Monday, June 30, 2008

Why aliens have not visited Earth

There are three types of blog, personal, news/information and fiction. I don't do fiction, provide new information when I have it, and otherwise can only report personal events. Being the same life as last time it's difficult to be very different from before, but then again when watching TV do you want total discontinuity in the dramas you watch every day, like Toady and Harold leaving Neighbours on the same day? So if you are interested in a person you have to put up with them following a path as they are as if it's boring for you imagine what it's like living through it.

So, the current daily policy of planning a day ahead when possible or like tomorrow not at all has worked so far. The media work is moving slowly and not surely, but another finish will be very welcome. The one little opening in my life was catching another naughty number plate I'd seen twice before but with no camera or chance to see it parked. My original theory it was a remade BC plate from Canada seems spot on, and very bad as used as a hire vehicle so each user is committing an offence (not enforced mind you). Typically the company who own it who have been there for years have just closed public operation despite still being there, so I will have to barge in the office and see if I can get any sense out of them. Not my preference but left with no other choice.

I am a bit in the eye of the storm at the moment, there is more than the usual chaos around me, but as I am not being directly affected by it am carrying on in a straight line and although constantly reminded of the situations as there's nothing more I can do about them just try and get busy doing other things. The fact those other things are totally unknown now doesn't help but are pretty obvious. More photos (Eastcote?), another video (with or without me in it) and ordering prints now all the shots are on my memory stick. The number plate told me one thing I needed to know, when there's absolutely nothing something can still turn up. Hardly ever admittedly, but this was totally out of my hands as all news is.

So, there are no more plans or ideas. I've done two pages of photo trips already and there aren't any new ideas at all. At least having learnt meditation when there was nothing on TV I did it, until the internet arrived. If there's nothing on life I could do that more. It's true although unertain if possible if you're good inside what goes on outside has little effect. If you can cultivate that meditation is the only way although incredibly slow. And I started 11 years ago.

I reckon this was a major reason for religion as when life outside stops the door to let in God opens. People become so desperate their imaginary wish for salvation becomes so real to them they name it God and build a whole false philosophy on it. Not me thanks. I can see the signs and get well away from what is only a childlike wish for something better, and as the natural can't always provide it it only leaves the supernatural. Jesus, Allah, God, what difference does it make when all seeded by the same lack of success in life. One sad fact to add is not one believer can show me I'm wrong. Of course if they could there'd no longer be any doubt over religion, and by its nature religion can only exist as uncertainty, if certain it would become known science and no longer supernatural, and people would naturally look for something else as they'd find holes in whatever became real.
Maybe the reason aliens don't come and show themselves is not because of nuclear weapons but religion. They decide as long as a planet is still religious it's not ready for them. Makes as much sense to me, they think we're all a bunch of fucking idiots!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pretty well buggered at the moment

Christ it's become boring recently. There's only so much I can do while nothing happens around me. How long this will last is anyone's guess, but besides having no actual known problems there's sod all else on top of that, which is not enough for anyone.
I keep as busy as anyone can, and had a couple of jobs to do for family today that diverted me and the camera to Hendon and Temple Fortune, plus the kosher shop which was useful. One friend says he can't be bothered to go out and about on his own so stays in (with his parents) whereas I am better off going out as there are no parents or anyone else in or out.

The list of people not replying reflects one a few years ago, about 7 in a row, none with any more reason not to than any other. I can just as easily get the same all reply in a row, but that's how so much in my life happens. The eastern view this is all a dream makes far more sense than the western evil god, as if I was creating all this the consistencies would be as it was all from one source. Not god, no way. As we have no control where we find ourselves in a dream we have none in waking life either, but both are possibly products of the same consciousness. They say once you start seeing it for what it really is you become enlightened, and I am barely in any doubt at all now that's possible as it can be done with drugs as well as naturally. For some a constant interest will allow it to happen while others work at it with a teacher full time for years and get nothing. Meanwhile two women are gossiping on the radio about leg injuries, which is probably the best of a bad lot at this time of night. If they switched to masturbation the station would suddenly start attracting most listeners from the other channels, but would they risk it?

