Saturday, May 31, 2008

More celebrity action!

Anyone in the UK with an interest in aliens and UFOs will know of Nick Pope, who was the government's UFO officer in the 90s and is now his full time career. I've been working for him as a volunteer since 2001, and this is the first time I've met him (today) since then as we live at opposite ends of London

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gender dysfunction

I've always been confused by people who wanted to change sex, and it just occurred to me that besides sex changes, then why can't people change every other quality they were born with as they 'feel different'? I used to be embarrassed about being Jewish as the English kids (back then that's all there were where I lived, not now) belonged and looked clean and white while I was a dirty tan colour.

So if I rejected my race and religion and decided I felt Christian or Buddhist would it make any difference? No, they'd see me exactly as I was before. Change your features on the outside, people will still tell, trust me. And inside it's always you whatever you do to look like a gentile.
Now had I been black, then what? Would I become a millionaire like Michael Jackson and have my whole body bleached (had it been possible) as well as drastic surgery, after which I would look just like a black person who had had surgery? Or if you just feel white but wouldn't change your appearance would have lived in Sout Africa, and assured the police who were about to beat your brains out for being in a white shop that you may have been born black but you were really white inside?

So how do men and women genuinely want to switch from who they unavoidably are? You are XXor XY. Every cell (billions) has the signature and cutting your cock and balls off may tell the world you're a fucking lunatic (my opinion anyway) but won't make your DNA different. As a therapist I would hope that anyone with gender confusion should have therapy to find why it's there and fix it than let it dominate you and ruin your life. You have XX or XY, you are a man or woman just as Michael Jackson is black. Realise that you have no more chance of becoming the opposite as he has. Be gay by all means as that is a desire not an identity, but there's no need to pretend you are something you can never be.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been tested

Freedom at last, I've spent 4 1/2 months playing 3 sets of quizzes a day plus a daily one, and it's now over. 8th in the world! I never expected that, and until it looked like I was doing well didn't plan to play them all but had to when it was clear my position was stable. And so glad I did now. So free, and technically nothing more. No fame, at least not yet from the promised and almost expected newspaper article. So although there was the potential for fame (as many others offer work from these articles, rather than being instantly recognised) I may still spend the rest of my life in obscurity. With no woman or income to speak of this was the one door to success that could make my life decent again. Not this time. So just freedom at the moment, and no other projects at all at the moment. Although most projects are sent to me, I can't actually initiate them myself so totally out of my hands.

The women are no better but that's been the same for years. The last one (boring and psychotic) went back with her old boyfriend, and probably the best thing. Three from Friends Reunited are unanimous in ignoring me, all sent messages one way or another and none have returned. Two are very distant which is what stopped much happening the first time, and one more of a friend who clearly doesn't want more now either. But so hard to meet anyone new dragging the past is the only method that could work for the handful of women who are currently single there. But I'm used to that now and fame brings everything else with it. But that's not here either so just the freedom.

No plans now, no need either. Having thought more and more about making sure the computer's working since January to play the quizzes, it won't matter now. I can go to bed whenever I want and the only useful project to follow would be to have another IQ test to join Mensa, but besides the practice I need to try not to be caught out like I was last time when I didn't (they ask you to but charge a fortune) there's no guarantee I'll pass of course. You can't get higher than your best but can easily get lower. I may have a go if the dry run tests get better results. Mensa is the other best way to meet women and friends, and opens the door to a good many jobs as well (no, I won't be looking) if you have it on the form.
So, a week ahead with a few work bookings and little else known. Nothing new there. And more potential for aggravation I needn't bore you with here. I will see.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Back again as usual

While I'm here and at a loose end (in more ways than one) I may as well return. It's been all sorts of chaos recently. First the bad news about my article (it was The Sun, 4 million potential readers probably down the drain) and then my grandma has a heart attack (but is recovering well).

In between I've had more work than usual, been in touch with more people from Friends Reunited (probably because it's now free so people can at last reply) and got a date for one of my TV programmes to be repeated (DMAX, 30th May 7.30am) in the UK that is. If anyone's got it set it to record Mystery Hunters and you can see me in action.
I've had to make all my own amusement this week, I see my grandma twice a week usually and that was of course not possible so I've also had to make all my own food and keep occupied. The friends I'd go and see in the past are nearly all gone or busy so no alternatives offered, I walk in parks, went food shopping today and bits of housework and gardening. The stray cat who ate and sat here when I wasn't here ran out of food and waited till I came in and asked for it. He now realises he'll be looked after and has decided to behave like a normal cat but really needs a bath.
And castration but I'm not up for that at the moment.

