Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Global warming, case closed.

My personal research into global warming has reached its conclusion and I reckon enough evidence for every neutral (not carbon neutral!) to agree. What started as a light hearted extra in the end of a few news reports as a wonderful relief to the impending ice age predicted for the previous 20 years became a man eating monster within a decade. People can, however deceived, see through a lie if it carries on long enough. It can't be maintained as evidence of the truth slowly creeps through the farago of nonsense they put up.

In the last few weeks the final nails went in the coffin. Studies showed world average climate stopped rising in 1998 (and only rose and fell for a few decades at a time prior to that regardless of industrial activity). So there is actually nothing called global warming, in the present anyhow. It's actually global cooling now as temperatures have been dropping now since December.
Then it was announced hurricanes and tornadoes did not increase with temperature, and actually went down a little. Another fear removed. And (this takes some research currently as it changes so much it's hard to find the full picture) after the great polar melts followed the great polar freeze. What melts big time freezes big time, that's nature.

Other experts are now admitting there are unlikely to be many deaths should there be global warming as the number of people dying of the cold now would more than cancel out anyone dying from heat or flooding, except the sea level figures which are rising have risen steadily at almost bugger all for over a century. And if they carry on at that level for another century they will have risen at very slightly more than bugger all, making bugger all difference even for the many generations to come that haven't yet been born the global warming promoters are warning of.
I could go on, but as a panel said on the radio, if this lot alone was presented in defence to a jury having heard the case for the prosecution none in the world could find them guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Firstly a crime has to have been committed first, and the propaganda continues to repeat old predictions of 2-10' in a century as they haven't got a lot more to go on, plus the long discredited 'hockey stick' diagram, which started this whole fiasco off and moves now under its own momentum even after the engine's gone off. I have a legal background and smelt a rat as soon as the words 'carbon tax' were mentioned, plus the fact no one had reported any of the phenomena we were told would be associated with global warming. In fact studies taken from the many times it had been warmer in the past showed few people suffered and as we all know, it costs money to heat a house and nothing to freeze in the winter if you don't. There's no historic precedent for said disasters predicted, quite the opposite.
Anyhow, one by one scientists are having to admit each guess or measurement was wrong and sooner or later the governments will be forced to stop taxing us for something that no longer warrants the payment. In legal terms that would be called obtaining money by deception and the same juries would have no trouble finding them guilty of that. Criminal at worst and naive at best, but led by criminals who knew exactly what they were up to.
But do you think they'll give our money back when the gaff has been blown? My bum they will...

Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been.

For a change I've been busy this week (well, last week now). First private tuition job for 10 years, birthday party with live band and other things too trivial to mention but included getting a matching red mouse for the laptop I'm using now. I'm free now and besides a few little arrangements ahead am down to my own devices.

Within 3 weeks the wait to know about my newspaper article will be over, it'll be in or out and that's it, no way round the result whichever way it goes. Mind you, the last disappointment when I was told I'd be on Sky One on a certain date, then it wouldn't actually be Sky One but mobile phones (give me strength...) and then not even completed I felt that would be my last shot at the bigger time (ie getting a million TV viewers). Then I was filmed for US TV although I have no idea how many people watched it (the figures aren't shared like they are here in public) it won't make me known this side of the Atlantic. Then the newspaper interview. Admittedly these are even rarer than TV appearances but just because they may never use it doesn't mean the last career chance ever.

I have a little project finally set up now which could make the global warming story fade into the background. My long search for alternative energy appears over with a long overlooked method of generating power, and have found places to distribute this information. I suspect hardly anyone in authority knows about this technology and no checks I've made have failed to demonstrate its successful applications. The plans already exist and no more work would be needed to build a prototype and see it work worldwide.