I expect anyone in a situation with no clear means of escape will become overwhelmed with frustration eventually, what the hell can you do? Life carries on elsewhere normally while I am like Rome burning while everyone else fiddles. None of the TV and media work is going smoothly either, people are rebelling over the latest TV contract which will kill it altogether after 2 year's work if an agreement isn't reached. The biggest problem with the internet is although we have the freedom to interact in virtually every way you can, you can't actually meet all but the smallest minority of people there as they are spread evenly across the world. Considering I rarely if ever would travel more than 10 miles to meet anyone due to health problems, socially the internet does not make very much difference, rather a parallel world than an extended one.

So meanwhile I'm almost running out of housework to do, which is saying something. This week I've done shopping in Golders Green and Hendon and ordered parts for the car, as well as photos in all those places plus Finchley and Queens Park. But after the trips out alone (the one-date sort of girlfriend did come with me a few times earlier in the year but is away now as well) I return to the same place and situation. Besides tenants for a few years, this is now 16 years I've lived on my own, so every reason to complain as besides one offer from hell not a single person wanted to live with me. So many problems have answers and I specialise in offering them, so am very well qualified to see where they simply don't exist. Just like doctors who can't offer any treatment. Buggered.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The purpose of dreams

There are a few times when things stop altogether my life can be pointed back on track by dreams. These overlap the ordinary type but contain what's more like a real person or experience designed to show me what's possible in reality. Where they come from is another story but I know now all supernatural events should be taken advantage in with no need to understand how. People used to have no choice but to live this way but now people think if they don't know it's scientific it can't exist. Well I can say different.
My own intuition is the same as everyone's except I realised fairly quickly there were things I knew I'd always known despite not having an experience of said issues yet. Like food. I can look at anything and know if I won't like it, and if some gets in by accident I'll say there's whatever it is there and it's revolting. Never tried it but always knew. Same with most women I meet. So I am now working on using this more, I've long finished studies where I needed to give references, now I can let go of all that and just go on to higher knowledge, the sort we know without learning it.

I really need inspiration as there's fuck all happening at the moment. When the peak of your life is a backward but attractive woman telling you she's got a boyfriend (after seeing you first) but is fed up with him and may keep you in reserve when she gets back from holiday in 2 months you know there is something very big missing. I'm at a stage in life where I should be using the freedom, but as it was in 1976 when I'd finished my exams early and had to wait for the next school year for A levels I had all the time, transport and no one around to share it with. I'm back there now except I'm now living alone, back then my parents were at work all day but at least came home later on, and I knew I'd be back at college in September. For the first time in ages I plan to meditate more than just weekends, and having lost my regular sex partner of about 20 years to an older man that yawning gap needs dealing with as a priority. She wasn't my type or even free, but insisted on seeing as many men as possible all her adult life whatever her status so I wasn't interfering with anything. It was my safety net which even now is the last thing to go.

Without the dreams I'd forget what I was missing and it was worth having, until it happened by chance. I'm old and wise enough to know I can't just go and get it without paying (which I don't do) but at least am in a positive frame of mind if it does find me. The week ahead is unknown, one job tomorrow and that's it. I'll be hanging round busy roads taking people next, a sure way of becoming unpopular but as total strangers who cares. Random people in the street are some of my best photos and most popular. In my daydreams a woman from the past or present will come and sort me out, just as in my other dreams, and at least of all the rest this is the only one which can happen in reality, although with a lot of work by me first. They come to me about once a decade and even then most are only accepted as they are available, I'd never have gone near them otherwise. Women rarely realise most men will accept them if they throw themselves at them as it happens so rarely they are very grateful. I've turned down a few but they were the real frights and didn't want to be put off it entirely. One I did accept put me off till I saw my girlfriend again when I got back from holiday to see they weren't all that bad. Now I know I won't be put off again by anyone but that was when I was 15.

