Monday, November 30, 2009

No idea

A week has passed without an entry, and hardly surprised as nothing at all has happened since a week ago. And no particular reason it should any time this week or year for that matter. Besides raining most of the week I've just made a few videos, including one of The Bill when I drove into their location set today and had the still camera with me which does short videos as well.
Besides finding an old sign I found outside a block of flats was indeed an official type however rare there hasn't been anything else in the way of news either. I dread to think what I was like in the 70s considering how many people I find I last saw then ignore my messages. There aren't many left to find now and only actually met two since I started looking.

The next trip is the private signs around Regents Park as only had a few till now, nothing special but in the old style with totally different designs. I have sent off another article, based around a specific incident in my own life that showed me how easily most people become Napoleon when given a little power. That showed me the rules on how to exercise power and naturally an article followed. But if everything's still guided last week did give me a nice rest and each previous week hadn't had any plans but was sorted out each day when they came. Days on end with no human contact have their effect but that would be the same for most people. Until I can find someone I can see regularly who's actually worth it that's not going to change.

So although there is a small system the couple of possibilities are weeks or more ahead and can't think of any in advance as I've done my bit were required and now have to forget about them all. Besides shit and unnecssary jobs like the dentist (why go every 6 months as they say so?) I've got all the rest out of the way. I've got my therapy forms to fill in tomorrow which is not much but has to be done. But today I was told about one nearby house to take and found a decent railway bridge with low wall with amazing views next to it, and then saw them filming The Bill on the way back. So that's how a blank day can work out with absolutely no input from yourself. So that was guided, and that needs to carry on somehow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday's summary

It's too early to go to bed and nothing left to look up online so here I am. If the system's working despite nothing known or new something will occur. I'm more or less busy till Thursday now so no need for many plans besides tomorrow later on when I can fart about as I please. A 30 mile trip Wednesday and the gym covers that, and then who knows. So if the system says every moment is guided then so is this, and I just have to look for why.

Maybe it's to get me to read something here after this, or think of something I wouldn't have otherwise. That's the sort of indirect lateral thinking you need to develop and see more and more in the apparent gaps. On Facebook (there, the one place I have forgotten to visit till now, first job done) four women from the 70s/almost ignored me last week, I rarely find so many in one go now and in order one) didn't like me then either, two) doesn't remember me, three) thought I was a twat, and four) even I don't remember what or who now.
Look for new people? I could write a book let alone an entry. Suffice to say suitable new friends are maybe 1 in 1000 or more. I met a handful over my lifetime and stuck with them for decades. Since school and regular holidays, which provided them plus the children of my parents' friends I've barely met one new one despite regular courses and groups. No idea why, just how it happened.

I did meet one girlfriend online in 2002 but her own problems stopped that short. Otherwise I either meet attractive women who run a while or marginally interesting people amongst generally boring groups I never see outside more than once or twice. The few right people click, I meet many online but all way too far to see more than once when they come to London for some reason. I don't travel now (as any regular will know) and even if I did you can't have a regular friend more than 20 miles away, mine have vanished when moved the other side of London before. I'd done the groundwork on all the others already and whatever split us up before may be fixable.

Is there a reason to be on my own? Maybe if temporary as I get a heck of a lot done. I've also learnt a lot to do without anyone else around but why have to make the best of it for the rest of time? Even a marriage/partnership of convenience would be an improvement now, but the calibre of possibilities, either mentally backward or ill or both is more trouble than it would be worth, even if attractive. Unless I had a palace where you could lose someone much of the time we'd be on top of each other and I suppose if you sleep with a woman she'd expect you to take her out as well even if you agreed it was only out of desperation? If a man (not just me) would drop his standards after 50 years because it was that or nothing don't any women? Or are all women the right sort of age all with someone unless mental? I suspect that is the case, although not necessarily abroad as I meet some lovely women elsewhere online. A few are potty as well but at least not every single one.