So with the article stillborn I'm back in empty nothing, the 4 1/2 month global quiz comes to an end next week so I'll be free to go to bed earlier so something, but all the women and media are currently non existent. My teacher said not to rely on the unreliable, and however its potential, the media are the most unreliable of the lot, worse even than estate agents. That was a massive lesson in non-attachment and I didn't get it the first time. But I'll never rely on the sods again until I see the stuff on TV or in print. It actually makes getting women look easy in comparison. Far more opportunities.

Well no more actual projects on the go now, I am arranging for someone to regress me to see if I've been abducted by aliens, but expecting very little there. But of course you can never see the big stuff coming, good or bad. Even when someone tells you you will.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photos again

It's been a while so here are some more photos:

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

View from Horsendon Hill, Greenford.

Monday, May 19, 2008

More assorted shit

Life as usual is good in parts. The article is now in permanent limbo, officially shelved and unlikely ever to see the light of day except when sent to the bin. That's the media, and That's Life, in capitals, is because the same thing happened with a piece I did for them in 1992 or so, for BBC. They called me to come the same day when I was out, so as I wasn't available to film they sent a photographer the next day instead as the film crew was presumably on a tight schedule. Nothing followed. Shit happens when you work for the media.

Otherwise in my 4th global challenge quiz I qualified as immortal for the first time, the top 30 qualify and now the ones not including past immortals which is around 40. I came 9th already! I have to keep playing to keep the position, but a week or so from tomorrow it should be over. These are the top standard of players worldwide from leagues and TV quizzes so no poor competition but the best.
It was a busy week, more work than usual (usually happens in bunches) and that included a little gardening and dumping rubbish for someone I know without a car. From the 4th floor and 4 trips in the lift to do so. Not as simple as being on the ground floor like most of our rubbish would be. Never mind, it kept me busy. The week ahead is currently free and not one specific plan besides housework and gardening. I'll do some photo trips including Horsenden Hill which is a park in Greenford, although I suspect the photos will look like all the others it's an afternoon out. My days will still be scheduled for the 3 rounds of quizzes a day, split in 3 sections of 8 hours to play them plus a daily one. Then my time will be free for whatever else I want to do but well worth the effort put in so far.

Again, with nothing else known ahead I'm forced to live in the present, the article kept me concerned (quite rightly) for 4 months as my radar told me something was up from the first day. I can do that. It doesn't mean it won't happen but all felt wrong. And boy it was. How long has an editor kept an article before using it before? Who knows? A year? 10 years? I reckon a few months and then they're binned. So as far as I'm concerned that was my chance to get in the papers and now the only way I'll make it is on terrestrial TV which is far more likely as I have a track record. Maybe (as Al suggested) if I get a unique selling point I could become the swearing hypnotist. OK, it's been done before for cooks, but at least I'd enjoy it.

'What did the alien do next?' 'It pulled down my trousers' 'Fuck me, I hope you didn't have a stiffy!' etc. Totally juvenile but look where it's got Gordon Ramsay. Sadly without his F word (Fuck not food unlike the programme of that name) he'd probably still be on GMTV (if he ever was). I personally wouldn't get up that early for anything (OK, maybe the once...).
The next victim, er, woman on my list hasn't called back since I called last week so I assume she is a) no longer single and b) not interested even if she is. One down, who's next? My cleaner? A stranger on the internet as long as they live locally? No one else so I expect I will. I tried one on Facebook and when I clicked her profile it crashed my computer. Twice! Would someone put a virus on their website just to piss people off? Sorry, I meant 'Can' someone put a virus etc, as of course many would but can they? I suspect if an email can then anything else can. If so I'm reporting her.

