Thursday, August 27, 2015

Twitter poetry

I just came across my first piece of Twitter poetry so here are my own efforts in response.


If you like society diverse then the divide and rule it causes will do the exact reverse.
A multicultural society has plenty of variety but the apparent variation actually causes more isolation.
When your area becomes diverse the quality becomes worse and what began as an experiment quickly becomes a curse.

I will add any more as they come to me here.

Friday, July 10, 2015

To work or not to work, that is the question

I was requested to write this by my new mentor, one of the world's top martial artists (4th Dan Karate) and gym instructor. The message is combined with my own direct experience, and combines the lack of control over half our lives (the part decided by others) and the obsolete requirement for everyone to have to earn their money personally.

I began with a normal start, and as my finances did not quite stretch to full time postgraduate courses had the cheap version of part time courses, which forced me to take part time work. This continued for most of the following decade as the courses were on and off, and when I finally finished was at last ready for long term full time work. Unlike the 80s, when you (and I did) could walk out of a job (or be kicked out) on Friday and walk into another on Monday were long gone. I was overqualified for anything besides teaching which by then I'd had enough of as I was only required in one subject which I taught over and over again each year in different classes and privately till it was too much. I'd qualified as a counsellor but where was the work in that? In the end after 1 1/2 years I ended up in the regular position of working for someone I knew, as nearly all my previous jobs had been, and only three days a week. I supplemented this with a lodger and the odd client and rolled along fine for five years till they ran out of cash to pay me.

The same routine as before was performed, the only condition again being I wasn't commuting into central London as it ruined the day before you even started work when I had. That limited the work available drastically but my health came first. This time it took me 2 1/2 years again to get a part time job after leaving my details in numerous shops. The new shop they opened was beyond the town centre and had no paying customers in the first week, so he decided (as it was obviously never going to improve) to let the shop out instead and closed down. I applied for around 100 jobs per year till then and had about three interviews for each year maximum. This time I received a letter from my professional organisation some time after telling me I was now eligible for my accreditation, something which had prevented me not just from getting a counselling job but applying for one, only being able to work for myself. This was a heavy home study course, and with the new unemployment threw all I had into it, and still had to take one part twice. This meant I was eligible for one of the handful of relevant jobs a month, and two years later got my only interview, of a short list of six which I didn't get through. Besides that I had the odd client and occasional accounts work to keep me going, and had offered my services to the UFO community to hypnotise people who thought they'd been abducted by aliens. It was unpaid but I said all I wanted from it besides the research I did it for was to get on TV, and after a few years was given four different programmes after many more interviews. No pay but I was shown worldwide for many years later which money can't buy.

I then began writing (on my information blog if you return to my main profile list) which led to two online video lectures which may one day end up on TV if they can get the next step up. Again, unpaid but something I wouldn't have had time to research for the years it took had I been working regularly. Is there a theme forming here? Having read Dr Larry Dossey's book on miraculous healing, he had been working all hours till he hurt his back and had to spend weeks in bed. He'd planned to write a book for years but didn't have time to write it. Now he did. Not only was it a best seller it inspired healers around the world, and he never had to return to his old job. Most people besides the few doing what they're best at have something in them that rarely if ever comes out as they are too busy earning money, often for other people before themselves. Like you pay a markup when you buy retail, the employer keeps the majority the staff members make for them and pay them a fixed, usually lowest possible rate. My own latent abilities were being allowed out, and given credit with new qualifications simply as I had lost my jobs and used the time in between to allow them to flourish.

This continues till today. I am one of many people in similar situations, and am constantly being made to feel guilty for my escape from the system, including from others who also have. The key here is to drop the guilt and make the most of your time and freedom. What do many people dream of doing while they are working? Well you can do it now and they can't. No wonder many complain, as they see others doing what they wish they could and are envious. Their problem. When you see a great work of art, writing or performance do you either know or care if the person was paid for it, or did it either in their spare time or they do not work at all? No, you see their work itself and judge it on its quality. The same goes for people's time. If you earn money as a carer it's a job. If you look after family members because they need it it's your natural duty. Is it less valuable if you are not paid for it or do it for people you know rather than strangers? Of course not. If you are not working so have time to help family members how can that not be a good thing?

Judging others means you hold up a mirror to yourself. Are you perfect? Did you get everything you have as you worked for it, or did some of it just happen? Did you miss things you really wanted to have through no fault of your own despite doing your best? I think most of us would all be in the same boat with those questions. There is actually already enough money in most western countries to simply pay everyone enough to live on, which wipes out poverty overnight, and most people will carry on working for more, but as and when they want. Hours will fall and exploitation will almost become a thing of the past, as the employers will know the staff can simply walk out with little loss. Then so many people will choose not to work the stigma will vanish entirely as it won't be seen as an essential virtue to be in full time work, and many will work on and off whenever they feel like it as it won't mean they lose their benefits if they do a couple of days a week as they will now.

People work far too long. In the 70s they expected us to work a few days a week now maximum, but we work longer hours than we did then. We actually did work three days a week during the oil crisis in the 70s and production shot up as people crammed all the work into that period rather than stretch it out for a week and fiddle around in between. I can't see any downsides here, so many people used to dream of what they'd do when they retired and drop dead soon after and missed it all. And as we live longer so the retirement age follows so we will still be old and knackered before we can freely enjoy our true callings. I never planned to drop out of the employment system, it just happened, and somehow one way or another I managed. I did use the money I had earned well so that is always a way to protect yourself from future possibilities. But whether you can or not, do not judge anyone or yourself for not working, as not working never means doing nothing. You are always doing something and often creating or helping others instead, and the more time you have the more of both you can do.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The climate change bible

Now The Pope has merged religion with political ideology, the Catholic Church plan to rewrite the bible to include the sin of CO2 emission. This will include:

As the first human took its first outbreath it committed the sin of CO2 emission, and caused man to become fallen.

And the Lord sent Jonah to Nineveh to tell the people to reduce their CO2 footprints.

And Onan cast his CO2 into the atmosphere and committed the sin of emission.

As the world emitted CO2 water vapour built up in the atmosphere and caused the Lord to send the flood in retribution.

You do not know where the 2C rise shall come from, it will arrive as a thief in the night.

If you do not repent the sin of CO2 emission you will live in hell on earth.

And the Lord smote Sodom and Gomorrah, for they spent their time driving and setting their heating too high and caused pollution.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's important to you

Revisiting an old topic, each issue resonates with different people. This works in two ways. Firstly it allows something to be done about everything, as no one can carry the entire troubles of the world on their shoulders, so it wouldn't be appropriate for people to care passionately about every problem there is. But the other type of resonation is different to me. I've described the first type of caring, where there are so many different problems which could be addressed in the world, and a few people care so much about each individual one they do something about it, and that is how things should be and are.

But there is a second set of caring and issues I am interested in here. Looking at Twitter and other sites I see people either taking up issues I see as misguided, or ignoring issues I see as essential for everyone, as they affect everyone and don't need anything to be done except knowing about them. These are simply mocked, dismissed or ignored and means when there is a major problem which will simply stop if enough people are aware of it, by dismissing it or worse still disbelieving it then they are then becoming part of its creation.

I developed my radar from its natural source, and when you get a hundred different pieces of information the few significant ones always stand out for me, and I can explain why. Most follow Albert Ellis's 'false conclusion' theory, where people make a mistake based on inaccurate information, and then act on it as if it was true, often with very dangerous consequences. Others are precedents, where a totally new event has happened meaning it is now possible. It's not really complicated and if you know enough to pick out both simple errors and significant events you can use the same formulas as well.

