Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a small pile of it

It's partly chaos but surviving. After nearly 5 years I must return to the dentist with a lost filling, but thankfully a front one so not causing any trouble. Then the doctors for a checkup which will be a welcome relief in comparison not to mention the eye test. I get fed up with all this cack after so long of it, but some can't be avoided. No other plans at all although even the cack ones are plans as well.
Other than that it's business as usual, partly in the sense of the sort of business you step in I suppose, but many things are neutral until they turn one way or another.

I have more or less concluded the global warming effort after getting on for 10 years- I've summarised it here although should then get the figures for the final part. I'm not a scientist and until I find one to help then I've presented everything I can. The IPCC aren't going to listen although 43 members of the Royal Society have forced them to back down on the claim the science is settled. As similar temperature changes are happening on Mars I do wonder who's fucked up their climate from the surface as well. We are dealing with the lowest form of creepy dishonesty here, and it'll take the full force of every decent person on this planet to deal with the lies and theft before it's too late and there's no oil, electricity or much else. That's the real crisis, totally man made and totally avoidable. We have nothing to fear from climate.

I hope for more and better this week, no idea what will happen but have made the message clear. The last thing I want is a wait for the dentist, get it out of the way as soon as possible if I can. If that goes well then I don't really mind what follows- who would?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The bottom line on climate change 2

I reckon all anyone needs is part 1 but there are many details. The biggest clue climate change is not what it seems is the actual results. The taxation and research grants have put the world on a war economy, sucking up every spare resource for the countries and paring people's free cash to a minimum. In economics every spending choice has an alternative which has been rejected, the 'opportunity cost'. The greatest opportunity cost here is third world aid. The money already spent on this cause could have wiped out malaria, provided clean water for the third world and stopped genuine industrial pollution. These are people who need it now, not some vague time in the future even the worst projections admit will never be known as we'll all be dead by the time it happens.

There are the inevitable bandwagon jumpers, divided between the leaders (ie those who know) and the followers (ie those who trust). The leaders are simple frauds on the biggest scale ever seen and can basically go fuck themselves. The followers are what saddens me the most as being dishonest makes sense to those with no morals, but being dead stupid is something people are stuck with. My estimation of the world average IQ has been decimated since this began, as besides the converted most people I present this long researched case to simply ignore it all. They can't support their case (besides one scientist who I can't actually understand as I'm not one myself so have sought the support of one for myself), but refuse to accept the figures all around them. The rabid left wingers just see it as another symptom of capitalism so happy to add 'climate' change' to whatever other perceived evils they see in the very system which allows them to protest about it. Let them all fuck off to China and Cuba and protest against theirs instead. Oh, they can't.

In a criminal case the defendant (here being mankind itself) needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Both sides seem convincing once a case gets to trial (the others fall beforehand), and the jury then needs to decide if there's enough evidence for guilt (not in France but they still tend to get it right using their system) to convict them. In science this should not be the case. They try themselves to disprove a theory until it's almost impossible to, and then they publish their figures to be reviewed by peers.
The fact here that because this idea arrived along with the internet the other scientists are able to publish their own findings as well, unlike before when only the strong were reported. Now for reasons best left to the imaginations of the readers, there are totally different measurements found by satellites, ice cores and all the other methods submitted to the IPCC. The IPCC are not peers either, but a jury of politicians. They include scientists but their role is meant to be to decide if there is enough evidence to make policies.

As anyone can find two equally convincing (to be fair the figures against global warming are more so as they are all based in the present and past so certain) sets of figures then there is reasonable doubt. Unless that doubt is proved to be false there is no case. What more can I add?

The bottom line on climate change 1

I am absolutely appalled how easy it was to convince the average person we have something to fear from our climate. I may not be a scientist but a law degree trained me to judge evidence and a counselling diploma trained me in understanding people's minds, and unfortunately both here are totally lacking.

This is a summary of their case. SOME (mainly kept secret- for "commercial reasons"- clue there for a start) temperature measurements show the average temperature has increased since 1970, combined with an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. That's it.

The current CO2 is 380ppm. The temperature rose .5' in the last century. We are leaving an ice age so the temperature has risen since the last one, an ice age means there is polar ice, and there currently still is. Once all the polar ice melts then the ice age will be over until the next one.