So, a dead or alive week ahead, sod all to look forward to (nothing unusual there) and all the nice people who commented on the blog recently seem to have vanished. OK, I've been a bit busy to comment myself recently but now you guys know I'm here it would be nice to hear some more.
I know one does pornographic stories, I used to do the odd filthy pages myself but although I suspect they were more popular than the personal stuff they are all a variation on a theme (cock, prick, wank, fart, dog's business, massive erections, tampons, rectums, back door scuttles and now wash your hands). You see what I mean. So short of rearrange the same words and phrases within varying situations to increase the viewers at least my life (and yours) can never be exactly the same each day so report that as usual. A few (ie the great minority) people are still throwing global warming stats at me but the actual figures are so easy to recall after 7 years studying them I can put away every ball for a 6. How and why they continue to believe in the face of evidence frightens me as there are so many sheep out there who will swallow any old crap if supposed to be official. Think for yourselves! Look up the sources they give. Use logic. These stories are good on the surface with nothing behind them, like the Wizard of Oz. It's all one man lying to you. And robbing you. I have no doubt, I may not be able to put a case to disprove God exists (I have tried) but global warming is a holiday. Unless it's all being done by Father Christmas- he would be ideal to use the rest of his time in the year to sit at the North Pole melting the ice. Except it's growing. Sod it, another theory bites the dust...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

How the media works

As I will make things worse saying what I want to the people responsible, I'll lay it out here. After almost half a year the article in the newspaper I contributed to may well be pulled. It was set to coincide with the Ministry of Defence (UK) UFO files being released, which happened yesterday. I finally checked up and was told their priorities had changed. I saw this coming when the interviewer said it would be out in a week or two and months had passed, except they did say it was waiting for the files to come out. My career has taken 48 years to develop (if you include my early years contributed) and as any PR agent will know, a career in the media has a few steps. I took the first and easily biggest, to get on TV.

Stage one TV, small niche channels with tiny viewing figures but repeated ad infinitum. Unpaid. That was fine, it would do but would never make me famous. The next steps were either/and going on terrestrial TV with a million plus viewers/being in a newspaper. Well this year I was interviewed, the media equivalent of having an offer accepted on a house. It's half the job done but not binding or final. The bible has a little very trite wisdom in it and planting seeds on stony ground is one. They work like stink, send photographers (who do get paid) all over the country, and use a fraction of the material. I have no control over who wants me and when, and unless one of these two steps happen I will not have a proper media career. From having a firm date to know about this article (ie yesterday) not only has any timeframe gone out of the window but probably the whole lot. I felt this was dodgy from after I did it, I am very sensitive to these sort of negative vibes although not reading the future (these are picked up from the truth behind the present facades) they can change. But I felt they were not serious about the whole thing and that at least was spot on the money. Except I didn't get any of that either.

Of course you have to consider these guys get paid whatever they do. If their editors and owners are happy for them to use a fraction of what they produce and sling out the rest, in fact it's their choice to do so, why should they care? Our careers, business and pleasure, are by-products of other people's aims and wishes and like a ricochet bullet doesn't know or care who it hits. If someone walks down your road and either drops a £20 note or treads on your tortoise, they don't actually notice at the time or intend the consequences, it just happens to you by chance through their actions. The fact someone's whole career can be made by a single article (trust me, I've studied the business) illustrates perfectly how something irrelevant and everyday to one is the whole life for another. Now as people only state a positive, no one will let me know if it's not going to be used, I'll only know if it is. Otherwise I'll just be reading the signs when I've heard nothing within a month and work it out for myself. NB I rarely if ever call people cunts, but I think I'm justified in this case. Pardon me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Current details (pun intended)

Stone me, less blogging and more living for a change. It happens. And even some work.
I seem to have this mission (along with many others) of refuting every plausible and less plausible appeal by the world's rulers to reduce our carbon footprints. In effect it means 'Please reduce your activities to those of the dark ages and pay us for the privilege'

I only have one thing to say to every propagandist who is promoting the evil lie of man made global warming:


Right, now I've got that little message off my chest, I'll go over my current plans. Besides writing this on my new laptop (they really are cheap as chips now, or a tank of petrol, and the old one was dying by the day) the other little projects are slowly coming on, with end of the month deadlines. My global quiz has a week before I graduate, all things (ie computer reliability) being equal, and after 3 before the practice has raised me to 9th in the world, against some of the best players around. Three weeks maximum to complete that one, maybe less. More when it finishes.
Currently nothing needed to do this week beyond the usual little bookings, and unless a woman or psychic event takes my attention am tending to play timed quizzes in my dreams. It's an incredible workout for the mind, your memory becomes sharper and faster and your logic improves working out the right answers from four options. So not a waste of time or effort in any way.

