Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Banning freedom of speech

Recently a new phenomenon (for Britain anyway) has arrived, the opinion of those on the far left that some subjects are beyond discussion, such as immigration (Gordon Brown called a woman who tried a bigot), gay marriage (Nick Clegg said anyone who objects is a bigot) and global warming ('the science is settled').

This means a self appointed authority figure, often and usually not one of the group they claim to represent, such as Camden or Islington councils banning words such as 'blind' or 'disabled' (words are also chosen from removal as well as topics) despite most blind and disabled people realising they are valid descriptions. 'Differently sighted' or 'visual difficulties' could mean having astigmatism and losing your glasses, blind means you can't see. These bans can actually become dangerous and actually hurt the people they pretend to help.

But stopping discussion on anything but inciting crime or direct hatred, like promoting genocide or holocaust denial, where thousands of survivors and millions of bodies still tell the genuine story, is the most sinister development of the 21st century. Those on the right may be considered by some to be opinionated and bigoted, but so far have yet to find a single topic off limits. If someone wants to call Israel apartheid rather than get Shirley Williams or Nicky Gavron from the people's republics of Haringey or Williams world of leftist sociology to slap a ban notice on them I simply let them ramble, offer them a few facts showing they are deranged, and move on. I wasn't hurt, they weren't hurt, and in a perfect world they may even have learnt something. But there are topics I believe are equally 'settled' on my own side, such as car usage, where some nutter yet again wanted to ban them yesterday on the radio, which to me is like banning blood or oxygen, but I'd still never try and shut them down. After all, they'd still think it and try and carry it out even if they couldn't mention the 'c' word (car).

I'll pitch two against each other here, cars and gay marriage. Now if you restrict the use of cars then people across the country will lose their jobs as it's the only way to get there, not see their friends and families, and all the other normal activities possible in a civilised society. Stop gay marriage and what happens? You have gay men living in civil partnerships with the rights of married people. The difference being married would be?

This is not about promoting gay marriage or saving the planet, but controlling the masses, and getting the loony left to do their dirty work as useful idiots. No one on the right or centre has or would ever dream of banning discussion on any non-criminal topic, so what does this say about the left?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm an agoraphobic, get used to it

Up till now the angels have been good (with my own help of course), as despite not having the chance to get the signs 'up north' Tuesday or Wednesday despite not getting the chance till it was getting late yesterday decided the new camera may well manage tasks beyond the compact and risked it anyway as I had the whole day free. Apart from one photo in the light on the way on a road I hadn't covered yet it was dark by the time I got there, and raining. The signs were up on a wall, beyond the flash meaning it only had half the power it needed, but took a bunch and then selected the best angles, and overexposed the results till they looked as if the flash had reached them. That wasn't possible with the compact as the pixels would probably have appeared making it unusable. I used the night vision capability (combined with flash as otherwise it may need a long exposure I didn't bother to stand in the rain testing before trying) and got reasonable results covered with little white spots which wasn't ich (anyone got tropical fish?) as looked like it but the flash reflected by the rain. It did mean I only covered two spots in the town and none on the couple of miles off the main road to get there, as it had no buildings to illuminate or anywhere to stop but really just needed the signs.

The ex has vowed to come tomorrow but as I'm free I'll just have to suck it up, and have to have dinner (you'll love this) next week with my mother's local rabbi who invited the neighbours over. That'll be fun... Had I permission to film it and edit the best bits for Youtube I'd see it as a project, but otherwise for me needs to be tolerated like the upcoming wedding. As far as weddings and funerals go I'd rather only go to my own now as had more than enough for one lifetime. I suppose besides getting up for it as long as the ex doesn't make me go anywhere dodgy I can manage tomorrow and not missing anything else, and will just carry on regardless after considering the clocks are going back and won't be going anywhere new for photos much past London till late March.

Beyond tomorrow is a mystery within the normal boundaries, diminished for the autumn. I can make local videos before it gets dark, meditate and do my compulsory annual professional courses online, and hopefully am taking Grace to the gym as she's probably the only person left who would use the free ticket. I'm seeing the new one the following week and hope she's happy where I want to take her, and if not accepts the few possible alternatives I will insist on, as she doesn't know my anxiety issues and won't until she knows me far better. If I told everyone I met maybe two would understand and 98 wouldn't want to see me again, that's how it works and people mistrust others not like them in any way. I also wonder if you have one problem they assume you must have others, eg- depression and psychosis, or deaf and stupid etc, it appears to be human nature and seen many psychiatric patients who still don't get others with different problems as if theirs is the only one that's real.