These figures are presented as if they mean more than that. In 1961 Time-Life books published one on earth science, and then the CO2 concentration was accepted not as an absolute figure but a variable. 240-400ppm. Now in 2010 it is 380ppm. So if that was normal in 1961 how is it not in 2010?
Secondly what we are told to fear is not the present, but extrapolations based on so many variables (the very same chaos theory is based on, a second clue there), showing a 2-6' rise in the next century. That was made about ten years ago, and although there are still various sets of quite different figures (not anything to base my confidence on) most show the temperature stabilised soon after and has not actually risen yet. It clearly isn't linear or logarithmic, but as the theory suggests, chaotic. Too many variables. Philip Stott who is qualified says we only know 5% of what drives the climate, and why would he invent such a figure?

So once the fear was created the worst case scenario was presented as a problem that needed a solution, a classic totalitarian formula. Want safety from terrorists? You'll have to lose many of your liberties but better than being blown up? No, not really. Anyway, Al Gore and James Hansen took the worst possible result from the far end of their projections and presented it as inevitable (even though they were clearly at the crazy end of the range). As a result, despite no actual changes beyond the norm (can they tell what it would have been like without the extra CO2, which is about 3%?) they have convinced the UN to tax energy usage. As people have no choice to heat or travel then they have to pay the tax and save in other areas (funny how the biggest tax burden in history coincided with a worldwide recession in 2007 onwards) thus creating a net equality of usage and vast increase in revenue. The oil and energy companies are accused by the sheep/bedwetters of sponsoring people like Philip Stott, David Bellamy, Johnny Ball, Nils Axel Morner, Piers Corbyn and every other scientist who disputes this as total bollocks. The fact BP and Shell are actively campaigning for said taxes seems to go straight over their heads despite the fact oil companies get a huge share of this extra revenue.

None of this is complex. None besides the absorption spectrum of air gases and the Aqua satellite findings that water vapour (the greatest natural greenhouse gas) displaces CO2 (not very powerful at all) are beyond most primary school children to understand, yet so far people either work this out themselves as I have or ignore every fact that implies the whole authority system of the world is indeed corrupt and they can no longer trust them. So that being so frightening they'd rather believe the sky is going to fall in despite historical records showing man thrived in warmer times and always will. And despite having no polar ice the bears are still here.

The actual consequences of global warming (the full phrase is climate change due to global warming, but they dropped that bit when it was clearly not happening) are not chaos, but well known. The weather patterns move north, the sea level rises as it always does, and whatever weather people were getting to the south/prevailing wind area before shifts to the next area along. The end result is colder areas become more habitable while deserts move north, while the lowest lying land is swamped over hundreds of years as the ice is the last thing to melt due to the latent heat required to do so meaning it has to be more than 1 over zero for some time before it responds. The time it takes to clear low lying land, which should in most cases never have been colonised in the first place, is a lot less than it takes to be flooded. If there is so little room on this planet people had to settle flood plains then there are too many people here.

So yes, eventually the sea level will rise noticeably, but not until many generations of humans have passed. Our climates will change, places like Greenland and Iceland will become more like Scotland, and places like England will become more like Spain. But nowhere will not become like somewhere else, and at present the only land which is uninhabitable is the South Pole, due to the ice. There are deserts everywhere and few people live there, but many animals and plants do, and if you dig down far enough you'll usually find water there. Again, if there's not enough room for the desert dwellers to move north that's not the climate's fault, but there are too many people. And although no prediction is really science if not on a fixed path like the heavenly bodies, one did say severe weather does not increase as the temperature rises. Unfortunately Al Gore's film couldn't be edited that late so is still part of the new bible. They certainly move around so Britain could get the odd hurricane if the Atlantic heated enough in the summer, but Florida is still heavily populated with no shortage of them there. Apart from hurricanes and tornadoes (which are so rare they even have their own region across the USA) the only other effect could be floods. I've already dealt with them, if you build in sensible places only then the water can't reach you. If you have proper drainage then the water is channelled away as it falls, if not immediately within a day or so. The monsoon areas are very heavily populated and they know what to do during the season and don't bugger off to the high ground either.

So, heat, wind and rain. That's it. The heat is here now and like the low lying areas people move away when they become impossible to inhabit, they always have. We have the rain and wind already and people live with it. Have I missed something?

