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One world government, the current position

I do sometimes wonder if as well as a vehicle for my pleasure it is also a vehicle for my discovery, as the utter madness I sometimes come across drives me to get to the bottom of it. I would also dearly love to cure it, but as an individual with only the internet and a small group of people to share with am hardly personally qualified to do more than plant a few seeds and hope they in turn multiply. I've basically never seen such a climate of organised control over the general public in my life. We've had it in localised areas throughout history with a single regime like the Soviet Union and China, but never before across what would like to call the free world.

Think about it, democratic countries worldwide are moving more and more away from national government and more to international policies, often from a perceived problem which needs a universal solution to solve, ie we all must join together or nothing can be fixed. This goes from the world credit crash to global warming, and simply allows this excuse every single time for a tier of government above the national, from the EU to the UN, losing the Soviet Union and simply swapping the principle for others elsewhere, despite its abject failure and lack of freedom and human rights.

Well I expose and call them on it. While the majority happily work together (the internet now publishes many of the minutes and publications, so can see the cogs behind the watchface) a few like Ron Paul and Nigel Farage appear to stand outside the system trying to change it from within. But trust and group dynamics means it takes a shift of at least 10% or more away from the crowd before anything can change. Currently I am aware of no politician in a position of power (one name quoted is in opposition while the other is a fringe European member with no powers anyhow regardless) who campaigns against the status quo- quantitative easing, bank bailouts (besides Iceland, who have bounced back simply by not paying their debts), carbon taxes, low interest rates, high levels of national debt and creeping travel restrictions.

These freedoms and improvements have grown over centuries of breaking the power of the factory owners during the industrial revolution (which, as Marx said, swung so far the other way it needed a return to the centre), improving technology, faster travel and the general ability to live one's life free of excessive government interference. This is all going backwards now, with what is the United Nations Agenda 21, a blueprint for sustainability, actually described thus: "Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control." - Professor Maurice King
Which pretty well sums it up. Reduce the population and effects of technology and development on the planet in any possible way. If anyone wants to learn more check ICLEI online which is how they apply the rules locally through council regulations. This again is not a national plan, but international, applying equally to every single UN country. No one even knows about it, let alone had a chance to vote on it, and it is now one of the general policies under which many others are made. Of course until more people learn this and read it (it's all on Wikipedia), they won't even know it's been running in the background, like a Trojan Horse program, since 1996. It is dressed up to appear to be about caring for the environment, but the quote (and many more similar) I added is the true nature and if you want to see then look at the fruits of the plan rather than the words.

This is not the only reason for it, but the Club of the Isles, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group etc etc, all real entities and some happy to publish their material, are not a national group but behind national policies worldwide. Why bother trying to change a country or two when you can get it to the UN and send it showering down like a manure spreader? Anyway, I do my bit sharing it and leave it to others to make their own minds up.

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Catching up 3/2012 #2

Bit of a loose end so decided to do one of my old style posts and hope a few people read it, and one day someone new (or old) comments like the old days when it was a community here. I've had a week free after a few weeks of visitors and arrangements, first diverted by a call to the doctor for an annual tablet review, and now they want a second blood pressure test as it was up 5 above normal. Caution over the required level possibly? The tablets they give are far worse than the alternative, my late grandma had record figures for years but only ill from the medication they gave her for it and made 99 despite them not because of them. After another long photo trip on Sunday I'm sorted for a week, although felt like going on another had the doctor yesterday and work today and won't be back in time for my weekly family meal tomorrow. I hope to break the east record over the weekend anyway and if so will be good enough.

I have definitely established the majority of my issues going out the last few years were due to my physical health problems which caused the anxiety rather than vice versa. It's all very well being a hypochondriac but even they get ill sometimes and mine lasted a couple of years. It's such a relief now feeling OK enough to do many more things again, there's still some way to go before I'm even half way back, and age alone will blunt my power compared to how it was naturally. But I appreciate it all now remembering when much was rarely possible. I still keep a skeleton of plans for the short term, which works so far and pretty essential with no one else to make arrangements with me besides friends calling with ideas occasionally (not all are welcomed). I have definitely accepted how the world is outside is not my field, and can only work on personal growth so I can face the world better exactly as it is, as if it goes to the dogs it's not part of my area of influence. I can't avoid observing this trend, have concluded a level of energy around the world as chaotic and like any other tension can break at any time and everything simply goes back to normal. I don't think whatever I do or don't do is able to alter any of that so better to be of the world but not part of it.

