Friday, August 26, 2011

International politics

I have totally turned off on Libya. Vietnam was a total fiasco, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc. Other countries always have civil wars and by their very nature there is little outsiders can and should do. If they were genuine they'd have stopped the genocide in Rwanda which was widely reported and known about and somehow the UN and NATO filtered it from their agendas. But Libya is an internal issue miles away and you don't see foreign powers running to help or invade, depending on your point of view, when the west has issues. The sole consequence here of invading/helping Libya was a huge rise in the oil price, so it's going down now but only as it looks like it all might be over soon, if we hadn't gone there it would probably have been far less of an effect. But we can't be involved in everyone else's business without an extremely good reason. Rwanda was a rare one and we didn't, Zimbabwe is another, ditto. Very selective and in my opinion if there are far worse atrocities elsewhere and you choose somewhere different it's clearly a bad move. So if the Iranian people kick off next (and they really should under that regime but would be wiped out in days compared to elsewhere) will we go there as well? Syria has been well avoided so far, despite being a lot smaller than Libya, and I really no longer know or want to know why, Britain has major problems with debt, investments down to almost zero and prices doubling, and all we're doing is falling at the same rate China is rising till we meet in the middle and then end up like Zimbabwe. Pre-Nazi Germany printed money when they didn't have it and it started off the last war. We are going the same way, making the same mistakes and at this rate we'll be invaded by the Chinese when weakened enough and the few troops we have left will be in Afghanistan getting themselves shot by terrorists. Does it make sense? Not to me.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Political points

The role of government is to look after those in trouble and protect citizens from harm. Anything more is simply ideological interference.
The law of socialism (maths not included): Anyone having more money than most people reduces the total amount available and has to be claimed back from them in tax. In fact each person has the potential to become rich independently, and if so they create what economists call 'growth', ie the total wealth has actually increased. This means they are either too thick to add up or thieves, neither of which are a good thing.CO2 emissions have shown despite huge taxes the only time they went down was the year of the world recession, showing only a correlation with reduced growth. Therefore, by further reducing the economy by growing restrictions the politicians will guarantee a long term depression which will indeed reduce CO2. In a pyramid scheme the product is the means to an end, not important in itself. They use it as a reason to move money up the pyramid from the bottom to the top until it collapses through lack of people to add. Solar and wind power are using this principle to pay users with the money taken from those who use other sources. The products don't work and it just moves the money around.

Money comes in two basic types, earned and created. They are not the same. If you create money it is akin to forgery, and in the UK and US has proved worthless to fuel the economy. But the government are in the know, and rather than use this newly created cash to pay their own debts they take it from us in taxes. They have proved the difference, as the only money they can use is real earned money based on production. The only way to fuel the economy is to reduce taxes, which they don't do.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The new totalitarian state

A democracy is a political organisation where every qualified individual has the regular opportunity to choose who represents them. The EU is slowly taking over the functions of individual governments, and has now reached the point it is about to impose restrictions not seen since the fall of the Soviet Union and worse. Had they been democratic the people would have objected, and voted such measures out at the next election, problem over. But the EU policies are not made by the European Parliament (I'm still not quite sure what they do do but that's another issue) but the permanent EU Commission. They debate in private and do not require published minutes, all we usually know about it is when they announce their latest policies.

So, as the EU have reached the point where they make the majority of decisions in Britain at least then whatever we vote for we always get the same, and have no means of redress or accountability. That actually means all EU members are in the start (or worse) of a totalitarian state. For example no EU member state can actually choose on carbon reduction programmes, they are compulsory. Commodity prices mainly in the area of food are set by the EU by holding back goods and paying producers not to produce. In individual countries this would normally be illegal but in the EU it's de rigeur and always was. Protectionism and price fixing are also indicative of totalitarianism, so they qualify on that count as well. And with the imminent removal of rail subsidies, road pricing and banning cars altogether in cities can you think of a single country who would have actually voted such measures in? Or one with a constitution allowing them if they were attempted?

Saturday, August 06, 2011

This is realpolitik

The economic news is simply boring. The US debt is just a symptom of wild lending and fraud, and technically the UK is not affected but is hardly going to lead the world much longer in their current position. The Euro crisis is about to be settled with a debt pool, so says the smart spokesman, as then no one country will be affected and in true communist style all the rich countries will have their debts increased to even the problem despite not being responsible for them personally. It's a bit like if your sewer floods, and rather than it overflow your house you make holes to the houses next door and have a lower level of sewage through them all. That's communism, everyone sinks to the lowest level, and although Britain won't be hooked as we're not Euro users the others will be economically unified to do so. No national tax or much else when that happens, basically a single state. If they hadn't had the Euro debt zones they would never have had the chance to unify the whole zone, so you could say that if they wanted a unified state all along then creating a currency that would fail and need unification to hold it together, then that has now been achieved. It can all be set up in advance more or less as reckless lending will always lead to a crash and if the solution was in place before the crash then the cart was put before the horse, many many years before in this case.

There is a big picture in politics and economics, and once you see it then it all makes sense. Wars make arms traders rich. Opec zone wars make Opec rich as it shoots the price of oil up, they already have reserves and it's like saying your savings have suddenly tripled in value for doing nothing. Create a small war every now and then and you can keep the oil producers happy and get your donations in for the next election from the big arms dealers. It all fits together like a jigsaw made from faeces. Each piece of dirt fits nicely with the next one and basically the whole scene is one of filth and corruption, as threats and bribes have always oiled the wheels of politics better than votes and helping people ever can.