They are running the asylum

All or nothing. Two days running here. It's been business as usual, even the good parts are part of a larger routine which leaves me apparently exactly where I was before. It's like the endless chores in Greek mythology where the amount of water escaping from the bucket was always equal to the amout put in. I'd really like more than a few moments of pleasure per week interspersed with the rest but who wouldn't? I keep adding to my life, creating more, and currently the only thing that hasn't been added to is holidays, but they weren't that much better (when they were) than being here at the time so I'm not missing anything- I'm far happier having the freedom from work right here at home as long as I've got people to share it with. I've been to ten countries and plenty of my own and I'm still there wherever my body is, if you get the meaning. Failing my exams while I was in Chicago was no better than anywhere else I'd have found out. It's like treading in dogshit. Treading in Thai or Mexican dogshit is no better than London, and going elsewhere for a week or two to live your life wandering around exploring someone else's local area has no more going for it than having the same time off and looking around your own.
Having the digital camera made me discover so many places in London as I had the unlimited potential to take photos and no inclination to go elsewhere. Plus there's more chance knowing people and places locally you may actually like. Total hit and miss abroad.

So I have the freedom here, using it more again and adding more experience, but maybe it is all a dream and nothing's actually happened anyway. I've also given up wasting my time trying to teach anyone a thing about politics as they have already made up their minds and even if they all changed them the politicians would do exactly the same crimes. Al Gore's stolen many times more than Bernie Madoff (as he's been named a liar in a British court I don't think any money gained from said lies can be anything else than theft) yet he's still free to steal more as he shares it with the very politicians he's bribed to keep him safe. Believe me, obtaining money by deception is no different from breaking into your house and stealing it, the end result's the same, you are poorer and they are richer. If some sod turns up at your door saying they want money for orphans and end up keeping it they are clearly guilty of stealing it with false representations. Now claiming our money will stop the climate from going crazy is no more real than it's going to be burnt in the centre of hell to stop the earth from freezing. In fact burning all the cash we've given away in said cause would only change the climate if it was all put in a huge pile and burnt. But they won't do that will they.

So back to yesterday's theme, people accept theft as they are too thick to check. They are too thick to realise our rulers are no better than they are and will rob them as much as they can get away with. They'd rape you as well if they could. Some do in fact if you check your world history. Making a mistake through lack of knowledge is how we learn. Being given the knowledge and rejecting it is why we are ruled by thieves and rapists. As they know the majority of people will accept whatever 'authority' tells them then they can allow aspartame to rot everyone's organs, GM food to slowly destroy the world's DNA until it all falls apart (this isn't a guess, the stuff can easily be tested to see the damage it inevitably causes over time as it degenerates), and test chemicals on soldiers and civilians without their knowledge. Oh, they are murderers as well. Of course they are. Murder can be in many forms, and taking away money for sanitation and clean water projects in the third world to go on solar power will kill more people in a day than global warming even claims to in an imaginary future. The water borne diseases are what keep third world birth rates enormous as they breed like rabbits in order to replace the huge number of babies who die within a year just like salmon. So they are stealing and murdering while the idiots protest outside parliament actually telling the politicians they aren't stealing enough. The morons don't realise they are asking more people to die of hypothermia as they can no longer afford to heat their homes, let alone the third world aid being diverted to teach the darkies to conserve energy. But being mad or stupid isn't evil, only the leaders here are evil but the masses are actually worse than I realised or they'd have protested worldwide and voted as many of these criminals out when they had a chance. No wonder I seem to stand out most of the time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How intuition works

I actually abandoned a post on my other blog today as it was so similar to the previous one it wasn't adding anything new. It's as much about making it interesting but not every day is. I can get away with more here though as it's my own site, and can find regardless of my life at the time something turns up when I open the box.

Nothing's really wrong at the moment which is something in itself, and it's only the articles which weren't published that died when planted, although they were no different to my others this time I was trying to get paid for them. It's clearly not the quality but the competition as there's a great demand for anything provided it's free. Women however are not related to talent or much else, and past successes make no different the next time you want one. I can almost see myself getting every other ambition besides enlightenment and still being on my own. And it has to be the right person as the wrong one is worse than nothing.
One thing I wouldn't say in other places is how I continue to see things more clearly than most. It's not boasting, rather someone who has good eyesight gradually realising most people haven't. It wasn't that I thought I was better than others, but what I saw was the same as everyone else. I've proved that wrong over time as eliminated people one by one who couldn't understand things I thought were obvious. Not difficult things I'd worked out because I was cleverer than them, but simple clear things they just can't see. Unfortunately that doesn't make me particularly intelligent but makes most people incredibly thick. No other explanation, is there?