I suppose the conclusion is certain things should be important to everyone. It is like a white cell mopping up pathogens. I notice certain things that stand out like a fluorescent highlight, and while a minority I tell get it, most think I'm making up conspiracies. That is the secondary mechanism which ends up acting as a means for the pathogen to survive indefinitely and become invisible to the system it's infecting. The best way to demonstrate it is with some examples. The next stage is are they important as they mean something or are wrong. Either way they need to be exposed and like vampires, if they are wrong they tend to crumble in the light of awareness. The other way round is when other people find things important, but they fall through the cracks in my interest system and I want to explain to them either they are wrong, or they are too trivial to matter. I've noticed online and the radio many people suffer from racial paranoia. I heard the phrase today 'white privilege', which apparently is a blanket term designed to remove responsibility for everyone who isn't white who hasn't done as well as they think they should. Now in Britain at least exam papers aren't marked by name or colour, so with the most vital source of success being educational achievements, exams and degrees are totally colour blind. Now whether an interviewer for an educated or experienced black candidate is biased or not can never be known, but if someone's actually good enough to do a job then they will usually get it. No one does first time, most take tens or hundreds of applications, but you don't hear white people anywhere on the planet say 'I didn't get the job because I'm white' or 'If I was black I wouldn't have had to apply 107 times before I got a job', they just accept it's a massive competition. As soon as you believe you have any form of disadvantage it is reflected in your negative attitude and it is that which will put people off, and would do whatever race you were. I'm not saying such prejudice doesn't exist, but virtually everyone is going to find some sorts of obstacles on their route to success unless they're part of an aristocracy who get a fast track.

I am also concerned about the current fashion for transgenderism. Body dysmorphia is a serious psychological problem, and although some surgeons do remove limbs for people who are unhappy with them it does break the Hippocratic oath, so removing sexual organs from people with the same family of disorders is no different. You can treat the mind that believes it's in the wrong body, but can't put the things back you've sliced off, or repair the urinary problems many suffer with for the rest of their lives.

These are technically none of my business, but as a free man I have the right to comment. But they are human, and if a single person is suffering for no reason it's one too many, and by stoking the fires of paranoia and mental illness the establishment is actually eroding society, so in the end such actions affect all of us.

I hope by gradually explaining the mechanisms of knowledge and awareness it will spread and grow, as it's only a matter of seeing things clearly and recognising not what's just important to you, which everyone knows already, but what's important and relevant in all the flood of material you come across every day, including what the establishment say is important and is absolute crap. If people don't get jobs or do well in business it's basically because they're not good enough. Any other tangential reason is irrelevant and only work to hold back the individual if they even consider race, bias or any other reason why they can never succeed. If you are good at something and don't give up you will succeed in any free country. Walking around with a chip on your shoulder means you are carrying a heavy weight and it is only that which will hold you back as other people ostracise you for carrying it. Drop the attitude and you'll suddenly find you are succeeding for the first time.

It's the same in the news and politics. What they report as important is often total irrelevant drivel, and many really important issues get known on the internet years before they are finally reported or dealt with like female genital mutilation or forced marriage. Those are dire oppressions on women and girls people have known about for decades and are only just being addressed by the liberal, immigrant prioritising parliament of Britain. They had overlooked such issues in the fear by exposing them they would divide the society which was already divided as they had sent out search parties for people carrying out disgraceful barbarism from the third world from the 90s onwards. It's one thing sending out parties to educate them where they live, and a whole other thing inviting them to Europe and turning a blind eye to their primitive and savage practices. We wiped out suttee (murder) and thuggee (robbery) when we colonised India quite rightly, but when we import similar practises from the third world we wait decades before they become so prevalent they have no choice to start cracking down on them. It is actually more important to the rulers of the so called 'civilised' authorities to overlook killing and suffering to maintain a multicultural illusion. Putting politics over people is a crime against humanity but will we see any of the councils or police who hid evidence of child abuse in the north of England for years to protect the Muslim immigrants be convicted for assisting an offendor? Of course not. Society is corrupt at the top and always will be until people become aware of how they do it and reject it from the bottom up.

Update: A day after I wrote this a story turned up of the world's first official transracial, Rachel Dolezal, who has spent most of her life telling people she was black, and changing her hair and skin colour in ways to convince people she actually was, until her blond white parents said she wasn't. Now my question is should people be allowed to have surgery to look black or white if they feel they were born the wrong race?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Materialism and morphic resonance

I've just been reading about the conflict between traditional material science and Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance field, and it pretty much expresses both the conflict between closed minds and open minds, which I deal with elsewhere, and reality itself.

Having spent a lot of the last 40 years investigating this area myself, I can conclude for certain the materialism is based on the human mental failing of only accepting what you can see directly. This is not science as it draws a clear boundary where reality must end and the current Skeptic movement claim nothing beyond it exists. They are simply wrong. Since their dawn quantum physics now actually affirms most of their dismissed phenomena (as they are not repeatable reliably or measurable directly, so they 'don't exist' to them) at quantum level, and as translocation is now being carried out at greater and greater sizes (insects and small animals to follow) they have now demonstrated these phenomena aren't only possible at quantum level, and even if they were we are made up of quantum units so still subject to their actions.

Because it isn't possible to repeat these phenomena reliably, as even in the most talented individuals it is not something you can usually turn on at will like normal scientific functions, science assume they simply don't exist, and wreck anyone's career who claims otherwise, as they did with Sheldrake and John Mack. But the opposite part of repeatability is precedent. If something happens once it must exist, like exceeding the speed of light, or finding a single Higgs Boson. Even if you never do it again it's happened. It's also not so easy to draw the line from this side, the infinite unlimited possibility means some phenomena can be explained as scientific, as animals all have different visible and audible spectra, and when we expand ours we see things maybe UV or infra red cameras can see, although we can't usually or constantly science has found them so can't dismiss then when we find our eyes can do it directly and see auras and energy. Telepathy is definitely beyond their line though, so any examples prove them wrong and happen the whole time.

Telepathy is often dismissed when people first experience it, but the more it happens if it does the less it can be. Then you double the weirdness and foresee future events, not because they haven't happened yet but they must have on a different timescale, meaning ours is wrong. We see time as linear, but simply using relativity if two objects moving at completely different speeds then one will see the other maybe a second behind, and guess what, the other will see a second ahead, things that hadn't happened yet on their own timelines but definitely would. Not even the branch theory where the future is never certain but branches off depending on choices and prior events. We also respond by feeling, you get it about a person or place, and even if you couldn't see them may still feel it as everything contains its own frequency and we are designed to tune into them.

Dreams introduce many examples, as when you get words and names you never heard before which turn out to be specific foreign words and where you get a few all turn out to be in the same area. How exactly can this happen normally? As our minds are almost totally withdrawn from outside material when we are asleep then there's very little else coming in to distract us, and is clear for anything which is able to come in to do so. My own experiences are rare and low level, but enough to know it's real, and the whole point is if any of it exists then all does. Like water leaking through a seal, if it leaks once then you know there's water behind it, even if the seal is closed again. The point is the area beyond the seal contains water. Therefore if our minds open and connect with the morphic field or Akashic record, or collective unconscious (it has so many names as new people each generation keep discovering it and are then dismissed by everyone else), when they close again the field is still always there, and our minds can access them, they just very rarely do in most cases.