Otherwise it's a free week ahead, photos in such wonderful places as Shepherds Bush, Ladbroke Grove (if not in the charging zone) and Maida Vale. Mainly for postcode and station pictures and I'm bound to get some good random people in the crowds. The last time I took the camera to Shepherds Bush was in 2002 to get Routemaster buses before they were withdrawn, and went from Willesden Garage to Notting Hill, I don't think there was much doing when I actually got to the Bush itself. And then Cockfosters. Someone has to.
I can't honestly see a lot happening in the way of actual excitement besides a possible meeting in the near or middle future, I've virtually written the article off now after such a long wait and will just keep on with the photos and pictures and see if I can sell any more. And with enough evidence collected that global warming is now over and has been for years waiting for that news to reach the mugs who believe the crooks that tell them it exists, or may do after they've died. Many people believe the kingdom of heaven awaits them when they die and spend their whole lives preparing for it while they miss the present. My present has more holes than cheese much of the time but I'm putting all my chips on life not death thank you. You know it makes sense.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Maharaji on religion

Listen to the voice of sense when it comes to religion, this guy knows what he's talking about and offers the real thing, not the rules and regualtions.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another week in Kingsbury

Another week has passed, and it's been a collection of random events, from taking photos in Tottenham (mainly for the postcodes from road signs for a group) to meeting an online friend who was passing through on his way back to Nigeria yesterday.

I went to a local photo shop of historical pictures to try and sell my albums, and they said they needed to be wholesaled, costing me about £2000 so I didn't bother. It would take most of my life to sell that many by hand like the first lot I did in 1995 which took me over a year and hundreds of miles. One more route eliminated. I also saw the results of the garden photography competition which weren't that different to a couple I entered. How they choose I can't tell but I'm not far off the requirements in comparison.

I've also done heaps more research on global warming simply because more facts are being released every week now. It's impossible to accept there's an issue at all anymore, the evidence has totally fallen apart and new admissions admit even if it happens extreme weather won't increase so what's the fuss about? I now have no doubts and no longer take any notice of the excuses given in reply by the warmists as I know where they are coming from, ie the imaginations of the politicians and mistaken scientists who 10 years later are gradually contradicting their findings. There is no more case and before more people suffer the consequences of criminal taxes and restrictions on more and more areas of normal life the truth has to prevail. Food prices have doubled mainly by swapping its use to biofuel thus creating an artificial shortage. More ways to cripple third world industry on top of the grants for fucking wind turbines that don't actually work. Those are given instead of other forms of aid, not as well as by the way.

I have an unknown week ahead really, more photo trips as per, stations this time, Harrow and maybe Kentish Town. Let's hope I get something better to do when this list runs out, one more in my album will make the 5000 mark in 2 1/2 years. I'm down to my last 2 media projects, waiting years for the final programme to come on and weeks for the newspaper to shit or get off the pot regarding my article. Articles I should way, a week's worth, including mine. That would be a lot of wasted work if they didn't use it and god forbid an insight into the world of media if so. I hope not.

So, I was so busy I didn't update here for a week. Makes a change everyone thinks, and they're right.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Latest roundup.

Things are happening one by one, here's a photo of event one. Jonty from last year's Big Brother came out with me last week after I found him on Facebook and told him our parents knew each other. That was the first person I had any connection with in it until the teenage version next with a girl I knew from when her mother was pregnant with her, Calista Robertson. If you wait long enough even in this overpopulated country you'll find someone you know when picked randomly sooner or later.

Meanwhile 3 more stories have surfaced adding to the evidence of global warming being made up crap. Originally when it hit the news it was a quaint and irrelevant bit of 'and finally' fluff. 'Oh good' everyone thought, they thought there would be an ice age and now we can all relax, at last the weather may actually be improving and we can save some energy on heating bills and have cheaper food.
Suddenly it became serious. Despite no actual warming taking place (all based on bogus predictions for after we'll all be dead so can't prove them), we were hit by policies. Tax, alternative energy (inefficient and expensive) and worst of all nuclear power. Clearly fossil fuel is running out but why make a case for global warming to poison us all with radiation which really is dangerous?