So more questions than answers on that one, but may find one once I've started. At least I can go to bed now. Amen.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A low carbon story

I am learning how to live within what appears to be guidance, as despite it working on many projects there are still huge gaps, and the rule is to look for the guidance in the apparent space. Well today the place with the old sign closed early and may have to go on Wednesday, which is about 30 miles from me. Better than not but a pain nonetheless. Other projects are moving on nicely but weeks or more from completion so can't focus on those seeds still growing slowly so have to find interest in the present. Last weekend I ran out of material and found a sign after a couple of hours online, but can't rely on them for everything.

So the week ahead has been possibly altered somewhat. Tomorrow will be a routine photo trip presumably, and haircut the next day, and Wednesday probably get the sign fitted. There was football on the same night but can't be in both places at once and the football is on again. And I think just after my last entry (certainly when I read the papers) the powers that be have been caught adjusting the figures on global warming. Were it not for the internet this would have been impossible without breaking in but now it's not so easy to hide your tracks. I hope another section of society has been lost from sitting on the fence, as it's so bloody obvious the climate can't rely both on CO2 to drive it, and the piddling (3%) amount we are responsible for. Common sense seems to have been suspended by (41% by our first survey) of the population, and hopefully woken up a few more from their sleep of pure idiotic gullibility. Crooks are crooks and the fact some are in authority is a better reason to expect it than not.

I expect little more but always hope for it, I have collected a lot this year already and raised my level somewhat, and if the book comes out with my photos in it will be more so. But again, not for weeks so can't use it now. Last week I didn't speak to a single person three days flat, and with no grandma may be a regular occurence. I saw today they want to charge for Facebook, that'll remove another social route but may have done all I can on it since the latest batch of new arrivals ignored me in unison. They were all from the 70s, fuck knows what I must have been like to alienate so many women but that hasn't changed 30-40 years later. I only want one or two people I can see locally again, I always have till not long ago but people move and have their own families so all dried up now. But if guided now I've seen other problems solving themselves one by one, so currently seems to be working its way along them all. And writing it all down here always helps organise my mind so even if no one reads it I'd be doing it somehow as I can see all my situation in one place.

I hope tomorrow and beyond brings more global warming revelations as it may finally poke a hole in the balloon that's grown so big the TV and radio can't go an hour without getting it in.

Low carbon economy means basically going to Greece, not knowing the language so you can't read the signs, understand the people and basically either learn a new alphabet and country from scratch or get totally lost. Then you get put in a factory where you can't understand the job or instructions, and someone's preaching to you through a speaker but of course it makes no sense at all. Every so often they slip a little English in, not enough to make sense but to gove the impression of what the job entails. But you never quite get it.
So then you go to sleep and start dreaming with bits of Greek slipped in as it's now all around you. Of course in the dream a little seems to make sense, but when you wake up it's all gone and all you understand the boss shouting at you is 'low carbon economy'. The next step is to ring up one of the clairvoyants who advertise, and see if they can see into the problem. One says they have your spirit guide and you should change your shoes as your footprint is too big. You give her the sack on the spot and try something new.

You then go to the cinema to watch the latest low carbon film, it's on a black screen, some kind of symbolism, but it's in bloody Greek again and because it's in black and white the images keep fading in and out on the black screen. More symbolism of course but only the gods can understand it, well the Greek gods anyway. Alcohol could be the key, so try and get drunk, previously setting the intention for a low carbon hangover. Alka Seltzer is banned there as it produces too much CO2 so another dead end. In the end Al Gore sells you his new bible, which is the bible of world carbon neutrality. In the beginning was the word. Money. Money can be made of paper so if you burn it it releases CO2, so don't burn money, give it to him. Then your industry will be low carbon and they all live happily ever after.

Do you understand it now? No? Me neither.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A whole week

The week was a challenge, I needed a rest and had absolutely no plans but decided what to do as it happened. That ended the week with a local video, shopping in Golders Green and locally and scanning as many photos in as I could find. And someone noticed my room needed tidying on Youtube which has also just been done. I also found 4 more people on Facebook and guess what, not one has replied. Busy or total wankers? I'll leave that to you. The global warming racket is heating up (pun intended) with reports flooding in (pun intended again) of predictions of 6 degree increases (until the woman was interviewed and said it may not be by the end of the century as reported) and similar CO2-temperature correlations that simply can't be demonstrated outside the simplistic mind of the authorities who want it to be true to rob us blind.