It's a tough situation but my situation, a bit like a stain on a carpet you can't replace or cover up, and have to explain to every visitor the first time they see it for the rest of your life. Of course here only a few people will meet me and have to work round it, but will have got to know me well enough by then to get it, but not someone who's only known me a short time. First impressions count and weird isn't ever the best one to start with.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hearing voices

Mentioning no names, it is interesting I had one conversation about what I can only call aspects of paranoia and how to deal with them, and the next call was exactly the same almost word for word but from a different viewpoint and quite a bit of insight into what may be going on.

Now that has told me that the standard symptoms of paranoia of nasty voices and the idea your mind is being probed are clearly something which needs to be treated, and exploit a physical weakness in the brain, and as a result allows in all sorts from wherever it's coming from. As we all have different dreams each night, let alone different from other people, which are usually generated internally, then surely if people who hear voices were accessing the same sort of mechanism then they'd get totally different things but they don't. Having both worked with and known many typical paranoids the similarity in what they are hearing is so close you'd assume it was all coming from the same place, although we really don't know where. But if someone has a problem with the brain which normally blocks out such communications, why would it all be negative? The answer of course is that it isn't, but if you hear positive and helpful voices you are considered a channeler and great teacher, and would very rarely complain or be diagnosed with mental illness as you are being given genuine information with practical benefits.

So the first likely conclusion is that due to physical weaknesses in the brain these communications enter the awareness, but depending if positive or negative are either diagnosed with paranoia or seen as a great mind. On a personal note I have found very little quality in such teachings myself, most seems like recycled commonsense or judgment which is almost as negative as the other type but dressed up as beneficial. When I've looked further into it it usually tells people they are doing things wrong and if they think right they'll get better results in life. Then they almost kill themselves trying to change, get no better results, and then feel even worse.

So basically you start with the similarities which imply the voices people hear are more likely to have an external than internal source, although we can't yet locate it. Then the nature is either destructive or apparently positive, but maybe similar material posing in different ways. I expect a little of it would be genuinely helpful but having teased through a few decades of channeled material most is trite truism and of little practical use although there is probably a small fraction which is the real thing, but anyone connecting to something positive wouldn't normally be considered mentally ill although still receiving voices but not disturbed by it. But it's all very real one way or another.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Philosophy not politics

In case people draw the wrong conclusions, I am not connected to a single political movement or ideology. I work on a foundation of freedom, and buildings of 'do we need it' for individual policies which do or do not breach the principle of freedom. Secondly my natural mind plus legal training have allowed me to see where we are being lied to, and if the people we employ to look after us prefer to
rip us off or worse still harm people that is nothing to do with politics but crime.

Libertarianism is a relatively new movement, especially in Britain, but comes closest to anarchism in that it questions the requirements for government at all, the main difference being it accepts there is a need but only for the most basic functions. In fact the majority of my politics is negative, fighting those who want governments to dictate how we live, as if one person has the right to tell millions what is right in the short time they are alive on this planet just on the basis of where they happen to live at the time. The rules can change a mile away of you are near a border, and why is one lot better than another?

So ultimately I am far more motivated by philosophy and any politics I express are a reflection of that, plus the point that many political opinions are based on ignorance of the facts, as if people know the true figures and details many opinions would vanish as a result. If you aren't sure of the facts then there should be no opinion, either admit you don't know or if determined then do what you can to find out the truth. But don't promote rules and regulations based on areas you have little or no knowledge on, in areas such as education, finance etc, where if you don't know the inside details directly you are simply not qualified to have an opinion. For example, certain types of school either work better than others. Unless tested over many years and assessed for every area of performance, simply advocating comprehensive or streaming is based far more on ideology than which system makes the best of everyone who goes through it. There is simply no room in areas of fact for the distorted lenses of ideology, which end up doing no more than oppress and restrict people's opportunities.

Friday, October 05, 2012

I see the future, and it is red

I would have been out for a walk now but it's raining, so will continue analysing life until I get some decent answers. My friend is convinced angels and many other things I have no experience or knowledge of like reincarnation are real, and certainly prepared to have my own gaps filled in around the angels although I think what happens after we die isn't important for what we do here so not much benefit speculating about as if we could find out anyhow. I collect so much information and although it helps a few people who need it it doesn't get me any professional benefits I know of. I'm past the stage of insecurity where I don't know if it's good enough for publication as it has been already, but the lack of connections and working alone means there simply is no market for new writers unless have some special status which would need years back at university.

