Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting for the big one

Well the replies are slowly coming in, all questions so far and no answers but all on the case now. But I am waiting for the big one now. No idea what it would be if it was, but we all know when it happens. At the moment it would be getting an old warning sign complete with its red triangle, but the rest are also around like newspaper articles and such. Some are more down to us like qualifications, others we start but are left to others to decide like the media work. We do it and they decide to use it or not. I've had my share in the past, like all are divided into business and pleasure with overlaps.

Starting with the few successful girlfriends albeit short lived, followed by my degree and professional counselling qualification. They have business and personal effects as at least people take you a bit more seriously when they know you're not making all the theories you quote up. Then it tails off. Because I didn't pay to practice the Mensa test I screwed up big time on the real one as I didn't know the rules. I dropped out of my master's degree as I was working in the day and ran out of energy after 6 weeks of evening classes and couldn't drop the job and lose two more years working, I was saving up for a flat and may not have afforded it otherwise. I've done TV and newspaper articles, but not on terrestrial shows or national papers. Just foundations. Most people never go beyond those foundations and I am determined to be one who does. But not yet.

And it's not a rush, I'll be 50 next birthday, an age Sir Fred Goodwin, who lost more for RBS than Nick Leeson did for Barings, has retired already on a pension of £16,000 a week. As much as bloody Beckham or so. You can't string out the career and social ambitions far beyond 50 as I suspect the body just doesn't take it. Who wants kids when you'll be 60 before they go to school? That's another relatively simple ambition I never made, although still can with the right circumstances. So I started with a few big ones, some with lasting effects, plus my meditation course in 1997 so I now have the best (so they say) means to improve my being if I keep doing it. Well that would need to disconnect the internet as it used to follow the TV schedules but internet has none so hard to disconnect for an hour a week, let alone a day. If it had done more for me of course it would be different.

I know the more you want the less the chances of getting it but it's free to ask. So two councils, one newspaper and assorted others I've forgotten about are given ridiculous requests, the sort I'd have been embarrassed to answer when I was in the shop, although if people asked to borrow stuff for charity the owner usually accepted, (I think one complete badminton set was never returned but I digress), and each person thinks how they will say no without me trying to change their mind. Nothing I request is actually unreasonable, often just to return things to how they used to be. If they were like that for 50-100 years before now, then it isn't that incredible to ask to preserve a little of the past as time moves on? Don't replace everything, always keep a sample of what was lost. That's most of many of my campaigns and did get a railway journey to use the old tickets in 1999, 11 years after withdrawal, and I have a pack of the spares in my collection.

But so far although the projects are creeping ahead at last some I could have even avoided had I acted when I had the chance. See an old sign all your life and you never expect it to go. I took photos all around two of them, even the back of one. And the third I passed in the car, I wasn't driving, saw it suddenly, didn't ask to stop (I usually have the camera with me) and didn't write down where it was. When I went back to the likely spot it looked the same a few weeks later without it. That is one enquiry I'm waiting to hear about and even if they know if it has gone then I will only have no more need to look around.

The days ahead have a few little plans, an apparently known sign trip tomorrow on the M3, a call to someone who told me about a required red triangle sign but couldn't find it when I looked, waiting for a photo of a direction sign from a video I made, and that's about it. Now if I can gossip about anyone or anything next time without getting myself into any trouble I will, but the amount of sharp eyes and ears out there ready to get you digitally (as in technology, not with a finger) castrated is amazing. I was told anyone can read our emails if they know how and whatever I say online can get back to the target very easily as well. And not even with any names mentioned. There are some sick puppies out there who think it's so important to get anyone into trouble for talking about their lives instead of getting on with their own and talking about them as well. It's what we do, share. If they have to repress freedom of speech even online now by reporting what we say back to the subjects it is a sad day for humanity.

I hope any of the sods responsible read this as well as my emails, as I mean you. I will continue to write and say what I want about who I want as unless it's a lie it is legal to. If people don't like it they should write rude stuff about me and not try and get me into trouble instead. It gets no one anywhere when they do, and has no benefits for those who engineered it. All that happens is somewhere lost a good member of staff and they now have little useful to do on the internet. Good result? I think not. Pathetic.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A week of tossers (so far).