I hope the more nonsensical the claims and higher the taxes eventually someone more important than me will come out and put a stop to this. Before the internet no one could check the crap we were told by the authorities, now the scientists banned from the media (except a few who get lucky) publish their findings here. One report from Philip Stott or Nils-Axel Morner alone would rip their story to shreds and leave no leg standing for the ridiculous nonsense they try and make us accept. I've also studied the formulas for soviet propaganda and they simply use them now as if the place still existed. The location may have changed but the methods are no different.
I hear they are almost ready to turn on the large hadron collider after its latest disaster, but in the small print it may take a year to reach full speed, partly as it was broken and partly they're shit scared. If that goes tits up it may affect the climate a lot more than simple car usage.

Unless parcels are delivered on Saturdays (oh yes, and George Michael likes women) there won't be a sign repaired this weekend. I just hope the damn thing comes at all as I've paid for it already. Various business projects are moving along gradually as well, closer to completion but a minimum of weeks ahead for the first one. Until then I haven't a clue what else could happen, I got a message two more famous old signs had just been removed from Aldwych, proving how vital my project is to get photos of every one while it's still here. I was even offered one but prefer them where they were meant to be put. So it has become a bit boring, I didn't speak to a single person face to face for three days, and if you think no sex is bad then add that to the mix for worse. I'm just hoping an old friend will return from the dead online as it's a lot easier to catch up than start from scratch.

I'm working tomorrow before the gym, and got a haircut for Tuesday at last, and that's about it so far. A couple of probable routine photo trips for the weekend and any more will be a surprise. And finally may actually have some photos published in a book for charity by the end of the year. That'll help.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mafia wars in reality

Something I've been aware of for a long time is however powerful or apparently qualified a person is they seem to have huge holes in their intelligence. Mine were due to lack of knowledge and experience, and after many years of both, plus almost as many of training believe there are no longer any. This to me seems normal, yet when seemingly bright and qualified people miss the bleedin' obvious it makes me wonder how few people actually develop a blanket awareness or remain specialists but not able to comprehend apparently simple things for others?

If I don't understand something I have a strategy to learn, and that leads to a termination of opinions on a subject to an awareness what an answer is, the difference between belief and faith and knowledge. I and thank goodness many others (but still not enough) can easily scratch the surface of the political global warming soviet-style propaganda (all catchphrases and sanctions with no actual substance behind it) yet enough people fall for it who ought to know better. This applies to every other seemingly true situation that falls under close scrutiny, and those that seem confusing as well. There is a logical series of steps I was taught from college which anyone can use, and now with the internet can quickly fill any required gaps if uncertain until filled. I still don't know if I'm one of few or just many pretend they don't understand to rip people off.

I spent most of my time on photography this week, videos and scanning old stuff in when it gets dark early. It would be really nice to punctuate my activities with face to face conversation but can't have it all. I'm also searching more people on Facebook, and found two who haven't replied. Nothing new there. Not one council I enquired about old signs have either so pretty typical. Tomorrow is a mystery, there's plenty of paperwork when it really fizzles out and may well end up doing some. I used all my own resources this week so far but is always nice when others join in, like the Surrey sign that was found last weekend. The red sign triangle hasn't arrived yet and need it by Saturday if I can fit in on Sunday when someone's there. 50-50 I think. And some twat in a newspaper just predicted temperatures will rise by the maximum 6'. Now maybe the extreme bullshit level will shake many more people to awaken as such a claim is not one requiring an IQ of 150 to doubt, but a brain full stop. They know temperatures will rise by 6' after they've risen .4' till 1998 (no idea from when, they never mention that bit) and then, er, stopped.
So once they start rising again (they must have Alice's looking glass to see that) they know how much now? Did someone maybe give them God's phone number? Has Stephen Hawking used his wheelchair as an antenna and channeled the climate fairy? Please. They didn't know what our summer would be like this year and they're wittering on the world is ending as they need more taxes!

Get it?