Half though is intuition more than intelligence. I realise things long before any incriminating evidence comes out. I've tested it long enough to accept things I know through intuition are as good as any other, but means I can't prove it to anyone else. It's the same as any other personal experience, you own it but can't show it to others. People who claim to experience god can't share it with a soul as it's meaningless to others. It's not something you can pass on or demonstrate. I have similar situations with many areas, and although I started assuming everyone saw these things as I did soon found out I was in a minority. I reckon others who have intuition will at least accept the reality of my own, so will say as they trust intuition then they can trust the fruits of it. I can tell criminals, liars, scams, false claims, the best women in bed, decent people, what many animals are thinking and feeling, and many more things more or less as clearly as we receive direct information, but no one would believe me as I can't show them why. If I'm around long enough the evidence often follows, and if I could find someone who trusted me enough could be employed to sort people out before they knew enough about them.

I wouldn't be rude enough to mention any of the negative names I've noticed in the public eye (besides Al Gore who has been caught already), but can happily share some of the people I trust simply because they seem like I can. These include politicians on the opposite side but decent people nonetheless. People like Michael Portillo and William Hague on the conservatives (one who has just been given the first chance to prove himself), Johnny Ball and David Bellamy who campaign (as scientists) against the global warming scam, Vince Cable of the Liberals, Enoch Powell (despite the media smear campaigns against him), and many more few will be likely to know, now unless any of these are so bad they work hard at looking good and have caught me then I'd still give myself the benefit of the doubt. As people I've known personally seem to pass the test and never let me down I'd say it should work for strangers as well. If it works it should work for everybody.

But one thing about intuition is it can't be taught or learnt. It just seems to be there. I've known certain things all my life without any experience to find it out, and added more and more as I've gone along. Now if indeed we are everything, or at least connected to it all then it's part of us so bound to know it. Many people ignore their own as it gets them into trouble when they make a claim and then get caught as they can't prove it. The answer is not to ignore it but don't bother telling others, but just use the information yourself. If people can't accept the highest form of knowledge it doesn't mean you should give up using it, just not to waste it on them. You'll still know and use it, and if you spot a crook or a good person you can trust then you will benefit by acting on it, but try showing others how you can tell? I spotted two myself, one I found within minutes had a decent criminal record and the other ripped off his friend costing him his business. These people were partners in crime and not a decent bone in their body. Pure psychopathic nastiness. One did me a small favour once but balanced against all the nasty comments over the years was hardly enough to make him a different person. And the good people have never let me down either, it does seem there are extremes although most people are a mixture.

Well that's today's lesson, I hadn't a clue what to write when I started but clearly my intuition led me here in the first place, that's how it works.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spiritual methods compared

I'm doing video blogs now, and quite different from these as I have to do it in one go (I do here but can pause for thought) and let it flow. So today I thought I'd see what satsang would flow here as I'm in a gap in the day and a good test for my own connecti0n.

So far I am not quite there. I have many ambitions and although reached the business lot on the level of survival haven't got the personal/social at all and just crept into the business extras. There are so many different approaches to success, the western one of killing yourself and hope you make it somehow, the spiritual of tuning into success energy and witchcraft. As I don't trust witchcraft and am too old and tired to kill myself any more then I'm left with the spiritual. I also believe the delay in many teachings and the lack of clear explanations is more to hold on to students than anything practical. I think any method which actually works has the power to transform almost immediately, and can be taught in minutes. I've spent hundreds of pounds and many hours checking them all out and see various themes and like enlightenment think any method which works will get you there sooner or later.
Mind you, some who appear to succeed still don't seem that happy or healthy even when they get their aims, so maybe we are destined to suffer until enlightened, as all the success and failure is in duality and tends to attract opposing energy whichever you have.