In my personal world it is impossible to dismiss past experiences of guidance when it goes a bit quiet. So I missed a chance (again, not my field of influence) to interview a celebrity on TV, but so many things do not happen in life only the ones which do exist. There should be a lesson in every negative experience if we look for it, and if the result is any damage is temporary but the lesson is permanent it also means we could have had a nicer way to learn but it didn't register. So the same problems keep coming back larger and larger till we finally learn which random combination of actions fixes it. Everyone is out of their depth in a new situation without much information, just watch Star Trek to see. You start with a new and apparently insoluble problem, and over time get a small hook in to change a small part, and then help from outside to see something else, and eventually after a group effort a few people find different solutions separately and the first one applied solves it. But it never prepares you for the next one ad infinitum. And in guidance we only get the big problems when we've solved the others, like a PhD. Those with the greatest problems to solve would be the ones at the end of their learning, as they'd climbed all the other mountains and only the highest ones left. That's the same with all areas, weights, education or climbing. It seems you've gone right back to the beginning but in fact if you get worse problems after the last apparently its so you learn to handle them, as otherwise you may reach spiritual levels for now, and it all falls apart when you hit a situation you couldn't handle and lose it all. Therefore you need to be immune to all the outside shit as any inner development can be lost if only subject to outside forces. There is the counter-theory that by reaching the spiritual peak then the same stuff happens and you simply don't care, so gives a dual route but not so easy to choose which to be on.

So these new situations are either random or for a purpose, and with enough repetition the evidence becomes a bit too great to be random. I can't help teaching what I know anyway and people ask me regardless so as long as it helps I am serving a secondary purpose. And if I can learn by trial and error but teach the same lessons to people to learn from my experience how many people's suffering could be avoided? The next thread is about where I get my information from. Most spiritual teachers combine what they know at the point they begin speaking without thought, as you start a subject on lessons learnt officially, and then spin off to the source of that knowledge and meaning of it even though you'd never heard it or worked it out beforehand. That is when you seem to cross to the universal level of knowledge, joining with the pool in the frequency you've hooked into, and it takes over. I do it all the time and can tell now when I am. It's very satisfying to see after you've begun a subject you look back and wonder how you managed to write that. You can also be asked a question and feel the answer come before you had time to stop and think, and put together loads of areas and new data to complete a picture way beyond what you actually knew, and fits together almost perfectly. I teach myself as well when that happens as it's basically following a thread from the beginning and into its next level.

My current gap is simply the way I feel. Until that does not crash like a brick every time something big or small goes wrong and often take a day or so to recover I am fucked. You can't become enlightened with blockages, and although this is a natural human reaction it has to go before I can advance. So every so often I get something to break the calm and see the reaction, now like an observer, understand the reason and the result, and simply wait for it to go away. That was actually the essence of my teaching, to just observe and not get involved directly, and if that's all I need to do it may kill it off alone. My mind suspects there's something else I need to do on top, but no clues as to what it is (meditate, the inner voice says), so this is a cue to stop spending 99% of my free time either online or watching TV and bloody well apply all the methods I learnt, often at a financial cost and usually at a time one. There is a perfect and very concise example of the greater self kicking in when required, as my conscious mind hadn't a clue what else to do, and apparently these little drops in frequency have been to remind me to keep it going more often however much fun I'm having online. The mind now says what if even that doesn't work, but it would wouldn't it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Material errors in climate science discovered

Known errors committed by climate scientists so far (and growing):


James Hansen predicted temperature and sea level rises of a few degrees and feet by 2020 at the latest in the 80s. In 2012 the temperature rose less than half a degree and the sea by a couple of inches. He continues to make similar predictions to this day although clearly nowhere close to reality from the beginning.


Hansen's claims


After claiming (unanimously) the largest chain of glaciers on earth was melting at a very specific 50 billion tons of water a year, a study in 2012 actually measuring it directly found it had not changed at all in a decade. Some scientists expressed surprise but no apologies were forthcoming.

"The world's greatest snow-capped peaks, which run in a chain from the Himalayas to Tian Shan on the border of China and Kyrgyzstan, have lost no ice over the last decade, new research shows.

The discovery has stunned scientists, 
who had believed that around 50bn tonnes of meltwater were being shed each year and not being replaced by new snowfall."