Anyway, hopefully they've shot themselves in the foot with this one, as it's so ridiculous even the hoverers may question this level of certainty when absolutely no actual facts support it. The mafia are not just from Italy, they operate just the same at all levels and the equivalent is behind this one. They spend a fortune advertising and bribing scientists knowing they'll get more back in contracts (new taxes). Actually I'd like to move so should start becoming a climate change counsellor, helping people overwhelmed by all the changes in the world caused by our CO2 emissions. Why not join them as I need the money as much as anyone else. They have their script and despite no data actually supporting the claims stick to it regardless, just like the Nazis did. CO2 is the Jew of the 21st century and the bedwetters (as named by Lord Monckton) are the Nazis chasing them to their demise. The holocaust is financial so far, and will become technological, by destroying industry to 18th century standards, when finally killing millions of people when the first nuclear leak happens, as it has to.

So eventually their policies can and probably will cause another holocaust, they can't predict tomorrow's weather but I can safely say if they go nuclear one reactor will leak and we all know what happens then. Only the mafia could manage this on such a scale.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting it all done

I've had another guided weekend, including my thoughts. I was at a loose end on Saturday night and did my monthly or so check for old signs posted online, and after well over an hour went to Surrey and found yet another one which turned out to be pretty easy to get to, and a very rare map type I have very few of. I was planning to go to the old subway ones I Streetviewed in Hounslow but did that today despite taking nearly as long due to major traffic. I'm now free and if no ideas tomorrow can finish my article and then print the rest to be made to a little book.

The red triangle may arrive this week and in which case should be fitted on Sunday. Another (the first) has popped up south of the Thames but 75 miles south so fuck all use to me. But gives hope as on a farm track and one of the few places they may be in Surrey if I keep looking. Not a single other plan this week, I've driven (or been driven) over 100 miles this weekend so have little need to do more, plus London has apparently given up its treasure sign wise already and am lucky Surrey still turns up more as it's not on Streetview and have to rely on local knowledge.

So I believe it's still being controlled, and the other projects are in wait mode, meaning I have (or others) set the wheels in motion and can now only forget the lot until the fruit grows. I've had loads of time to play online quizzes again now Streetview's almost done, and getting dark at 4pm, and even managed to win a few again. Otherwise it's a supermarket voucher visit, optician to try and get new lenses in my sunglasses, which needs some price shopping, and probably a trip to see if I can get a clock for my new car as it's very offputting. I have a few hours of videos to see as well when there's shit on TV in the evenings (most nights besides I'm a celebrity), and pretty happy to have a rest this week although will still be working once or twice at my late grandma's until the stuff has been removed.

The current ETA for the projects is in the few months ballpark (just thought I'd add a useless cliche) so will be doing the short term everyday stuff until anything else crops up, besides the triangle sign which is a week or two off. At least things have now become a bit more positive and have a list of ambitions which is gradually being addressed, hopefully bigger each time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

How it's done

After a busy week I've now got some peace and freedom. No actual material to fill it yet, but a good start. I've been watching lots of new satsang posted on Youtube and my mind now understands all matter is part of one whole, thoughts just vibrating on a different frequency from rocks. But if everything is one, then we as part of it are supposed to be influencing it with our thoughts, as they apparently create matter. Of course matter changes our thoughts, so why not the other way round?
It also means we are not confined by a body, but part of it all. Science now seems to confirm what they have always said.

People use practices of varying complexity to see this directly for themselves, with varying results. I stick to the easiest ones, the meditation has worked for minutes at times, while the active work I can apply all the time seems to have had no effect. My life has changed outwardly though, which makes sense if all is connected. I am finally being guided to each event and does seem to fit my own choices and ambitions more and more. That's never happened before. Once you know it's there and look for it it can be seen in many events. I'm sorry it can't speed the flow though but how many adepts are alive at one time, if any?
But it's improved. I may still be alone, no woman in my life and few friends around, but getting many other ambitions done one by one which really aren't the sort of thing I could cause by choice. I hope this means one by one the other will as well as I know the overall picture I'd like to see and will know when I've crossed that line.