One by one scientists are leaving the religion behind, the latest being the Scrabble winning name Miklos Zagoni (127 on triple word), who realised something was amiss when NASA refused to release new data showing their guesses/estimates were wrong. He used to be a high priest of warmism, until he saw through it the way so many people do with no influence from the propaganda at all. Losing $5billion of funding would ruin the party for so many in the global warming collective anything that threatens to end it will be kept hidden as long as possible. Hence my efforts to spread the truth wherever I can.

Canada's Carleton University have affirmed what I keep saying, carbon dioxide doesn't affect climate, the sun does. With the sunspots hitting a cyclic minimum it will now get colder for 50-100 years (as it is now) and soon it will be impossible to believe in warming when there is no evidence anywhere on earth.

And finally the polar ice is refreezing faster as there was more room to freeze when it melted. This is called a natural balance and the polar bears are up all night celebrating.

If only these stories were picked up more by the big papers and TV then the politicians would have to find new ways of clipping our wings. I teach people one by one, either the don't knows or with any the luck, worth even more, the converts. Instead of believing the crap they tell us, quote the facts that show it is rather than accept a temperature taken elsewhere that means nothing. Have you noticed it getting warmer and if so do you think it has spoilt the quality of your life?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A little bit more politics

I think I can say progress is being made. My DVD from America of my latest programme has now arrived and I'm in it twice as long as any of the others. Another social arrangement has been made and Nigel Lawson has just written a book telling people not to panic about global warming.

Now I just had an email from a good friend too distant to meet in person who backed up my efforts to spread the truth. This clarified what my little political campaigning is about, it's creating a legal style case breaking the illusions the evil bastards who make the rules tell us is the case. Many other people also see through it and do nothing, I look for the facts (easy as wetting yourself now we have the internet) and make a case. I won't insult people for believeing in lies as they are being scammed, not scamming, yet many insult me for trying to help not just them but the viral effects they have passing on these lies.

It's getting late again and whether I'm free tomorrow is debatable so not sure if I should go to bed in case. I also now have a rough date for if and when my article may come out, or not at all. I suppose fame is the same as having a qualification, you can say the same thing but people won't listen to you without either. I've done with the qualifications and now need the fame to add some real authority. Unlike anything else in life it is reasonably within anyone's power to do as there are basic rules to follow and they do work. Some people become famous by chance but it's possible to make a decision as well and put everything you have into making it happen. The money and the new friends would be a bonus but not essential parts of it.

Now I was a little disappointed no one complained about my last entry, as it probably means hardly anyone read it as it's the sort of stuff likely to attract nastiness. But there was none. When I said women weren't as comfortable about having sex as men I got a right bollocking although it's the gospel truth. How many women do you know who think 'I fancy a shag' and go to a pub and pick up a man? Case closed. It just don't happen. And oddly it's probably not biological but 99.9% cultural. We both do it so why should men be free to look and try wherever they can and women pretend they don't want it? Crap. I have no idea if and when women worldwide decided to take this passive and often hostile position but I doubt it's been permanent. Probably since Queen Victoria who from the photos was extremely lucky to get it once considering her husband could actually see. She looked like a troll. I can just imagine her with purple hair and a hole in her backside to put a pencil in.

Anyway, how the mind can wonder. The last thing I expected to be writing about was Queen Victoria's appearance but once free association has been warmed up it will always work. I'm not writing a song so it doesn't have to rhyme, so there are no restrictions to work within besides good English and presentation which we can all only try our best. And behind 4 years of blogging I have over 40 of marked assignments virtually to the present day (continuing professional development says so) and if I can't write properly now I never will. To answer the critic last month, yes, it's got me about 3 lines of letters after my name. And they don't give those away for fags, not in my country anyway.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Global bollocks, as usual

Before I start I think I forgot to say, the day I got all that aggravation in the comment boxes the hit logger counted about 120 hits for that day. Every other had about 3 but for some reason not only did I get 3 (unnecessary) comments for the first time in ages but where did the hits come from? Needless to say it was back to about 5 the next day but go figure.

