Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas arse

Have I been too busy to blog or too little to report? Well, that never stopped me in the past, but then I could talk about all my ideas which have really been used up since I started. The rest has been totally routine except seeing someone I hadn't seen for nearly 30 years from Facebook which is another thing that would have been impossible without the internet.
The rest is potential. People coming to me tomorrow night, one or two VIPs (one I think as the second hasn't replied) but she is the main one on the list for that event. Tuesday should provide the exact date and time of my American TV programme, and I'm still working as per usual which makes up for the months earning nothing previously. The video camera has now been fully tweaked so should behave almost perfectly now, so weather permitting will be filming travel videos of 4 minutes of Golders Green, Hampstead (again?), Brent Cross and Staples Corner (again?), and maybe even Highgate (the last one I took wasn't readable).

I've learnt a lot from the other therapists here, mainly that we are human and allowed to have weird lives and talk about them, not to hide from possible client views but show them an example how we are all free to express ourselves. Being different is certainly not being insane. And we are all looking for the same things, we just get it in different ways. A background of comfort with extra peak experiences. Neither can be created at will. I can't do more than work to buy my house but can't get a friend, woman or family member to share it with. I can make arrangements of all sorts but may not enjoy them. Etc. As I've done enough running around for me in this life and possibly more than others have in theirs I'm very happy to stay at home and around it with nice people. I've seen enough of the world for a sample of most different places and it has no more or less in one place than anything else. And most can be found in London anyway if you know where to look. Possibly only a small part compared to miles of scenery elsewhere, but my photos testify to how diverse London is and contains many of the best and worst places I've ever been to.

For those who know, take Tottenham and Hampstead Garden Suburb. 5 miles apart at most but could be on different planets. Or Blackheath and Deptford, just 2 miles apart. Even my old house was 1/4 of a mile from some of the worst roads I've ever been to in my life. Then apart from the countryside much of England is nondescript. Either identical rows of Victorian, 30s or council houses. Impossible to distinguish from Devon to Newcastle. OK, there are some local islands of variation due to quarries making grey or yellow stone but outside them it is pretty uniform.
Other countries have their own styles like the Dutch and American wooden henhouses which line miles of identical roads from coast to coast. That isn't from TV, I've covered about 10 states so can say apart from local styles normally borrowed from the Spanish their states vary as little as our counties. I digress.

That's why I no longer need to travel. I may fill in a few more trips while I live, but relaxing at home with friends or family suits me nowadays. It always did between trips out but they have been exhausted and I can do nearly anything within the small local area. I just need a woman who agrees and I am sorted. They do exist but like truffles are hard to find, but unlike truffles the good ones are not always in the same places. They can turn up anywhere, and this decade I have worked through cleaners (not my own), colleagues, agencies, exes, shop workers, gym staff and members, and anyone I can try and pull at a funeral. The success rates are as random as the places. No rule, no guide, just keep looking. I'll add what used to be Middlesex has a thriving mental (ill) health community which I am closely tied up with. They meet in hospital, make friends elsewhere and then introduce them to their community. Each stay has a selection of old friends and most I have met know the others. Besides the pain of the illness they seem to have it better socially than any other Middlesex residents. And they don't of course tell you they've been there till they vanish and discover sooner or later they've gone back there again.

So I have a simple formula I have no power to fulfil, just an aim. Far less than most. Of course I want to be famous and as rich as possible but that is not necessary for pleasure, just a bonus. And ones within my control as business related. That's why they have slowly progressed over the years while the others, which I got without trying, have gone. I've even said here a few times I'm open to offers and if my way of life sounds better than the endless restaurants, concerts and films most people seem to do in between their full time jobs then I am here. I met my last girlfriend online so know it's as good a place as anywhere else. The other people I met here have been as much as I expected them to be as if I'd got to know them face to face, and know you learn as much here as you do that way or watching them on Big Brother. The information is the same however you learn it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

North Circular video

A quick local trip with the new camera just to try it out

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas! Can I swear?

Bollocks I can... Yes, the time has arrived, and not wanting to be yet another depressing message about spending Christmas alone I'll leave it at that. It's only just past midnight, and if dry and still light am planning to be possibly the only street photographer in action later on hopefully in the NW6 area. I am seeing my family later but it's a usual day so far.

I've already mentioned everything possibly ahead beyond today, and the last few days have only been occupied playing and writing quizzes online as well as missing a gym session as they closed very early and apparently didn't play a weekly football prediction game last week I was doing very well in till then. Tiny things but that's all I have at the moment. I've also lost a file which was literally next to the computer and involved about 12 pages printed off the internet I don't want to do again. So I'll spend a little more time looking for it although there was no chance it could be anywhere I can't see right now.

It's not new year yet but just looking at 2007 it has had its moments. Two more TV programmes in the can and one woman just crossed my pass mark with. I won't go into details with but you can work it out. Off the top of my head I can't think of much else beyond the usual, I took a couple of thousand photos, got the new video camera and produced some more albums. Average amount of work (always is overall although it has come in bunches for as long as I remember), and don't think I've seen anyone or been anywhere special, but also realised I don't have to. It's the people we know and see the whole time that count and if they're not there that's when life changes. Mine have drifted away gradually since 1981 and am now down to very few but know they come and go as they choose and not as I choose.
I may even go to bed early tonight, I've been online most of the day and really haven't got much else to do here. Too late for TV even if there was anything. All we need in life is someone to talk to at home and otherwise we are bound to run out of occupations. There really is only so much you can do at home and besides my photos the lack of friends nowadays has made going out pretty limited as well. So that is 2007, and no amount of therapy and meditation, let alone all this law of attraction pony is going to change that. Some things are truly out of our hands and I am unable to do a thing more to change it.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday report

I'm pleased to see the blog community has become active again, the period of posts from 2003 and 4 being displayed as most recent seem over and whatever the reason it all seems to have woken up at last.
For the new readers I ran out of my own philosophy months ago when I'd completed the circle and found there was little or nothing new to discover. All I learned was we should aim for pleasure but have no direct way of achieving it. Sad but true. Since then all I can report are my own experiences towards or away from said pleasure and also appeared to have run out of toilet related stories as you can only rearrange the essential topics in a few ways before you've done it all. Including someone wiping it on the wall in 1964.

So, since last visit I have just been given half the schedule for my easily biggest TV appearance. It's only the first week but implies I am on WETV (US cable) on Jan 19th at 8.30 EST. Alien Abduction (Ayumi episode) for anyone who can get it. All on their website .
with more detail next month. Unlike my last UK filming which has been put on ice and now even the producer has gone incommunicado although the series is made and on DVD for participants already. I think there must be legal problems as little else can halt plans like that.
I am also carving out a small social life for the next couple of weeks, one certain and the next movable but probable around that time. More on that after any possible event. Work is dribbling back which is useful and when the light is OK I'm still doing the videos. I was up too late today for it but have another planned when I can. Maybe even tomorrow.

What else? A music CD from America that'll probably take weeks, a new sweatshirt I don't need which arrived today (rally type stuff, very hard to find and usually expensive), and after a couple of months my favourite woman has been back in the gym, and two days running! I doubt she has or will ever know what I think but besides the father of her child being a barrier, I would like her to know regardless. Some women can tell but not many. I have dropped hints and pointed her to my websites but with the new baby now has no time for much else. Not planned and not married by the way. She's happy but he's pretty stunned by the whole thing, which I wouldn't had it happened to me. Far from it. Makes my day anyway when I see her if nothing else.
Meanwhile I await inspiration and am off to bed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My current position

I have a few little and larger possibilities on my system again, having just submitted 8 photos to Garden photographer of the year. My American TV programme is pencilled in for next month and I have various meetings with people on their way sooner or later. Meanwhile I've found a way to get the new video camera to agree with Youtube by going on long play and slowly trying longer and longer clips as I can't edit a thing once I've recorded it as there is no software included or available I know of. Plus it gets dark after 10 minutes out so little more time to take any more anyway at the moment.

The company producing the other programme have changed their phone number, ignored my emails and probably my fax so something very silly going on there. They aren't responsible for the schedule but the only ones I know who know it. Except there isn't one. Autumn is gone on Friday and certainly not on when promised after failing on their July date they advertised first. Having said that they have made the thing which I have so if they didn't do it I always can. But they are pretty unlikely to make it and not use it, I just wish they'd admit they don't have a schedule and why not so I could stop having to chase them.
Otherwise I've had plenty of time to think about my own activities and realised there's no need to do anything just because other people do or to talk about it. In economics they call it opportunity cost, if you're not doing one thing you must be doing something else, in my case furthering my media career and networking. I've built up a huge portfolio of photography and art plus meeting a few people online (so far) who may be able to help. What I did instead was not at all productive and put on 2 stone eating cake out. So I go to far fewer places but produce a lot more. And I can't see friends as the main ones aren't here and the others are minding their own business (mainly the divorce type) and kids so no time for me.

