are running away with the support, not just in certain countries now but worldwide. Left wing governments are being squeezed in despite a spread of votes, made more so by taking on radical minorities to form coalitions. So although no country on earth has voted for the hard left they end up influencing policies. Then despite being painted blue we find governments in Britain and France borrowing policies which some Labour leaders would have hesitated at in the past. So despite apparently right parties getting in they now borrow whatever is fashionable now regardless of their original allegiance. The Tea Party movement is the first to rise up against this trend, fuelled by what I'd call the surprise landslide by Obama. The US just doesn't have it in them outside the coastal areas to support such policies and now the traditionalists (ie the antithesis) are beginning to emerge to balance the bias.

So November the 3rd is the first test for the new synthesis, if the Republicans win the senate then the first nail in the coffin of worldwide socialism is in place, and being the most powerful country in the world whatever China want to think maybe will send a message across the world. Don't be fooled by party names and prior policies, look at what they're doing now. Bailing out banks is Keynsianism. Iceland are the only country I know of who didn't bail theirs out as nearly all the investors were foreign, so as they are now bankrupt it's mainly affected outsiders and they've been saved the expense of diverting money to save failed investments. But where they did bail the banks out we all lost as whose money was used to do it? It'll be decades to pay it all back rather than let the loss lie where it falls plus the statutory compensation which would have covered the basic losses for all regardless. And with the EU in charge few European countries now have enough power over their own laws to matter who gets elected now anyway. The EU on the whole are a collectivist autocracy, totally unelected (all law making is done by the Commission who are answerable to no one) and legislate for their own purposes, while slowly but surely turning Europe into a similar version of China but with worker's rights (a true left wing policy China has never adopted).

So returning to miracles, maybe the world will shift in November from oppression to freedom, never totally either as the synthesis combines old and new, but not as extreme. We need freedom at every level as do animals. No one wants to live in a zoo or be told where they can go and who they can mix with. Make laws to protect people from crime and that is it. And crime being hurting people only, not breaking any laws the government chooses to make. No moral or local laws, just don't do anything that hurts or deprives a person of their property or liberty. That is quite adequate and ought to apply across the world as people are all the same in those respects.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to me

I may be busy on the global warming project, but still have my philosophy working and observing. All the division between people is based mainly on misunderstanding, as well as greed where those either want what they don't have to be shared with them, or want it for other people who haven't asked them to work for them. In the end we all need the same things, and want more or less the same things albeit from many different ways. But people focus on the differences, see others as not like them and fight them as they aren't. I may as well use global warming as a good example as any, if there was global warming we'd have to deal with the consequences. Trying to learn the causes is one thing, but trying to prevent it before we know and before it's happened isn't going to change anything besides what they've done to our world through their policies.

But we all want to avoid disaster, but some have less understanding of our limitations, more so even less understanding of what a disaster is. So even though if there was a disaster we'd all want the best ways to lessen its effects, but until then simply imagining a disaster and then trying to stop it in ways which are nothing more than giving experts and investors money and restricting as many aspects of our life (eg coal and light bulbs) as they can is not helping anyone except those who are in receipt of that money. So if you ask people generally do they want to be ripped off they'd say no, do you want to travel freely, yes, do you want the cheapest possible energy as long as it doesn't cause pollution, yes, etc etc.

So this is about understanding, information (ie needing it all before being able to make a decision) and agreeing. Look at what we agree on, we want all the things we need and the things that make us happy. People forget that so easily, they get sidetracked on things they aren't aware of (can you tell it's getting warmer? I can't) which once become real overshadow everything else and act as if they were not watching Towering Inferno but in it. That's hypnosis, converting a clear fantasy into a personal reality. Once you're in that nothing else is real in comparison and you're lost.

But all the people preaching for greater government don't know what it's like to have greater government. Give away your power and those who take it will look after themselves and give you back as little as possible to avoid a revolution, except in Zimbabwe there's no revolution so Mugabe just keeps going. Just go there if you want a good lesson in what happens when you let powerful governments rule the masses. Trust the people to deal with the general issues in the world and they will. You don't feed your children because it's law to, but because it's the right thing to do. People didn't stop feeding their children when they found they didn't have to, and animals do it without knowing what law is. Animals in general, including us, are programmed to look after ourselves and others yet prefer for many to hand it over in case it's easier to let others do it for them. And why would those others want to do it unless they were better off as a result?