I have so many half done projects at the moment and besides the everyday road signs that are collected simply by hard work the only bigger prize I've got is a rare warning one (although missing the warning triangle). I've aimed too high as usual, apparently, trying to get the earth to spin the other way according to all the fuss my requests seem to cause. Except getting a TV producer to do their fucking job and not leave it to the (unpaid) participants. I have left so many messages and items with so many people the best replies I've managed so far are 'Sorry, it's not us'. Besides one I reported which pledged support to old road signs just before they removed about 6 of them. It's like being in a world of psychopaths as soon as you want anything to do something beyond the everyday, and only shown up what a bunch of shits work in government and media until shown otherwise.
It wasn't always the same, I managed four TV programmes smoothly before it all fell apart when raising the bar. The jump from satellite to terrestrial is the same as A level to postgrad and equally tough to make, as is local to national newspapers. They are sharks, not just known by my experience but others who say how they find loopholes in the law, well one actually, you can lie as long as a) it won't hurt someone's reputation and b) if it might they can't afford to sue you. ie they do almost what they like and keep a fund for damages in case they get it wrong. And I let these cunts interview me...

Well, you can see I've not had a good week so far and see no more ahead. The one time I was given any power at all I used it to help and look after people. Some there still do but that is not what gets them promotion or even recognition, it is keeping a low profile. Keep your head down, do as you're told. And never disagree. Doing your job well counts for squat besides turning up and being seen to be around. Any more is dismissed as not important as it's about keeping the place tidy, not happy. How depressing.

I have been forced to do the right thing then, to forget every job I've passed on to others (except to keep a date to remind them) as once you've discharged your duty (that's a real phrase, I didn't just make it up) you needn't meditate over it but move on. I have a few longer trips ahead and the days are getting longer so I can do them. The first may be on Thursday, no signs, just old places I know. Meanwhile in the background the pile of replies (and a couple of favours) building up is growing, and besides those that take weeks to reply some will just wither on the vine and disappear. I think the TV programme will as it was wrong from the start and can't see that really making it. Now if they drop it it will be for sale and should I be able to afford it can then take it over as I think the cast will trust me as I got them the job. Imagine that, a TV producer by mistake. But I think I know nearly as much about it as they do now after trying to sweep up behind them for a couple of years. Like buying a house. No one better to do it than the buyer.

Well life has managed to piss away a whole day today, first appointment DNA (business term for forgot to turn up), sign I drove miles to had been replaced, and no replies from any corner. I must expect too much but if you look at what you should expect it means 99% of the people we rely on to improve the quality of our life are total wankers. Oh dear. It can't be both so what else is left?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's updates

I've just read the link on global warming, which confirmed oft repeated facts that boil down to man made CO2 emissions raise the temperature by 0.036 degrees.

Now they are the facts, with long explanations of their origins, what bit don't the warmists get? And now Obama and the UN are going to make CO2 an official pollutant. That is like blaming Bambi for cancer or Brian Clough for corruption in football. Never mind the facts and evidence, just plough on regardless as enough of the population are soft enough to believe it. Says a lot for the average person doesn't it...

Back to more interesting topics (ie me). Having been laid low with a cold for a few days spent the last two indoors and was able to man the phone and email and catch up with many important projects, business, pleasure and career (which combines the two as I'm in it for fame not money). Besides actually getting an old warning sign (minus the statutory triangle) none of my projects for over a year now have been completed. No women, articles, TV programmes or campaigns. Some are just alive by a thread, others long dead and buried. I have a massive series of emails to every other paper I can think of next as if two were interested enough to make enquiries, one from a hundred may even print the fucking thing at last. I can only hope and pray but prefer a sign to be preserved or replaced without the need for the weight of the press.

I've found one more possible sign trip with Suffolk (feh, oy vay, oy a broch and ich starb avek) to follow. Yiddish all easily translatable but pretty obvious. I haven't got as far as thinking what I'll do each day after a couple of months looking for signs nearly every day but something always turns up when the time comes. I have also been learning more about human nature, and although there are bad and broken apples out there none are too old to learn. I doubt they will as whatever I write will either not be read or fall on deaf ears, but reform I must if I can, and one saved soul is a miracle, and no need for religion there. There are some situations that only require an apology to win, and others where it is only a start. Now if one person who just needs to admit they were wrong did so I'd get one more piece of faith back in human nature. I have not deserved being treated like a danger to society, but if you expect people to follow like robots you'd better employ morons. Anyone who can actually think and understand cannot remain silent forever if they see areas that can be improved on. Many companies welcome suggestions from staff and offer prizes, but others have the board making all the decisions and you just tow the line. Unless I'm on a chain gang no one can get that from me unless they pay a heck of a lot.