So I don't go out much but write and learn and generally produce. I would see friends more but few are left. There's no point fighting too much against your circumstances, things happen on their own and change while you are doing something else, not because you changed them. When I get my next few media results I'll have proved it was all worth it and the time I've spent either at home or out taking photos has all been in a valuable cause and none would have been possible if I'd been doing what others do or what I used to most of the time. And walking in the parks is good exercise besides the photos, So I have finally become immune to the comments/advice as I realise I'm doing what has to be done and not missing anything I should be. Plus had I never tried all those things I'd have missed out but I've probably done as much as many have in their lifetimes and looking for something else now. It's all about being with the right people (which I'm not) and making the most of your talents, which I am. Eventually that'll pay off and probably help the social life as well. But that is a long and slow process but well worth it if it works.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

This week...

Plenty of ups and downs this week. I finally bought a digital video camera at the weekend so have spent most of my time pissing around learning to use it. I'm at the stage now where I can post on Youtube but less than 2 minutes and not learned to split my clips into manageable files yet.

Other than video activities I'm still slowly catching up with people online for future arrangements, since my friend went abroad in 2002 there's been a huge gap, I've met no one new (most of my friends had been so for 20-45 years so rarely needed to turn over), and the net has allowed me to meet old and new friends only limited by their locations so far.
I've been fairly busy, got many good photos this week but done pretty little else besides camera related work. Hopefully it'll be worth it once it all works although such short clips aren't going to have much substance to them when it does.
Oddly I rang the TV company here today about the latest UK based programme as they'd ignored my emails and although the fax number worked implying they still existed their office number didn't any more. I tried a BT check but they now only check BT numbers so if a cable number doesn't work then who the hell gets it reported for a caller?

Yesterday was good for many reasons, I got the video to get on Youtube after a nice walk around Golders Green with both cameras. I've made two outdoor videos now but can't yet edit them down to get short enough to upload. Today was a pisser really, I was going to Brent Cross station but got a call the North Circular was closed and went to the park instead. The 2 minute video ended still longer than allowed and spent the rest of the afternoon reformatting everything and just crashed the editor as a result. I'll find a way but not today. I've also found another stalker on Youtube like the ones I had here but I have no idea who they are and why they're doing it unlike the others who showed themselves.
I may not have a chance to go out tomorrow as I have to let the cleaner in, but I suppose a 1 minute video of a tube station I've done already is hardly a great loss. Other plans are virtually non existent, as are expectations. Even the American TV company haven't updated their monthly web page saying what's coming next so can't see if I'll be on next month.

Anyway, I'm doing my best, have no idea what's coming ahead but hopefully break the monotony eventually.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Global lying, big time.

The total bollocks going on in Bali (the latest climate change arrangement) will be a licenced method of theft by most countries on earth. If I knocked on your door and asked for money for my medical bills or debts you'd tell me to piss off. But if I say it's for charity or to save the planet most people will give something. So make up a huge cause (the UN are ideally placed to do so) and as they say, the bigger the lie the bigger the acceptance of it. Look at Christianity for fuck's sake.

So they create a problem that doesn't exist, can't be proved (getting more and more like Christianity isn't it) and pretend your experts say it does and we all need to pay them to stop it. What a formula! 'Problem-reaction-solution', a con described by David Icke when a government create trouble and then look like fucking heroes after they go to work to fix it, involving severe cuts in personal liberty and/or huge taxes. We're getting the full megillah here, the biggest scam ever. This con is going to rip off more people in more places than any other in the history of humanity. If it was a crime it would be a stroke of genius. How many of you can prove it isn't happening? Not many. A few can and have, but no one believes them. After all, why would our governments lie? I think the truth is why wouldn't they? They can, do and always have, like the press they work with to promote said lies. Anyway, I said it here enough times that all the effort to stop global warming is the biggest joke ever as even if it was happening we would be powerless to change it. But we are about to witness the biggest redistribution of wealth since the French revolution. And this time the ordinary people's heads will be rolling, the ones at the top will be becoming rich from all the carbon money. Where do you think it goes? Energy companies? Yes. Apart from governments they have made the most money from this fiasco so far, followed by that total piece of shit Al Gore.

Despite a heap of new evidence showing global warming is a myth and one by one the old campaigners falling it's become taken over by world powers now and only by realising it for what it is will we be able to stop losing our rights to travel, cheap energy and lower taxes. That's the real bottom line, we will all lose except the thieves.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Looking for the positive

The freedom continues, a little progress has been made, one more much appreciated reply and one return booking for next week. The almost unlimited photo memory I have has allowed me to take everything in case, and made some good shots as a result. Tomorrow is free and besides the housework list, none of which has been started so far, I may go and buy some meals in the usual places and who knows what else. But at least I'm keeping occupied, I took over 50 photos today just in one park, including a railway which runs through it as well.

I really wish there was more going on than just this, it may be nice to have few current problems and freedom but on your own isn't enough. I have written another online quiz which I corrected last night and hasn't been replied to yet. I got a video of 10 episodes of Crystal Tipps and Alistair (1972) for 50p which I haven't watched yet, as there were hours of TV to watch tonight already so will save it for tomorrow. As I said before, it's the little things most of the time. And (apart from one in the lower regions) mine are all little. And that's unemployed as well. I'm even thinking now maybe (despite financial demands) I may have been better missing out on some of my earlier contraception/lucky escapes in the past as having guaranteed at least one child, regardless of background, would have anchored one thing in my life besides material things. OK, I can still do it but can't do it on my own can I? The first opportunity I had was not a good idea so better I didn't, actually or the second (except they would have been tall as she was almost 5'10), actually I think all of them were clunkers so I would have had to keep up with them all my life despite dumping them soon after the events. Once you've done it you know what you're dealing with and sadly it either works or not.

But most things come at a price, which is why I meditate as that is free and can only make a profit. My healing is working well, the few people I do have been cured of all sorts of chronic pain and now mental problems as well. Although I have no idea how it works it seems to so I just get on with it. Unlike clairvoyance which I do understand, healing via sacred symbols seems totally fourth dimensional to me, and is really all I have experienced of it. It hasn't worked on me yet but anything's possible after the results I've had.

Finally (it should have a post of it's own but) someone I know was adding up (both) the times he'd been in love, and I made a list. It was a long one, and of them two were mutual. And very similar, not surprisingly. The rest I think didn't give me a look, one I met a week before she left the country (I went past her old house today as well), and then there were the borderlines, those who were not perfect but I would still take as realistic. They weren't interested either, some went out with me but never actually went past what I gather is first base. But the thing is it is possible but missed me totally. I still find more and get exactly the same results. Maybe I should go back to Boots and have a word with Kerry who served me there, old enough to be my daughter. What have I got to lose except my liberty when she gets me arrested?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

0870 numbers con

Link to who campaign against them, and have a list of many alternative local numbers.

This one took me a while to research. Years ago, when privatised, BT started 0990 numbers, which made callers pay national rate regardless where they lived, and I didn't like the sound of this. Now they have been moved to 0870 numbers. Discount call providers have no option to undercut these, unlike normal national rate calls. In fact, very few service providers even charge a national rate now, effectively making 0870 numbers, charged at 10p per minute peak rate 7p more than the standard UK rate (excepting BT). The 'nice' phrase BT use for it is 'Revenue sharing'. How sweet, them sharing their money with their up till now poor customers. Well, that's the spin they put on it anyway. NB, illegal programs allowing unauthorised calls to be made by an automated dialler are theft, isn't this the same as having an 0871 or 0870 number that has no requirement to display the charge (unlike 09 numbers) and making people use these numbers, hang on a queuing system for a time before being answered, and add around 60-80% to the price of the equivalent call? It takes some research to get the prices charged to use these numbers- it took a few calls to BT before they finally agreed to reluctantly send me the free booklet with non-local charges, as they refer to them. Most people see 087 numbers and only find out what they do when the bill arrives. And even then, what are they meant to do if they have an essential enquiry? Send a letter or email that can be ignored or take months to reply to?

I took some time to dig up the details but I can now say every business using an 0870 number receives 1.5 to 2p per call, depending on the volume received. It costs nothing to get one, and anyone can ask for one.

Worse still, the new 0871 low premium rate costs 10 p a minute at all times, the owner receiving 2.5 to 3p per minute per call made, depending on the volume.

This means we are basically being charged to go shopping or receive customer service, with the businesses making a profit simply from customers having to make enquiries. I see no way the government (for it is their deregulation) can justify businesses charging to call them, as without us, the customers, they wouldn't exist. These details were finally also published in the Daily Mail in February 2004.

I can clearly see a time when businesses will be able to make us pay when they call us next, and there'll be a rash of companies set up to make 'Junk phone calls' like the existing junk faxes, so we can forfeit 짙1 every time we answer the phone. Do you think this sounds crazy? Well would you have thought businesses charging customers extra on top of the call to phone them crazy as well before it actually happened?

All opinions gratefully received as usual.

1st opinion I've been given was businesses do it to keep product prices down, plus most people don't question call charges (unlike me!). That does explain why they do it, but is it right? They didn't have to do this before it was permitted, and they will always jump on any opportunity to increase profits, making excuses why they have to charge more, while dripping crocodile tears as they claim to feel sorry foor the poor customers they are milking for all they can.

2nd: American businesses want to encourage their customers to call, and don't do this, but usually have freephone numbers. Something to do with 'goodwill' and 'customer relations' apparently. What's that?