There are some women who are clearly interested, but being American their culture allows them to show it, and location stops them from doing anything about it. All I can say is if any woman reading this who wants to come to London and offer to shag me is almost definitely going to be accepted. If I had been a woman I'd be calling my ISP tomorrow to have the cable rebooted as it had overloaded overnight. Being a man it's the old way as usual instead. And people believe in God?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bollocks on Friday

Another week of freedom, which is good. My post reflected this exactly as for the first time since having my own place I didn't have any for 3 days. This was the same as life in general as most post is bad, but a little is good, and if you get none you have nothing.

So the nothing continues, I've emailed Christine, the ex from long ago, another ex who replied after years, another hasn't called back after giving me her number and only having a few minutes to talk. I added to the list by emailing Will Self at last after finding a contact, someone from Big Brother and someone's sister from school. That's a perfect 6/6, and it's not that always happens, but instead either most reply or don't. Always in bunches. Search me how.

So what have I done with the freedom? Two days taking more or less every nice road in NW11, followed by Pinner and Kentish Town. One almost girlfriend visited telling me should she actually dump her boyfriend she wants to dump I'll be next. After a 7 week holiday. Could be worse. The thing about my 'after 40' rule is that if someone has a couple of really good qualities I overlook the others, so rather than an ordinary and uninteresting type I get those with all sorts of major problems and enough good qualities to live with them. Like me I suppose except many women say I haven't got the good ones.
I've had more accounts to do, no other work and that was more or less it.

So with a clear day ahead I just manage to think of enough to do with each one, and had a couple of people who wanted/needed to see me as well which made a lot of difference. There are always elements we don't mention on the blog, in my case I don't want to put people off reading, but when I get rude comments I reckon if they knew why things were a certain way they'd leave off. I've had a selection of health problems that slowed me down for years, and although they are lifting you take some time to get over them, if you ever do. Without the camera I'd have had no reason to go out besides the park when it's sunny, as why the hell go to Kentish Town on your own after Pinner just for the hell of it? I don't go to the shops or anything, I don't need anything there and they don't have anything I can't get round here.

So more empty days lie ahead, indefinitely, like shadows defined not by the presence of good but the relative absence of bad. Like everything in my life this should be a phase but what the next one is could be up or down. Don't wish for change when nothing's wrong as destruction is always easier than creation. I can understand why I used to watch the news in case any predicted or unpredicted crisis ever happened, and basically they haven't and even when they do they only affect the people in the immediate vicinity (eg Iraq) and not us in London. Except being bombed which wasn't on my list of possible excitement. Life is bog standard and normal most if not all the time, I do have some evidence of psychic power, albeit of little practical use, and the only other action has been in the form of females and meeting the odd celebrity. Now I want to be the celebrity the next step in my career needs to happen to allow that, which is basically on the edge.

The lower part of my mind still pops up sometimes imagining something will suddenly happen to improve everything, but we are given such mental weaknesses only to overcome rather than use, which is why I'm not religious, which is just a larger version of the same thing.
There are definite patterns in life, but no happy endings.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Will it ever happen?

So many of my posts are about what I'd like to happen I expect some people are wondering if any ever will. Especially me. So here's a list of some and then some which have come to pass.

Firstly ever since attending a lecture in 1996 I've been told there's a thing called enlightenment. I can now just about accept this having read accounts of people on LSD who seem to be able to create it artificially. Of course if you do it naturally and it's possible then I can, especially as I've worked my way through a number of teachers to show me how.

Marriage. This is out of my hands and is far less important than simply finding a compatible sexual partner, ie one I actually want.

Fame. That is the best of my bunch, something I was determined to have all my life and on the verge now, having missed like Lee Westwood in the US Open golf last night by a hair's breadth when the article I did via interview for The Sun wasn't used. I know the rules to become famous, use them religiously, and this would have done it. Not on its own but would inevitably had started the ball rolling. I'm currently in the penumbra, or whatever the astronomers call it, just on the edge. It can't be long before someone lets me finish the job.