Luckily science doesn't create reality, it only describes what it currently can detect within it. But it is not science's job to say what doesn't exist, only what does. Free energy, aliens, all the rest may exist, we don't know, but is impossible to say they definitely can not. Those are two things we really do not know about, but the thought field has been accessed since the dawn of humanity, but science has yet to catch up.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Finishing the spiritual job

For most of the last 55 years I have been gradually learning about what is commonly known as the spiritual and supernatural. Technically it is a black and white issue. It is either all real or none of it. Therefore as I have experienced seeing auras and energy, clairvoyance, higher mental and physical states, feeling energy, contact with other beings in dreams (as they gave me information and music I would not be able to find myself otherwise), and synchronicity so far beyond the level of chance it is clearly real, then having seen the door occasionally open a crack, there must be an entire infinite system behind it.

That is my next mission. To take the known information I already have and extend it to its totality. There is an ultimate reality, where there is a single consciousness, capable of knowing and creating everything, we are a small section of it which can directly contact the remainder, which we often do without realising it when we know something without having seen it directly, or are given some added creative abilities. I aim to open that door now and keep it permanently open, ultimately meaning the mystery of what happens after death also becomes known, as well as seeing through the illusion of linear time. Quantum physics confirms most of this now as well, so it is only a matter of readjusting our awareness to the totality from the narrow band we are normally aware of.

I am initially learning this for my own satisfaction, certain clues and questions have to become answered, but of course the by product of such discoveries would mean it would be wasted keeping to myself. You cannot show people much of this directly, much requires a raising of your senses to be aware of it personally, and there is no direct way to do this otherwise we would all have learnt it already. So teaching things you cannot demonstrate directly is a doubly tough task, but if it ever happens will go ahead as you can't waste any added information as it will point people in a new direction to find out themselves if nothing more.

Plenty of people throughout history have already taught these, they underlie every religion and esoteric system, yet 99.9r%  of all people have little or no knowledge of any of it, besides the rare times the door opens for them, and most will then dismiss it as coincidence or a fluke. If it happens all the time, as some do now to me, then they must accept there is more to the world than the basic 3D they thought and will explore further, but ultimately most get as far as the first or second steps and few get any further. I aim to extend the tiny islands of awakening to join together continuously, and raise my own awareness to a point I have seen the slightest small opening of as to know it exists in the first place. The last piece in this jigsaw is belief. Open minds see more than closed ones, if you're not expecting something to be real you will tend to dismiss and ignore it if it happens. First you must accept anything can happen, and then as a result everything can happen. Then your mental blocks are released, and by default more 'weird stuff' will start to occur simply as you've allowed it to. Then if you learn to control the opening then you will begin to open your senses more and more directly.

I was given a mission I could not avoid. I have to know certain things are real or not. The clues imply they are otherwise I wouldn't have continued, and one scientific experiment confirms this as a start, the split screen experiment. Where a beam of particles is sent through a split screen then half go one side and the others the other as you would expect. But if you keep filming and stop watching it they become biased to one side. That is not possible in science alone, but to only do it when people who expect it not to happen stop doing so proves our awareness directly affects our reality. And it can't accept it there and nowhere else, it must therefore affect it all. Returning to my original observation. Some can't only be real, either none of it is or all of it. I have no memory before I was born, although some do, but it doesn't mean I wasn't alive, we can't remember before a certain point of our lives either but we know for certain we were alive then. There's another paradox to work through to its conclusion. If you can recover the known blocks in your memory (which you can to some extent) then they presumably could cover any unknown parts of our existence which are equally blank now but assumed not to exist simply as we have no physical evidence to back them up. The clues point to my preferred outcome, now I must get the bullet and the person who fired the gun.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Catching up-2015

I've wound down this 12 or so year old blog since the system changed and the blog community moved elsewhere. My daily life observations migrated to another site while I now use here to teach through the information and fraud blogs, but hopefully a few people still read this and remember my original activities.

Having come down with a chill as a result of my collecting activities getting me totally soaked for most of the afternoon last weekend, I am on mainly indoor duties today despite the sun shining, and given me the chance to catch up here. The activities are the same range as before, collecting, working, teaching and spiritual work. The women are as elusive as usual, with the remainder either being 99% more interested in me than vice versa, or the other way round and all mentally affected in some way as well. The spiritual work has found two online teachers, one who teaches powers and the other who passes on his enlightenment transmission, so covering both bases. Have I changed? Not to my knowledge. The powers are certainly real, or I wouldn't be spending anything on the classes, but the ones which have happened last moments and evaporate. But they exist, so just have to open the doors and keep them open, and like any major abilities take a lot of work and practice.

The teaching is the big success story of 2014. Having contacted Mark Windows I have now done two interviews for his internet TV channel, and hope to do more. People often get a sense of things being wrong, and then tell people based more on the feeling, however correct it may be, than evidence, and get labelled conspiracy theorists. That is because they do not have the training or knowledge to wait till they have a case before they go public, something few people are expected to know. But when it is real, you have a case and evidence, then it's the media who block the progress. Recently for the first time that silence has been broken, with the publication in various newspapers of the UN climate adjustments required to make random and flat temperatures all rise in concert. That is the usual process, people know about a scandal for years, and eventually one person in the media picks it up, then it becomes a big deal (although it always was), and sometimes it gets dealt with, or in the case of Libor and Hillsborough major organised frauds they got away with a slap on the wrist so far, in the case of Hillsborough barely that as no action has been taken.

I try and organise my life into plans, the usual, business and pleasure, and then find practical ways to make them happen. Of course we must work with the formula we make the starts, others finish. So you can apply for jobs, ask women out and submit articles, and regardless of the quality or otherwise it is pure chance if the first, last or no other picks them up. The media career, as all business enterprises, is the easiest to control, as I simply write, network, and offer my work around for nothing. It's early days but way beyond most, with just the top level of mainstream media exposure to finish the beginning of the serious work. The other project totally based on luck is finding ways not to live alone and have local friends to replace the ones no longer here. As most of my friends were picked up before I was 20 and lasted decades finding new ones by planning goes against the grain and methods simply did not exist till now as they arrived naturally. I have plenty of friends but now only one I can visit nearby, and only my parents now as family and cannot rely on them indefinitely of course.

My photography is the collecting, and the treatment for agoraphobia. Wanting to get old road signs and new and further places on the map gives be a bigger reason to go out than stay local. I can't stay anywhere long besides the few places like Oxford I know like home (I lived there for a year and is almost as familiar as London to me), but can keep moving and mange all sorts of distances now. Otherwise there's the varying list of places I can go to, can't and will if pushed. I'm 55 now, too late to fix it, and learnt it's no different from schizophrenia or depression in that it's part of who you are and can only be repressed except in miraculous cases of remission. I'm used to it after 30 years and just tell people now the same way you'd have to tell someone you're blind or paralysed when you're asked to climb a flight of stairs. You can't fix yourself and it's tough as hell to be treated with any amount of success without the strongest of medication, and even that is temporary as it wears off and you have to start again every few years. I'm perfectly happy when left alone and not made to go anywhere I don't like, I have other anxiety but that is part of the same thing and made far worse as I live alone and have too much time to dwell on things and not talk to others. People get blindness, they usually get schizophrenia and depression, but most seem to believe agoraphobia is based on laziness, and with enough effort you can get rid of it. Why this is I don't know, but they're no more realistic than making yourself see again. It's not as obvious as hearing voices, but I can explain it well enough I worry by doing so I would set off the switch in people so don't take the risk. It's only an extreme reaction everyone else will get but not until they're in an extreme situation, and once experienced it often keeps coming back so you do all you can to avoid it. Pretty simple and basic. They've done experiments and lock a group of people in a lift and it's only a matter of time before everyone succumbs. I would just usually be the first.