This just came to my recently, in a sort of flash, though I can back it up with many stories from my counselling clients. This lists the 4 reasons I have identified why people make mistakes, and these show none of them are actually their fault. To put it simply, noone makes a mistake on purpose. To keep things short, I have not given many examples, I'm sure each of you can think of your own- we've all made enough of our own and been the victim of many others, but if you want some just ask and I'll add some. 
NB-I have just found the same information in a book called Pure Bliss by Gill Edwards. I appear to have tapped into the universal pool of information here! 
This article has now been published in the spring 2002 issue of 'Fidelity' magazine, the journal of the National Council of Psychotherapy
Here are the reasons I have identified
This is by far the largest reason. If someone only knows part of the information they need to make a decision, it is impossible for them to do the right thing. Decisions often need to be made quickly, and there isn't always enough time to find out things you need to know. Being wise after the event simply means one has found out the information needed at the time to make that decision, and if you had had it, of course, the mistake would not have been made. IF you discover the information, and then make the mistake again, then the reason becomes lack of intelligence (see below). We all make mistakes, but noone makes them again, once they know the facts, unless they are stupid.
The major reason my clients, and others I read and hear about, appear to lose their usual intelligence when dealing with members of their close family is the effect of emotions. Therefore, what is seen as a perfectly clear and reasonable decision when dealing with a stranger, suddenly becomes a total confusion when making the same decision about your daughter. It appears whatever information is present, it can easily be distorted and forgotten when one is highly emotionally connected to someone, and this is just a common facet of human nature.
Lack of skill applies to all of us when we try to do anything that is beyond our ability. In fact, this is a part of lack of information, as if we knew the task was beyond us, we wouldn't have tried to do it. Lack of intelligence mainly applies to someone who, having found the relevant information to prevent a mistake being repeated, still do it again. Therefore they discover the information they need, but aren't clever enough to use it. Usually you won't repeat an action in error once you discover how to do it the right way, but if you then commit the same error again, it's simply lack of intelligence. If you know all the facts, are in control of your emotions and still do it, it's not a mistake, it's a choice- you decide the problems are a price worth paying for the pleasure. Look at how many smokers there are.
This is related to lack of information, where something necessary was not done. Of course, by not doing something that should have been done, it's still a mistake- once you realise you should have done it (providing the emotions and stupidity don't come in) you wouldn't not do it again. Therefore, the lack of information just means you didn't realise what you needed to to make you act at the time. This includes priorities, where you know you have to do a few things, and the one you thought was less important, and never actually did, was more important than the others. This is really an aspect of mistakes in general, but such a clear area it needed addressing as a separate area.
If you have got this far I will add an example. You are in the street and someone is lying on the ground. What do you do? Help them, or
1) Nothing- you don't have time (Omission, through mistaken priority)
2) Nothing, it's not serious enough to need help on initial examination (lack of information)
3) Nothing, someone else will help (lack of information)
4) Nothing- I can't cope (emotion)
In fact, any small contribution would have helped, noone else was around to help in time, and the person needed help immediately.
If you knew this before I asked you what to do I think there would be very few answers of nothing as you had all the information you needed to do what had to be done. And if you still didn't, then it's either stupidity, or a choice i.e. 'I'm a mean sod and I'm still not going to help' 
nb- one mistake can also be made for a combination of these reasons- eg an addict knows they are damaging themselves, but often don't realise how badly (lack of information), are driven by addictive feelings (emotions) and if they find out all the information, still carry on, then lack of intelligence also applies.

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Is life controlled?

Essay on whether our lives are controlled
By David Howard LLB
My question is- 'Is life controlled by an outside force or random and meaningless?' There are only 2 possible answers, yes or no. This is an all or nothing result, like being pregnant- one or the other. There can be no middle position.
 I see so many coincidences in my life I find it hard not to believe in control, but I also see so much crap and so little progress I wonder why God would make it such a tough and thankless route for so many of us.
This leads to the next point. Are we alone or is God (or any other force) with us?. If we're controlled, we're never alone, as the controller is always with us, even if we are not aware of it.
As I have no God experience of my own, I can only go by the stories of so many others who claim a direct experience of God or enlightenment themselves. I trust the honesty of most of them, and if they claim to have experienced God or other dimensions of existence, some may exaggerate peak experiences or simply be deluded, but others bring back corroborative evidence, which is hard to dispute.
A few Eastern saints claim to have the power to pass on the God experience to others, through a method called 'shaktipat'.
The 'many dimensions' theory means what we see as the 'real world' is actually like a TV programme, the programme is the seen tip of a much greater iceberg, where for every programme are unseen transmitters, scene shifters, editors, directors etc. which are invisble to the viewers, but as we know this system, we all know they are there. We are only aware of what our senses allow us to be aware of, not what is actually there- eg radio, UV waves etc. If we can't see these scientifically proven waves, who knows what else, for all 5 senses, is out there beyond our current spectra of awareness?
Many people again, claim to have seen this system at work, my favourite is the late Robert A Monroe, the out of body experience expert. He claims to have seen all the hidden places and beings who are continually aware of, and interfering in our daily life. Which leads me to the final point raised by the control theory. Mr Monroe, as with all out of body or near death experiencers claim death is not the end of our awareness, just a shift of it to another place. Imagine you had died, realised you were still there, and come back to life. You'd have no more fear of death, or anything in life, as you'd know you were actually immortal, and nothing could really harm you. We may not take our life's lessons so seriously any more, but we'd sure enjoy the rest of our time!
My conclusions are not bad news though: There are only 3 possibles answers
1) We have no control, therefore there has to be a God
2)There is no God, so at least we have as much control as anyone can in this world
3) We have supernatural control, if we learn it, so we cocreate our lives as God
in my view, the worst is conclusion 2, the fully materialistic view, and at worst, it means things are exactly as they appear. But in my experience, there are a few gaps to this view. See my psychic experience page and add yours to the board.
Please add your comments or experiences of God/other dimensions to the meaning of life board. David

David's profile

To all LBC listeners, and Talk Sport, this is the homepage for regular caller since 1980 David Howard, known, since 1995 as David from Kingsbury, (psychic Dave as well on Talk Sport) previously, a year in Canons Park, before that Finchley.
I am a qualified psychotherapist, graduate in law, and psychic researcher. My aim is to find a 'reality gap'. This is a hole in current scientific reality involving any repeatable phenomenon that breaks the rules of science, such as psychokinesis (PK), finding a spirit ar astral 'parallel reality', or similar anomalies in matter. It does not include any telepathy or remote viewing as this implies human minds acting like transceivers, which, considering their electrical output, is quite possible. It does, however, include the only twist in science I've ever experienced (for most of my life, in fact) of predicting the future. Though of little practical use, as if it happens, all we've done is prove time is not as we thought it to be, and if we prevent it from happening, then our prediction was wrong as it didn't happen! Otherwise it only makes life boring and predictable, so though I am fascinated by the fact it can be done, I never try and do it any more as it takes our attention from the present where we can be useful.
My research involves studying all methods used by Eastern and Western psychics, and testing them out in order to see if there is just one that is scientifically reliable- i.e. can be repeated easily, and also investing my money unwisely in devices said to allow psychokinesis, healing and other miracles to happen. The only success so far is a simple device used for many years to test PK made from a wheel which rotates when touched by a human hand. This regularly turns for minutes at a time and as it includes a rev counter, even if there is a draught, it can spin many times faster than any small air current indoors. I am still trying this out to increase its reliability etc. I have recently added UFO research, interviewing and meeting UFO experiencers
I am also studying the nature of life/God, as my  essay  illustrates. The 'meaning of life' message board is for discussions on anything here, and personal messages.
Since 2002 I have been writing articles on both psychotherapy and the supernatural, for professional journals, and the website. My email is

David Blaine

OK, call me a sheep but it was a good experience, and while I was there the crowd of a few hundred behaved very well. David was on day 8, a lovely sunny Sunday, and was looking incredibly cheerful considering. He was turning to all the crowd waving while I was there, and I can add a few details few would otherwise hear. His friend / manager was sitting below, and shouted up asking David to speak to him. David opened a small hatch in the floor so he could talk to him for a minute, though we couldn't hear what they were saying.

For reasons of over-exuberance, a big cheer went up when David stood up for a few seconds. For some reason this seemed to get the crowd excited, and many called for him to stand up again. (He didn't).

Big Brother visit 2003


On July 25th 2003, while watching the last episode of Big Brother 2003 on TV, (of which anyone familiar with this site knows I am a great fan of,) it occured to me I can visit the studio, not far away, in case I see anyone leave.

I arrived half an hour after the show finished, thinking I may have missed everything. Imagine my amazement when I saw a little group of 5 girls camped out in front of the building, watching, right next to the main road, a tent containing the end of series party!

The tent was about 30 feet from the road, with a window the whole length of the front, so we could see everyone inside. The focus was poor, but knowing our heroes intimately, plus seeing what they were wearing on TV, it didn't take long to identify all 13 members one by one, including of course my great hero Jon Tickle. Just after I arrived Davina Mcall left and walked along the pathway next to where we were standing.

