Friday, July 30, 2004

Quiet week

Blogging is mainly for keeping a record rather than to entertain, though if the record can be kept entertaining it helps. So I write if something happens, and I write if nothing happens. I haven't planned or thought about what I'll write here beyond describing the previous week since the last post.
It was quiet! Not sure where all my clients have gone exactly, but only saw the one on Thursday, and basically had the rest of the week to myself (don't worry, I can afford to...). I spent 2 sessions on the garden, which saved it from an all-time invasion from all directions of weeds and bushes. It's a mess, but on Tuesday it was a lot worse. The cat always enjoys watching anyway, and follows me from the front to the back if I swap over. I suppose the good news is that there isn't much housework left to do (I do have someone who does most of it for me) and that's the first time in nearly 9 years I can say that. Normally that's at the end of the list and only really gets done when I've used up every other possible diversion. I've even run out of things on the internet at last, after having free rein for exactly a year. I suppose I'll have to find life again away from the computer. More to come I hope...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

keeping busy

Well, a busy phase has hopefully come to an end, I prefer to do things as and when I choose, but life sometimes presents you with opportunities that may be stressful, but would be a waste to turn down, like the potential Big Brother eviction I couldn't get in to.
I just spent a few hours on a stall at a typical mind/body exhibition to do reiki healing and tarot readings, but as I was on the late shift I only did the one tarot reading. That is now the end of the busy period, and I also saw a really weird number plate parked in front of me with no ID and nothing like anything seen before. Lucky I was ready with my camera, and here it is 

As I have the book of world plates, it turned out to be a diplomat from the British embassy in Guyana. Not many of those around outside Guyana!

Otherwise any unseen events in the week ahead will be reported if they occur.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Got the answer?

Well, I haven't posted all week as nothing happened.

Fiddling about online this afternoon trying to track down a reference for hypnosis I came across, I discovered extracts from a very expensive course that actually understands how women think! It was based mainly on findings from professional hypnotists, and luckily a book version exists for 1/5 of the price of the whole course. It could be the best investment I'll ever make, especially if you see the quote on my blurb.
I mean, how many men are single at 44 unless they see women as thinking and acting in a way comparable with some ancient tablets found in Star Trek on an alien planet, written in a language and grammar it takes the communication officer, captain and 3 Vulcans over a year to decipher? It appears, (unless they've made it up, which is also a possibility) someone has actually deciphered the biggest mystery of the physical universe, so there's only God and life after death left.

The jury has retired...

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Well, come rain or shine I should write this blog, whether there's something interesting happening or not. It is now pretty quiet at the moment, certainly no events I can report, just normal boring life in London's more salubrious suburbs. It seems at the moment that many women like me while they are in America (I have a lot of online friends there) but as soon as they would hit British territory the force field would operate and put them off. I have been to America twice, and found both there and here the people are the friendliest and easiest to get on with that I've met. I don't intend to move there at my time of life (they wouldn't let me work there anyway, which is ironic as I don't actually work here either!), but if only I could ship the lot of them over here that I know and we could see how it went.

There are a few that could tempt me over there as well to see them, but as yet none have invited me. If I need a good reason to go there, that would be it. Nowadays I prefer my travel to be of the day trip variety, much less trouble and no time to get bored with some godforsaken corner of the world that is probably their equivalent of Southend or Neasden and their own nationals would rarely go to anyway. My experiences of abroad have been varied, but I find my energy and enthusiasm for spending time away has reduced with the reality of staying somewhere else compared to the imagination in advance. I can go shopping, use public transport, see beaches and cities anywhere in Britain, and apart from usually better weather I see far more similarity in each place I go to than the differences in houses and landscape I do come across.
America seems far closer to home because I can find my way around and go shopping as we share a language, but though I haven't been there I reckon I wouldn't feel like that in another English speaking country, though unless I do I can't be sure.