But while I'm in duality I have to use the tools within it and carry on the meditations to enlightenment in case they ever work. I am finding at the moment whatever I achieve I slip back soon afterwards, illustrating that exact point. Whether the average is improving I can't tell, only the guidance and connection has to be there so if that is the case then however bad things get they are not what they seem. Looking in more detail at the killing myself scenario that would involve taking other people's advice although I've done it all before with little or no success. Joining social and educational groups will get you one new friend if you're really lucky, and lots more anonymous people who are just around and mean nothing to you. I go to the gym a few times a week though and although made no new friends have plenty of people I talk to after 7 years even if none yet outside there. But no women as per. I did go to a party recently and the one apparently single woman was averagely attractive, peculiar and probably left wing. Besides living in the arse end of London that was not a winning formula plus she was half my age, as by the time she gets to 30 however weird is bound no longer to be single.

These represent the reality of 'making more effort'. It's quality not quantity, and the right people tend to turn up anyway and even if you go out five nights a week as I used to you don't find more- in fact many of the same people appear a few times as it's not that many people locally who bother with these places. But so many people believe this is possible, although one did just change her mind to agree that if you go out with the intention it's more likely to happen regardless of what you do. I actually think it's easier to develop spiritually as you can practice as much as you like, compared to socially. My media work is also aimed at a social life though as if people recognise you then they're more likely to come and talk to you, and there are always the groupies. Look at Woody Allen to know as long as you're known then just being famous is enough for many women. Not for men mind you, we stick to the basics.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A clean slate

I have a pretty clean slate now. Jobs that needed doing have been done and collecting a heap of stuff from late grandma's tomorrow to give away. I'm back Streetviewing after a week off and hope something easy to get to turns up just to keep me at it. I may well see the harmless but useless woman this week after managing to delay it for two weeks, as I get almost nothing back (well technically zero) so don't see the point besides being the nearest thing I get to socialising at the moment.

Looking back I have done pretty well this year:

Lots of rare old road signs mainly down to the new Streetview coverage

Been to a party (a rare event nowadays and one the nerves had to deal with)

Dealt with all business and work issues smoothly

Visited a few people (see party entry above- as rarely invited is a big deal nowadays)

Both seen the guidance continue from last year plus now seeing connections around me

Been to various pubs with said woman which were also a good test for my nerves

Did a photo shoot in a restaurant (see party entry again)

Of course there's a lot more especially as some of these only keep me out of trouble or add to collections without really changing my life. My TV is also currently awaiting a circuit diagram before a resistor can be fitted but presumably will avoid me needing a new one just yet. At the end of the month the PC is swapping the 40gb drive (full besides the partition) for a 350 or 500gb job so should also last a good few years. The PC is a custom made Microsoft job plus my old HDD which is now about to go, meaning it will all be reasonably up to date. Being on the damn thing most of the day (it's educational though) means I need the best stuff as time is business and the slower the more wasted. I could have done with a dual core processor but can't have everything.

Having met someone else from a website over the weekend more are planned next week at a photo exhibition (nerves aside), at least I've been before and quite an easy place to visit. After two years of amateur agoraphobia becoming professional I appreciate every place I get to now, although terrified of the harder ones in advance to various degrees. There are very good reasons I am as it was driven by genuine health problems which turned it from avoiding the worst to avoiding almost everything. I have come across more local people online as well and plan to meet a good few more if they want to. I know I do my best, and when I was OK physically did a heck of a lot more to get me where I am today. And looking ahead when I was 18 would have probably settled for the academic prizes I achieved, although one (master's degree) had to be abandoned I have the rest of the ones I actually needed, the other was purely for pride although may have got me a lecturing job had I tried. I did manage to virtually never do a standup routine when I was teaching, it was a new job and had to behave myself. Maybe if I went along with the fart jokes (some classes managed more than I used to) I may have got more of them under control, but may also have got sacked which never happened.

My hope is now I've seen myself guided in one area the woman, career and social life will follow. I have larger ambitions as well but they are really down to grace, as the masters call it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What would Jesus do?

I've had a new phase this week, being stressed by rude people. But again it was sent to train me both to deal with it in the best ways (as Buddha taught) and not to be affected by it. And of course until you do you just keep getting more. I hope now I've seen it that part is now over.
I'm free now otherwise- work is so rare it really makes me tired now when it happens, yesterday and today. But then when I piss around I don't feel so guilty afterwards so if I can I always will.