I thought I'd been lucky enough just to be able to recognise, albeit at a distance, all 13 of my heroes, but more was to come. We naturally got talking to the photographers coming and going as we were watching through the front gate which they all had to use. After about an hour, one of them who I'd spoken to already, came back and said ' go in- the door's open'.

I realised there were no security staff at the front- for some reason they were all (and I mean all 6 or more big guys) round the side, so as the door was open, I just strolled towards the window and straight away saw a spotlight filming Cameron and Justine, who had been sitting at a table out of our earlier view. Gos, Lisa, Nush and Anouska lined up to have their photos taken together, and Mr Shah, Ray's father, was sitting with Cameron. Ray was next to them, but I only really saw his back.

After about 5 minutes the doorman finally spotted what was now the remaining three of us left, and escorted us back outside, but I had already completed far more of my mission than I could ever have believed before I got there. The only (and not a very big deal) small thing was I hadn't seen Jon close up, but that was nothing compared to seeing the others close up and all 13 in some way. I only realised afterwards this was the ONLY TIME EVER one could have seen all, or more than just a few housemates together without an official ticket, and I had done it, without even planning it! Someone up there was smiling on me tonight, I'd just told a few people my next ambition was to meet a (any!) Big Brother housemate. The next day I'd met all 13. In the words of the great Dr. Harry Hill, 'What are the chances of that happening?'

Havana let's go - Torpedoes now online!

Listen here!
Who? You may ask...
Well, in 1981 I heard a reasonably good tune on the radio regularly 'Torpedo, torpedo, happy holiday... look out kids it's bombs away'.  I thought I'd try and get hold of it, though not remembering the title or artist, expecting it to be  recorded somewhere. Wasit hell ! I left a few questions on phone in radio shows, including music experts, no answer. No 1981 charts. Finally, after years, my 3rd(?) trivia site posting raised an unheard of band 'HAVANA LET'S GO' as the artist, with the expected title of torpedo. I managed to find a bit about them as a result, and will share it here so it is no longer so unknown. Recorded in 1981 by Polydor records catalogue number POSP 313
Listen  here now! First time ever online!
Torpedoes Torpedoes, summer spent in lidos
on my back, swim all day, look out kids it's bombs away
torpedo torpedo, happy holiday
when the sun is up we're having fun on that lovely lovely day.
Get together we'll do the crawl
bet I'll beat you to the polo ball
Yeah I'm gonna take the shortest route
here I come down the water chute
and when it's time to go and we're off and running down the road,
with a loving heart you can hear them sing
Don't be cheeky now don't be cool
strip off beside the swimming pool
you can't go that far, turn around and do the cha cha cha
and when it's time to go and we're off and running down the road
with a loving heart you can hear them sing
Update via this page's appeal response: The reason TorpedoES as it is actually called, is so obscure was thanks to Mrs Margaret Thatcher, who made the BBC stop playing it as it might upset people during the Falklands war. It had been re-released in 1982, but this decision finished the tune, and probably the band, who went their separate ways soon after. Sadly Mark Tanner, the drummer died some years ago, but one guitarist married the singer and moved to LA, where he is now a successful pop video director. The band all took cod-S. American  names, Joanna Havana, the Andes, (Andy Morahan, the director) Al Salvador (Paul) and Pete O'Rico. The power of the web continues!
B side was called Rio (not to be confused with the contemporaneous Duran Duran track, which was totally different.)
More than that, after following up the source of  another fan on a search of the band's name, who was looking for another track, I've finally been sent a copy, in August 2003. This is exactly 22 years after I last heard it, and it sounds even better. The amazing thing is where I got the tape from finally (it is a local Crouch End band).... JAPAN.
The band appear to be from North London, as the great Bazooka Joe, from Hornsey art college, which included Adam Ant and Lee Kosmin, provided the drummer, the less known Mark Tanner. They had at least 2 tracks recorded, Torpedo and Spanish cabaret  (plus the B sides). Though Radio one played Torpedoes regularly, it didn't get to the top 40 and therefore missed the archives.
I am researching everything I can now to make the hardest band of all time to find a household name, in case anyone in future wants to know. Obviously I am looking for a recording as well, which has to be around somewhere, but knowing what to look for is the main obstacle removed. All information to as usual, thanks, David

Global warming? You decide

“The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself."

- Club of Rome


Once you look around, there's actually no concensus on global warming, one reason they now prefer to call it climate change. This states a certainty.

The medieval warm period has been rediscovered  as well as numerous alterations to make falls appear to rise and many others discovered to be flat and receive absolutely no media exposure.

Oh, it's stopped! And previous maximum years coincided with solar maximum activity. Fancy that! Since then despite climatologists pouring cold water on them (no pun intended) solar variations are slowly becoming more apparent as driving the climate, as claimed for decades by experts such as Piers Corbyn who is paid only by results.

I think the US senate committee is a reliable source of information. More and more scientists are speaking out

It also says for every one who does, there are many who agree but don't dare losing their jobs if they say so in public. Maybe they'll be coaxed out.

Dr Fred Singer interview 


Check this site and its links for very specific figures and scientific details

The 'excuse for high taxation' argument isn't just mine either. Here's a quote form Professor William M Gray, one of the world's top five experts on hurricanes and climate from Colorado University:

I'm sure he'd be only too pleased for me or anyone else to share this online.

"Now there’s a few modelers around who know something about storms, but they would like to have the possibility open that global warming will make for more and intense storms because there’s a lot of money to be made on this. You know, when governments step in and are saying this – particularly when the Clinton administration was in – and our Vice President Gore was involved with things there, they were pushing this a lot. You know, most of meteorological research is funded by the federal government. And boy, if you want to get federal funding, you better not come out and say human-induced global warming is a hoax because you stand the chance of not getting funded.

More from his interviews:

You don’t believe global warming is causing climate change?

G: No. If it is, it is causing such a small part that it is negligible. I’m not disputing that there has been global warming. There was a lot of global warming in the 1930s and ’40s, and then there was a slight global cooling from the middle ’40s to the early ’70s. And there has been warming since the middle ’70s, especially in the last 10 years. But this is natural, due to ocean circulation changes and other factors. It is not human induced.

That must be a controversial position among hurricane researchers.

G: Nearly all of my colleagues who have been around 40 or 50 years are skeptical as hell about this whole global-warming thing. But no one asks us. If you don’t know anything about how the atmosphere functions, you will of course say, “Look, greenhouse gases are going up, the globe is warming, they must be related.” Well, just because there are two associations, changing with the same sign, doesn’t mean that one is causing the other.

Another expert 'Going against the grain' (how many will have to disagree before they're treated no longer like lunatics?).

US senate committee questions classic 'Hockey stick' diagram How global warming is used to control the masses as a new religion. eg- did you know the base temperature is raised by 'normal' global warming by 33'C? The 0.5-1.5' increase over 100 years is not going to be a noticeable effect even if it happened. Humanity has suffered from every ice age in history, but never during the warm periods. Why would they were it to happen again?

Here's some commonsense, explaining how the news can be twisted to fit almost any weather conditions. Here's how the diehards try and wriggle out of the latest (October 2005) data that the ice on Greenland has actually increased!

Seas rising: The North Atlantic is rising, but the seas around Australia aren't, and the sea level round New Zealand is falling. When temperatures rose from 1900-1940, mean sea levels dropped, showing there is not an automatic correlation.

 Ice caps are moving, not breaking up. For example, while the Larsen shelf in the Antarctic is breaking up, much of the rest of it is increasing. Between 1992 and 1997 numerous meterologists, geologists and other experts said global warming was based on theoretical models that weren't supported by existing records, and based on unproven theories and imperfect computer models. Carbon dioxide levels also aren't automatically related to temperature. From 1940-75 when levels increased, temperatures went down, and historically it increases after, not during periods of warming.

Rising overall temperatures since 1880 have mainly been due to the ending of a mini ice age, which would have to end with a warming. Prior to this, Europe was at least 2 degrees warmer in 1100, with no dire consequences. The official figure turns out to be 0.6 degrees. When history proves 2 whole degrees was not a problem. Sudden changes are normal in world climate. 11,000 years ago (no industry present) temperatures dropped by 10'C, and then rose between 7 and 15' in around 50 years. NASA is beginning to doubt original predictions.  Ian Joughin, from their jet propulsion laboratory found, using satellite radar, West Antarctica has added about 27 billion tons of ice, and could indicate an actual reversal of the 10,000 year trend of glacier shrinkage (which is clearly then not a recent problem),in fact, containing 90% of the world's ice, Antarctica has gained 1% for decades and continues to do so in 2012.

By measuring air temperature rather than sea, it has cooled over the past 20 years. The European Science and Environmental Forum has found the troposphere, which rises from the surface to 30,000 feet, has not warmed at all since 1979 according to satellite readings Prof Ole Humlum of the Norwegian research centre "The greatest jump in temperature was in the Twenties, since then they have been relatively stable'. The European Science and Environment Forum says since 1979 satellite measurements have not detected any significant warming in the troposphere. Ian Joughin from NASA and Slawek Tulaczyk from The University of California believe their study could indicate the end of a 1000 year trend of sheet shrinkage of the ice. The UN official figure for temperature increase in the 20th century was 0.6'C, but they themselves predict a rise of around 2' for the 21st (ie facts followed by speculation, which is not scientific). However, James Hansen who was a major cause of the original theory at NASA 15 years ago now says that the warming in the 21st century is far more likely to be no more than 0.7C, which is normal. The air, if measured as a single factor from water, has actually got cooler over the last 2 decades. In the year 1200 Europe was 2'C warmer than it is now, and has since undergone a mini ice age which lasted from 1400 to almost 1900, and the small increase since is what it took to stop it becoming a major one.