Finally I want to return to where I lived for 28 years, Hampstead Garden Suburb or Temple Fortune if not, just across the Finchley Road.


I have of course in 48 years covered many ambitions already, although the time taken was at times way beyond what was planned. My degree took me till I was 24, and my final professional qualification was at 41. But I got them.
I bought my first flat at 28 and house at 32. They taught me business is the easiest, any spiritual development in between, and people the hardest. You can't herd people like you can sheep, or rely on them like you can with money. Not even your own family can be relied on at all times so basically you can't arrange a fucking thing when it comes to living with someone, who your friends are, or marriage. People who never had to try think it's mechanical. If you join a group all your problems will be solved. Bollocks. Since I left college full time in 1984 I've joined:

Psychic development groups
Meditation group
3 1/2 years of part time courses
Voluntary work in a community theatre
6 years as a volunteer counsellor, split between a youth club and community centre
5 years at a gym (ongoing)
and any more I may have forgotten.

In that time I met at all these:

One woman I saw once on a date, one more as a friend.
One woman I shared healings with.
One woman I could have met had I not met someone just after I called her.
One visit to see a fellow youth worker who may have fancied me (not mutual).
One good friend I wanted more from for many years.
Been to a couple of parties (no success).

So in all those activities which covered almost 20 years, I only gained one new friend who I wasn't even successful with the way I wanted to, and basically joined those places to do the activities, anything else was a bonus.
Prior to that before my degree I'd been to a few years evening classes in drama, 7 years art, including pottery and sculpture, 5 years horse riding, and any others I may have missed.
Not to mention all my jobs.

There I met:

Two people I was invited to about twice
One au pair who turned me down

and that I think was it. I think it was mainly the type of people, as wherever I was with people like me I met lots of people who remained friends for decades. But school and the music holiday I went to for 22 summers are over, and there's nothing to replace it. So I try and pull at funerals, cafes, people I see on TV, the internet, women in shops, and domestics who work for my family. Nothing.

My last women have actually come from the internet, a party, a blind date from Yorkshire, a blind date from Hendon and a friend's friend. Totally random. But never from groups. Not in my whole life. Forget it.

So my business plans remain on target albeit late, totally due to lack of getting an Equity card which is a passport to success for those who can show any talent or effort. My career was also stopped by no O level maths, so no teachers training and many other professions.
The supernatural is based between experimenting and meditation and both continue but results are never predictable.
The rest is out of my hands as it always was. It's happened before but does that mean it can happen again?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Time and shit on my hands

Someone who may eventually read this just said blogging is a waste of time (I disagree), was giving up, and simply carried on at another address. Go figure. Maybe it was a denial of an addiction, but this is therapy and can't be overdone as long as the buggers keep it free.

My freedom continues, and it's a real test after 3 days with no one at all around. That's what not living in a family does to people, and if you're borderline weird beforehand then the isolation can make any tendencies into full blown complexes, which I'd be unaware of as it seems normal from here. If I didn't have this to fill the gaps I guarantee it would be even worse, even though I haven't had a comment added for months. I have hardly read any blogs since then either but when the people you used to read stop writing or change topics to focus on one area then it's hard to find new ones. I'm going out soon and have been pretty busy this week but it was bound to run out of steam eventually. Either jobs I needed to do have been done, put off or forgotten altogether. The people I'm emailing drop off day by day as it becomes less likely one will reply, and I've virtually run out of people to try in all the years I have been trying.