So rather than divide and rule, look at what we all need in common, and if you want to work against an enemy then work against anyone trying to tell you and others how to live and pay them to do so if it's not in the same places you want it. If resources weren't limited no one would allow an energy saving bulb in their house, they only exist out of a shortage mentality combined with institutional creation of fear. They are the 21st century symbol of the useless and expensive, along with the even worse solar panels. Again, no one would dream of spending half a year's average wage on a piece of kit that powers the TV for an hour a day and packs up in 25 years. Those are the figures from the sales people themselves, they can only sell as our taxes pay the government to pay the owners 10 times more for the energy than it costs normally. All these crazy rules are only accepted as people assume there's a good reason for them which of course was never there. If something's useless it always will be. You can't make excuses to buy or impose something useless on people without their consent and lack of thought. In the end it's fear and trust that fucks us every time, divide, rule and fight. Who would ever dream of going to war as attackers if not either thieves or misguided, yet we see it around us every day. And who decides it? Those with power. Think about that.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How they do the warming trick

I think I'm getting there. The official figures say double CO2 from around 300ppm to 600ppm and you'll get a 1'C rise, then subject to positive feedback which could be as high as 6.5' at the top estimate. On paper the first figure would work as is the same as filling a greenhouse with CO2 and doubling it, and then extending that to the atmosphere. They even added that every other factor is irrelevant as the CO2 automatically raises the temperature by an exact base figure per amount increase.

This is a pretty clear equation even I have trouble disputing. But as I could see from such a simple (and purely hypothetical mental wank by statisticians and climatologists) formula so much more had been assumed I had to look into it further. Not being qualified in any area beyond O level, although I took (and passed) one maths/stats unit at degree level, I was no better at deciphering the following studies than anyone else, but had to try.

What I found may well explain how they can start (as the devil does) with 90% truth and then hide a lie in it. They have to have a base of fact or there's nothing to get confidence, and then when everyone is convinced they can extend the good stuff to cover basically whatever they like. This is done in two very clever ways, adjusting data and reducing uncertainty. I can't see that a graph is created from smoothing, selecting or rebasing but statisticians can. Some have even gone to the effort of pointing it out to help people like me who can't do it. Three so far have explained how the hockey stick, the holy grail of Al Gore and the IPCC, is created by all such methods, and universally ignored by anyone in charge for obvious reasons.

The hockey stick is created from three sets of data. Proxy data until 1860, adding thermometers till 1979 and then mainly satellite. The IPCC even admit the earliest data was partial and needed to be filled in (how do they manage that then?) meaning the error margin was far wider, but narrows up by the sharp rise in 1980. So they explain the coexistence of such methods, but however you look at it there's still this almost vertical line at the end. So uncertainty can no longer be used as a way to rebut it as according to the red satellite part it simply isn't uncertain and that is all higher than the last millenium.

But get a degree in maths and it all looks different, as they rebased it. I'll admit here I don't know what that means, except that they start the mean at a point away from the beginning, in this case around where it begins to rise. Further they have adjusted or smoothed the data in this and nearly every other graph of ice and sea levels as well as temperature to make it look exactly the same way, with ice falling (although the raw data which is available shows otherwise) and sea level rising (although many measurements show it is now virtually static). It seems that they can (and do) adjust every graph they create without question as besides their own no one can tell. Therefore the emails at CRU admitting they refuse (and continue to do so) to release the raw data behind the hockey stick means without raw data you can't do the before and after and see how they got it to change.
But someone else has been caught out, New Zealand's national climate people have got a hockey stick of their own, and when raw data was put in the angle dropped by about 75%. This is currently under trial and the results should follow soon. But it's a wonderful example and if proven to have cheated then ought to represent how the tricks are always done. Like the magicians who are exposed on TV, once you know it's no longer clever or an illusion, it's just someone fiddling the data.

So I think now people are finding ways to figure out how so many graphs rise in 1980 and most peak right now (highly in dispute) then if you remove the adjustments they ought to fall back by the same amount. So they start with good physics (the truth) and hide a lie in it (the adjustment).

Part two is known and a lot easier for anyone to follow. The levels of uncertainty are so great that it may be beyond a measurable significance whatever the IPCC say. Michael Shermer of the Skeptic magazine shows how they underestimated their uncertainty by about a factor of 10, making any predictions meaningless (as they all are in an open system). Star movements are fairly fixed so predictable for millions of years, but climate movements are not predictable beyond a rough cyclic framework. But if doubling CO2 raises base levels by 1'C then you can factor in feedback mechanisms to see how that will increase. What? Can you really? As man has never pumped extra CO2 in the atmosphere there's no history there at all. Nothing to go on. So we have the present (0.7'C rise in 150 years, quite typical coming out of a cold spell) and the future ( between 0.5-6.5'C by 2100).
This has become like the Lord's Prayer to warmists, as if thy kingdom come, thy warm be done. But it assumes the IPCC can actually predict climate boundaries within a reliable measure. Where's their track record for this? They haven't got one- it's never been done. But who thinks about that when thinking about the first psalm 'We've got to protect our unborn grandchildren'. That's fear and primal survival. Forget maths, stats and any other science, this is raw fear data. Pure emotion with no space left for any thought or science at all.