But we all keep learning and experiencing, and although sadly I discover many people cling to the views imposed on them by society without working things out for themselves, the truth is always there when anyone is ready to accept it. I do my best, my material is written there, and claims I made decades ago such as the Common Market becoming a federal state taking over all national roles one by one proved to be the case 40 years after I said it. Once you see through people's plans they are almost impossible to miss, and without the authority and power of the media almost impossible to communicate to others. The internet has slightly changed that, and with enough time and material the weight there may be enough to move to the next media level, and some people may well come on board at that point.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Explaining everything

Although I'm not enlightened I have been investigating it for a long time and just about got the picture. It then extends to the source of enlightenment, as it actually means your original consciousness extends beyond that you were born with, and you become aware of an infinite single mind and intelligent energy field, no doubt the source of the god of all religions. The difference being for me that after so many different teachers who are enlightened most seem to have problems communicating it, some stick to very narrow formulas while others say whatever it is you can do nothing to make it happen so why bother. Some teaching eh?

So I thought I'd explain my current position and explain it firstly to myself, to collect together all the pieces I have decided are probably more likely than others, as they certainly don't agree and some at least say it is differently expressed in each individual. But my search goes beyond the individual enlightenment and the currently invisible world beyond our present knowledge, something science has no perception of until they began learning quantum effects, and may eventually work out as we're all made up of it then everything they find there- bilocation, nonlocality etc has to apply to us all. And guess what controls it? Nothing more than your conscious focussed intention. Nothing more is needed, literally the word.

It is fairly easy to visualise the basics. If there is an infinite dimension holding our known solid limited 3D universe, then anyone there can see down to here, and many can cross over. They already know all of this, and for them it's their normal. I would never investigate anything unless there was enough evidence to keep looking. It's rare, but the door opens every so often and it's clearly at least one level above this and implies the others as well. I've seen auras and energy often enough to know they're there the whole time but unless we get a little boost from somewhere we can't normally tune in that high. But bees can see different light spectra and dogs can hear far more sounds, so technically there's a large range which we already know exists we are normally incapable of being aware of but can be with practice.

Then the next level is the collective intelligence, which explains telepathy, including in dreams and picking up all sorts of technical and unknown information directly which later turns out to be correct. I've already written about it in its form of intuition, and would explain it as being because there is only one collective source of knowledge and awareness, and we tap into it at times so know things we haven't learnt directly or experienced. Such evidence is endless, I have been doing it since I was taught nearly 25 years ago, and is a very basic human natural ability. We simply tune in like a TV and pick up whatever's in the energy of who or what we tune into. The next level of this is our non-physical senses. Science can't even dismiss these, as when people have had out of body experiences many report exactly what's happening either around their body when clinically dead, or elsewhere when alive. The ability to maintain a complete set of senses with no connection to the physical body pretty well means we must have two sets of senses, the physical ones which get lost when the organs are damaged, and the energy ones which are clearly not contained in any organs or other physical locations but directly connected with our awareness.

The bottom line is the open mind, where you believe anything is possible (as how many times have you or mankind in total believed they knew it all and the got a surprise), leading to the ultimate position everything's possible. If you can dream it or imagine it then once you've left known 3D physics then once you drop some limits you may as well drop them all. Science can see the effects of gravity and dark matter but can't find them, ditto with other dimensions. Ten and a hundred years ago they'd have said many things we now know are real they can measure were impossible. They can only see to the horizon at the end of their nose, and sceptics are genuine, closed minds are the opposite end of gullibility as they simply accept nothing outside their official view, even when there is repeated evidence.

Miracles are the first example most of us have experienced at some point in our lives, where the odds of science are so unlikely or totally against it that something must have slipped out of place, the commonest being synchronicities, where the same thing or things happen together, either simultaneously or in a sequence making a goal impossible if the whole chain of events had not completed. Once is normal chance, a few times is odd, and regularly can't be down to either as once you get in the energy of synchronicity it tends to take over, and once others around you witness it (to the point it can often be predicted when you hear a new fact or word and say you'll soon hear it again), you then get called by them when it's still happening to them even though some believe it's impossible. How many times does something which breaks your own rules have to happen before you realise it has to be real?

If you then take physics where energy and matter can change into each other, our thoughts and awareness are pure energy, and the bonds between atoms can be broken and changed with energy, and just because a handful of people have ever claimed to be able to influence matter with their minds, and Uri Geller at least seems to have convinced a team at Stanford University he could do it, doesn't mean with either luck of birth of years of training we couldn't all do it. It took me all of a minute to see auras and energy, which was only extending my own visual spectrum, and whether it shuts down rarely to return I now know they're always there and what they look like. I have been given complete pieces of music in dreams, a few with words, as did quite a few professional composers. I am not a composer yet have still heard original music I'd never have thought up otherwise. I've seen designs of houses and furniture way beyond anything we have here as well, and would not have thought any of them up as that is not my area. These are just the edges of infinity, if you extend the few things some of us have already discovered, whether or not we then dismissed it as an anomaly or coincidence, you know it happened. If we extend them to the whole time, then add all the rest you then become more aware of what is really around us, something Aldous Huxley first suggested the brain didn't create but filtered out to make our lives more organised. Drugs would then slow it down to allow in not random junk the brain creates when intoxicated, but organised alternative reality we'd normally miss. Tests in America before it was illegal confirmed LSD did the very same thing when volunteers took a route under the influence, and most saw the same things on it, rather than the random junk we normally get in dreams and normal hallucinations. The same phenomena happen in Robert Monroe's centre for out of body experiences. The amount of corroborated data can't be wrong, and the only reasonable conclusion is all these people's senses have been relaxed to become aware of far more than normal.

The bottom line is what we are aware of is the lowest basic level of infinity. There are ways to extend it, clues pointing us to it, and many personal experiences. Because they are so rare and often dismissed then we assume they can't be part of reality even though if we write it down and stop and think it can't be anything else so means our existing view of reality was wrong. Consciousness is not 'ours' but tapped into, hence the intuition and frequent knowledge and talent in areas we have never experienced or trained in. Of course a few special people are particularly good at this and have gone down as geniuses in history, but they are no different from anyone else, just already where we could all get if we decided to get there. There's also an almost total lack of teaching, I found a few which was enough, so pointed me where the action was so I couldn't dismiss the whole thing as I already had a few rudimentary foundations. Then I found the teachers who claimed to have most or all of it already were often so poor at communicating it (maybe deliberately in some cases as they wanted students to work a lot of it out themselves rather than handing it on a plate), while my natural teaching ability I have now been using in various ways for 30 years was such that whatever little I knew of this could be transferred directly to anyone else as I see the shortcomings in others' methods and teach clearly and directly whatever the subject.

Enlightenment is firstly an awareness of the infinite consciousness directly, and then officially when it comes and stays. But just any awareness of it is so rare once you know it exists then technically you were enlightened the moment it arrived as you can now relate to the memory of it, and probably has gone simply as you rejected it at a conscious or subconscious level. And with it come all the powers one way or another, all the enhanced vision and knowledge, and whatever else with no potential limits. Whether you get the powers or enlightenment first just depends which muscles were stretched the first, so should work either way and grow together as you practice. You do not have to wait till you are dead, near death or on drugs, as all this is not just natural but ostensibly the true nature of everything. Currently a small number of people worldwide are looking for more, find teachers and probably if no more scratch the surface and find just enough to know there is. As each new level is exponentially above the last fewer and fewer people so far get much further along, but that is because of a combination of lack of available teaching (and the time and cost that tends to go with it) and probably the lack of publicity as most mainstream media treat this on the same level as mental illness.