Imaginary ice loss


Until 1995 the warmer than present medieval warm period was part of the official UN data, one day it vanished from their records, replaced with the hockey stick, which could not function with a higher period previously. It remains in all textbooks and studies from the period and earlier but no longer acknowledged by the converts to the hockey stick. But in order to accept the hockey stick it was necessary to rewrite the past.

 There are slews of 'adjusted' before and after climate records on my other entries, but this probably takes the biscuit as they were issued by none other than the IPCC, one until 1995 and then replaced by the more familiar 'hockey stick'. Clearly both can't be right, so one must be wrong, and they have clearly made a mistake either way. 

Medieval warm period is here


In March 2012 a report came out predicting massive sea level rises as usual, but quoted the current sea levels as being “ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — A new report shows sea levels are rapidly rising and the study predicts the Jersey Shore could be underwater in a matter of decades.”


Another wild claim, with material error


Except the rapidly rising sea levels they quote have fallen as much in the last couple of years than they had risen in the previous three, bringing them back to 2005 levels. In fact the sea level has been rising at around 8 inches a century and currently could barely reach that at the current rate, and the stalled temperature and world ice levels all correspond with each other as stable within normal variations.


Actual sea level figures


The IPCC created a graph predicting temperatures under varying levels of CO2, and come 2012 the actual temperature was below that of the stable level with none added, despite the actual CO2 rising steadily for decades.


IPCC predictions vs reality

Friday, March 16, 2012

Catching up 3/2012

Just in case anyone was wondering I will update my personal life after some while. Gone are the days when there was an active blog community with someone always adding something to read and plenty of comments, but if people still read then I still write. After the long time of health problems my energy is gradually coming back, and recently done far more than I have for a good few years, just because I could. That's not phobias, but not being well enough to do very much for some time. I've driven all over the place for photos, had plenty of visitors and made a few visits although have very few old friends left locally now. On the other side I've decided I need to collate my spiritual results as besides knowing most of the theory need to know how much has actually worked in all the time I've been using it.

The books claim the sky's the limit and we are smaller versions of god, and identical in nature and power. Everything else is a lesser level of the same, while my current requirement is to reach a level high enough so when things are going well and something happens to wreck it and the whole thing falls apart. That is still relying on the unreliable, as it all evens out as every up has a down. So however good a Monday may be it can all be gone by Tuesday. Nothing has changed, I still live on my own with no partner or many local friends, so whatever I do manage is a short term gain with no long term benefits. There is certainly a level just above the normal, better feelings through meditation (which wears off minutes later after the rare times it happens), seeing outside the visual spectrum, seeing parts of life which have to be arranged, getting information from dreams, knowing all sorts of things directly before learning any evidence, so more a pool of information and an ability to tune into it, and an extension of our existing sense ranges.

That is the start, maintaining those levels is the advanced level, as is the conscious creation and manipulation of physical matter which is supposed to be the final point of what comes alongside enlightenment, as if everything's your dream or part of you then you can control it all, after all it's all made of energy and quantum physics observes observation affects matter and everything is connected and reacts outside space and time, so we are just tuning into that up at the macro level. Totally scientific, not weird or strange at all, and if we see ourselves as energy and everything within that made from that energy in makes more sense. There's no conflict between spiritual development and science as we are only talking quantum effects and tuning into different frequencies. My job now is to raise my own so high I am above the everyday ups and downs of life, as however often or good the ups are they all go down and every corner we turn can have a pile of shit waiting for us to walk in. Growth is the equivalent of shit proof boots, so when the same things happen we aren't affected.

I have spent months trawling teachers online and have a pretty good collection of work for specific areas, as unless your own method works you need many more as well, not instead of. Not all masters were faithful to a single one, and many were until they could go no further and found another until they were completed. But others simply have to take what they can from wherever they can and add them all to the mix, as they all come at it from different angles. Some teach a single technique, others many, and others different ones for different areas. Falun Gong may well be an exception and complete, but as I need the computer to follow the exercises and they seem to have removed the link then that's taken a back seat as so hard to get it happening. But it's probably all guided and anything I do or don't do is aiming in the right direction. When I teach (as technically I am like a swimming teacher who can't swim but knows enough about the theory to teach others) I realised I need to know if any of it can actually be evidenced by my own experience before carrying on repeating empty theories, as most others can actually describe it all directly. I think there's just enough, the first step but still a step above normal, and once you leave normal you're outside the physical rules and still beyond the huge majority of individuals who aren't even aware there is any more than they know.