Sir Ian Lloyd, Conservative MP 1964-92, describes the consensus of the 1989 Select committee on energy " What is disturbing is the reluctance of the political (and to a significant extent the scientific) community to accept that there is no consensus on the existence, let alone the causes of this phenomenon..." adding now in 2004 "This has not diminished.

Petrol vehicles account for 0.18% of all CO2 in the atmosphere, over 99% of the atmosphere altogether is unaffected by man's activities. Finally, the best current temperature measurements have been made by an independent Norwegian scientist Nils-Axel Morner, using a satellite. He doesn't seem to have a website, but a search on his name will turn up plenty of his findings, and those alone should have been sufficient to finish all the speculation for good.

One far more likely and provable cause of global warming is cosmic rays, as the whole solar system is heating up which dismisses the whole CO2 argument.  By Svensmark and Calder.

One more, claiming persecution of any scientist who dares to disagree with the prescribed (by who??) view:

One thing about predictions is the longer you have the more can be tested. James Hansen, the grandfather of man made warming, was helpful enough to make his in 1986, saying "Hansen said the average U.S. temperature had risen from one to two degrees since 1958 and is predicted to increase an additional 3 or 4 degrees sometime between 2010 and 2020." and

“Within 15 years,” said Goddard Space Flight Honcho James Hansen, “global temperatures will rise to a level which hasn’t existed on earth for 100,000 years”.

In 2012 the temperature has risen 0.8C (he may have been using Fahrenheit for the first one but still works either way) since 1850, the official IPCC estimate now for CO2 related being a whole 0.4C. Below the expected 0.5C with no positive feedback whatsoever. Hansen is still quoted as the world's leading authority on 'climate change' (whatever that means), and has lost none of his reputation despite getting every single prediction from 1986 on totally wrong. That says more about the greedy community than one isolated loose cannon who are present in most areas of science.

The real effect (ie none) of carbon trading. Carbon trading article  Energywatch in the UK have just assessed the last couple of years results from carbon trading. Three conclusions were found. Huge extra profits for energy companies, higher energy prices and no change in emissions. Fancy that!I always said that it reminded me of Enron, and just discovered it wasn't 'similar' to Enron's accounting methods, they actually created it. No surprise there.

Kyoto Protocol. My view and the view of

Kendra Okonski, Environment Programme Director, International Policy Network

The intergovernmental Kyoto Protocol is an example of mitigation by government fiat.
Based on present knowledge it appears unlikely that pursuing this strategy for the next few
decades would have any substantial benefits either now or in the future: The total amount
of carbon emitted would be reduced by an insubstantial amount because much of the
carbon-generating activities would shift from wealthier countries to poorer countries.
Meanwhile, the costs of this strategy would be incurred today, in the form of increased
energy prices and downstream economic consequences for industries, employers and
workers, and households. So essentially Kyoto generates large net costs to society.

Honey, it's cold outside By Colin McNickle TRIBUNE-REVIEW Sunday, January 9, 2005 Ever hear of Paul Reiter? Probably not. How about Nils-Axel Morner? What about Madhav Khandekar? Or William Keatinge? Perhaps Ragnar Arnason? Martin Agerup? Maybe Indur Goklany? Nope, nope, nope, nope and nope, I'll bet. Please allow me to introduce you to this fine cadre of scholars. For they likely will be thinking man's best defense against a global warming lobby that's attempting to steamroll a gullible world into believing its quite large body of junk science and, that accomplished, dive into its pockets for "the public good." The "conventional wisdom" is that the Earth rapidly is warming, that such warming is caused by man and that something must be done or we will commit hothouse hara-kiri. Those who don't believe it are branded as members of the Flat Earth Society; those who question the "proof" of such a theorem are derided as irrational pyrrhonists. But a funny thing happened on the way to climate Armageddon when these analytical, disease, economics, engineering, environmental, sea and weather experts took a close look at the Data of Doom. They found much of it, and many of the conclusions drawn from it, to be pure hokum. Or in two words, "fatally flawed," according to Mr. Agerup, the economist president of the Danish Academy for Future Studies and one of the lead authors of "The impacts for climate change: An appraisal for the future." The report is extensive and technical. Those so inclined can partake of more particulars -- including 10 pages of detailed, peer-reviewed scientific references -- by visiting the Web site of the International Policy Network in London Here, however, I'll spare your eyes of a solid glazing over with the studies' relatively easy-to-understand talking points: "Predictions of extreme (global warming) impacts are based on scenarios of future emissions of greenhouse gases that are fundamentally flawed. These scenarios employ faulty logic, faulty science and faulty economics, thereby massively over-estimating future emissions and any warming that might result." "Future changes in sea level are based on models that over-estimate current sea-level change by 100 percent. If observations rather than models are used, estimates of future sea-level rises are far more modest ... in the next 100 years." "Claims that climate change will lead to a rise in malaria and other diseases are unwarranted. Models ... fail to account for interactions between humans and mosquitoes, as well as a variety of other factors ... . (I)t is morally unacceptable ... to misdirect resources towards climate change mitigation." "Contrary to popular perceptions, extreme weather events are not on the increase. Many weather events, such as tropical cyclones and rainfall in Asia and Africa are interrelated and phenomena such as El Nino/Southern Oscillation which themselves are not entirely understood, much less their relation to human-induced climate change." Shall I continue? Let's: "Throughout most of the world, cold-related deaths are far more numerous than heat-related deaths. In absolute terms, a warmer climate would mean that additional deaths due to heat would be much smaller than the reduction in deaths due to cold. The effects of heat on humans are also manageable with simple adaptive measures."North Atlantic fisheries would not be decimated. "The economies of Norway, Greenland and Iceland are dependant on fish production, and some have claimed global warming will be economically catastrophic. A warming of the magnitude predicted is likely to be beneficial for the main commercial fish stocks of the North Atlantic" "Attempts to mitigate climate change through policies such as the Kyoto Protocol would have very little effect on the incidence of climate-related deaths but would be very costly."

February 2012: After announcing the world's longest glacier chain, including the Himalayas, had been losing 50 billion tons of water a year unanimously, someone actually measured them and found they had lost none for ten years. Now if the 'climatologists' had been caught making stuff up once, it not only shows others may have been made up, but far more importantly they 'just make things up' at all.

Their comments were similar to those of children caught stealing:

"The world's greatest snow-capped peaks, which run in a chain from the Himalayas to Tian Shan on the border of China and Kyrgyzstan, have lost no ice over the last decade, new research shows.

The discovery has stunned scientists, who had believed that around 50bn tonnes of meltwater were being shed each year and not being replaced by new snowfall."

Meanwhile back in the past a small diagram surfaced from the authority of authorities, the IPCC bible of 1995. It showed a period hundreds of years ago some way warmer than the present. One most non-believers call the 'medieval warm period'. This had to be physically removed to make anything they said subsequently make sense, otherwise there would simply be no problem. If either it could be shown it was warmer in the past and people were better off (as they were, the record show fewer overall weather deaths, more food and fertile areas far north of present) or that despite CO2 rising at a constant rate the current temperature simply couldn't be made to rise more than it was at 260ppm. Either or both these scenarios simply wrecks their case and removes it altogether. Of course it has, the diagram still exists and represents the temperature accurately, but has just been removed from history much as Soviet history was rewritten by the communists.

They may have removed it now but it's still around elsewhere and must still be factored into the whole picture, or the IPCC need to give a full and plausible explanation why an accepted historical record with anecdotal evidence of local conditions across the world has been simply erased from the records. Which they never have.

“Unless we announce disasters no one will listen.” Sir John Houghton

“We have to offer up scary scenarios” Dr Stephen Schneider

“A major person working in the area of climate change and global warming sent me an astonishing email that said, ‘We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.’” David Deming, 2005

“Global climate change” papers: 539
Evidence for “catastrophe”: 0
Schulte (2008)

“No supercomputer,however powerful, is able to prove definitively a simplistic hypothesis that says the greenhouse effect is responsible for warming... The models are tuned to assume a high climate sensitivity, so a high climate sensitivity is what they find.”

Syun-Ichi Akasofu 2008

“In climate research and modeling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”
IPCC (2001)

"Solar changes cause most climate change. The Sun caused today’s global warming. Today’s warming is normal, not unusual. Today’s global warming will end soon."
IAU (2004)

“Climate has always varied on all time-scales, so the observed changes may be natural.”


Dr David Bellamy agrees as well

Since then Dr Harold Lewis appears to be the first scientist to leave an organisation as he was fed up with science being perverted in the name of global warming, and shortly followed by Vincent Gray and Peter Taylor. As they are still alive it has set an example to their previously silent colleagues who are now free to join them without consequence.

