Saturday, January 31, 2009

They are taking over

Yes, the world's finally reached the stage where had it been a person a certificate would have been issued and besides medication being prescribed committal to a secure institution would be inevitable. I now hear on the radio there is something called a 'Carbon management industry'.

As well as politically motivated groups (ones Americans called 'Pinkos and Commies' not so long ago) there is now an official industry created to do the modern equivalent of spinning corn into gold. The line that was crossed when the UK government pledged to reduce healthcare to save carbon emissions, there is now money being thrown at technology to 'Manage carbon' Few people go further than this. Now firstly nature requires CO2 to live, we do, plants do, and the amount is negligible. Man is responsible for 0.2-0.3% of all on earth. It's all a few hundred ppm of the atmosphere. It's been thousands before industry but they don't want us to know that. Anyway, bearing in mind the essential function CO2 has to all life on earth, they want to manage it to try and beat nature in maintaining levels they believe are good.

So one shmock just poured millions of tons of iron filings into the sea. Others want to pump suplhur (remember acid rain?) into the air. Is the asylum comparison looking relevant now? These people would belong there but for one thing. They are being paid to do this. That is not their madness, they are taking advantage of the mad who pay them to stop the tide like King Canute proved was not possible all those years ago. I am spreading the only antidote there is, the truth, until one by one people realise CO2 is irrelevant to our lives unless it starts to reduce to amounts where everything begins to die. Then we'll have problems. Till that happens this industry is a malicious insult to every man and woman and plant and animal on earth and robbing us all.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Has life gone downhill?

As someone just asked this on a forum, here is my reply:

Congestion charges, residents parking, the phantom (ie illusion) of global warming that's robbing us all dry, illegal immigrants running crime rings, suburban houses being demolished for soviet style blocks, Gordon Brown saying he couldn't see the recession coming, terrorism law allowing police to stop people with cameras, UK degrees being given to anyone who can write their name, wind farms, electric cars that take hours to charge when you run out parked in Tescos, bankers getting bonuses for wasting our money, Israel being criticised worldwide for trying to stop their citizens being fired on for 8 months, miles of rows of Victorian houses across the country which turn out on closer inspection to be newly built, cars which look like they've all been sat on by an elephant, Russell Brand, holocaust deniers, Al Gore, no Test cricket on TV...

any more?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

War has been declared, on every sane person

I now have discovered (in the professional sense) global warming has turned from a religion (based on faith, no proof and total conviction to the cause) to a collective delusion. If the benefit of any plan is outweighed by the cost it's dismissed. So when our government today propose serving less meat in hospitals, and asking patients not to travel to the doctors but consult by phone 'to combat climate change' the border had been crossed. There's nothing now they can't make us suffer for the god of cold (they see warming as the devil you see) so limiting the number of children and pets, car use on alternate days, and maybe even banning blood transfusions will all be possible in the name of the new new testament, the book of warming. Mass hysteria has been around since the beginning of time, and with mass media and the internet can spread faster and infect more than ever before, and has now hopefully reached its peak.

How this nonsense can go any further would literally require more than 50% of the world to lose its mind as anyone who seriously believes these two moves, plus the Australian appeal to its citizens currently enjoying 100' temperatures (due to global warming of course) not to use the AC to stop climate change. My friend who is over 60 and has a heart condition says if he and many of his friends were to follow this advice they could easily die. Cost-benefit analysis. That never changes, neither does common sense. The nutcases and liars have gone too far now and crossed the line where they are attacking the very people they are trying to protect. War on commonsense has now been declared and every one of us who still have it must fight back with the voice of sanity and reason or it will get worse and worse.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why lies will always win

Firstly today's observation. I have had to conclude the average IQ means most people are so bloody thick they will believe absolutely everything those in authority tell them with no questioning or checking for themselves. And Gordon Brown is either stupid or a crook as he saud he couldn't see the recession coming. If he's telling the truth he's too bloody thick to be running a chain of public conveniences, and if not then he's a liar as well as useless. Who wants either running their country?

And the public who blindly accept the story of global warming depsite Al Gore being shown up to be one of the slimiest crooks since Robert Maxwell and Rupert Murdoch (in my opinion there as he's still alive...) and all the actual evidence being enough to convict the tellers of the story rather than the public for causing it. The nasty intelligent people know enough morons can fall for their crap,bigger and bigger lies over time, and make them religiously follow anything where the data comes from outside agencies rather than directly observable. What a fucking fiasco...