The results haven't actually been so bad overall. One girlfriend from a dating site, two old friends and various new people I'd met on the internet including my new friend from Big Brother. So basically the only gap was the old girlfriends, which although many have succeeded in reviving all but one of mine that was single again (only a few) had got rid of me and clearly didn't want any more coming back to haunt them. The other was divided by distance, and has more than got her own back since I decided it was too far for me to travel all those years ago. Most people move on and if not gain, at least don't lose too much. My friends all but vanished since 2002 and besides the girlfriend who spent most of two years in mental hospital before it all went rotten that has been it more or less, plus the TV work.
I expect the letter I wrote about the Tesla tower will be published and get the cause nowhere (they always do when money is required, even when it's for someone else) and the others will just be eliminated from my list as always.
I'm off to take some photos now, still keeping occupied.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Filling the vacuum

The hoovering can wait, this is the vacuum of freedom but nothing actually happening besides my own resources. No other people involved from one day to the next.
I know freedom is a blessing, you never forget that when you haven't got it, but is it enough? The camera means I visit places I've known most of my life just to get photos of them, and if I'm lucky I find something else to do while I'm there. I finally made it to the cafe in the park in Hendon on the way back today and had a nice walk around it after.

Many things have been eliminated from my list as usual, the newspaper article being the biggest, the women having failed already haven't been lost as they were already, but I keep trying new things, often through sudden inspiration. Of these few ever make it, but gives me a chance. I've written to a couple more celebrities, one who I actually knew at primary school, and am still promoting the Tesla Tower, my positive contribution in exchange for doing all I can to destroy the myth of global warming. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, who I sent this to first, clearly proved they are interested not in the environment but in destroying capitalism by showing no interest in genuine alternative energy at all. At least they had the chance and blew it. I'm now looking for backers to build a small working version and see finally if it works or not. If it does and anyone who knows can see it doing so then all the oil barons will lose their power overnight. Having come across someone who can run an engine on water I have little doubt all these energy sources are genuine.

I also visited the perimeter fence of the Big Brother house on my travels today, and looked around to see a few people who'd got in as media hacks and had proper photos inside. I'll do that next I'm sure. It's quite different inside now but still the same place.
So, I keep getting inspiration to get me to the next day and no further, which is good enough, like a penny in the black. You could have a lot more but you're still just in profit.
If anything is ever developing behind the scenes we never know until it's revealed, but on global warming the news against is now outnumbering the news for, simply as there's nothing to actually report in it's credit. A tree cannot offer fruit any different from what it has, as the bible says, and this is a nothing tree. One that needed the rebels to prove the fact as the illusion was a very good one (for the sheep, you know who you are) but no different from the Wizard of Oz or The Matrix. Once you're unhooked you wonder how you could ever have believed it.

I may not be enlightened in that I see no more illusion in suffering than many people do in global warming, but it's only the esoteric final step that currently eludes me. Within the illusion of time and space the gurus claim is false I do see the illusions for what they are, and when you've caught one out the rest become a lot easier as they all have the mark of the devil. In biblical terms that means a lie can only bear a lie, and the signs are all the same. Facts don't need to be shouted or exagerrated, they speak for themselves. Liars shout or overelaborate. Just study police techniques and you'll see the same signs in everything. Al Gore probably needs to take a shot of Botox before he gives a speech to stop his body twitching like a spastic as he's telling so many whoppers.
If I ever get any personal credit for sharing the truth it'll be a bonus. What I really want is people to see through the illusion before we all return to poverty not seen for centuries in the west. This is armageddon, the final showdown. If they can catch us on global warming (and terrorism) they'll finish us off. No cars, no electricity (except nuclear) and travel permits. That is where it's heading. I said in 1975 vote no to the EU as they'd take over and no one listened. Now they make 80% of our laws. I have a track record in this area. Use your own senses. Is the climate really any different? Can you tell?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday again

There is no known future, and the present is taken up filling the time there is. One single project remains alive, the TV programme I did a couple of years ago which is now almost ready to go on air. No idea when though. Otherwise I plan a day or less ahead, and the next plan is a trip to Marylebone with the camera. As I'm working till tomorrow that covers me till about Thursday and that's basically how it's happening at the moment.

Ongoing projects still continue, my one man effort to disprove to enough people that global warming is an issue, my work with alien abductees and my plan to promote the Tesla tower, the only proven method to transmit cheap energy. The two big environmental groups took no interest, as they are interested in destroying capitalism, not helping anyone. That's now been tested. Plus no doubt (like Al Gore) they hold stakes in their own version of alternative energy which is a way of ripping people off from another angle.