Accepting it's possible is the starting point, look for examples, and see what happens. Try tuning into people's energy and see what comes to you in any of the senses. Learn to meditate, and read about other people's experiences. I believe (based on just enough evidence, never faith) it is out there, and if some is then it's more likely everything is. No limits or restrictions.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playing the race card

Having come across so many tweets and comments using racism accusations to shut down opposition, or anti-white racism the numbers are growing so great (a symptom of fashion and groupthink arising) I have had to open a special page now to collect them all so you can see the disgraceful division of society created by social workers, councillors, politicians and activists whose motivation is to cause splits in society and watch the carnage follow. These are generally innocent brainwashed individuals who genuinely believe there is some kind of race war going on, and it is their role (as black or white, it doesn't matter where they speak for themselves, or in what I've found to be the majority of cases, for others) to defend this oppressed minority from the terrible phenomenon of racism, although when it's directed at white people it's cutting them down to size so they know how the others feel, so to them that's part of the fight.
20m20 minutes ago
Why are most climate change deniers also racist and homophobic?

ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit

Shocking study reveals Trump supporters respond to pictures of black faces with anger and defensiveness

Feb 6
Donald Trump really hates black football players, except when he needs to use the death of one of them to push his racist agenda against hispanic immigrants.

I am an Italian American woman, professional, daughter, sister, and aunt. I call Donald Trump a white supremacist.

56m56 minutes ago
White women always look so happy eating salad in stock photos

@andieiamwhoiam Students applying for college won't get into Yale with a 2.0 because they are black or a woman. Get real. πŸ˜‚

Oct 31 Philadelphia, PA
olivia (o Y o) Retweeted Paige Sand

Also white people are evil. Whiteness is evil.

Replying to 
hardly, when you say "my skin is not privilege." Are you daft? Nevermind. I really don't care.

A white Ivy League professor has taken to the pages of the Huffington Post to condemn her own race, declaring that she chose never to reproduce because her children would simply inherit white privilege.
Ali Michael, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s (Penn) Graduate School of Education

.@AdamBaldwin Maybe Hollywood can explain why the black character in a movie is the first to die. It's like he is wearing a red shirt.

10m10 minutes ago Atlanta, GA
When you don't have to worry about how are you going to prove your citizenship.

Cam  ☄️‏@MemesCamFollowMoreReplying to @MemesCam @Communism_Kills- youcould use your white privilege to make things change so that black people have nothing to complain about no more? Crazy right? 

23h23 hours ago
White people get so uncomfortable talking about race when it's about their wrong doing past, but have no problems speaking on other races when it pertains to crimes.

22h22 hours ago
The sense that black people should be extra grateful for their success or talents is the most infuriating thing.

7m7 minutes ago
Y’all niggas just gonna have to admit that white passing biracial or white passing mixed people will never have the black experience because they don’t face the same struggles. It’s her privilege and for some reason a big portion of y’all will not admit this

Yes, ALL white people are racist. Yes, ALL men are sexist. Yes, ALL cis people are transphobic. We have to unpack that. That's the work!

8h8 hours ago Donald Trump Jr. has a lot to learn about environmental racism. Every dollar that you spend will go into a fund...

WOC and POC can headline movies and act well and make bank. Yet we keep getting the same movies with the same white actors

Happy Thanksgiving!... to everyone except lightskinned women who don't acknowledge their privilege over dark skinned women

13h13 hours ago Replying to
Racism can be very settled and one can be one without knowing. Thank you for speaking out. The privileged may not get it but we do
Replying to 
Many BAME hve hidden disabilities:dyslexia,dyspraxia Autism tht r nt & Justice& education inherently racists
Replying to 
Statistics in USA for black male incarceration is even worse than here. Shocking stuff. Why. Is it racial prejudice? A good chance it is πŸ˜”πŸ™

White women: your hands may not have held most torches this wknd, but you birth, feed, caress, screw, raise, and love the systems killing us

Replying to
For my daughter and for every young black child growing up, I want them to see successful black women doing any job they want to do. And I know white women will have had an advantage over them.

Being a black man in London is one of the hardest things, we spend a lot of time making everyone else feel comfortable & it has negative effects on us mentally

Nothing scares me more than a mediocre white man.

It sure is interesting how overwhelmingly White these new stickers are. So interesting.

14 minutes ago

This is the whitest blandness panel they all look the same, same accent, same mannerisms. Middle class white politics.

In 2015, only 15 black men were accepted to Cambridge as undergrads. They got together to show just how insanely bad that is.

i just want to say i'm so, so sorry. all white people are responsible for this system's thrive and fall. we have to do better. i'm sorry

A movie poster with no white women. My soul is fed.

Replying to @omniJLO

Most of the whites don't understand the ethnic barriers JLo has broken in her career, as well as other barriers in general. Let me help them

You sound very naive Matt, the UK is a racist society. You probably don't have a clue because you have white privilege.

The people coming out in droves for rapists is astounding but not really at all. Scrolling thru most their pages - also racist. All bad. 🀒

Jul 15

Because… He's not black, brown, a woman, Muslim, LGBT or poor. Privilege has its privileges.

Replying to

Y'all keep wanting this race war-Blacks are not slaves-remember that-this is heartbreaking for me but at the same time, I will protect mine

Replying to  
All white males in this picture. Time to ask "what's wrong with them"? Why they so hateful? Address harm caused by WP for centuries
What happen in Manchester last night was disturbing despicable horrible & heartbreaking but PLEASE remember, white people kill children too

Replying to 
the main thing to avoid with this kind of thing, as far as social justice is concerned, is getting racist about ethnic foods

May 28
Replying to
Muslims and Black Americans better strap up and defend themselves against white terrorism.. 2000+ Hate crimes and Murders since Nov 2016

So we're just going to ignore how white Christianity created slavery, jim crow laws, and lynchings...


Is open mindedness inversely proportional to the level of white, fat, balding, middle agedness in this audience? #BBCQT9:55 PM · Jun 2, 2017 from York, England
2m2 minutes ago
There's lack of diversity in education leadership. BAME underrepresented. You could discuss this issue in your programme soon

Jul 9
Racism is everywhere in the form of systematic white supremacy, which dominates ALL areas of activity. And denial & deflection maintains it

Replying to   and 
I'm afraid feminism & human rights are not for brown female children

Rapper Nelly was accused of rape in Auburn Wa. Sounds like he had sex with a white woman. That area is 82% white.
12h12 hours ago
ALL sex between Black men and white women is considered rape, EVEN if it's consensual, in a system of white supremacy. Nelly got caught up

This is as much the predictably boring support for a white woman in the face of scary black & trans criticism that I'd expected. Hard pass.

19h19 hours ago
Make America White Again: Donald Trump Just Made History: That's what the lying-press fear the most from Trumpism.

, April Day Trump is not a Racist. He just thinks ALL Blacks look alike, know each other, live in hellish conditions

Tell Republicans to treat Trump like they did the Black President. and the problem will disappear πŸ’¨

Trump loses popular vote->Blames woman Trump caught colluding->Blames black man and woman Flynn caught red handed->Blames black man Get it?

May 28
Replying to
The very particular brand of criticism directed at Abbott has to be understood through the prism of misogynoir

As per usual bigoted Whites moan about immigrants and immigration. lazy types happy on Benefits...