I don't know who else I know reads this, but without embarrassing anyone there are a few women out there who ought to be getting a bloody good seeing to from me, but are either abroad or married. No names but if they read this they may work it out. And committment as well, as they have all I want, but a seeing to should always come first. Just being friends with attractive and intelligent women is the same as standing outside a restaurant watching other people eat. No productive value at all. Nature did not intend it (I have had this out before, and an old friend wasn't impressed, but we are over that now), if both don't want more one nearly always does.
I also suspect lack of sex turns many women into monsters who simply direct their frustration in every direction as they hate life without it. So do I, but men just become depressed rather than mean. Knowing the cause of how a good person turns nasty doesn't mean you can do much about it, and I wouldn't there if I could, but wish someone would give the woman a good nailing so I can finally see a smile on her face after god knows how many years. Otherwise she suffers and we all do.

Yes, I have tested my own theory and seem to be able to outthink most people when challenged, not because I am particularly special, but my mind is clear of the fog that stops equally intelligent people seeing things clearly. I don't read data telling me CO2 is trivial and essential to life and then say we must poison the world with suplhur and iron filings to absorb it. I don't make it an offence to challenge my authority where I have it. In fact having authority is enough. Anyone who challenges true authority is meaningless as they can be ignored. It is only when the person feels threatened they oppress all opinions. Iam never afraid to speak out at injustice for the consequence of revealing the truth is more important than any loss besides imprisonment, and many go even further than I would to accept that in a genuine cause. Most people accept rules and laws without question, even when there is no actual benefit to be gained from following them. And more and more people don't dare open their mouths on immigration, racial and religious differences, class differences, and use medical terms for disabilities although none are crimes as they don't want to risk a bollocking. I ignore each and every one of these artificial constraints and distractions, and the consequences include frequent bollockings, losing authority and being mistrusted, but on the plus side gain a small but valuable collection of good people and never compromise the truth. I'd rather lose a job than lose the plot.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Global warming admitted as scam

Yesterday's Daily Mail reveals a recent online piece that has taken nearly 20 years to either report or piece together. If this piece was presented at a trial how many judges wouldn't throw out the case before the jury even get to consider it? This is from yesterday's Daily Mail, in my own words. If true I hope the game is finally up. The carbon trust adverts are threatening my mental health already.

Roger Revelle has been found to be the originator of the idea to invent global warming as a man made phenomenon to get massive funding for Harvard. John Coleman, a meteorologist, has traced every thread back to this original source, and after Revelle retired he started to soften, saying perhaps man made global warming is a myth.

Coleman's closing words were "Global warming is a hoax. It is bad science. It is a hijacking of public policy. It is the greatest scam in history." I would have hoped an admission from one of the few who devised this plan would weigh a trillion (a number now active since the world debt mountain reached it) times more than anything I say or any other mere reporter who has done the research. This is the person who created it finally telling the truth. It's always hurtful to feel you've been had, but please listen to someone who really knows rather than suspects. He's only saying what so many others have worked out for ages but he has the authority to do so and be listened to.
And in the words of the reader "Fuck me!".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A week of arseholes

Well, at least our own websites offer total freedom of speech. It seems due to international conflicts of law it also allows anyone to say anything about other people as well despite being libellous, but most freedoms have an associated cost. Having said that all I can talk about is a week of chores and pointless trips because there was little else to do, although I have had a little work today for a change as well.

As far as the road sign project goes there's only one known search trip left as my map has now covered a region from Leytonstone in the east, Hertford in the north, Godalming in the west and a little village in Surrey in the south. I'd go further (except south east as the roads are shite) if there was anything known there but can't travel too far without knowing there was something there to get. I've had no replies from either council since I narrowed down my focus to just the two. One gets a phone call soon and the other needs an email after I was told they can't speak to the public when I phoned. I don't often feel like murdering anyone but if I ever did that was an occasion. And because I was put through to their department by another to deal with my enquiry.

The chores had to be done and are a great relief to be covered so far. Some are large scale and others are just the regular necessities like queuing in a post office (half I know have closed so they usually have queues now where many didn't). The list is about half done and should cover a deal of it tomorrow. A trip to Aldershot over the weekend for the last road search and the rest is over the horizon. The coincidences are up again, which is a good sign even though this week were involved with conflict and misunderstanding, including one who had never done so before so not just dealing with difficult people. Someone said a sentence on the phone just now while I read most of it on a picture I was looking at. That happens with the radio as well but a sentence beats an unusual word I think.