So for now my blog has to be more entertaining than reality. If I can pull that off. So there's the rude angle (pulling off, jerking off, jacking off, having a wank etc) and any other. I will admit to not reading any blogs for a few weeks, let alone commenting, but why it should have to be a mutual affair as I comment on blogs I search out, not ones who comment on mine. But my small group of followers seem to disappeared to be replaced by who? And when I go out of my way to be controversial (although totally accurate) not a squeak. Only when I dared to say women were less interested in sex than men I got the PC brigade on my arse, and that was by an old friend (admittedly who'd forgotten me completely since then). So either no one's read it or they all agreed with me (which is difficult not to do as my argument was pretty watertight). But I do tune my knowledge doing this, and also the 30,000 plus scientists who signed the petition man made global warming is not proven need as much help as they can get. As the media refuse to bother then it's down to bloggers to fill the space as they can't stop us. I know this to be a fact as Youtube (which is meant to be moderated, unlike this) has the worst Nazi propganda all over it, all of which is regularly reported but has never been removed. So compare that with a totally free site and you can't basically surpress the internet (outside the communist countries anyhow).

Interestingly there are only a couple of people now who bother to disagree with me on global warming. They simply can't. Their case involves data which is either out of date or proven to be false. They have nothing to show us any more. The robbery continues as, like the equally odious Robert Mugabe, no one cares to stop them. Yet. The difference is Mugabe has almost total power over a weak and poverty stricken country, but the world order can only last while the truth is surpressed. Now we have all the facts we need they can't scam us on climate any longer, as new data has now filled the place of their made up cack and cannot be dismissed by anyone with nothing to contradict it but fears for the future. That is not a basis for policy.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Global warming- the enemy

Seeing as a British bishop just said people who deny global warming are as bad as the man who screwed his daughter and kept all the children locked up for 30 years, I'd include myself as an incestuous kidnapper. Or not. Which of us would you call sane?

Anyway, the case is nearing the close, and there are basically as usual two types of the global warming brigade, the leaders who know the truth (and profit from hiding it) and the majority, the followers whose only crime is being too trusting and not checking the facts, which alone can be found on my other site if they want to look.

I'll summarise the 2008 research situation: The research links are all on my other site.

Carbon dioxide has been shown to increase with temperature increase rather than before it. Therefore the fact all life on earth requires it we really should give it a break and not waste our time cutting emissions.

The latest research conceded extreme weather events are not likely to increase with temperature.

Sea level has risen very gradually for over a century as it continues to do. The current increase will not make any difference for a very long time and there is no way any melting ice could increase it for hundreds of years as there isn't enough to do so.

The ice has been melting and freezing as it always has. When winter comes much has frozen more than before after melting more than before. Creating space for winter ice by summer melts is nature's balance and although the ice has shifted worldwide hasn't actually decreased overall whatever they tell you.

So, with all the commonly held beliefs not actually real, here are a few more points.

Global warming, based on the same figures used to show it was when it was, has stopped. There has been no increase in average world temperatures this century. This was admitted by IPCC and added it's not likely to increase for ten more. So people are being taxed for... what? To stop climate stability?

The sort of temperature increases threatened, whether happen quickly or slowly, are within normal ranges over history. Extinctions normally took place in cold periods not warm ones, and if sea does rise it does it over centuries, so even animals are able to move away in time. It's not a tsunami. Most increases in deserts have been from intensive farming and not temperature.

So with oil running out, food shortages, and overpopulation to make these happen drastically faster, people are banging on about something that has the power of a basket of kittens. What would you prefer, a warmer world or nuclear waste from the 'clean/carbon neutral' nuclear power, and worry about this instead of issues that are actually here now and affecting everyone equally? You notice there's no UN action to educate people to breed less and bring down the prices of world resources, just rob us of the little we have.