Well with the slightly warmer weather and much longer days I've (guess what) been out with the camera even more. I've got every NW postcode for the group now and started on BR stations for my own. Unlike the tickets which I collected country wide everyone just sends pictures of their local ones so we have a record of them all. Mind you I've got plenty on film camera from all over the place and more on video. Then I had a reason to travel around but when they axed the old tickets in 1988 all I had was another 8 years of free handwritten passes and Isle of Wight ferry tickets. I'd never been to Portsmouth so much since I used to stay with my friend there. And the Isle of Wight for that matter. I missed the queen by minutes at Portsmouth Harbour as the place was swarming with police so I thought I'd better avoid any trouble. 10 minutes later she'd been and gone. Typical. Lucky I saw her already by similar chance out on walkabout in Essex nearly 40 years earlier.

I also found what could be the world's most expensive cakes when I took a friend from Manchester to a local hotel and the bill for the only food in the bar came in at £5 each for little chocolate brownies. The only tip they would have got was the tip of my raised middle finger. Bastards.
Well the media work is slightly further progressed in that the film of my last show is now on its way so I can watch it at last. Having been told the article is to be timed roughly with government ufo files release I suspect they're waiting to release them at the same time now, although they'd need an inside leak to know when it would be. I don't care as long as it's used. And while I'm still alive of course.

Meanwhile the BBC have almost totally taken up the propaganda role for global warming, the latest programme tonight contained more unfounded pony with no balance that the actual premise may be based on nothing at all. They can't actually prove any warming we are having (currently less than a degree in the last 100 years and dropping right now) is caused by us at all, so why create a worldwide campaign to tax us and cripple third world emerging industry, not to mention promote deadly nuclear power as an alternative when there's not a shred of proof carbon dioxide (ours or from natural causes) is behind it? A geography teacher called the radio to say he teaches both sides and the kids have more sense and can work out the truth themselves. Unfortunately just like with the anti Israel crap I'm forced to learn all the truth or end up back in a concentration camp myself, and unlike that with global warming I can't just be on the defensive for the occasional anti semite but constantly preaching in advance as the warmists have all the big media pouring out their constant stream of hot (and poisonous) air every day.

It's only blogs and radio presenters who seem independent enought to dare to disagree with the blinding nonsense the other side present as graphs and projections based on future guesses and temperatures taken in city centres. Then when faced with actual CO2 figures they say a few more parts per million will tip us into armageddon. And if I fart I'll wipe out half of London. Please.

Take my word and others for it, governments and big business do not work for our benefits. They help each other and we just get in the way. That's why immigration has taken over Britain by letting anyone and everyone come here from the lowest criminal gangs or third world countries where they've never even seen a toilet let alone learnt to speak English. Few other countries in the world would tolerate these two classes in their countries if they sneaked in yet we open the borders and who do they turn away? Yes, Americans. They don't let us in so if one doesn't fill the form in dead right then they get the bayonet up the jacksie and the next flight back to Ellis Island. It proves they can do it but only with the undesirables they don't want, not what we don't want as citizens. If you can honestly say you're happy with people who come to your country and spit in the street in packs of extended families, create queues in every council and national health office while needing interpreters when they are seen to, are all given benefits despite not even being here legally and then to top it all told they can stay as they've been here too long to be deported. Not to mention the housing benefit scams where they create 100 family members and claim for them all. Many have done it for 10 years before being caught while honest claimants are prosecuted for exceeding the statutory bank balance by a few pounds and not telling the DSS as they didn't notice.

This is not right or left wing or even that political. It's just reporting the UK government policies of the last decade that have turned an average country (it was never that wonderful, not since the 60s) into one where we'll soon be leaving in droves for the very places many people came here a few decades ago from. I reckon many more people would rather live in Jamaica now than London, if they were allowed in of course.