Did you know?

 You have entered

The anorak zone .

British Rail: The longest gap between stations is 48 miles between Carstairs and Lockerbie. There are two British Rail stations with the same names as separate London Underground stations. Redbridge (in Hampshire) and Preston Road (In Lancashire).  Monument in Newcastle is a third, but is technically owned by the Newcastle Metro now. If you add Hayes station (in Kent) to Harlington (in Bedfordshire) you get a 3rd station, Hayes and Harlington, in Middlesex.

UK roads: Normally, in England the roads are numbered on a clock system centred on London from 1 to 6 in a clockwise fashion. A road to the right of the A1 will start with a 1 etc. So the area between the A1 and the A2 has roads beginning with a 1, then between the A2 and A3 start with 3 etc. But the only exception is both sides of the A2 has roads starting with a 2. The reason for this is that due north of the A2 where you would expect it to switch to 1s, there is a strip of land a few miles wide and then the coast (Thames estuary). The 1 zone actually starts north of the estuary as otherwise it would strand a section of the one zone on a separate area of land from the rest. Obviously long roads cross zones, and are numbered on where one end is (which end is chosen probably follows a simple rule).

A roads are numbered on status. 1-9 being the longest, then tens, hundreds and thousands. Many A roads which are by passed are now split in pieces, the worst example being the A6, which used to start in Barnet, Hertfordshire. It has now, despite being the official boundary between zones, been downgraded due to the M25 to the A 1081, and now starts beyond Luton. Almost as bad, and twice as hard to navigate is the nearby A5 in Elstree, also in Hertfordshire. The road begins at Marble Arch, in Central London, and now becomes the A 5183  until Harpenden. There is no sense in this as there has been no by pass built, and the width of roads varies on many A roads such as the A5, but the number can and should continue from end to end. But B roads, probably because none are that long, start in three figures and continue to the thousands. If you go to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, just to the north is the B 1106. A few hundred yards along it is a roundabout crossing another B road. The B 1106. Both are a few miles long and were named officially. It happened when the authorities upgraded the east-west unclassified road crossing the B 1106 proper, and in their wisdom, decided to keep the name of an adjacent road, which was an official guarantee to create chaos.

Drive along Barking Road, which connects Canning Town in London to Barking, half way along where it crosses from E13 to E6 it also starts its numbers again. It reaches about 778, and then begins again at 1 ending at around 600 #2 in central Barking. Some roads don't go from A to B at all, but like West Heath Road in NW11 are branched. Naturally, more than 3 branches would be silly, but Tracey Street in SE11 had at least 4 (like the B1106) until it was blocked in the 1970s, and the other half was renamed. A similar exercise was undertaken only a year or so ago in Ham, Surrey, where Back Lane had a stray part to the north unconnected with the rest of it. Following comments from people like me, the council have now named the spare bit Wiggins Lane (after the row of cottages there). 

Association football: In 2003-4 season (and some time before) the largest town with no league team is St Helen's, with a population of just over 100,000

Company names shared: Unavoidably, several companies who operate in the same countries share the identical name. Few are more confusing than those who also sell similar products. The British electrical company Kenwood, founded by Mr Ken Wood, who mainly sell kitchen equipment, are now joined by the Japanese radio company, who were given permission to use the name in the UK, having previously used the name Trio. In a similar manner, two banks share the company names ABN, which stand for Ansbacher bank Nationale and Algemene bank Nederland. There is also Delsey, a toilet roll made by Kimberly Clark for 40 years plus from the 1950s, which overlapped with a French firm who arrived in the UK about 30 years after the loo roll but selling luggage. A large car sales company Henlys, where a local branch still has a road junction named after it (Henlys Corner) though it left over 20 years ago shares its name with a huge American bus manufacturer. Probably the biggest mixup is from Mazda, whose cars are made by Mr Matsuda, and the light bulbs made by General Electric, though both are also inspired by the Zoroastrian god of light of that name. I also doubt Telma make both soup and intercoolers for coaches. How did the name Johnson become associated with bathroom products? SC Johnson (you thought I meant the other sort?) in England make cleaning and related household products, as do Johnson and Johnson in the USA. Though the American firm is more medically biased, the product overlap is about 50%. There are three companies called Zeon doing similar products (a current record), the watch/electrical goods one, a neon sign one and (OK, not that similar) a rubber products one. Finally, for some weird reason, the song 'Woa, Canada, Canada for you' used by Air Canada, was then changed to replace the word 'Canada' with 'Bodyform' to advertise panty liners. Why Air Canada were prepared to become mentally connected with feminine hygiene can only be for a massive financial benefit. Silly sods!

Animal poop: Long ago when hunting was far more important, separate names were given for many different types of it. Otter and deer types are still in use: Otter-spraints Deer-fumet Boar-friants Badger-werderobe Hare-crotels Fox-waggying.

London postcodes: These follow alphabetical order after the 1's, which are the nearest to central London. There are a few exceptions, including one that starts again in the middle, but 3 were split from existing codes when the populations became too big, and are the only ones that don't fit at all. These are: SW20 (Raynes Park) split from SW19 (Wimbledon), NW11 (Golders Green) split from NW4 (Hendon) and SE28 (Thamesmead) split from SE2 (Abbey Wood).

At least two suburb names appear in three different English cities. Moorside is in Manchester, Leeds and Durham, and Shirley is in London, Birmingham and Southampton.

Also two postcodes slip beyond London altogether! NW7 (Mill Hill) has a small corner in Hertfordshire, which contains a caravan site, but almost half of E4 (Chingford) is in Essex. Similarly, when Middlesex was a county (pre 1965) only a tiny corner strayed south of the Thames, next to Laleham. But a bit of Surrey also crept north at Chertsey Lock. The Thames also gets breached by a tiny strip of Buckinghamshire in Wraysbury, itself short for Wyrardisbury. One theory (as I don't know why) is the river may have moved since the boundary was made. Another is if an estate covered both sides of the river it wouldn't usually be split.  While on abbreviated names, I just discovered Arbroath in Scotland is actually Aberbrothock. Not many people outside Aberbrothock know that... If you stand in the geographical centre of London at Charing Cross and look east along the river, the only part of South London that reaches north of this point is a small slice of Thamesmead. Continuing east, no other point rises that far north again. Going west, no points at all of south London go north of Charing Cross. The first place westwards to do this is between Maidenhead and Cookham in Berkshire.

Which road is Harrods on? Knightsbridge? No, it's on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge is only the district.