I see it as an asset to be so comfortable with my own surroundings not to need so much variety. I've done it and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Of course I've had some great holidays abroad, but most depended on the quality of the hotel where I usually spent about 90% of my time, combined with the (usually English) people I met there. On the positive side the nicest place I've been is the Washington DC Hilton, which also had the best pool area which could have been anywhere in the world though it was in the middle of a major city.
I've also had a few great holidays in fancy beach hotels in France and Israel, but have grown out of the family holiday thing now so wouldn't fit in any more there. Morocco and Spain were also nice, as was Scandinavia and Amsterdam, it's just I've 'done them' now and fascinating as they were, have less need to clock up more and more new locations just for the hell of it. I certainly intend at least a few more day trips, and please God if I ever have a family will probably go away with them, but as things are now, the holidays can wait.

Friday, July 16, 2004

I was right

Talk about tempting fate. It's a good rule I made not to speculate on any future plans here but wait till they've happened. I had a ticket for tonight's big brother eviction (it was Ahmed) and it turns out the idiots give away double the spaces they have, and then send half the visitors home, including myself, though I actually got there 10 minutes early. I got there in 20 minutes, the 4 people next to me came from Sheffield, 200 miles away. We saw nothing, except 1000 or so people dressed up and carrying banners with the housemate's names on them. I don't know if it was just the people near me, but there was a huge gay contingent, possibly attracted by the number of gay housemates this year. Anyway, the group I referred to were queuing with me and were very nice and were already chatting with me before we received the bombshell we wouldn't be going anywhere, so I had to watch it at home.

I saw the whole cast last year as they held their leaving party facing the main road, so I'll be back in 2 weeks for the next one, they can't stop me doing that at least. Bastards!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A busy week

It's quite unusual for me to have a busy week nowadays, partly from avoiding them, and partly from little to do worth getting out of the house for. I'd need more than a few blog pages to give the history of this, but the basic situation is no regular friends, no adequate girlfriend. I've always had friends till recently (it was emigration, not disgust, that made the last one go) but the girlfriends have been few and far between since about 1987 (I do remember these details...).

Partly due to the arrival of a local healing centre who have actually welcomed me into their staff (if we can raise any interest amongst the public) and I've spent some time there getting to know the two fascinating sisters who own it. I've got a fair amount of counselling-related work as well this week, and am seeing a female friend on Friday (one of the last people left on the sinking ship that is my social life). I even visited my local palace of retail, Brent Cross shopping centre, hoping to find a digital radio that's been marketed for nearly 2 years but has never been sold in reality. Despite the first ever exact date for official launch being given (the 8th of July), the only company who claim to have real ones, Dixons, had none in their shop. I think they just forgot to add the 'not yet available' warning on their website like everyone else did.
One thing I won't hopefully do here is talk about future plans. I have never known either whether they will be worth the effort, or even carried out until after the day has passed, so any new plans I have on the system will appear here after the event and not, like the media, be speculated upon in advance.

I also have a new internet friend who may or may not like to meet me. I think an answer is on it's way shortly, but I have no idea which way it will go (I rarely do with women, like trying to understand Klingon, only their body language is easier to read). One problem with blogs is if you write about people you know there's always the chance they'll read it. Now as I'm a glutton for attention, I'd see it as an honour just for someone to bother to put me in their story, but most people hate to be gossiped about and would bawl me out once they saw how I actually feel about them. What a sad, paranoid, world it is.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Setting things up

From post #1, you can see (on the female front, at least) I have had to start again from scratch, after 6 months preparing the ground on two previously, which never were in reality. My question for today is about starting projects. I have now started a few efforts meeting someone new, and have one new lead to follow. And the point is that the majority of possible results from started projects never happen.

In the past, I've met a girlfriend usually directly and asked them out, and that's been more or less it. No preparation, clues, hints or anything else. Now I rarely meet anyone new. London is definitely the worst place for over 30s to meet others, believe me, I've seen other places, and there is no community here at all to speak of. It's similar to news stories, when there's all sorts of speculation about will a war/earthquake/hurricane etc start or not, and they hardly ever do. In fact they just usually happen without warning and as soon as people wonder if something major's going to happen in advance it rarely does. So any woman I'm interested in that I don't start dating immediately usually means I never will. If it doesn't happen straight away it probably won't.