Well (and change colour) back to my life. Besides another birthday this week (shows I am a survivor if nothing else) I found another London borough with plenty of old signs, although the similar neighbour just decided in November to get rid of theirs and only found two left when I got to them. When I'm not collecting something I'm lost and aimless (sex counts as well mind you) and anything rare and historical get my interest unlike most women I've come across who like the last one can't see why we do it. Maybe because we can't have babies to absorb all our attention? Who knows.
So I got 6 more new photos yesterday, and not sure what else lies ahead but know I've cracked the big one as Lewisham is the equivalent to getting to The Falklands from this side of London and dual carriageways stop at the Thames. Even the main roads stop every mile or so and go into a one way system in shopping centre, like everywhere else did in the 60s. I suppose that design lends itself to keeping the corresponding signs of the era so can't really complain, but it was a predictable journey from hell.

Few plans left now, one known trip in the week and people over for my annual birthday visit at the weekend and the rest will happen as it does. I also can't understand either of the newspapers who treated my sign story the way Charles treated Diana. ie on and off. I hope the editor's wives treat them the same way now so they can be on the receiving end. Luckily my efforts do not stop and if I don't get newspapers to raise the profile I still raise it myself directly for those in power prepared to listen. Few people seem to want to do a job like this fully. When I found the old train tickets were being abolished I went all over the UK to get them, and on a small scale the same with the signs. I also found a company to print the old tickets and got Vauxhall Motors to use them on their annual Luton-Brighton trip, thus reviving a design lost 11 years earlier by my own efforts. I am trying the same now with the signs as designs change over time, not improve. They can't improve as designs are perceptions, not absolutes. So rather than change everything they should always leave some old examples unless actually dangerous (you've heard about the man eating tickets,surely?).

I hope the week ahead is less boring than it looks, I've done a couple of hundred miles last week and made a reasonable profit, and however good money in the bank is we need something to add to it somehow.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why I don't trust politicians

Before I update the week I'll just explain how I learnt the truth about politicians. In the 70s, before I drove, the government decided to create bus lanes. What a good idea, I thought, as an innocent teenager, making little roads for buses to keep the traffic clear.

Well fuck me, as soon as they arrived there were no little roads, they stole the lanes from existing ones.

That was the most important lesson I learnt about authority in my life. Politicians are not interested in us, and just make empty gestures that vary like the weather. There is no free lunch, they give away nothing and if you want more, earn it yourself.

Right, back to the present. My system of colouring in a road map to see the roads I've checked for old signs has worked perfectly. Two last week and one this week none of which had been recorded online (or I'd have known them already). Plenty more to cover now I know so a few weeks of time taken care of. Nothing else besides an old friend returned, although being female and not attracted to me was wearing out her welcome and no mixed friendship works when one wants more (about 99% then). But we get on well if nothing else. Both newspapers have let themselves down like a child filling their pants. They never used my interviews and when I sent them updates didn't even reply. I did post on their local forum they hadn't done anything after a couple of weeks but didn't name anyone. Actually I may as well now as it's too late to wreck that cause. There are many more local papers so I'll tell them now.

I've covered a couple of hundred miles this week, but when I collected train tickets I could do that in a day. I don't need to go nearly as far as that took me as one old sign is as good as another, so no need to go to Sissinghurst, Riverhead, Harlow and other hard to get places in the Home Counties let alone beyond. With tickets every station had them so when I got none in one I went to the next until I had a bagful. Signs are very rare and miles apart so can't cover many per trip. And the woman who wondered why I collect signs, you either collect or you don't and I do. The fact I also preserve history (all used train tickets were pulped to make new ones, so every one I have was saved from destruction). The same goes for old signs so I am doing the same, plus working on the authorities to try and stop them from going.

Meanwhile Blogspot threw another eppy last week and cleared the blogs I was following so it was not me but them. I'm having trouble adding any at all now so will be added when it behaves. That's about it but I've been driving nonstop this week and besides the new direction sign got three (including a modern copy) No Through Road signs in as many days despite being as rare as hen's teeth, various old speed limits and an almost unique 'NO WAITING' red circle which I barely even remember. Doing any job properly (and having the time to do it) is what gets people noticed, and few people seem to have the enthusiasm to do that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to zero

It seems no start has finished, a poor record even for me. Neither newspaper came back to me, maybe they've been busier writing about Barack Obama like all the others (no, I've checked), they gain an interest and lose it quicker than a 14 year old girl at a disco. It's the editor's fault rather than the reporters as they make the decision, but they are total arseholes for wasting everyone's time and then deciding it's not as interesting as they thought it would be. I have one official proposal to restore old signs going to a council meeting this time next week, which is a new start, so at least have the interest of the organization who are proposing it for me.