Abbreviations deciphered

Where relevant, common meaningless endings added such as -ite and -on
3m-Minnesota mining & manufacturing
A&M Records- Alpert and Moss
AAP-Advanced assigned policies
ABC bakeries- Aerated bread co.
ABN-Ansbacher Bank Nazionale
AC-Auto carriers
AC Milan- Associazione Circlio (football association)
AC (sparkplugs)-Albert Champion
Adamsez (toilets)- To sound like Adams's (owners)
Adidas- Adi (short for Adolf) Dassler
AEC Associated equipment co.
AEG- Allegemeine Electricitats Gesellschaft (general electric co.)
Aer Lingus- Air fleet (Irish)
Aeroflot- Air fleet (Russian)
AGA- Svenska Aktiebolaget GAsaccumulator
AGFA- Actien Gesellschaft fur anilien-fabrikationen
AJS (motorbikes)- Albert John Stevens
AJW (motorbikes)- Arthur John Wheaton
AKZO- Algemene Kunstzijlde Zout Organon (an amalgamation of 3 earlier Dutch companies- AKU- Algemene Kunstzijlde Unie, Koninklijke Zout-Ketjen and Koninklijke Zwanenberg Organon, these last 2 here first formed Koninklijke Zout Organon, then joined with AKU to finally form AKZO. I hope this is the longest ever explanation.)
Alba (electrical goods)-Albert Balcombe
Alcan- Aluminium co. of CANada
ALFA-Societe Anonyme Lombardy fabrici automobile
Alitalia- Aerolinee Italia (Italian Airlines)
Amdega (conservatories)- Ambition, determination & gain
AMF- American machine & foundry
Amoco-American oil co.
Ampex- Alexander Mathew Poniatoff Excellence
Amplex- AM (morning) chlorophyll comPLEX
AMRO- Amsterdam-Rotterdam (banks)
Amstrad- Alan Michael Sugar trading
Andrex toilet paper- St Andrew's
Araldite- Aero Research Ltd -ite
Arco-Atlantic Richfield company (Richfield just means rich oilfield)
Arndale Centre- HARgenbach & ChippiNDALE
Asda- associated dairies
ASK restaurants- Adam & Samuel Kaye
ASPRO- NicholAS PROduct
Aston Martin DB= David Brown
Atco- ATlas chain CO
Audi- Latin for 'listen' (Name of owner, Mr Horch, = listen in German)
Aveda- All veda (sanskrit for knowkeldge)
Avro- Alliott Verdon Roe (no room above door for A V Roe)
Bakelite- Mr. Baekeland-ite
Banda- Block & Anderson
BASF-Badische Anilin Und Soda-Fabrik
BAT-British American Tobacco
BBDO-Batten Barten Durstine Osborn
BDO- Binder Dijker Otte
Bejam- Brian, Eric, John and Millie (Apthorp)
Bendicks- Benson & Dickson
BEREC- British Ever Ready Electrical Co.
Berlei- different spelling of Burley
Be- Ro- Bell's Royal
Berol- Berolzheimer
Bic- Bich brothers
BICC- British Insulated Callenders Cable
Bimota (motorbikes)- Bianchi, Morri & Tambourini
Bio Strath- Bio = Life (Greek) Strathmeyer
Bismag- BISmuth & MAGnesium
Bostik- Boston (USA) stick
BN- Biscuits Nantoise
Bren guns- Brno & Enfield
Britax- British Accessories
Britvic- British Vitamin produCt
BRM- British Racing Motors
Brolac- Broadmead Lacquer
BSA- Birmingham Small Arms
BTR- British Tyre & Rubber
Burco- Burnley Components
BZW-Barclays De Zoete Wedd
C & A-Clemens & August (Brenninckmeyer)
Cafe HAG-Handels Aktien Gesellschaft (company)
Cagiva (motorbikes)- Giovanni Castiglioni, Varese
Cala-City of Aberdeen Land Association
Canon- Kannon -Japanese God of compassion & mercy
CAP Gemini (IT consultants)- Centre D' Analyse et de Programmation, Gemini computer systems
Castrol- Castor oil
CBS- Columbia Broadcasting Services
CE-Communite European
Cedex-Courrier D'Enterprise a Distribution EXceptionelle (preferential fast postal delivery)
Celmac (toilets)- Cellulose McArd (his children also said to begin with C E & L)
Chinon- Hiroshi Chino (name of founder)
CIBA- Chemische Industrie Basel Aktiengesselschaft
CISITALIA (cars)- Consorzio Industriale Sportive Italia
Clarnico-Claridge Nichols & Coleman
Commer- Commercial vehicles
Cona- Alfred Cohn
Conoco- Continental oil co
CQ-ceux qui m'ecoute de = to those who listen to me
Creda-= Credenda- things to be trusted (Latin)
Crosville- Crosland & DeVille
CS gas -Corson & Stoughton
Cyanamid- CYANogen AMIDe
CZ motorbikes- Czechoslovakian
DAF- Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (trailerworks)
Dan air- Davies & Newman
Datsun- Son of Mr Den, Aoyama & Takeuchi
Deeko- Dailley & co.
Delco- Dayton Engineering Laboratories co.
DER- Domestic electrical rentals
Dettol- DisinfecTOL
DHL- Dalsey, Lynn Hillblom
Diageo- Dia Geo Greek = through the Earth
DKW- damp kraft wagen (steam powered vehicles) or Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug Werke
Dobro- DOpera BROthers (and means 'good' in Czech).
DRG (Sellotape)- Dixon Robinson group
Durex- DU-rability RE-liability EX-cellence
'Dyb dyb dyb, dob dob dob' (as said by Boy scouts in UK)= 'Do your best, do our best'
ebay- e-commerce in (San Francisco) Bay area
EKCO- Eric Kirkham Cole
ELS (furniture)- Elliot, Louis & Saul (Goldstein?)
Elsan- Ephraim Louis SANitation
EMAP- East Midlands Allied Press
EMI- Electrical & musical industries
Ercol- Mr Ercolani
ERF- Edwin Richard Foden
Esselte- SLT (Swedish names)
ESSO-=S.O.=Standard oil
Etam-L'etat meilleur
Evo stik= Evode, Dove backwards
Extel- Exchange Telegraph
Facel- Forges et Ateliers de Construction d'Eure et Loire
Fanta- Fantasie
Ferodo- anagram of Mr Frood + E
Fiat-Fabrici Italiano Automobile Torino
Findus- Fruit INDUStries
FROG (models)- Flies Right Off the Ground
FTP-File transfer protocol
G de Z capital- Graham De Zille, ex S. African F3 driver
G plan furniture- Mr Gomme
Gilbern cars- GILes & BERNard
Giro (as in Giro cheque, Girobank)- German for transfer, Italian for circulation
GKN- Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds
Glaxo- from Galaktos (Greek = 'milk')
Glynwed- Glynn, Wednesbury
GKN- Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds
Great Britain- Only makes sense in French:= Grande Bretagne, to distinguish from 'Bretagne' = Brittany.
H. Samuel- Harriet
Halex- Hale End (Chingford, where made)
Hanimex- Hannes Import-Export
Harpic- Harold Pickup
Hasbro- Hassenfeld Bros
Heron (garages)- HEnry RONson
HFC bank- Household Finance Corporation
Hovis-Hominis vis (life of man)
HRG cars- Halford, Robins & Godfrey
HTML-Hypertext markup language
HTTP- Hypertext transfer protocol
Humbrol-Humber oil
Ibcol- Ibbetson Co. Ltd.
IC (used by police)- Racial identity code
IKEA- Ingvar Kamprad (from) Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd
Indesit- Industria Elettrodomestici Italia
IVECO-Industrial vehicle corporation
Jawa (motorbikes)- JAnacek- WAnderer
JCB-Joe Cyril Bamford
JD Sports- John & David
Jemca- Japan Europe Motor cars
JJB sports- J J Bradburn, plus, apparently, JJ Braddock & JJ Broughton
K shoes- Kendal
Kangol- silK ANGOra wooL
KITT (Knight rider car)- Knight industries Two Thousand
KLM-Koninklijke Luftvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch air travel co.)
Knirps umbrellas- little people ( German)
Konica- KONIshiroku CAmera
Kotex- cotton texture
KP-Kenyon products
KPMG- Kleiveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler
Kronenbourg 1664- year of founding
Lada- Dear One (in Russian)
LASMO- London & Scottish Marine Oil
LCD-liquid crystal display
LEC- Longford Rd electrical corporation
Lego- play well (Danish)
Leica- Leitz camera
Leigh RMI- Railway Mechanics Institute
LEMNUS*B- (Channel 4 UK advertising regions)- London, East & south, Midlands, North, Ulster, Scotland, Backup (on c4 text p.399, then press green button)
Lesney-Leslie & Rodney
Londis- London Independent Supermarkets
Lot (Polish airlines)- Polish for 'flight'
LSD- Librae, solidi, denari
Lucozade-Glucose ade
Lufthansa- air company  (German)
Lurpak- Trumpet pack (lur is a long trumpet)
M & M's- Mars & Mars
Malev (Hungarian airlines)- Magyar Legilkozlekedesi Vallalat (Hungarian air traffic co.)
MAN-Machienfabrik Augsburg Nurnberg
MANWEB- Merseyside & N. Wales electricity board
Man Ray- Emmanuel Radnitzky
Marcos- Marsh & Costin
Marmet (prams)- Morriss, Alice Rebecca, Morriss, Edward Thompson
Matra- Mecanique-Aviation- TRAction
Mattel- Matson & Elliot
MBNA- Maryland Bank of North America
MCA (Music) - Music corporation of America
Meggezones- Mr Meggeson
Mettoy- Metal Toys
MFI-Mullard furniture industries
MiG- Mikoyan & Gurevitch
Minic- Miniature clockwork
Minolta- Machine INstrument OpticaL TAjima
Mitel- Mike & Tel (Terry)
Mitsubishi- 3 diamonds (Japanese)
Muji (Japanese goods)- Mujirushu ryohin (plain quality goods)
Murine- MURiate of BerberINE
Muzak- Music / kodAK
MZ- Motorradwerk Zschopau
NASDAQ-National association of share dealers automated quotations
NEC- Nippon electrical corporation
NeHi- height of the bottles
Nike- Greek God of victory
Nissan- Nippon Sangko
Nivea- snowy in Latin
Norev- Veron backwards (owner's name)
NSU- Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union (Neckarsulm knitting machine union)
NTL-National Transcommunications Ltd
Nylon- New York/London ? (may be meaningless)
Olbas oil- Oleum Basileum
Osram- OSmium & wolfRAM (tungsten)
Ovaltine-Ovomaltine (eggs & malt)
Ozalid- Diazo backwards & L
Palitoy- Pallett Toys
Pap test (for cervical cancer)- Dr Papanicolau
Parmalat- Parma LATte (Milk, in Italian)
Pepsodent- PEPermint SOda DENTifrice
P G Tips- Pro (di)Gestee
Philco- Philadelphia Co.
Pifco- Provincial Independent Fittings Co.
Premarin (hormones)- PREgnant MARe -urINe
Psion- Potter Scientific Instruments -on
PSV Eindhoven- Philips Sport Vereginen (club)
PV (medical)- per vagina
Racal- Raymond & Calder
Racasan- Robert Alan Chandler SANitary fluid
Radox- Radiated Oxygen
RCA- Radio corporation of America
Rentokil- Entokil = killing insects. R added to distinguish from similar company
Ribena- Ribes Negra (Black currant)
Rizla- Riz (rice paper) Lacroix
Robbialac- Mr Robbia's lac (paint)
Roneo- ROtary NEOstyle (early copying machine)
Ronson (lighters)- Aaronson
Rotring- red ring (German)
Rowenta- RObert WEiNTrAud
RSVP (sherry) R & Showerings Vine Products
Saab-Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolaget
SABENA (Belgian airlines)- Societe Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aerienne (Belgian Ltd. Co. for the exploitation of air navigation)
Saints FC (Southampton)- St. Mary's church
Sanka (coffee)- Sans Caffeine
Sanyo-3 oceans (Japanese)
SAS-(in English) Scandinavian Airline services
SEAT- Sociedad Espanola de automobiles de turismo
SEC-securitized endowment contracts
Sega- Service Games
Semtex- Semtin (in Czechoslovakia) EXplosive
Shaef-Supreme HQ allied expeditionary forces
SIATA (cars)- Societa Italiano Applicazioni Transformazioni Automobilistiche
Simca- Societe Industrielle de Mecanique et carroserie automobile (basically 'we make cars')
Sony- Tape recorder called soni, from soni-c
Spar- fir tree (Dutch)
SR (toothpaste)- Sodium Ricinoleate
Stax Records- Stewart and Axton
Sten gun-Shepherd & Turpin, Enfield
Subaru- Pleiades constellation (Japanese)
Suntory- Shinjiro Torii (owner)
SWL- Safe Working Load
Taco Bell- Mr Bell's Tacos
Tan- Sad - Tandem Saddle
Tannoy- Tantalum Alloy
TDK-Tokyo denkikagaku kogyo (Tokyo electronics co.)
Teepol- Technical Products oil
Teflon- Polytetrafluoroethylene
Tesco- T.E. Stockwell, Cohen
Thames & Hudson- rivers in London & New York where located
Ti-Tube investments
TNT- Turner network TV
TNT (trucking)- Thompson Nationwide Transport
TNT magazine- The News and Travel
Tricentrol- Trinidad Central Oilfields
Trimoco- Tricentral (=?) Motor Corporation
TVR cars- TreVoR
U boats- Untersee
UBS- Union Bank of Switzerland
Uhu= Owl (German)
Umbro-Humphrey Brothers
Uniqlo- Unique Clothing
Univac- Universal Automatic Computer
URL-Uniform resource locator
VAG- Volkswagen Audi Gruppe
VARIG- (Brazilian airlines)- Viacao Aerea RIo Grandense (Rio Grande air transport)
VHS- Video home system
Vileda- Wie leder -like leather (German)
Vimto- Vim tonic
Vit-Be- Vitamin B
Vodafone- VOiceDAtafone
Volvo- I roll (Latin)
W H Smith- William Henry
Waitrose- Waite & Rose
Wal Mart- Walton
Warfarin- Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation coumARIN
WD 40- Water dispersant, 40th version
Welgar- Welwyn Garden City
Wincarnis- Wine & Carnis (Latin = meat)
WPP-Wire & plastics products (were shopping trolleys, name then bought by advertising co.).
ZIP code-zone improvement plan
These are the owners actual names
Birdseye, Biro, Chess (Records) Conde Nast, Converse, Cow (gum), Dr Pepper, Eno's, Fluor (engineering etc.), Gevaert, Hoseasons (holidays), Idris, Kenwood (= Ken Wood), Kir, Lemon Hart (rum), Mars, Mach (as in Mach 1), Opel, Stussy, Van Den Plas, Wells,Fargo.
These mean nothing at all (made up names)
Axa- 1st in list & easy to pronounce
Elf (oil)
Encarta (online information service)
Goya (perfume)
Haart (estate agents in UK)
Pan Yan