There are more and more detectives unravelling the tricks built into graphs worldwide, and besides Michael Shermer the logic behind the uncertainty is for anyone who looks to see. You can see the New Zealand trick here
The hockey stick summary is here, linked to a book-length PDF
Thanks to James Delingpole for those two.
Here's the analysis of the uncertainty.

Crime relies on being guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Fraud always involves an element of truth, if well made enough will hide the lies until at least after the money is long gone, sometimes forever. How anyone can read these articles alone and not have some doubt is truly a test of their mental power.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Still very quiet here

I can now announce I am officially working as a global warming (skeptic) volunteer, and hope to get whatever messages we have across in an organised way and with science and truth on our side. Basically even if their story was true it would only mean 1) our mean temperature has crept up a little in a century as it was expected to anyway 2) we really have no idea what it will be in 10-20 or 100 years whatever they try and tell you- some officials have said it is more likely to cool for 20-30 years while others say the opposite, and they are working for the same side. 3) As these two issues are the present situation then as nothing is actually wrong then any measures made to restrict people's freedoms and raise taxes is illegitimate and basically criminal.

So that is a new project and one with a great value even to the believers, as if we win the day they will as well, as no one actually wants power cuts, and a wood fire puts as many particles in the air in a day than a car does in a year. Yet no one's deemed fit to target them have they? Otherwise it's still dead quiet- I was up late last night as Dr Karl was on the radio and couldn't miss it once I knew. I've managed not to for a few years as it finishes at 4am but learn so much it's almost worth losing a day a week for a major science lesson. I managed to get to the outdoor gym at least and then found another brook the other side of the park when I took a walk round it. Still no actual plans or ideas although I have already written the first plans for the group and sent them off. If anyone's interested in joining just let me know, they are always looking for more members and volunteers.

I think we all know when things feel right or wrong, and add that when they do we can usually make them worse but very unlikely to make them better. That seems to be built in, just like how it takes an expert to make a vase and anyone can break it in a second. I keep as busy as possible, am thinking ways to get anyone into my life again I can see and talk to, and making the best of the freedom I have but it's clearly not enough. This is the sort of time something needs to come from outside by grace, but does it bollocks. Not for me or you apparently. But nothing should make me ever feel guilty as if there's something I shouldn't have done. As if there was. If you break your limits it's no different from in the gym, you hurt yourself. No risks any more thank you. Better take 100 small steps than one big one, done all that and no longer fit for purpose.
So I can only hand it over each day, sometimes something turns up, sometimes it doesn't, but I reckon like the global warming work I've got as far as I can with everything else on my own as well.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Working with paranoiacs

If I was in the gym now I'd say I'd hit a plateau. I got a load done yesterday- all important stuff here, haircut, house insurance negotiations (hundreds of pounds involved in a single call), shopping and the usual networking, and totally run out of steam now. I went on a dodgy local photo trip today, it poured the minute I left and then the phone went and was kept on all the way there and back, the house I wanted to take had been rebuilt like a prison and took a wrong turn and sat in traffic for nothing.

I am however now pretty much officially a global warming campaigner, I am not the only one organising a coordinated effort and the main point of mine was to get everyone working together, which has now begun happening. The fact people are dying of cold and starvation from the low carbon economy (read pre-industrial, with extra taxes) is enough for me to work at it regardless of the insults I get daily, as they are simply wrong in any way you look at it and currently literally getting away with murder. Hitler convinced the Germans the Jews were responsible for everything wrong in the world (as many still believe), the Soviets convinced the world they had a wonderful country till Stalin's purges became public, and now they're at it again with global warming, blaming all of mankind. Revolution has always followed a long period of subjugation and revolution they will get.

So when I'm in a plateau, a dead zone or whatever other nautical or navigational metaphor you can think of, my resources are limited. Bear in mind limited energy and anxiety only allow options within certain boundaries, and although I'd be unlikely to drive 50-100 miles just for the heck of it any more it also avoids some social activities locally. These change over time so not permanent by any means, but if I risk going outside them I know the result. Not worth it. But I've been guided twice now outside the road sign area, it can affect every part of my life and I know my ambitions and may get one or more at least. But maybe there really is an intelligence behind all of this and allowing us to live an adventure, and then start helping when it gets off track too far. Films are written with an ending, but life isn't, but when you start seeing whole sections that could have been scripted you start to wonder.