The current use of the time has been getting chores done- shopping, still clearing my grandma's place now my friends have left it, going for walks and bike rides when dry, and a little work. All the big projects are on hold, while I either wait for deliveries, results or progress outside my control. Meanwhile I have to keep occupied, and will be taking another old subway sign over the weekend if nothing else. These are the little stepping stones that seem to get me across the gaps when nothing big is happening. Half the events are definitely started by me while others are 100% out of my hands. Maybe at last these are being influenced by my preferences if indeed part of it all.

No plans otherwise so just wait and see. A poll was just announced that 40% of people (British?) don't believe in global warming. OK, I think 20% to go now, we're getting there. Be scared of radiation (man made), overpopulation (man made) and real pollution such as sewage (man made) and let the climate do what it always has. This is the world's IQ test. Score under 100 and we all go down (not in water, but financially) and beat it and we beat the system. I've answered as many questions on it as people throw at me as I've taken the effort to find the answers and it's no different from a complex David Copperfield trick, using misdirection and distraction so some fools take their eyes off the ball. I am doing what the masked magician is and taking the sheet away so you can see what they're doing, not just here but every website I can. And right at the back there's Al Gore with one hand on his cock running the whole show.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Neither a borrower or a lender be

I like freedom, and when I sometimes put down certain political views it's because they restrict it for no reason except they enjoy doing so. Some sick individuals enjoy seeing animals in cages, all I can say is if they do then each should spend at least a week in one and then see if they do. The same goes for the rich politicians who like to make us poor. They can travel freely but when they make it so expensive only the most well off can do so. I know why they do it but will never approve of their attempts to increase the scope. The old economic policy of money equalling production has never applied to this lot, otherwise the banking system of leveraged borrowing and quantitative easing would be illegal. Ponzi schemes always were, as are pyramid schemes, but printing money to flood the economy never was, despite the total of production staying fixed. It always means the new money is worthless but because of the methods of accounting they use (very similar to the ones demonstrating global warming) people are fooled.

Now to me once this was pointed out it was never in doubt, yet when I try and do so, I either preach to the converted who also worked it out or am faced with abuse. Why do people want to be robbed and would rather believe the the rat in the kitchen is their fairy godmother? Human bloody nature. As Shakespeare's rose will always smell as sweet even if you call it Al Gore, so Al Gore will always be the devil's rheum even if people call him the saviour.

One by one people familiar with David Icke but critical are beginning to realise he knew what he was saying. Again, like the biblical sheep and goats (I never understood the meaning by the way) we are divided in two camps. The believers and the understanders. Belief means trust and faith, understanding means knowledge. I know man burning fuel and farming can't make the climate change. I know restricting people's freedom is bullying. I know lending people money they can never repay and then getting the taxpayers to foot the bill is theft. Most people vote for the policies that allowed this to happen and then whinge when it did. Including EU membership. It's like leaving the car door unlocked and then moaning when it's been stripped the next morning. The best I can hope for is one person who was sucked in saying they've realised I was right but may wait a very long time. That's how they get away with it, people hate to be cheated and hate even more to be wrong, so they close their eyes and whistle dixie while their bank accounts shrivel up like autumn leaves. It's like trying to tell someone the answer on a TV quiz knowing they can never hear you. I really feel like giving up but as long as I have a voice I can only repeat, repeat, repeat. If not then everyone will assume we agree.

I wonder how when all the political fraud is so obvious to me why so few others get it? I can explain it instantly and easily and when junk mails offered me grand loans every day for years I wouldn't want or could afford it was clear every bugger in the country was as well. It never used to be like that, the people who needed loans (apart from housing I don't believe anyone does, but they felt they did) never got them. Then it changed. Or the law did. Banks were allowed to invest and speculate and previous barriers to bad debt creation were removed. This is now the result. Just like 'Life insurance' is actually death insurance, so the credit crunch is actually the debt crunch. Earn not enough, borrow what they offer you and then (adding vast amounts of interest) realise you can't pay. Multiply that by millions of similar idiots and the sensible guys have to pay as it's our safe money the government can take from us in taxes.