If I am being guided it is a very rough path. In the past I have achieved many great things and each one was close to ending many times before it was completed. When I got them I appreciated them more as they were not simply available from turning up, but at nearly 50 I don't need to learn by ordeal like you do when young. OK, I've so far got through it and am still here to tell the story, but haven't yet got very much to show for it. I am further on one than I have been for a long time and completed the next stage, but all the rest has got me absolutely nowhere.
At least I am able to do most things I couldn't for so long, not always easily but am closer to normal than not after over 2 years.

I am also doing a little survey who reads this. I've seen various tidbits I mentioned crop up elsewhere and just wondered who reads what and passes what on. I have seen people come and go including one who showed me more or less my original idea she was good however badly she behaved in the past. My judgement of character is usually right and improving. And people on the fence go either way sooner or later. Another is basically good but has a dark side that comes out in a particular situation everyone else is aware of as well. Margaret Thatcher, almost my local MP but for a white line along the middle of the road, was someone I never met, but she was a pussycat as a person from what I could see, and it was her actual policies that were scary. She was a good and honest person who just had the power turn her peculiar towards the end. But many people of all colours politically respect her for who she was. The two we have had now, Blair and Brown, are the exact reverse, a poncy slimy creep who gives not a shit about the country or any policy but only his career, and a lying moron whose only skill is blaming others for his shortcomings and otherwise says to people what they want to hear but does what he wants regardless.

So power and leadership comes from the top and sets too many people bad examples of how they should do it, so rather than gain power to help others it ends up as a crusade for personal influence and ego. It's seen at every level from the clerks who answer the phone and deliberately obstruct callers from the people and information they need to those at the top who fiddle millions and sack those who find out about it. Most people in power are there to further their career and only help others when it helps them, stopping as soon as you are no longer getting it for them. Unless they are obliged to help in their job, they will string you along as far as they need to and let go as soon as they don't. It's happened to me with almost every cunt I've dealt with recently and learnt never to treat nice people in authority like friends as they wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire. Many will forget you if you ring more than a week later as well.

Well that's a snapshot of the last week, a few special people have helped while the rest obstruct and destroy me at every move. But it is sad how some cliches are so true and power corrupts nearly everyone with it at every level. From kids squashing ants onwards, most never learn for their whole lives, like alcoholics. It's everyone else except them, unless they learn the truth.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

If you want it done, do it yourself

Most people are selfish sods. If your request doesn't coincide with their agenda they will start helping you just to the point it diverges from their own plans and they fuck off like they've just picked your pocket. I've had more bastards do this to me with the sign campaign than usual, plus others who use me to try and sort out their own schemes instead. Unfortunately it shows that few people want to help for the sake of a good cause and because they have the power and we haven't. They are a handful. The rest want something out of it. Normally it's when you can help their career or project. If they start helping and find it's not getting them what they hoped they turn round and run. Two newspapers, council members aplenty and more. In fact, in this project, not one person in authority has done a fucking thing to help. Many started but none have actually finished a single request through to the end and I am left doing the whole lot on my own as usual.

The actual progress has reached to finally getting not only my first pre 1963 warning sign, but the same one I missed on my old block. It had its triangle missing but otherwise in good order. Besides that I've carried on digging up more old direction signs further and further away, including Hertford, near Woking, and a couple of B road signs one from the 1920s in Southwark. And many more roads to cover as the map is still offering new roads as I work through it.
Now if just one person was to turn around and want to help on this not to get a promotion or one of their own ideas get done I will be very happy. Like the Japanese custom, many Brits say yes and mean no and are just wasting everyone's time. And some come to me! They say how interesting it is, and can I give them an interview and then nothing. And this time it's not me as all I'm doing is giving them a history lesson, not entertaining anyone. I have more calls to make next week and this time the people may even be in their office.