It does seem a bit of a waste to create so much and see so little results from it, it does mean I also learn the same information to write it so have grown my own data, but when I see some which can undo a problem and no one wants to know it does make you wonder how people can suffer so much at times yet when offered a possible way out don't even believe it much of the time. I know ultimately it's all a film and everyone are the cast with roles based on standard characters, and as long as we are not burnt by the screen fire or shot by the guns it's fine. I look at the material I learn, and the main effect it has on me directly is higher costs for energy of all types. That in turn meant I bought a smaller car and can't travel as far for photos or anything else as it crawls along the motorway rattling as it wasn't designed for it. I also earn a fraction of my investment income as the interest rates are about 5% lower than market rates would dictate, so have under half as much as I ought to to pay for said energy costs. I could even move house if the income was higher, which has been an ambition ever since I left the area I grew up in.

But worse still is where this path will lead. We are heading for energy rationing and travel restrictions (all planned by the EU and UN, car bans, road pricing etc), meaning I will rarely be able to travel at all and have little to write about as I haven't actually done much to come back and report. I see the solutions to these problems, and people either know already, don't believe me or simply couldn't care less until it happens. Then it will be too late and they won't even remember I warned them.

How long anyone can go on dribbling the same genuine information before they either give up or get heard is not known, I find more material confirming what I said years ago every day, the EU are facing power cuts in a couple of years now as they are closing coal power stations with nothing to replace them. It is an arbitrary loss, much like the genocide in the last war, simply a symptom of a twisted power base ruling with a rod of iron over gullible subjects. I mean, do people really believe it's better to freeze and have someone's life support machine cut off than risk global warming? Oh yes, they do, that's why they voted for these laws in the first place. Except the EU ones, no one votes for them, it's made by the Commission who are permanent members and not subject to any investigation from outside. I said this would happen when we had our vote in 1975 and no one listened then, they still don't now.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

2012 roundup

With the map completed for 2012 having taken photos on each compass point and getting dark too early for more till next spring I now have more time here to do things like write my blogs. It's been the most active year since my post-viral (I am guessing it was a virus unless bacterial infections can knock you back for a year as well) decline in 2005, managing to drive 80 miles by the end in each direction without any bad effects. Prior to that I could drive up to 500 miles in a day without a second thought but had to pretty much start again from scratch. Although I've had nothing new (on top of the existing synchronicity) from the angels so far someone I know woke up last night to see a bunch of human entities around her bed she was able to talk to, she had no idea who they were but apparently a rare view of other dimensionals. So I asked for a sign and she got it although not aware until I explained its probable meaning.

Now the photos are done distance wise I've kept up finding old road signs like this one on Sunday

and then with no sense of guilt remaining have kicked around locally doing shopping, gardening and anything else which needs doing like catching up on recorded TV. I am being made to detach from the news, it's not as if much of it affects me if I know it or not, the only change I've suffered has been having to buy a small car to save money as petrol went up so much. The EU and UN make laws gradually catching up with those in pre-war Germany (I've read some of Hitler's speeches and he pretty well wrote the foreword to Agenda 21 which comes as no surprise), but having learnt all this it's not my place to do more than write it up, let people know and fuck off. If they aren't interested I can't make them, so have had to leave both the spreading of the material and the interest in it behind and return to the spiritual path I was forced to leave when they faked global warming. I've established anyone can investigate a fraud adequately without the need to be qualified in the area it originated from, an investigator looks for inconsistencies and standard patterns people follow when making stuff up, once you are familiar with them you can see it in the results rather than the need to originate the material yourself.

So whatever I've collected it means nothing in the present as I return to the same thing when I have, only meaning I don't have to visit somewhere I've done already. Spiritual development however opens up new abilities and feelings and although they haven't lasted for more than minutes in most cases and very far apart at that, I know they are possible and unless I meet a woman and can afford to move back where I came from before I had to leave the only changes can be in me rather than outside. Having reread the basics of Buddhism have confirmed I both understood it correctly and have been following it, the only exception being I believe karma/reincarnation is a throwback to previous religious relics and has no place in spiritual progress. After all, the past lives would be irrelevant anyway once you learnt the path and applying it breaks you free of it regardless of the bad deeds and other crap you aren't actually aware of so couldn't correct if you wanted to. Therefore just following the rules stop you making more karma and free you of whatever you remember or not so there's no need to theorise where it came from or not. It recognises all the psychic powers (unlike western religion except the Kaballa) but once you are enlightened are happy without anything from the outside world.