Last week managed to uncover two old signs in the same place, although I went on Tuesday and missed the second although on the same roundabout, and returned a few days later and found the second one. More have turned up the other side of London, up to about 4 definites now so needs another trip. But until then as it needs a weekend to avoid paying to drive there I am lost. Although I'm free for a few days there are no more plans than a tedious online course I've been saving for a time like this. Nothing else really needs doing and will have to trust tomorrow will turn something up like every day has for weeks, although I don't have a single idea left now. No more photo trips left, a voucher to spend at Marks & Spencer, which I expect will cover some of tomorrow and that's the lot.

I am working my way through the phone calls very slowly, and the TV producer says she'll contact the people that need contacting now, which is a first. Finally if anyone wants to know what I can do after 6 years at the gym try and lift a 27.5 kg dumbell. I managed eight lifts for the first time in each hand yesterday with no trouble at all. I'll be going for 30 next. If you can get to a gym and try and pick one up you'll know what 6 years work can do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Half way there

Busy week already, and I am finding new road signs randomly after collecting all the officially known ones. Pretty good considering. I'm searching roads via the map and colouring each road I've checked, and yesterday I covered my first check and found one within a few miles relatively round the corner. One more for tomorrow.
My books arrived at last yesterday and besides a couple of blurry images which were fine on the prints looked pretty good. I'll see if anyone is interested in it now just in case as it is certainly original and took hours a day finding each one.

Sadly zero from either newspaper. How two reporters in as many days picked it up only for their editors to turn them down can only tell me someone has threatened to react adversely if it is published. I know from the numerous websites the widespread level of interest generated for old signs and the papers must know this as well. Why there would be anyone concerned with repressing efforts to now keep them beats me but whoever is taking them away clearly has some reason only known to them. But at least I'm keeping busy and any publicity not done for me by the papers will be by my own hand. Work? Surely spending time publicising causes and myself at the same time is work of sorts as it does good and raises my own profile at the same time. No money changes hands but once it does the first time will become a profession rather than a hobby.

My current policy of planning no more than a day ahead still works so I can't say any more in that way, and meanwhile no other emails have produced any sensible replies besides Transport for London who started off a very useful policy statement I can quote in future correspondence. Tomorrow is free so it's my Queens Park trip just to check the roads for signs and maybe one day a media project will actually produce a result. One road sign kept by law would do really, but the law may not even exist, I have yet to find that out. Few if any more ideas but they will come when I need them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seeing the truth

I have a little gap in the day like a vagina, but nowhere near as useful. So the blog has its uses while I wait in for the cleaner and then it becomes too dark to do anything else than stay indoors. My sign photography has now almost completed, unless I both find and take a set even further out in Sydenham plus two more in Dulwich on the way. It's like the Falklands. If you had to fly the same distance to Singapore it would take 20 hours or so, but the route there is a few times longer. I can travel in two directions the same distance to Sydenham in half an hour on some roads, but an hour is the minimum there with little or no holdups, and I can't do it in the week as it costs £8 to cross the bridge.

I have one trip left this weekend in Surrey at least so should provide a couple more and two newspapers are interested in the story which may finally lead to somewhere saving some for the future from removal. The book hasn't arrived though which is odd although I think they are now sent from abroad. Both newspapers have been back to me and there are many hurdles to cross before an article gets published as I well know. Until then I have been updating my sites and replying to messages.

Anyone who now still believes in global warming can see the files of data I have collected over 8 years that both provide alternative data to the predictions and lies they quote, and evidence of such a scam it makes the Nigerians look like amateurs (which of course they are as what they do only looks genuine to people with double-digit IQs). The faint whiff of fish when I first heard man blamed for something clearly not actually happening but not possible has now been traced to a huge pile of rotting marine life, with Al Gore on the top. When people in authority are caught lying (as he was 17 times in a British court) imagine the ones behind them? This is a single bulb in the earth with a forest of trees growing from it, all leading back to a single source, the lie there is/will be global warming and it's our CO2 emissions that are causing it. Now I am satisfied 100% it's as honest and caring as Hamas I hope this will filter through the greater population until enough people realise it was a false alarm and the authorities have to find a new way to extract our cash by false means. People may resent income tax, but carbon taxes? That's puppies and kittens tax until you find there are none, but like the pervert promising to show you them only a dirty old man holding his raincoat open. Probably called Al.