So basically the world governments operate like an international mafia. They will let the ordinary people have a reasonably good life otherwise they may turn against them, so they turn the screw but only enough to keep the cash flowing and not enough for a full revolution to occur. You won't get the town to keep silent when they witness a murder if you don't give them some kind of freedom. So it's a balance of oppression and limited liberties, just enough so people feel free and don't realise they could be a lot freer. Those hippies in the 60s were a rare diversion from the tracks, and actually many of their communes were left in peace and seemed it was easier to leave them alone than stir things up and only shot at them when they demonstrated about unpopular issues like Vietnam. But if they kept quiet and out of the way smoking a little weed didn't usually cause too many ructions.

But that was a short diversion into an oasis among the rest of the storm. Like the bible says (they did invent a lot of wisdom that works without the slightest need for god) you can't lie openly, you have to hide it in truth, and you can't mistreat people openly (except in half the world as the people are so poor that they haven't the resources to revolt) but in the west they pretend to be nice and only suck your blood at night when you're asleep and don't notice, like a mosquito. You hardly ever know when you're being bitten but you sure know afterwards. They offer the moon before an election, they get in and miraculously continue 80% of the policies of the precious government they'd spent four years running down. In fact for decades now the policies have hardly changed whoever has got in, the differences are now the exception and whatever they say in opposition virtually the same crap happens in power. Tuition fees, fortnightly bin collections, the congestion charge, the Climate Change Act, petrol taxes, all things the opposition criticised and now they're in charge have all been kept, although the congestion area has been reduced none of the others have happened at all. They scrapped one policy immediately, medical waiting times were deregulated so we can wait two weeks to see the doctor and a year for a consultant again after that had actually been fixed.

It doesn't often get better nowadays, does it?

Monday, August 01, 2011

Wasted efforts?

Today's theme is delayed reactions, or technically no reactions. If I stay up till 4am doing research it's because I don't get interrupted that late so get on with everything without a break, and the end result is blog posts and articles from what I've discovered. Besides a handful of comments from those who already know these things the reactions and responses I've had have been precisely zero, besides a genuine shock from a radio presenter I called. Nothing happened but he knows. And that's the only result, the bare minimum. People have been told. They can't then say whenever it comes out 'Wow, who'd ever have expected that', much like the poor simpleton Gordon Brown, an economist who genuinely thinks we're dumb enough to think he couldn't see uncontrolled lending would mean a mass default. They hear it, ignore it, but it's there.

So I won't give up digging and sharing the dirt, but now realise people don't care. Otherwise efforts are expended similarly in other areas, and the rule is quality not quantity for success. You don't succeed by almost killing yourself, but by focusing and knowing where to focus. Not that I do, but even when you do then it doesn't guarantee results, it just buys you a ticket. Funnily enough I've just joined the first dating site for years and waiting for their activation link, and although it took two years I did meet my last girlfriend on one, and basically if this one is actually free (the site is blocked until you join, go figure) I have nothing beyond the wasted hours on the phone to total strangers plus the embarrassing evenings in dodgy pubs continuing said phone calls with women I'd never dreamed of even approaching had I met them face to face first. But I'll try it in case. The media work is no different. My focus was the only way you can succeed without an Equity card or being a qualified journalist. I networked, my one known contact needed what I could offer and took off ever since. But the media has levels like any other career, and I'm on step one, voluntary usage in fringe areas. Beyond that level we can't dictate who uses what, I've had many leads which could have got me on step two or even higher, but is pure chance which projects get completed or not.

But as far as the news goes, I've never seen things like this before. The world situation is at a lifetime low, the signs are all out there (I compiled a list of world commodity prices, which have been shooting up the last few years as well as the population which has tripled!), and what do people do? Ignore it. What this man made recession has done is to increase prices and regulations threefold while keep incomes where they are, or a fraction if you live off investments. We're not at third world rates yet but if you graph the pay over price ratio ahead, if nothing stops the trend we soon will be. So people ignore the trend and wait for the disaster and then realise. What can they do about it then? Search me, it's never happened before in my lifetime. The graphs show stability since the end of rationing in the 40s, and then the last few years before the crash prices rocketed. That money's going somewhere- Russia, China, politicians, bankers, and away from us. The total hardly changes but the shift is to the already super rich from everyone else. If prices go up we all lose except the retailers. Do you own an oilfield or a wind farm? Or a supermarket? If not then all these price rises will slowly cripple you all. Houses now cost three times the multiple of income they did a few years ago. So there's already a lot less left. I don't know how people even manage now but somehow they seem to as they aren't rioting on the streets or even writing to the papers. But if you can't see it now you soon will believe me. The mechanism has already been put in place to put the recent price rises into the big time and then you'll notice. And guess what, I told you.

Of course the first thing I want is action- people realising they are fucked and they must start telling everyone else how and why as once you know this you will stop accepting it. Currently I am blamed as paranoid although all the data is in, as it always is before I begin any campaign. But no one who hadn't worked it out already even believes me, or cares. They feel rich so they think they are. They feel free, unless they want to buy a light bulb, park your car or take a photo without being stopped and questioned. Those are the very beginnings of restrictions, and must come in slowly or we'll all notice and object. So look for them and realise if you can be taxed on something new at a low level then it will rise, like car parking outside your own house. This is happening worldwide in one way or another as there is only one connected economy, there's one pool of cash and it's moving away from you and me.