May 28
Maybe that's why poc & others in Portland reacted strongly to the "cultural appropriation" of Mexican cuisine by 2 white chefs.

Replying to   
All the white folks in the comments unable to wrap their head around Trump's blatant racism and violence against people of color.

Whether in 1942, 1978, or 2017, this country tells youths of color over and over again: “You do not belong here.”

" wants to be Home Sec of OUR country" It's Diane's,too Dusting off anti playbook

3m3 minutes ago
cannot believe what I am listening to re racial profiling!! Stop erasing the experiences of ur black caller

Deplorables don't care how much Trump's policies harm them, just so long as non-whites get it worse. Full stop.


Am I being daft about seeing two older white males asking concerned questions about foreign aid ? #bbcqt9:09 PM · Jun 2, 2017

North of England is racist. Labour will have to adjust policy accordingly to succeed there
White people are the devil

2h2 hours ago
why do white people always refer to Africa when talking about poverty πŸ€”

I'll take "What white people with unearned privilege say" for $600, Kara

Drake is lik a viking who goes to different peoples countries and steals pieces of their cultureTweet


This is why North Korea, Russia, Iran and every other country don't take us serious. Our own country is fuk'd up & racist! #AltonSterling4:02 AM · May 3, 2017

35m35 minutes ago
Dear white people Stop commenting, I know society & media has reinforced your importance. Nevertheless at times you can NOT offer an opinion

24h24 hours ago
You ever see a poor white person and wonder how the hell they fuck up privilege?

White guy can't figure out his privilege.

That the missiles are callled tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans

Cause the UK is racist and views the mass slaughter of black people as a rather small issue.

Black folk, once you realize that they fear you for disagreeing and just being BLACK you'll understand that you don't need their help


#bbcqt @jeremycorbyn comes on and the only ones not smiling are the fat white old male Tories9:18 PM · Jun 2, 2017 from Stockholm, Sweden
Jan 25
reminder: our president's mother was an immigrant. his wife is an immigrant. this. is. about. race.



#bbcqt @jeremycorbyn comes on and the only ones not smiling are the fat white old male Tories9:18 PM · Jun 2, 2017 from Stockholm, Sweden


#bbcqt @jeremycorbyn comes on and the only ones not smiling are the fat white old male Tories9:18 PM · Jun 2, 2017 from Stockholm, Sweden


#bbcqt @jeremycorbyn comes on and the only ones not smiling are the fat white old male Tories9:18 PM · Jun 2, 2017 from Stockholm, Sweden


#bbcqt @jeremycorbyn comes on and the only ones not smiling are the fat white old male Tories9:18 PM · Jun 2, 2017 from Stockholm, Sweden


Am I being daft about seeing two older white males asking concerned questions about foreign aid ? #bbcqt9:09 PM · Jun 2, 2017
@jimmydolittle1 sane "of sound mind; not mad or mentally ill", its debatable as an irrational fear of people who aren't white isn't normal!8:10 PM · Feb 8, 2017

2 tories? #bbcqt good going on that impartiality - no people of colour - tip top on diversity they πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸ½11:08 PM · Feb 9, 2017

@LeahRBoss By an old white man who also had the help of votes from a bunch of other mostly old white men

The picture of Dr Evil is more diverse than the picture of the GOP. That's fucking sad.

Nice diverse audience they got together thenight. *mugs to camera* #bbcqt

CONSTITUTIONALIST Retweeted FreedomsSafestPlace
Tell me how many minorities and women does Donald have in his cabinet?

Arguments for "law + order" are white supremacist code for control + contain. Historically law + order = control + contain Black people.

White people know their reign of terror here is coming to an end. The U.S. is becoming less & less white each year. It's driving them crazy.

22m22 minutes ago

16h16 hours ago
Mikki Kendall Retweeted Slate
Well I see Glamour continues to want to tell people if it's all white it's all right. Yaay feminism...or something. NO WOC NEED APPLY

you'll NEVER live to see Black people oppress white people in America because it's not possible!

Replying to @LeahRBossIt's always those whites trying to tell us.....about us. They can't help it, it's in there blood to be "white so you got to be right"
3h3 hours ago

what your actually saying is you are choosing to believe the white people over the victims.

Old straight white Republican men. What a joy.

The only difference is the fact that Hannity is white. Roles reversed if any black person did what hannity did they would be fired.

pathetic, disgraceful & a slap in the face to our incredibly diverse country. we are not a nation of old, white men, nor will we ever b
21m21 minutes ago
Those who see nothing wrong with this makeup have an aversion to diversity.

19h19 hours ago
Shaad D'Souza Retweeted MTV News
my main questions 1. why would anyone want 2 see a war film ever 2. why would anyone want 2 see a film where literally EVERYONE is white men

Gentle reminder to my fellow white people that we have all been raised to behave like complete sociopaths

52m52 minutes ago
At a guess: Because they feel America is no longer a "safe space" for their white privilege.

Why all white people smell like cat shit ???

MY LATEST. Without Obama, the Democratic Party is painfully & disproportionately white.

I'm in facebook jail because I voiced how sick you black men are for dating white bitches πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nov 6
white people are not allowed to tweet me. I can smell the musty wet dog through my screen.
29m29 minutes ago
think they can come in my mentions and call me racist for saying hate whites lol
Nov 10
today was crucial, i was walking around looking 4 any white people smiling 2 much & punching them in the throats
  1. White people are literally worse than Hitler.
  2. Daily reminder that all white people are literally Hitler
  3. white people are literally Hitler and ISIS combined
  Nov 11
white people are so fucking embarrassing and gross like we got a lot of nerve for a race thats unmoisturized and smell like hanes socks 

3h3 hours ago
pretty girl privilege is real

its cool though, ur skin gives u privilege, ur gender doesn't...anything goes down/ur the 1st under the bus..mark my words πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

constantly being discouraged about taking a higher level math course.
(note, probably no good at maths, numbers don't know your race)

3h3 hours ago Manhattan, NY
Sarah A. Harvard Retweeted josie duffy rice
black boy: Im scared for my future white guy: stop playing victim thug white moderates: wow we live in a bubble

13m13 minutes ago
Without white supremacy + misogyny, Trump could not have won. But the rubble created by neoliberalism is a major factor too.

27m27 minutes ago
Teresa Mays' constituency seems to be a a load of posh white people.

Nov 9
Whether Trump wins or not, the next most important thing is to seriously address America's endless and constant love for white supremacy.

8m8 minutes ago
= london broadcasting caucasians. No at all and its a station the effort they go to keep colour out must be great πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2h2 hours ago
read Trump quotes and imagine how mad the Republicans would be if a black man said the same things.

Bobby Hall Retweeted Big Kahuna
7 were acquitted thanks 2 white privilege & a broken system that never would have let minorities off in the same situation. I sound perfect

Nov 9
John Stevenson Retweeted Jess Phillips MP
This. If you think following the political lead of rich white men is sticking it to the establishment, you have been conned.

People in the dominant society act helpless when it comes to assisting Black ppl with racial injustice. But they know how to take action

Nov 9
Ian Dunt Retweeted Sophy Ridge
When Farage says 'in charge of their lives', let's be clear that he means white people.

Nov 9
Well you certainly are going to have MORE race issues, moron. You have elected a white, privileged male.

16m16 minutes ago
A black man kneels the white public go crazy an unarmed black man is murdered white silence. But somehow" there's no racism anymore"

White people cant ever let go of 9/11, a single day in our history, but want you to get over 300 years of racial oppression lol

you really don't think white people are privileged?