So I have a blank space ahead, I am free, nothing is wrong, and still have no more than usual so am just apparently adding nothing new. There is at least time to meditate a lot more and that is really the only known route to non-physical benefits, and if the angels can bring some of the physical where my own influence cannot reach all the better. I've got till the spring to work on it before I can do some more big journeys again.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ed Miliband? Nein Danke!

I will start with a few credentials, I have enough experience to be able to pick up certain qualities in people simply as a musician would pick out notes or chords. There are only so many and not exactly hard to recognise after 52 years looking. So with everyone discussing the next prime minister Ed Miliband all it does is show a) how busy most people are with their own lives to really notice what happens elsewhere and b) how easy it is to be believed whatever you say.

Ed Miliband seems actually one of the few genuine top politicians. Unfortunately this means he is a genuine Forrest Gump. He believes whatever he is told and despite having an academic mind few could better, his awareness of the real world outside his paperwork is no better than the average seven year old. He has absolutely no maturity or human interaction, but is an information machine, sucking it in and spewing it out with little or no actual understanding of what the great machine of his brain is passing along from its theoretical mouth to its anus. He is a believer in whatever his elders and betters (starting with his communist parents and whiz kid brother) tell him, and has fallen hook line and sinker for the Rockefeller led UN agendas running Obama and the whole of the three main parties here. Combined with the power and influence he clearly has, then to get the equivalent of Frank Spencer as head of Health and Safety to one of the potentially most powerful positions in the world he is clearly a dangerous potential leader as he is apparently so plausible people are phoning the radio in droves during the conference calling for his appointment.

As Obama's speeches are robotic, his are childlike. Clearly even today what we would have called at primary school the 'class spazz', he clearly took to academia like a duck to water, but not in the way of a genius but of Rain Man, like the tedious nimrod in most degree classes or A level who can trot out paragraphs of books at length while clearly doing little more than repeating them blindly. "The climate is changing! We must do everything to avoid dangerous climate change", and I think he is one of the few above local councillor who actually believes it, which is actually even worse as it's like letting a child handle explosives. It's one thing having evil but intelligent people trying to screw you over, but the village idiot who just happens to have an autistic gift at memorising facts who thinks he really has to do something is far more dangerous as he actually means it.

One thing was the general public till this conference can pick it up as well, as even the least aware members of society can pick up a wrong 'un just as they did in the playground at primary school. Most ugly ducklings do grow out of it and are generally impossible to compare with the class wally they used to be, but he instead has allowed the wallydom to grow with age to complete maturity. The reason till now so many people consistently said (even as some rampant Labour supporters) they couldn't vote for him was he was simply too much of a prat to be missed. How the team have rebranded him over a weekend to become a credible possibility to lead Labour into the next election, and god forbid stand a chance of election is something even I thought was too much of a credibility gap to bridge.

Had he been around in medieval times there would have been songs and poems around like 'Ed who's head is as dim as an ass, his mind is lost among the pixies and can't find his backside with both hands' or somesuch, and children and adults alike would make Ed Miliband faces and unless he withdrew from public office sharpish would have ended up being pelted by rotten fruit. Now they may not have had plumbing or refrigeration but the medievals knew how to take the mickey out of someone who really deserved it. Had they had TV news back then instead of doing everything they could to take him as seriously as anyone possibly can despite the subject being only a hair's breadth away from Benny from Crossroads with a degree from Harvard, they would have reported something like 'Ed the Miliband of Labour today made a speech at Manchester which would have made a maiden wette herself with lack of bladder control as if seeing a donkey trying to ride a bicycle (had they also been invented). Sad to say such a chump would be hard pushed to lead a small child to the privy let alone try and become the leader of the country.' Now that's honest reporting, instead of the fawning drivel we must put up with on every channel as well as the Labour run (I don't know how but they seem to do it whoever's in power) BBC actually attempting to talk about him as if a credible alternative to such greats as Churchill and Thatcher.

As a bonus if my exposee of what can only be described as either the biggest joke in British politics or the equivalent of landing a 747 without a pilot depending if he wins or not actually makes a few people notice the bleedin' obvious and realise before it's too late they can't encourage someone with the discretion and insight of a breast implant to suddenly be in charge of making laws it will have been a work of deliverance. And if you need a little more to shift, two words, Mr Bean.