Another thread to the guidance is what many best selling spiritual books say, we are given a lot of our information explaining how we get ideas and no idea where they came from. No coincidence I suspect. My work against global warming liars seemed to happen quite outside my wishes, I just realised when I saw a report once that it couldn't be right as any such evidence would have rung alarm bells in any legal trial yet the scientific community are so above everyone else in understanding they can both write any old shite they like and be trusted for it. But predictions are the line that must not be crossed. The further ahead they are the worse, and by setting up a scenario we can't even prove in our own lifetimes they've totally shown the paucity of their plan. We can't predict climate, full stop. We know of certain cycles that happen every so many thousand years, and they are reliable but not in their magnitude or timing. Ice age, short warm period, ice age. Right from day one more or less. Can we change that? Hell no! They are relying on trust and ignorance, so those with neither are stuck as fighting a load of scared children who think we're mad as 'the sky is falling! Can't you see ?'.
Well I've worked with schizophrenics and this is like having half the world afflicted, it's bloody hard work just for an hour or two and this is like landing on planet Paranoia. I should get a bloody Nobel Prize I reckon...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Why are people left wing?

Peter Hitchens said in yesterday's Mail that the left are "Pro EU, pro PC, anti Israel and fanatically believe in global warming". He summed it up pretty well for me, and while noting this for the future, my only comment was "Yes they do, but why?". I think I'll do an essay on this actually as have roughly in the past, but he's tied it down very well. It's actually saying they want powerful and unaccountable government (EU) lack of freedom of speech (PC) anti Jewish and gullible. In the same people. Feh!

As we all the want same things ultimately- food, comfort, friends and family etc, why would we then not just try and deny other pleasure to not just other people but ultimately themselves? Do they really want to live with power rationing, unelected politicians, Jews wandering the world whenever their country decides to expel them (currently being persecuted in ex-Soviet Union, as if that gets reported), being prosecuted or sacked for calling someone a spastic (not because they're insulting them but because the term has been changed), and basically leading a miserable regulated life much like under Mao?

Remember finally the leaders of all totalitarian states don't live like the people- the Soviet Communist Party, Fidel Castro, and any other throughout history, yet these citizens of democracy are calling for it here as well? Beats me, and if they were analysed would beat them as well once it dawned on them what they were wishing on themselves. Pain is pain and they haven't yet got the point

Friday, September 03, 2010

Getting the point

Firstly an update on my advice to change. It takes general advice some time to sink in but it usually does, and having looked at my situation firstly I realised you only work on one area at a time, and that area has to be finding a local friend. In the past I'd never needed to actively look for a friend as they were around all my life, so no idea how it'll happen, but I've aimed in that direction and will see what follows.

Otherwise I've seen the not a date woman again, and sadly unless her mental issues are sorted out (unlikely after 20 years) we're both buggered as she won't be any use to herself or any man if she's constantly being persecuted in her mind. At least I know but typical of how only the damaged goods remain, while the others have a three day window or so when they're single once in a blue moon and then taken again. That's like winning the pools (who remembers them?) so not really within consideration.
So there's really no system as yet, but as I've discovered my life is guided then it still must be. I've learnt how intuition is above science as that actually tests and drives the greatest inventions, and many weren't even made by scientists, they back engineered them to see how they worked but didn't have the ability to work them out from scratch. This also leads the detective work as just sensing something is wrong or real makes you seek it out. You can't demonstrate it to a scientist but once you've tested it a few times and realised it was right then it became a trusted guide above all others.

Of course intuition works better outwards than inwards, so still barely able to apply it to my own life or I'd be a succcess in everything, but it writes my articles and does my work for me as well as discovers many things about the world and people in it. There are good and bad people, some change but usually to being good than vice versa, although rare. I can spot both now often in minutes and some who are good and act bad are overlooked as I can see it's not from the heart. Others want proof and you wait till someone steals something or ends up in court but may take years. But I see it straight away. It stands out a mile for many criminals, and would trust many of the good people I've only met online as you can tell from very little once you can.