10 minutes into this movie & the white privilege is so evident😐

Propane Jane™ Retweeted Leah the Boss
There isn't one because Black isn't a real race but a social construct designed by White supremacists who brought us here to build America.

2h2 hours ago
Subject black and brown people to centuries of oppression and then use those effects to say they deserved it. Wow.

6m6 minutes ago
stop and search allows white police officers to practice their discrimination without fear.

sometimes I'm embarrassed to be white and I'm not ashamed to say that.

13m13 minutes ago
it's white mans logic. Cause white man has never had to deal with being murdered and persecuted for your skin color.

4m4 minutes ago
I agree with everything that Dr said whites just ignore the problem and carry on with their white privileges picking up best jobs & ££

23m23 minutes ago
Who are any of these people kidding, when you say "Un-American" your really saying "Your not complying with White Supremacy"

21m21 minutes ago
it is strange though, everyone who seems to disagree just happens to be a beneficiary of white privilege ! πŸ€”

The best scam ever run on poor white people was the idea that their financial struggles are the fault of POC & not rich white people.

8h8 hours ago
Black Olives Matter is proof that racism is alive and well and drenched in White Privilege. That murder and racism would be taken as a joke.

8m8 minutes ago
For Racists & White Supremacists its about the MYTH that Whites are SUPERIOR & get to MURDER Blacks as part of White Privilege.

22m22 minutes ago
A majority of White People are Racist. I have many White fans but that still doesn't stop them from being racist.

31m31 minutes ago
' is a reaction against the emancipation of black people, we have seen this since the 1950s' -

2h2 hours ago
This is a old rich white man's world

ask yourself, would you want to be a non white? More stop searches, treated as if you're a criminal? Racism exists, stop being blinded.

Congrats to the newly elected MPs. This new less pale and less male group is the future! Real progress
  1. Old white man tells black man that he's wrong about the EU supporting rights for minorities and women.

In reply to
The Tories still valiantly trying to faceoff Jews against Muslims, so they vote for a white guy
6 minutes ago
White folk are trash. Absolute trash. All of you.

maybe you're a silent pseudo racist. You see too much colour and that bothers you.
4h4 hours ago
People who assume anyone with a non-Anglicized Chinese name is a "he"

white people as a unit just need to go
2m2 minutes ago
everyday white people give me reason to hate them

5m5 minutes ago
Re: "I'm a woman of colour" KIM) She. couldn't sound posher or more superior. I work with people like her. NOT NICE😈

9h9 hours ago
Too much benefits from having poverty. Benefits systematic racism and can't have everybody equal cause that would obliterate capitalism.

I cannot wait till white majority is gone, u guys get everything & still complain when other groups want the same byeπŸ‘‹πŸ½
In reply to
if you were Asian, Katie, you wouldn't be working in the media. Companies only tolerate you because you're white.

why do certain black people hate or downplay the idea of being black? ex. "my grandma Dominican" or "i have Indian in my family".
1h1 hour ago
sgj Retweeted rashawty
Because society has taught us black isn't beautiful and being foreign or white is.

ALSO. I am all in favor of ending "white culture" which is a nice way to say white supremacy.

Jun 25
What do you call it when a white person robs you? Capitalism.

1h1 hour ago
If you are are privileged. No there is not reverse racism...only racists think that.

9h9 hours ago
BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IS A MYTH. Don't fucking @ me. Don't DM me. Do not speak to me if you try and perpetuate that bullshit.
Feb 16
2015 was the deadliest year on record for black trans and gender non conforming women. [May be triggering]

52m52 minutes ago
Ava Vidal Retweeted Toby Young
No. I am worried that the actual racism at Oxford will deter black students from applying.
Ava Vidal added,

4m4 minutes ago
Blacks also get harsher jail terms. Most orgs will only push whites into higher posts. A BME has to be superman to get recognised.

Also, the casual racism of labelling parts of a campus as "ghetto"? 
11h11 hours ago

  • Great 2016 Shark™@colocha_rachel 11h11 hours ago

  • Great 2016 Shark™@colocha_rachel 11h11 hours ago

  • 11h11 hours ago
    Related: I have privilege along other axes in addition to being white: I'm cis, have a college degree, am able-bodied, etc.

    Don't get me wrong. It needs to be said far and wide that 53% of ww voted for trump, while POC did not. White women are gross. And racist.

    White people should be thankful they have the opportunity to even relish in White privilege. One of these days that won't be so.
    Fun fact: said we must "wake up and smell the falafel" regarding ISIS and Islam.
    Calling out racism among my friends is really hard, but I'm carrying SO little of the burden from my position of extreme privilege.

      People can only treat us in the way in which we allow. With much respect in the midst of deep disappointment. J (pt 3)
    1. Retweeted
      But we are rarely recognized for our artistic accomplishments. Should people of color refrain from participating all together? (pt 2)
    2. Retweeted
      At the Oscars...people of color are always welcomed to give out awards...even entertain, (pt. 1)
    Returning from the toilet in the Indian restaurant, I am thanked for a lovely meal by a departing customer.

    7h7 hours ago
    It really makes me twitch how people who dont experience racism/people who dont experience on the same level as black women TALK SO MUCH.

    May 28
    Perhaps the reason why blacks couldn't invent these things, they were withheld education for centuries under white rule.

    My mums casual racism astounds me

    Jeet Heer Retweeted Jamil Smith
    They got him alive? Man, whiteness is better than a bullet proof vest. 

    23h23 hours ago
    Right. We should stop giving kickbacks to white men.

    Oh sorry, Happy Miranda is currently buried under a pile of discrimination, microagressions and casual racism. You'll have to settle for me.

    2m2 minutes ago
    The POISON of white supremacy is in the minds of most white people in Missouri and throughout America!!!

    2h2 hours ago
    Black people being described as "articulate" is 100% casual racism.
    6m6 minutes ago
    Being means I can't tweet exactly what I feel or experience as a faculty member.

    11m11 minutes ago
    You can't without being abused and you can't be Black in your neighborhood w/out being targeted by police. Where do u go?

    4h4 hours ago
    Pointing out the inherent of treating deaths as special, is not the same as "celebrating."
    4h4 hours ago
    "Someone is making me uncomfortable about my historical colonialism - let's call it a fake"
    Again, you don't get to decide what race another person is.
    First day on Twitter and the , , , and is absolutely staggering. A nest of !

    6h6 hours ago
    I don't know what's more frightening, the attacks in or the amount of casual racism im seeing on social media!

    55s56 seconds ago
    automatically being seen as intellectually inferior just because black

    The POISON of white supremacy is in the minds of most white people in Missouri and throughout America!!!!

    IV. We demand that by the academic year 2017–2018, the University of Missouri increases the percentage of black faculty and staff campus wide to 10%.

    4m4 minutes ago
    N Appalachia, if u muster the temerity & ask 4 a Black professor or 2, U will B unfairly awarded the epithet “complainer.”

    6m6 minutes ago Milledgeville, GA
    Being a black female philosopher means being questioned for the rest of your life.

    White people look at me funny when I'm on my bike because they don't believe it's mine.  

    because I'm articulate makes me less black?

            When you're not allowed back on your own university even with a student ID because you're with your black friends...  (really? really??)

    The Joy of Andy@SH_MisterSir 23 hours ago
    I can't tell most of these white guys apart in the new season of American Horror Story.

            Constantly hearing admin bitch about challenges of diversity hiring yet using the same job descriptions from the last hire

    mindy isser@mindyisser 46 minutes ago
    some casual racism overheard at : "I thought she was going to be Chinese because her name is Joyce"

    59m59 minutes ago New York, USA
    The vitriolic response from privileged haters directed at is a disgrace to humanity. Solidarity.