So as always the bright subsidise the dim, locally and worldwide. This is a form of socialism and another reason I could never endorse a single left wing party as long as I live. It's organised envy, puritanism and control and I like my freedom and to earn my money honestly and be allowed to keep it. People will never again believe it's necessary to save until they have luxuries like decent cars and holidays, but always believe the sensible owe them a living and basically steal our money by taking out loans they know they can never repay while the banks and governments who subsidise them take our money to fill the gaps. If a revolution was ever needed now is the time, before we are all equally poor (besides the bankers).

Monday, November 09, 2009

Voting our lives away

It's been some time since I opened the box and had nothing to say. The activity was wearing me out and just hope I can find as many easy things to do when it's over this week. Assuming it is. Meanwhile our government has managed to become the totalitarian collection of mafiosi I said Labour were as soon as I was old enough to tell the difference.
They made it in the end. Fuel rationing. Under the latest plans to rob the poor (as they will be hurt the most) each person will be given an annual energy allowance and once it's used will be taxed an all the remainder used. It's possible it may be beaten by the next election but unlikely.

People either know this already or don't want to. How much they'll have to be robbed before they realise the concept of global warming was developed solely for this purpose is the equivalent of a negative IQ test. The longer people fall for it the lower their IQs are. And that seems bloody low to me as I suspected for a long time. I want them to show me I'm wrong yet each time this and last month more green taxes were announced no one besides me and Petrie Hosken on LBC seemed to care. Clive Bull there wondered what difference it made why they taxed us as they've got to do it anyway, the simple answer is that you can't have a unicorn tax if there aren't any unicorns. If they do need to clear us out then just say so and admit they've fucked up the economy no better than pre-Nazi Germany and Zimbabwe today. I saw the debt crisis coming, my cat did, and even my flaky ex probably did. But Gordon Brown, the most powerful man (officially at least) in the country was too fucking thick to realise? Of course he knew, but with hands in the till how could he stop it?

So I see the political system of democracy crumble in front of me, and without bloggers and other independent individuals reminding as many people as possible our governments are as bent as a nine bob note, maybe more people will vote for the other lot in the next election. The ones with principles who won't imitate every other bugger like the main three do. Just don't vote Green obviously. These extremists are against freedom and everything we were supposed to have won the war for. Now the EU is taking over, just like Germany tried to twice before but this time with the Lisbon Treaty signed have now succeeded. And the biggest green taxes come from that very EU, so the only way to stop them is choose a politician who wants to leave it. Enough said.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Getting it done

That was a busy week- My friends from America are here and seen them nearly every day before they return for 3 more years minimum. I went back to take a photo of the sign I found last week behind locked gates, and ordered the triangle to go on top which will be replaced sooner or later now.
So most of my jobs are out of the way for now, and an arson attack on our junction box meant north London had no cable access for over 2 days after my last entry, and had two whole fucking email replies when it returned yesterday afternoon. I'd run out of things to do at home by Friday and really missed whatever the internet could do. Living alone means there's literally nothing else to do besides housework, TV and the internet, and besides the 5 terrestrial channels the rest were off as well.

Things do seem to be fitting better now, more actual finishes although others are only half done still. Besides probably seeing my friends one last time Tuesday I am devoid of all plans besides one booking on Friday. I'll have to tidy my grandma's after they go back and do all the washing but that was the rule they were allowed to stay at all by my mum. I believe something will still happen, the big one/s whatever they are. I joined the Facebook page of a lovely woman in my old TV programme although she's a few years older than me and probably knocking 60 and married. She hasn't replied to my comments though but may rarely visit. Maybe a woman will be next, I know exactly what I both want and need, and as long as she tolerates my massive limitations will be perfectly OK. I can't imagine or engineer where they'll finally come from whatever my mother thinks, but everything else happens randomly sooner or later and so does that.