I was admittedly disappointed with the hard sell class pushed last week by Neale Donald Walsch, packaging the failure of his own course into a new solution costing more than the whole set of books altogether. Would god do that? Of course not. In fact, I've seen many teachers offer solutions to the failings in other people's methods, but this is the very first and certainly unique example of someone creating a course to address their own course's failings! No shit! Regardless of the messenger there's enough plausible stuff in the books already, and unless they are so diverse some people need 7 weeks/ 40 hours whatever tuition to put it all together then if he's dragged up new stuff only possible to teach in person for a fucking arm and a leg then he's drifted off the track and god hasn't told him! Now I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and keeping the teaching I've learnt, but lost total confidence in the messenger. But I won't give up. I can't ever see beyond the horizon to the future to how far I can get, but simply spending my life getting a few prizes and then a stream of manure in between is not my idea of making the best of things. Teachers say there is an alternative, I have seen the edge of it and working my way to the middle, if there actually is one.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The great awakening?

Human development requires a motivation, so a calm sea does not make a good sailor, you need something to happen to allow you to see your innate abilities or test your weaknesses and remove your faults. Once you know that then one of the biggest faults in humanity is its trust in authority. Although many either have the brains or the means to learn things for themselves, someone else qualified or not tells them something and they think it has to be right. Except if two tell them something different they then rely on a third one to tell them which was right, ad infinitum.

Originally I saw this as a situation meaning those at the level above looking down would never see a change, this was how it is and we were basically stuck in a them and us situation. And then I realised telling someone about it, that if the mass of the world are exposed unanimously to a huge lie, then at first of course most will believe it, but if a few start to see the truth and gradually the others follow, then in future they will have joined those the level above as no longer believing their 'betters', and also realise they are not worse either and can either test anyone else's claims or better still find out directly if possible without needing others to tell them. This means that this form of oppression is not with bars or violence, but purely the power of people's minds. If you are told a lie where the truth is available, then all you need to do is stop believing it. Nobody has any power over anyone by lying to them as there is simply no foundation on the claim. So we have not been chained to bombs which will go off if we attempt to escape, or banned from leaving our towns by law, but simply told by our governments something will happen (it hasn't happen yet, that's the kicker), which even by a direct extrapolation can clearly be seen to be virtual nonsense. I did some simple checks we can all do which provide such massive 'reasonable doubts' even with them alone there is no case for either action or any belief at all. None whatsoever. The data grows to contradict it every week now, and you'd actually have to be thick as pig manure to still believe it once you know the new doubts. Even if it was true, the data does not indicate it so as yet it is someone's theory (Svente Arrhenius) which has no real world evidence no more than suggestive a couple of elements are correct which in a criminal case would not even make a submission to the crown prosecutor.

Therefore we the people have the doors which can be opened directly, there are no keys as no locks and can simply be opened by discovery they are open. As yet these gumps don't even know there is a door, and are sitting in their man made (Al Gore) cell seeing no chance of ever leaving it and at best handing it over to their grandchildren in 90 years if we can reduce our CO2 emissions to negative. Now knowing the data they are already free. Man makes 3-6% of all atmospheric CO2, so reduce our output totally, and it will only remove that much. Each new step on the Gore ladder drops you another rung as it breaks the second you put the weight of scrutiny on it, so when you look at the divergence from the 20 year IPCC predictions we are now below the lowest, the sea level has never risen more than 8 inches a century for thousands of years and is now falling, the polar ice has not melted overall, and our esteemed consensus told us that the Himalayan glacier chain was losing 50 billion tons of water a year, till someone decided to measure it and found they'd lost none for 10 years. They lied guys, big time. If they didn't lie, then they are even thicker than their intended victims as you won't get a chef saying they've put a pinch of salt in the soup when they've put in a bag or vice versa. Normal people in normal jobs rarely screw up like that and when they do they get sacked. These bods have got Nobel Prizes and billions in grants ($2.5 in the US alone) and will lie to their own children if that keeps it going. I'm sure they do as if they didn't they don't yet have the thick shell that would allow them to go to school and tell the other kids 'My daddy doesn't really think the world is warming but he wants the money'. So these a-holes even must lie to their children as they can't keep secrets.