Back to the guidance, a month today I may be a published author. I've had ambitions all my life and still quite a few to be fulfilled. Some are but have no effect, others are only steps to the ultimate level, but all count. This isn't a national paper just yet, but a major landmark. I've had a magazine article about me but not one I've written so far in the public area anyway. I know getting bored doesn't come into it as some things are being set up in the background, and while they are (especially if I'm not aware of it) life gets boring. Looking back things either just fell into place, or put incredible effort into making them happen. The effort is direct in business but for pleasure almost pointless. The best you can do is find what's going on and if you like it then go there. It may be shit but it may get you what you want sooner or later. But besides going out on the pull at weekends there is little else you can do besides following your interests which we all do anyway, and the rest is from outside. It's time for some grace here (unearned gifts) as it must be my decadal turn by now...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Seeing the obvious?

In one of the few private sessions I had with a teacher he told me to see life as a soap opera. Not very profound I thought, but maybe did mean to watch it all as an observer as there's nothing I can do to change it as it's been written already. It does seem that way sometimes. With my clients with actual outside problems like illness, bereavement or disability which aren't of their own creation in any way it's a different ballgame from the usual confused ones. They are routine, but for people who can't change anything firstly few actually see them as an issue as most people accept their situation automatically. They go off on other tangents which I can work with, but if was just their fixed part could only say to do what they are able to, not focus on the problem, think of any activity they may have missed and try and lighten the situation in any way I can.

So for my own situation if I had someone else with it I could only check those points and do little more. I can't cure things in people's lives, no one can except reportedly Jesus, whereas Buddha who came first taught people to accept things exactly as they were at the time. A high aim but one I believe is possible. Till then we can only make the best of it. The typical game of pontoon, do we stick on 17 or bust? Do we take the only decent offer we've had for years and be stuck/content with it or wait for possible nothing better? I think these answer themselves over time, I've lost a few good ones in the past when too green to know what to do, but that's a long time back. I know a good chance when I see it now and if only passable rather than ideal is a big compromise to take which in the female department would not be doing myself justice and would still be looking elsewhere which is not a good idea.

So if I'm given a task I will carry it out sooner or later, and later if it takes time to assimilate. I hope like the better soap operas this one will become more interesting and work out some of its bugs to decent conclusions. I think most do sooner or later, and the other benefit of soaps is the issues don't actually affect you. That must be another point he meant, although these carbon taxes do reduce my bank account although not in any effective way (so far). And knowing the number of liars, cheats and utter morons out there doesn't help either as they get on my nerves whenever they open their mouths in public or to me directly. I honestly didn't realise the collective IQ was so poor, each time the IPCC or some cunt who is paid to tell stories gets caught yet again they all say it doesn't affect the science. Now if the science was good you wouldn't have people cheating to present the case would you? IQ failure every bloody time.
So as I didn't spend three years studying law for nothing I can use the degree to say that whatever people's knowledge of their own profession it's always limited by their own capabilities. So when 99.9% of a profession believes the cause of stomach ulcers while one doctor doesn't, the minority just has more ability than the rest. So we have one Hungarian climatologist who has shown from current measurements (not computerised guessing machines) that CO2 can't raise the temperature, gets a peer review and that's it. Ignored. The majority (97% consensus if you believe the small sample claim of the leaders) couldn't work it out as a couple said 'it's not clear why it's getting warmer (er, nature mate) so it MUST be man made CO2, and the rest clapped and joined the religion that pays their own massively increased energy bills.

You shouldn't need an IQ over 100 let alone a law degree to see all this clearly, yet only the wise and wonderful, to borrow a hymn, seem to get it we do seem to be fucked unless one by one these sheep's low intelligence is challenged so much by new revelations the threshhold for noticing it will gradually fall until not enough are left to keep the bubble afloat.

These exercises are the same for my own IQ as the gym is for my body, but in the end would like to win a campaign rather than go along for the journey and get absolutely nowhere. It also builds my journalistic experience, collecting and communicating ideas, which is the plan for my next career move (will announce in a month please god), and doubt that sitting back and waiting for global warming to blow itself out will be more satisfying or beneficial than watching Big Brother or an election and not voting myself in case it makes a difference. Then you can't complain you didn't do something whatever the outcome. I meet many new people as well, as well as some absolutely revolting opponents. I just said elsewhere that besides the clear left-right divide (the left are those who wish to impose on others that which they could never bear themselves) there's a connection with belief in global warming and religion. Should be as the two are only faces of the same phenomenon. Blind faith and control of every aspect of your life. Energy celibacy. Not just for them (if they do) but everyone. Well fuck you green activists but you aren't ruining my life or anyone elses'. And like Rajendra Pachauri, the boss of IPCC, he has an electric car but gets the limo to work every day, and every green activist from top to bottom is exactly the same. Or delusional.