    People who say racism doesn't exist have you considered that you just don't experience it? Why invalidate MY experiences?

    1h1 hour ago
    being afraid that your adviser won't take you serious because of your 'ethnic' look

    when will white people stop making and about their own fucking race?

    Having your roommate ask you if where you live is poor

    7h7 hours ago
    I just want to enjoy the game without these fucking Canadians shitting up the game with their semi-racist...

    Why is it so hard for people to recognize that racism still exists?
    that's beyond feeling like an outsider, it's intentional and casual racism and racial microaggressions aimed at POC students.

    5h5 hours ago
    Sports radio is full of racist trolls. It's crazy that those guys have huge audiences that listen to their casual racism all day long.

    This is something I'm struggling with...when to call ppl out on their casual/unconscious racism & sexism, and when to let it go? (note- who are you, the trainee thought police?)

    Wendy Ogden@Eastbournewrite 8 hours ago

    Adam Kotsko@adamkotsko Jun 25
    Whether or not your individual ancestors owned slaves, you as a white person have benefited from slavery and are complicit in it. Sorry.
    Zemrag@Zemrag7 23 minutes ago
    yeah well go ahead and it will be nice to watch a movie knowing there is no in the theater.

    if you claim to be a but your white ass NEVER has time to advocate for Black or Brown 's issues

    4h4 hours ago
    There's a reason why comic book culture is dying. When they're written to please an antiquated demographic, it's time for it to die. Period.

    38m38 minutes ago
    being white and texan pretty much guarantees there's a 103% chance you are racist

    Jul 9
    if you think that casting all white people in movies/TV isn't a problem
    Jul 9
    if you don't think white privilege is a thing 
    if "But I'm not privileged" is your response when white privilege gets mentioned

    Lollipopmargex@lollipopmarge 7 minutes ago
    hate these phone ins that bring out all the closet racists that aren't blessed with compassion or facts we are all human beings
    7h7 hours ago
    What it looks like when you edit out all the white people from big Hollywood hits

    3h3 hours ago
    is just another way racist use to keep blacks down & attack us.

    The thing about white racist cops is they feel that you are beneath them. Firstly, because if your skin. Secondly, because of their badge.

    36m36 minutes ago
    the same people who get offended when you tell a violent racist to kill himself are probably into alllivesmatter

    1m1 minute ago
    The only people saying Britain isn't racist are mayo crackas looking to protect their privilege. RT if you're a POC & agree

    So in short of course it is. Everyone can be prejudiced but white people have structural power to actually be racist

    8h8 hours ago Poplar, London
    Yeah is being wildly racist on again this morning again. Encouraging stereotyping and prejudice. Again.

    are you trying to say I'm racist? Because reverse racism isn't a real thing

    jamilah retweeted Piers Morgan
    Warning to Black Twitter: membership will be revoked if you read or share his article
    jamilah added,

    Believing that Jesus was white is the epitome of white privilege.

    denying is sick and ignorant

    I used to work in DC and attempted to portray me as many times. I am Buddhist. namaste

    Excuse me. There are way too many white men represented. Sit down.

    2h2 hours ago
    As a black person I can't act like racism or slavery has no bearing in today's society

    3h3 hours ago
    As they watch Iranians cheering in the streets White men here in America think the Iranians will spend the money to vex Israel.
    NostraAdeptus retweeted Robert Costa
    Must be nice to be white and able to find silver linings in the rise of racist demagogues 
    While Black women are under open and brazen attack I'm not feeling Black man caping up for Caitlyn Jenner right now.
    Jul 14
    NostraAdeptus retweeted Cesar Chewy Augusto
    White people are so judgemental and spoiled they think even when they're dicks people should love them

    28m28 minutes ago
    Pino Saracino retweeted Jaden Goodrich2⃣5⃣
    You're just another white overseer who views the complexity of oppression as abstract = you are racist. Stop denying
    Pino Saracino added,

    @meliajaynesmith Jul 2
    ok but ur a white male who are u to decide what is racist and what isn't shut the fuck up ur such a problem
    I'm a white person and I am so sick of white peoples shit. seriously we need to sort it out

    I saw a film the other day about ancient Egypt and the kings and queens were white actors…/
    “My white skin disgusts me. My passport disgusts me. They are the marks of an insufferable privilege bought at the price of others’ agony. If I could peel myself inside out I would be glad. If I could become part of the oppressed I would be free.” Robin Morgan, a key radical feminist member of the American Women’s Movement

    Adam Kotsko@adamkotsko 4 hours ago
    "With appropriate tax incentives, most white Americans can be induced to commit suicide within a 10-year window."

    being called “racist” isn’t an insult or something mean that people are saying to you because they want to bring you down. if you’re being called racist you shouldn’t be brushing it off because you “can’t see the haters” you should be assessing your behaviour, your language, and mindset for signs of prejudice, discrimination, and sympathy/support for unfair and violent treatment towards racially persecuted people in your country
    Keith B. Still@NaYaKnoMi Jun 26
    Tell me 3 things you like about You can't because White supremacy won't let you.

    Stacey Patton@DrStaceyPatton Jun 21
    From Rachel Dolezal to Dylan Roof, last week in America was about black erasure: if u can't beat us then appropriate our flesh, or kill us.

    34s34 seconds ago
    The show is about defending the ingrained privilege of rich white males & stigmatising all who challenge to it.

    We go to Spain and Italy Iv never seen a black person driving a cab even on TV vey few people black

    Why are so many white men trying to save the planet without the rest of us?

    Silky@FineSilk_Sundas 13 minutes ago
    They really really can't stand a muslim Middle East country hosting it a rich one at that 🏾
    Mohammed Ansar@MoAnsar 25 minutes ago
    "Labour political forced diversity" - look around sunshine. The world is mostly brown. Get used to it. Things are changing.

    4m4 minutes ago
    why are there no black or Indian Presenter at Lbc? Well done BBC.

    12m12 minutes ago
    Lack of sleep make you more racist? Yeah cos White people don't have enough excuses for their racism already. They are just racist.

    14m14 minutes ago
    because race is a social construct that exists to further white supremacy. And culture is passed down from generations.

    heathcliff@blueberryluna 4 minutes ago
    The audience is looking so diverse tonight

    DJ Dfuse @dfuseuk 13h13 hours ago
    @DavidAHoward @Rebartic @LBC @Nigel_Farage @UKIP you affraid of the black rebellion against assholes like both of you.

    2m2 minutes ago
    "whatever happened to getting a job on merit" says white male likely to be positively favoured just for being a white male

    35m35 minutes ago
    A white woman dancing as a bellydancer with a Arab name is in blackface. As a white man you can justify it all you want.

    13m13 minutes ago
    We always expect white people to defend arguments like . It's white privilege packaged to defend racial/cultural appropriation

    "if I wanted to be white.. I could say I felt white all I wanted. I'd never get a day of white privilege. Ever."

    11m11 minutes ago
    BME young people don't want to join the police service because it's racist. Why would they put themselves through that?

    LBC presenters are all white. Why doesn't LBC have a mixture of people? 
    How about LBC radio having a mixture of people to represent LBC rather than the presenters all being white.

    Glen Coco@MrPooni May 14
    London's , which has NO non-white presenters or senior staff in a city that's 60% non-white, wants to talk racism

    how has LBC gotten away with having all white presenters for so long? youre trying to represent/speak to london right? im confused