Anyway, the point is that if the only power of a huge lie is in the people's belief it is true it has no power. None at all as there is nothing there. If you are in a cartoon and keep running till you realise you've run of a cliff and then fall then if you're in real life and someone tells you it's getting warmer and you pull out a thermometer and find it isn't (or someone else's using their satellite nowadays) then you see it isn't and the lie is gone. It's not like we need a black or white pregnancy type situation here, but just no case to answer from the null hypothesis, which requires a case beyond reasonable doubt before it is presented. There is no logic involved in AGW whatsoever as requires a trust in predicting the future in a chaotic system and the belief that whatever the new data says, how far current readings diverge from predictions and how many scientists have been caught getting it wrong then you can't still believe the theory if you are logical. The two cannot exist together. So we all have logic to some extent, and if we'd simply drop our blind trust in authority and learn some trust in our own logic then we'd grow manyfold and their power would all but vanish.

Therefore if you want to wake up most people you give them a test, something which affects them all, and they only have their own brains to release themselves. That requires a collusion among the elite so they are unanimous in their lies so only the brainy ones realise it to start with, but as a lie then the longer it continues the fewer people can believe it as more clues will come out it is not true. So if that was the case, man made global warming now actually goes against the solid data yet despite now to me at least clearly being no more than a huge revenue collection exercise and I can probably prove it, most people are still turning down their heating and living more and more like third world paupers as they are terrified they'll all die otherwise. Fear of death, especially for your children, motivates people above all else, and that's Al Gore's continuing meme, the sort of thing which would put a biblical character in the pits of fire for eternity for imposing on his people. Think King Herod and you'll be pretty well on the button. But if the result is the awakening of billions of people worldwide, who will then write it for the next generations to see, that they had the new ability to open their minds and think for themselves, then this world government would simply have been the means to get the hard of thinking to bloody well think for the first time in their lives.

Seeing it like that then my role is not of a rescuer, but more a bystander as long as people will wake up simply by noticing they have been told things are not as they really are. I will always offer data where possible, but the psychological attempts to talk to individuals in great time and detail may not be either necessary or the best way at all to work, as this ought to have a momentum of its own, a gravitational force driving the mass consciousness closer and closer to release from the chains of illusion. My own path was not any different, as of course a band of scientists saying the temperature is rising with CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is logical enough, and if they said the sea would rise yards then who am I to argue. That was in the 80s and no internet to hand. Some years later I wondered how it was going (this was before climate laws so the governments didn't talk about it much, just the odd newspaper), and couldn't find anything at all. The sea level it turned out had hardly ever risen for centuries and still wasn't, while all the other claims in the reports were about 80% higher than reality. I realised it was just another hype and left it behind like Harold Camping and Planet X. But when governments then banded together and stole money and freedoms based on absolutely nothing at all (the changes since the 80s have been notable in their ordinariness, besides that naughty CO2) then I had to tell the world.

A decade later and maybe two people have questioned their beliefs from thousands. Not a good price-dividend ratio, although one mind gained is a miracle I just haven't got the time to spend in detailed conversations for a 0.01% success rate. But if the purpose of this is to provide a lie which is easily seen through for the whole world, so they can fight the way out of the paper bags themselves then it will be a valuable lesson to maturity for those old in age but young in mind. If I can trust the system to work itself out, and the power of Obama, Gore, Cameron, Monbiot, Lovelock, Mann, Hansen etc will all evaporate away just as their wild predictions already have. You can be the president of the United States or head of the mafia (or both) but if you tell a lie it can never become true whoever says it. They may be being used to get the masses out of their sleep and those of us already awake may not have to be the alarm after all.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our true nature

I just wrote this in response to a question on a forum:

A totally different view is that awareness is the highest level of being, so as all we are is awareness (not a theory, looking right ahead with no mirror what are you?) then the nature of humanity is awareness, a body following that awareness wherever it goes (unless you can have out of body experiences) and what runs through that awareness is constantly changing and neither inside or outside the awareness as again, if you look directly, can you really assess which sensations are from within and outside? Is a sound in you or outside for instance? Is it only heard when it goes in your brain, or was it outside and inside at the same time? The answer is it is in awareness, you can't actually answer that question as it is just a sound. Then extend that for all the other things you are aware of (including thoughts) and you have a field of empty awareness peopled by a variety of sensations and thoughts which are never static but constantly changing. 

There isn't even you there when you forget. No person with a history, that goes away until you are reminded of it. After a few moments of absorption (natural meditation) you are what you are aware of, you have gone and only comes back when something reminds you of it. 
Seems the message is beginning to get through here as well- that just wrote itself and became more aware of the situation as I'd written it. That's what happens after enough practice.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The illuminati? Do me a favour!