Please join in the discussion, I'm always happy to get more information and new data.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Non events #1

OK, today I've run out of things to do on my own. There are only so many, and I've used them all up. The final act left was to post here, so I am. And I've called this non events #1 as I expect there to be many more instances of non events ahead, as this seems to be the way things are.
The one problem with internet communities are that though you meet the right sort of people, they live anywhere at random, so are hardly ever likely to meet them. I've been posting comments like this all my life in notebooks, but of course here I'm doing it for public view, so have to both try and make them interesting and edit out some of the stuff that, though most people have similar ideas in private, seem to give the impression of insanity in public as they aren't yet topics people are aware they share with others.
In fact, apart from being over sensitive to my surroundings, I'm actually quite sane. I do know all the medical definitions, and if I've lasted this long with no symptoms beyond extreme anxiety I think I can safely say that anything I express that's different from the masses is genius, not insanity. I'm sure some great writers have earnt millions writing the same sort of banal reflections I do once they've found a good publisher. Well, the nearest thing for me is the internet, and if some bright person decides to read all the blogs and publish the best ones for those people who don't have the internet, I'm sure they'd do very well.

Thought for today: Please could all those people on blogs and generally stop moaning about their relationships! You have no sensitivity for those without one, and either enjoy what you've got, or leave the bastards. But for God's sake don't whinge about 'Oh, he's not paying enough attention to me' or 'She doesn't like my friends' or whatever other whining trivia you can drag out of your sad psyches as life just isn't quite perfect enough for you. Do you hear people in Ethiopia complaining about their food being overcooked? NO! Why? Because they appreciate it! If you have a partner, learn to appreciate them or get the hell out of the relationship and get one with someone you actually like!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

B. all to write...

OK, I can see how writing these can focus me on how little actually happens day by day worth writing down. That would be fine in itself, as this isn't intended to be a work of literature, but the trouble is it shows what a boring time is occuring.

Other than that, there's clearly a new online family growing here, and for any women reading this, yes, I'm single, and if I can't use this as an alternative dating ad I can't see why not. So if any ladies are browsing my blog and think they'd like to know more, go ahead. I'm too old and too practical to turn down any positive attention. Pride only serves to delay success, as so many people hang on to disputes or won't progress in projects through it. It's far better to be honest and admit you're either wrong, sorry, or in a hole and then you may find it helps you get out of it.

Well, if anyone learns something from my philosophy I've done very well, it took years of trial and error on my part to learn these principles, and working with personal problems professionally I know these principles work. Behind the surface, we're all the same, and therefore what you may see as a failing in yourself is actually how we're all made. My final question to anyone who wants to comment, is can anyone be returned to the path of truth after officially signing off it? I believe unless something happens that means they have to change, which is rare, they'll always be the ones most fixed and convinced they're right to ever learn anything new. The rest of us who know we both change and make mistakes have less certainty about anything and are therefore open to learning all the time, as we know we're not always right.
Well, there's plenty to think about here, I'll continue to add more of my philosophy as why keep it to myself if it can help people?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Typical quiet day

I had to make an executive decision today, whether to wait till something happens before I post, or keep it rolling regardless of the banality of life here in Kingsbury. Having said that, life in Kingsbury can't be anything but banal, so I suppose that's the answer.

I'm pleased to see a comment on my first day online, and have been trawling the few other blogs I'm linked to (until they make an index), and have left a few of my own around as well. One thing if anyone visits my website will be aware of is my psychic research. I always like stories of psychic powers and events, and have reached a fair stage of clairvoyance myself having studied for 13 years after leaving my academic studies at last. Many powers that are extentions of existing science, eg thoughts exist in our head, why not pass them around like radio waves? We can receive our own thoughts, so the electrical activity others create shouldn't be that hard to pick up either.

Others appear also to be, levitation is the opposite force of gravity, walking through things and invisibility mean the links between the 1% of solid objects that's actually solid change so they no longer form a barrier to normal matter, and psychokinesis is the effect of moving matter through the same channels as thoughts or radio waves. The conclusion is normal science points towards many of the things that currently hardly ever happen, and if we find a way of making them happen deliberately, they won't be paranormal any more.

Only life after death, God and higher dimensions complete with life forms beats me at the moment, as they go beyond anything I can explain through extending existing science. Time slips are also dubious but there are too many examples to be ignored. I look forward to some feedback on this.