Everything else is a mystery but little has been a surprise. It's not that many people are against you, but very few are for. Different motive but same result.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nothing could happen this week

I have more reasons for non-attachment at the moment, major projects with very little chance of success but if we want more we have to have a go. Two calls to councils about getting old signs sorted out, publishers to speak to about the related book, and a possible trip, maybe the final one, to Poplar for signs if they haven't gone and someone lets me know where one is.
It's been a good week (ie since this time a week ago), one sign, seen two old friends, got a load of birthday presents (new DVD player today included), and more vouchers including one just exchanged for some new jeans which I saved £7 by shortening myself, and quite a good job. Saving money is a good motivation to learn to sew, and many other things like cleaning the car.

My gas bill for the last quarter beat all records by £200, for a 3 bedroom chalet bungalow I was just nailed for £534. My health comes first so I keep the house warm all year round, and more important than being ill and saving money like before it was under my control. Flu every year or so and many more colds isn't worth saving any money for. Very few at all now. This week I really have few outdoor pursuits, M&S was done today and besides taking my book to the local history shop to be told it costs too much to sell very little else. I'm still waiting to see if my sole example of an old sign taken before the digital camera will be legible as it was on a video, but am now happy with my goodness knows how many direction sign really need a red triangle complete with sign rather than a mixture of old and new like the sole example I caught so far. There's one in Poulton-le-Fylde I just heard about but if I was that desperate I'd go to Suffolk and then probably find they've already gone. Could be worth a try actually. It'll be just like my old days when I went all over for tickets but that meant as many places as I could visit, although at the end only a couple had the old ones and did 500 miles in one day for my only Welsh examples.

Well I hope I actually succeed in any of this week's plans as the odds are well against me besides shlepping around London for an old sign or two (one has no paint so barely legible). More snow is forecast so it may be watching the DVDs that have stacked up and other videos including another set of Watch with Mothers which is a thousand times better than the shite you now see on CITV and similar even worse channels from America and Japan. I am firmly stuck in the 60s and early 70s and only a woman or a sympathetic council will change that.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A snow day

Well there's eight inches of snow today so any minor plans were altered, and besides the gym being closed which was near enough to visit, my all day quiz playing online was instituted as all points are stored on our profile and points don't mean prizes but advancement compared to the many thousands of other players. Then I decided to take a friend's advice and write another quiz on piles, as I learnt a lot about them from personal need and always been fascinated by bottoms and related functions.

I have now bench pressed 70kg flat for the first time, but due to overeating have not quite beaten my bodyweight which increased accordingly. But it was quite a jump and shows everything is working. Otherwise I made none of my phone calls today as basically no one was at work so will have to wait till everything gets back to normal. Or as they say in America, snafu. Adding to that picture the great obsessive Jonathan Porritt threw his dunce's hat into the ring today suggesting the NHS divert money from healthcare to contraception, but 'to prevent climate change'. I saw this coming didn't I, when I listed all the nutcase ideas people pop up blaming for climate change. Nose picking, making funny faces, leaving dog mess behind, choral singing outdoors, wiping from back to front, eating with your mouth open and spilling salt will all be subject to the accusations and clearly a new era of witch hunting that is often associated with economic declines.

Therefore instead of accepting the issue those with less mental stability but more power divert their attention to a false cause unrelated to any genuine problem and then attack innocent people and animals (remember the monkey hanging in Hartlepool?) as part of needing someone to blame for the false threat. Witches (Salem), Jews (Germany) and every other superstition since the stone age are from the same phenomenon, and people are catching this one like a virus as soon as they come out with the total bollocks associated with the giveaway symptoms. Could you spot the real ones from the made up? Don't use so much toilet paper, jog so much, use barbecues, go on foreign holidays, use your air conditioning, heat your house, eat meat, etc etc.
In fact the only made up one was on April Fool's day by a newspaper suggesting barbecues were to be taxed for emitting CO2. The trouble being this may well happen in reality. All others are genuine suggestions made by academics or celebrities to more restrict our freedom and savings, without the slightest validity and costs greater than any imaginary benefit anyhow.

Maybe the peak will arrive, like it did with oil, where the madness builds to a maximum, people come to their senses and the bubble bursts. One can only hope. And lectures like mine are the only antidote so each day I hear more nonsense hit the airways I come back with a return. It is our duty as the sane to help both the others and ourselves as we are all victims either directly or indirectly besides the few who profit. The campaign is about global bullshitting and the false religion of global warming. Satan is not the human being for causing it but the antichrists of Al Gore and the IPCC for making it up. They are the bad guys and will fuck the world up like a gang bang in a Hell's Angels initiation if we let them carry on spreading lies and insanity.