Inspired by Ishtar's blog I will expand on my own observations there. The 'illuminati', those behind United Nations Agenda 21 (see wikipedia, it's all there) are not the elite, but actually the lowest level behind the development of every single group on earth. Let me explain. In spiritual terms we are in a huge mixed age comprehensive school, all grades and levels learning in the same place. The two lowest levels of the ego are not realising you shouldn't get what you want by taking it from others, and wanting power for its own sake. Therefore our politicians represent in the main those who want to be there to tell others how to live, pretty much like the police. Taxing people heavily is removing honestly earnt money to spend for your own reasons, whether to invade another country- because you can, or the arms deals make your donors rich and donate more, or you want to plunder their resources, but whichever way you look at it these are not honourable or spiritual acts.

So we have a learning pyramid, with the most at the lowest levels and thinning out as you reach the very top of enlightenment. They of course see through it all and couldn't care less as they know it's just a game and they can't be affected. The lowest ones will all learn and catch up eventually, but till then the physical world is absolute chaos, only understood by the enlightened, until enough reach the higher levels to leave the rest behind as a powerless minority much like the homeless tramps begging in city centres. Those at the top politically and often economically cannot be judged on their power or wealth but the fact they want the power and how they got the wealth. Those who earned it honestly are spiritually clean, but the majority who used government subsidies to rob the poor to pay their profits (eg wind farms and solar panels) or simply used mafia tactics to win contracts and steal the ideas of your opposition to get the edge in the market place. Sure, on the physical level these guys appear to be winning the race, but those at the spiritual top have nothing to prove and are content however they are as their peace and wellbeing comes from within. If you get to that point then there is no possible reason to want to organise lesser beings. You may want to teach, and many of these teachers (Guru Swami G and Prem Rawat to name two I know well) do not charge for their teaching at all, but somehow still manage regardless.

So when looking at those claiming or claimed to be illuminati or the elite think again. Do you respect the mafia? I doubt it, as you know that despite their enormous power and wealth they stole it all. Now see the majority of governments that way and you'll see that money and power do not make anyone an elite, far from it. If they are judged by their actions and not by their collections it is a quite different picture. The elite are only there as the majority of people do not realise this and trust them inherently. My job (as once you know something important it is your duty to share it) is to allow as many people as possible to discover the truth and not trust these crooks as far as you can influence their actions. See them for who they are, ruthless psychopaths in the main (even if some aren't it will allow you to see the main picture clearly) and will lie and cheat as much as they need to to get whatever they want. Our own Mr Obama would most likely fit the bill perfectly, his Mr Chu the energy secretary is carrying out his will to make petrol as expensive as it is in Europe, he just signed a bill to allow indefinite detention for US citizens without trial, and has run up the biggest US debt in history which he continues to raise when he needs even more. What has he achieved for the country a Republican (McCain in this case) couldn't have done? I don't know, but had McCain done exactly the same at this point in time as Obama would he have been considered a success and voted in a second time in November?

You must learn to analyse, go beneath the surface and learn how spiritual development affects people and apply it. Look at not the collections someone has amassed, whether wealth, land, power or even qualifications, for these things are all neutral. You can be a genius, but a bloody evil one, and get the best grades on earth and use the knowledge to kill people, often by creating the most efficient weapons and making millions from selling the ideas. All material success here is entirely irrelevant, only the individual counts, would you trust them with your money? Your children? Your life? These are the questions you have to ask. If you left your money out and left the room would it still be there when you came back? Would they forget to feed your cat when you were away and make excuses when found out? Would they help you when you were in trouble even when it ruined what they were doing at the time?

I won't dig myself in here any further by naming names, I've given one and you can get the formula and apply it to them yourself. There are a few politicians I do trust, on the little I know. And none of them have ever got above junior minister maximum. No surprise there, as their own principles prevent them from playing the same game it takes for the others to reach the top. Their personal honour and ethics stops them from having to join the 'elite' to appear to become one of them. The day Ron Paul, David Davies, Nigel Farage, Christopher Monckton and possibly one day Robert Halfon become leaders of their countries we'll know the public have probably woken up sufficiently to know what and who to vote for. In a new study at Cornell University Dr Dunning confirms the majority of people don't understand enough about politics to vote properly, and until they can we'll get more Obamas, Blairs, Camerons and worst of all, Gillards. Look at her parliamentary speech record to see why I say this.