Alien dialogue

Channeled alien dialogue with alleged alien abductee under hypnosis with alien being Zaphos, 1st session November 2004, second December 2004. This is the most complete and consistent report I have ever witnessed in a client.

1)What is the reason for abducting people? "They are experimenting on life forms, reproductive units (how they see us) after creating us as their farm animals. Thus they have a duty to look after us as we do our own animals."

2)What do you get from the experiments? "We provide a gene pool, so what benefits humans benefits us as we are all the same, with the same genes."

3)Where are you from? "We have the same origins as you. We are one, we have polluted our own planet just as you are now polluting your own. We also had a community on Mars which is the origin of the face and other markings we can see on it."

4)Can you harm us? "We are totally safe in their hands, they see us as part of themselves. We all share the same origins"

5)Why do we forget abductions? "Sometimes we wipe memories, but usually the human soul cuts off such memories itself"

6) Can you heal our illnesses? "Not all. We can kill cancers without removing them, but some disorders are genetic or damaged organs which we can't always help"

7) How do you travel here? "We use channels which you are polluting with your wars, killing and pollution which makes it harder for us to use. We are the universe, we are everything. When people die they come into our channels and killing so many people blocks them for us. You must learn as we had to to stop war and polluting the Earth, which in turn pollutes the gene pool and creates new genetic disorders"

8) How do you hide your craft from us? "We can select certain people to see them, it's often the ordinary people we want to see us as what you call important people are more likely to ruin our messages"

9) What are your plans for mass disclosure? "We are planning a revelation in 2012. Meanwhile we have contracted with your governments to maintain secrecy. "

10)How do you decide who is abducted? "Your subject today needed more guidance, so we chose him for it"

11) Have I been abducted? "Yes, once, in East Grinstead in 1972, from a car, heading for Croydon" Could it have been 1982? "Yes, quite possibly 1982, we have problems converting to your time" Could it have been 1984, that was the first time I went there? "No, it was 1982" Who was I with? "A man was also abducted from the car, he was about 30 and had black curly hair and glasses called Sam or Sang"

On reflection, I hadn't been to East Grinstead in 1982, I went with my father in 1984 and not to Croydon. But in 1982 I collected a friend from Gatwick airport, and the road home went through Croydon. At the time he was 20, not 30, but did have curly black hair and glasses and was called something like Sam or Sang. His name was Jonathon, but his last name does actually almost have Sang in it! Though he had glasses, he rarely wore them and probably not on that day. Crawley is a few miles west of East Grinstead, and both have a road to Croydon. Were it not for this small detail the facts would have corresponded perfectly, as the subject had never met me till yesterday and I had to think for a while where I'd been 22 years ago. There were too many details to dismiss that. I was told I'd be abducted again soon, retain more memories and get some back from the first one when they chose to return them.

12) Why was I chosen for abduction? "I am gifted, they chose to use me, I am one of the most able of Earth volunteers"

Second session
1) We come from Delphis 3 55-57 light years away. We travel here at the speed of light, but send the air crew (greys) and control them from our home planet

2) The greys don't use eyes and ears, but hear and see telepathically. The black eyes are visors to protect their remaining eye areas which are very sensitive to light

3) The ship is powered by a positron generator beamed upward in a spiral by a waveguide (this repels the negatively charged planets). Much of our equipment is housed in your old technology to save our resources (as seen on ship by subject).

4) The alien's appearance is like ancient Egyptians, who are hybrids between the resident apes on earth and the alien people. There was also a colony on Mars, which the face there represents their appearance. Humans being hybrids share some of the alien's intelligence, and some are given psychic powers by them as well, to be used for the benefit of others

5) We are needed to keep their race going as they have badly polluted their own planet. In exchange for the genetic material taken from abductions we are given some of their technology, but only that we can use without danger

6) The first and best example of a higher being was sent to the Dogon tribe in Africa long before biblical times, and was called Nomo

7) Certain gifted individuals on Earth are Merlins (which is a qualification level rather than a specific individual). Jesus was a super Merlin, having all the powers shared among the others separately. They are working for the good (eg Uri Geller, Matthew Manning etc) and against those that control governments such as the Bildeberg group, who will soon be reined in by the aliens as they are ruining the earth in pursuit of power

8) Global warming is not the threat we are facing. Nuclear radiation is, and cannot be cleaned once released, then chemical and atmospheric.

9) There was one original creator we call God, who is the origin of us all, and lives on in spirit, but none of us fully  know our origins. Life is a natural state caused by a single creator

10) Our pets are more advanced than most realise, and we really work together with them on a more equal level, much as aliens do with us, they look after us the same way we do pets

11) The religious texts of all religions point to the same truth, but current translations have lost the message

12) The reason we don't see abductions is they're cloaked from view. Spaces are made in walls and cars using a uranium beam advanced laser, and the piece is returned and repaired at a molecular level with no trace of damage. People are raised in a cradle of light using angstrom particle light beams

13) If you read the work of Eric Von Daniken he was actually closer to the truth than any others. Archaeologists will start to unearth evidence of our presence

14) We sometimes take water from the Earth lakes and rivers as fuel, to cool our reactors and for our own use

15) There is a pool of free energy, available by crossing the universal energy barrier, but can be dangerous both for us and them to use too much, and isn't actually an infinite source, and at worst could lead to an anti-matter explosion if misused.

16) The government have shot down a craft with a ray

17) Some crop circles are inspired by us and made by humans, others are made by ships hovering unintentionally

1) My own abduction actually took place on the 5th attempt (explained place and date confusion) including one from a Ford Escort. I said I didn't ever have one. Zaphos replied I wasn't driving. I asked what colour, he said deep red. My friend used to drive his mother's red Escort with me, especially before he'd passed his driving test, as we shared a business together, and a few years later it was changed for a blue one. But at the time (about 1980-2) we often drove around London in that red Escort.