I can't remember if anything else is on its way, clearly not the various people expected to reply when the internet came back, but if nothing else the rest will do me good this week. It gets too dark for photos by 4 even if I had any to take now, and am busy on my postal course to be followed by finishing one article and starting a second. Even the news is opening up a little now, with the BBC reporting global warming disbelievers and Friends of the Earth realising carbon trading is also a con. If you trade in something that can't be bought and sold the actual transactions are void. There is nothing being bought or sold, like a Ponzi scheme or Enron. It's just another name for fraud. We give and they take, and what do we get in return, literally fresh air, including the carbon that's been traded. Hold on, does that sound like bollocks? Because of course it is. Do you really need an IQ of 169 to realise that, if so we are in dire straits.
That's the final job, I must find someone to take my IQ, two more calls to make tomorrow. One at a time.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Progress and agoraphobia

"Why why should we care Joe, why should we despair Joe? We'll win out, yes we'll win out, yes we'll win out in the end". Now some people in the UK will remember this just as I do, but heard it for the first time in about 30 years after I finally got hold of the series of Look and Read called Joe and the Sheep Rustlers first shown in 1973 when I began catching the odd episode when off school, but never seen them all. So now I've managed to hear it again thanks to the internet, although it was all shown at once a couple of years ago I checked very soon after and too late. Patience and persistence there.

I have been pretty busy, work has snowballed as it usually does for no apparent reason, my friends from America are here this week after a 4 year gap and probably about the same next time, if there is one. Two more old signs over the weekend found posted on Flickr so on quite a roll. And according to a British court today global warming is officially a religion, as someone won their case on religious/philosophical discrimination grounds, as they were a green warmist, or 'bedwetter' as Lord Monckton and now I call them. A few leaders, many minions and millions of unknowing victims. The scam of the millenium.
So my feeling last week things would happen seems not failed but gradual, building up since about the weekend and continuing to each day. If I picked that up that is a new level of progress and with evidence comes faith, not the imaginary religious type but the knowing you get from experience.

The new counter is clocking about 10 a day, which means it's the same as when the other vanished and a good base to start on. I'm reading more now it's dark early and learning how incredibly similar agoraphobia is and people's reactions to not being able to do most of the things they once could. It's a new arrival to us all, it comes after having little or no problem with anything, you have one or two bad experiences and it arrives in full. Then it's simply a matter of how big your circle is each day, month or year. Even those who do what I may never do again are still often terrified while they do and wears them out for days after. I say don't bother as once you've done these things already and often no longer want or need to then most are expendable. It's really a free world when it comes to taking orders and if it's your job then you have to get one that's safe. One woman who doesn't care I can't go to the theatre, restaurants and most of the other places they usually love going and I've won. I can't imagine many men who'd turn down a woman that didn't like going out, they'd probably propose to them despite any nasal or other prominent wart. So why do women love activity so much?

Many women of all ages moan their partners hardly ever take them out, I went to discos to meet girls, girls tended to go even when you'd pulled as they liked them. And so it continued. Once a man has a woman he's often happy just to sit around the house like the cat while she's around. Go out when so comfortable and the TV on- why? The selection of countries I've seen has been interesting, but 200 miles or so of Belgium at 150mph basically tells you what you always heard, it's a flat green plain with small bunches of grotty old houses. Seeing famous places like Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen etc are interesting but no need to make a habit of it. America is pretty uniform for 1000 miles, I must have driven that much on the bus there and barely noticed a change. Skyscrapers surrounded by henhouses surrounded by grass or trees. Each town or city except DC was a clone of the last, although Cleveland was a lot nicer and I've seen some of the best small towns ever in the northern states and Canada on TV, but I didn't see much personally. Morocco was just like the films but again no need to make a habit of it and I ate on board ship which was free of germs. They warned everyone to avoid eating locally and those who ignored it suffered the consequences. Beaches and posh hotels can be nice but only so much sea and sand in a lifetime and the hotels all relied on the other people as deadly dull when they weren't there.

So maybe agoraphobics are an evolutionary level, ie being content where they are. I only know one who wants to go to places they can't, I think most are more like me and are happy unless pushed to beyond their personal boundaries. People can learn a lot from us as being content is one of the highest levels, as above happiness which is transitory. I'm rarely happy nowadays for obvious reasons for regular readers. But I am content when I've been out or seen someone and then can relax at home in front of a screen. I learned a lot from my cats and clearly have more in common with them than most people do.