I'm finding one by one people are starting to listen to me. I'd carry on regardless as before the internet there were few chances to communicate and I have more than most (have you noticed?). We hardly ever know the effect we've had or the results but if you have information you may as well be dead if you keep it to yourself. So far though I've added more to the old sign collection than I could have hoped for, and learnt to see the connections in everything. It's still very rare and need to remind myself either it is or it isn't whether or not I'm hardly ever aware of it. We have to progress to the level where we are and very few have.
So whether or not I've chosen it I have a role here, I'm slowly finding new friends here who actually live locally. I haven't met any yet but have one at the weekend which is a start. I ws lucky the last couple of days the usual sort of unwelcome arrangements were also misplaced by the work I'd had booked, so covered two areas as well as one. They can always wait.

So, I'm free, haven't got a clue what I'll be doing besides more gardening sooner or later, keep Streetviewing as always (a 40 mile trip to Surrey last weekend was well worth it), and the rest is outside my control. Both articles I sent off this year were responded to with silence, but I think when people are paying then it's no different from having a book published, it's not how good you are but what they are looking for at the time. And I must accept my ego does enjoy recognition as that's how we're all made. I won't miss being enlightened if I feel a sense of achievement for everything I've reached by my own efforts. I would expect most masters still have a pretty large ego whatever they teach or claim as satisfaction is also a built in mechanism as a reward for our success. If there is none then what's the point? And why speak to people if you don't enjoy doing it?

Well that's where I'm up to today. I don't ask for trouble to turn up on Facebook but programmed not to avoid it when it arrives. Keeping silent when you have a contribution is no better than being one of the troublemakers. It brings me exponential amounts of trouble in return but then again at least one lost sheep I know has now returned to the fold, and it was my doing. My first saved soul, why not gain satisfaction from that? I bet Jesus did until he got used to it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Global warming won the election

The viewing figures are down, is it me or the fact I rarely comment elsewhere for various reasons already mentioned? But life goes on, the blog goes on being free so the two will always combine given those two conditions.
I've done pretty well so far, and slightly stretched my capabilities (since they became limited) and drove an hour south for a road sign last night which turned up online during the week. Being on a dual carriageway it was a lot further than the longer ones I've done that weren't so far in the suburbs, so glad I made it. I used to do over 400 miles in a day without a second thought if required but people change as well as requirements, and have no reasons to do that now even if I could.

Minor plans ahead include a trip to the rubbish tip for a friend (a regular equivalent of a party or funeral), meeting a couple of people from Flickr to either deliver or view photos, and what I'd call my freedom otherwise. I still suspect the universal connection between everything directs much of what I say now, and even when I feel I shouldn't have come out with a few shockers which although were the right things to say opened me up to the elements, ie hooligans who could easily exploit it. I just can't shutup however much I have now decided to for my own safety. No one appears to listen to my case against global warming either, people either get it or not, and the ones who don't appear to believe something technically impossible is as genuine as the aliens making crop circles. Or something like that. It shows the basic gullibility and stupidity of too many people and makes me embarrassed to be part of humanity if so many need to grow and develop. Patronising as that sounds I have to live with the fuckers and their dangerous actions and prefer to be free of false taxes and genocidal policies.

Now I've been made aware of connections I'm able to see them more often, and understand how they work. It's not just me, they are the same for everyone and if aware they exist will happen more for you as well. I've seen photos of old signs I'd never seen before and then either found real ones or another within days and that's on top of dreaming about many before the real ones arrived. I've got sign success from it so far, and a basic awareness all things are linked, which is a start but nowhere near a finish. I now see enlightenment as a shift in consciousness and while some see it and reject it others prefer it and stay there. It almost seems now that although I can't conceive it any more than a blind person can imagine a colour, I may be on the edge and ready to fall over the side and find myself there. I also suspect my ego had to be tamed first so I didn't bore the world with it if it happened, which I won't now. If it happens I won't even mention it unless asked as it's something most people wouldn't have a clue about. You can't be let to abuse any power and I see it happening all around me.

But I currently feel I don't have enough power over my own life rather than want it over anyone else. I can't get myself published, on proper TV or even friends I can see locally any more, let alone become enlightened. I could really do with someone else to share this path rather than just report it from time to time and get random comments. No one local I've found on Facebook wanted to see me as clearly have enough friends, but you can't have too many. They haven't learnt that yet though. I may even be growing spiritually but would prefer to enjoy it all a bit more. It has its moments but so much nonsense with islands of relief. I really must deserve more, everyone does really.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Teaching the truth

There are still gaps in life, I achieve a lot and then when it's done there's nothing. The election tomorrow may be the first interesting one in nearly 40 years, and today's lesson was it's better to stay around locally than go out for miles just because I've got free time but no ideas. So tomorrow besides a probable trip to M&S for food (not my money, it's a voucher) I won't feel guilty doing sod all else. It's the lack of people and not the lack of activity that needs fixing, as activity is over each time and back to whatever I had before plus anything I may have collected while away. Fleas. Mucus, whatever...