Plans include (besides gardening) little more than waiting and hoping at the moment really. I've got more alien abductee work coming up ahead including being regressed myself, and the hypnotist is now ready. Last week dealt with most of the big admin jobs, car MOT sorted out, professional renewal sent off etc, so the work is over for now although the renewal is never automatic. I'm still promoting Tesla technology as the answer to the energy crisis (which sadly is real) and like my campaign against the global warming monster lie, will keep going and currently aiming to get a prototype generator built from spreading the word to enough people who could do it. I've seen many new technologies disproved, but no one's ever done so with Tesla. And if correct there'd be little need to invent anything else as if you can generate power by magnetic induction (not that I know how he did it but that's the closest I can make out) it's easy as piss and almost free to do as the paired generators amplify the power to more or less infinity (according to the articles I've read).

One thing that also interests me is why no one's ever tried to sell me global warming here. Most forums have their sheep who genuinely believe I'm evil or misguided, and like born again Christians must try and save my soul from the devil of disbelief. Maybe because they can't find a word to disagree with? I suspect the same reason no one's ever sued David Icke for libel when he calls powerful people criminals is because he may actually be telling the truth. There are few other defences to libel.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Why Al Gore is the antichrist

No matter how much you know the rules, don't rely on the unreliable etc as taught by my master, Prem Rawat, you still have to live with a world which is unreliable and offers far more than it can ever deliver. I have about 2 weeks left to know if my newspaper article will be used, and at 48 am pretty overdue for the successful career I've been building all my life. One of my clients has just got his first paying media job through me, and may well become a household face if the work is what I'm expecting. More when I know. Otherwise I do have my freedom currently and am using it to the best of my ability.

Unlike many, along with my personal campaign to quash the monster of global warming (the story, not the temperature rise), and such cack as 'building an house from carbon friendly materials rather than bricks and mortar' on Channel 4 just now, which tests even my strong stomach, am working to replace the nonsense with something real. I've been promoting the Wardenclyffe Tower which is the only clean energy generator known to work, built 100 years ago and stopped as soon as JP Morgan discovered the electricity was free to users, but after it was made and shown to work. Cheap oil was used since, the project being forgotten by all but enthusiasts like myself, and now oil is no longer cheap or readily available (quote, OPEC this week, who will not be increasing production to meet demand), the time has come to use the old and known methods dropped when uneconomic for the powers that be.
I'm sending a message to all who can promote this for me, and one by one each organisation will be informed in the hope one will realise the wind turbines Shell just dropped as they worked out they don't work, and solar panels are not the answer. You don't replace oil with fuel that costs even more, that's fucking stupid and causing even more poverty than relying on what oil we've got left. Or electric cars which are less powerful than the gokarts I drove in France when I was 10. And they forgot the essential point. When you plug in the electric car for half a day to get 50 miles usage out of it, where does the power come from? Er, power stations fuelled by oil. Just move the problem up the chain, like sweeping the shit under the carpet. I know the resistance to new/new old ideas, and skeptical attitudes of authority, but the Tesla tower is shown to work and JP Morgan did not invest in schemes before he knew they worked. Or he's an idiot.

So, Al Gore is the antichrist, I must be the opposite, doing all I can to reverse the damage this Nobel Prize winning liar has done to the realm of truth. Not libel god forbid, a British court showed 17 (token) lies in his film, they probably ran out of time to note the rest. And paying carbon credits for all his travels to, er, himself. Yes, a shining example of Nobel Prize material if ever we needed one. And Hitler missed out? Surely his attempt to purge the world of Jews was almost as noble as Gore's attempt to wipe out CO2? Both were mad and both had millions of followers who were, frankly, no better. Use discrimination. Don't accept some BBC twat who tells you temperatures will go up 4 degrees after your kids have had grandchildren and died, and it's your fucking fault. Don't trust the spivs who try and sell you solar panels they know will take that long to pay back the thousands you spend on them while they fire their houses by gas and oil.

As David Icke says, simply seeing through a lie makes it lose its power, and my often thankless task is to point out those lies wherever I can, until one by one a person at a time sees through it. And the opposition rarely kill us now, they just call us mad. Like that's supposed to stop us being correct. 'Don't listen to the scientists who say man made global warming isn't real, they're all mad' is all they say now. Not 'Their measurements are wrong' or 'I can show you why CO2 is warming up the planet'. They can't you see. The planet's been the same for 10 years and now they say will continue to remain the same for 10 more. Now pardon me if I don't see the urgency in switching my car for a bus.