The video blog has been revived due to new demand on youtube/satguru, if you want to see me at it as well I'll be doing them from time to time there as well now. That is totally improvised and feel there is going to be some satsang going on whether I'm enlightened or not, it's just there. And regardless of enlightenment there is clear sight. Some is from experience and some is innate, and combined then each area you see is clearer as you go along, while others are still caught in illusions like email scams or bogus news. Once it clicks it's so fucking obvious you want to kill everyone who still believes it sometimes, and resisting that urge I patiently explain it only to be told I'm an idiot or a wanker. Thanks, but truth is truth and if you don't like it doesn't stop it being the only thing there is. You create a false scenario from nothing which uses truth from other areas to hold it up as a framework, while the frame is covered in nothing. You can't create a truth where there is none. God is the only real grey area as is its nature, and only fairly recently have I been able to realise that it's both unknowable and none of my concern either way.

I'm not often knowingly rude to sheep or idiots, and basically mentally dismiss them as children who may never mature, like human larvae mentally. I was the same of course, but somehow when I saw the way the magician cheated me a few times I could see how it worked in most other areas with a little patience. Faith is the enemy of truth, and my only faith is in my own intuition as it's been tested enough to trust now. It's not always right but the stronger it feels the more likely it is. Once in a blue moon someone reminds me I am able to do this, 99.99% of the time everything I say is ignored as people either already know it so haven't learnt anything new or are in denial so much even if I shoved the truth up their arse they wouldn't realise it. And you get zero points for effort. But knowing the truth and not giving people the chance to say they had a choice is worse than wasting your time. So I keep going, and when asked how I know I'm not wrong, the easiest answer is I trust my intuition. I have the stats and evidence as well most of the time, but that's mainly for them plus to confirm I'm not lost, but they don't look at evidence when they have faith, the two are apparently mutually exclusive.

One thing that is real though- Al Gore's billions. And you fuckers have given it to them. Bite on that.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Done my best

Last week was quite a fascinating one as well as busy. I tried a new monthly quiz playing the best players in the world every available hour besides subjects I couldn't do. They said the top 10 players won less those who had it already, plus they had to be in the top 30. Half way through I crossed that line but unlike the global quiz I'd played before (4 1/2 months) once you crossed the final line you were only playing for position. This as soon as you made a ricket could send you down again. I had to learn whether it was better to play for average or total (average raised the placing double at the time) and which subjects to start missing out to save it. In the end I was 27th (on my first attempt) but then discovered although the heading said top 30 the badge was awarded to the whole lot as it had been for most of the time since it began last year. But I'd prefer to do my best and know I would have got it either way so not such a big deal.

But finding a sign which I'd already dreamt about and then seen in an old photo was the most amazing of all, it was partly obscured by a newer crash barrier although legible and appeared to have one end missing but that's probably what saved it that long as it's one I passed all my life but only saw 50 years later. Suits me, better than the few I did know and didn't take before they went. The week ahead is more or less clear so far, haircut tomorrow, no work (I could do with a break actually) and really up to my own devices. I've got a couple more videos to make as well so always keeps me busy when I get those ideas. And then the first election for decades where the result isn't obvious so that should be interesting. Immigration has to be dealt with as does the punitive tax regime based on carbon emissions. And Europe of course, which all the big three agree on like Hitler Goering and Goebbels. So unless people want that lot of sods ruling us which they failed to do after the war then vote for the big three as you are just voting for the European Commission to make 80%+ of our laws. There are smaller parties who would do this and I am voting for one myself (not the BNP but if the big three keep agreeing to destroy the country then they will continue to gain support, not out of racism but desperation). There are alternatives so use them.

I have no idea what's ahead, besides another maths lesson for my not-girlfriend, the only sort I seem to have had for a few years now. I'll keep looking online for the signs, meditate, and whatever else comes to me at the time. I can do no more. Not without wasting effort anyway. I'm only human, as we all are, but I've realised it some while ago.