So, the world is a crooked place. Only the minority though. How many people run the world? A handful. They then pay others on the edge to turn nasty and keep it all going until it's spotted and then start again. One thing about this one, like the credit (actually it's debt) crunch, once people get wise to global warming then it'll be near impossible to catch them again for decades. It has to happen as truth is 3D and lies carry no substance. The time it takes to get through the twisted BS provided by IPCC, NASA and all the agencies creating the illusion has taken this long for me, with all the time and resources I have, and needs to now get through to the unknowers and believers until they know what I do. That may take some time but has to happen as the information is here now.

In my own life all is potential. Besides collecting about 50 old sign photos, I have nothing. No women, precious few available friends, and hardly any business. I am so far managing to keep occupied, and by the time I've done the next Surrey trip news may arrive from the papers. That will add thousands of times the weight to the campaign and then work getting it picked up by a national should any local decide to print. I expect I'll have to go to Sydenham sooner or later, but have done before so can manage it again. When I think of getting the train to Blackheath for my first girlfriend how things change when you're older and more tired, and transport costs price you out of the market. But at least I have plans for the spring, Oxford and if that goes well then Brighton. The ultimate aim for some time was Dublin, and hopefully that may happen like my last one did in 1998 when I went to Brussels for the day. I wanted to add my first new country since 1980 and that and Ireland were the easiest. I know it's really meaningless as countries are arbitrary, and although you can visit four in an afternoon around Switzerland I toured the USA for three weeks and only covered two including Canada. Had that been in Europe I'd have made about ten. But the countries I've visited map only registers the borders and my afternoon in Niagara falls coloured a vast patch while three to Israel only a small red gash (no comments please).

So I start with a fanny reference and a good place to end with another. It's the only fanny around me at the moment anyway.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Losing my memory

I like this colour. Today's theme is 'half way'. Every bloody route I'm on is only half way, besides getting prints of my latest photos which even our Department of Work and Pensions would have a job screwing up. Or maybe not. But as I have the originals they have unlimited goes should they end up in cyber oblivion but they are here. My two books of the same prints are a separate package and was fast asleep this morning so didn't need a ring on the door particularly to ruin it.
I am now generating some press interest for my old sign campaign, and having done a couple of interviews have heard nothing since. Nothing new there. I didn't lie, swear, ramble or make silly jokes but despite delivering what I expected them to want haven't seen any action once they had my piece. Especially as one wanted it for this week. I will see.

Besides the normal daily activities (I will never go in a shop again without appreciating it) that is the current state of play, and having done a few local photos today I am now either going to do a video request tomorrow or sit on my arse. I have 4 hours of videos from the Christmas rush when everything's being shown at once, so may as well sit back after a solid month driving around the area for sign photos. I covered Enfield again yesterday after one very odd sign was spotted by my Enfield correspondent, and found more old ones had gone since the last visit not long ago. My campaign is just at the right time if it was to have any effect as next year could already be too late. Now had I had a job like 'normal' people firstly I'd have missed a proportion of the signs I did get as many are gone since 2008, and secondly would have little time to campaign to save them. No one else has or will so in this respect I am apparently unique. So if it is a success even for one sign then I will have saved some history for Britain probably not done had I had a regular job. You don't get paid for this shit, but get a lot more than money.

It would really be nice for something decent to happen tomorrow. I am free, and have finished my photo list for this project as from this week. Well, tomorrow really as today's signs were obsolete even if younger than me. Not a sausage left outside the line of convenience (not distance but road quality), the further I go the more reason I need, so a couple of odd ones in east London remain incognito, and all east of Dulwich can remain in memory by other photographers. I am waiting for the report on Godalming and Hatfield before I risk going there again. There's a western corridor that appears totally barren since Pinewood Studios moved their entrance and pulled up a few unique examples there, I am aware of nothing between Harrow and about Bristol so however easy it is to get to Oxford and between there's nothing there for me. I want to go to Oxford in the spring though, it's been a good few years and having lived there on and off for a year has a place in my life now.

So I'm mainly pissed off at the moment as after being let down by the media since exactly a year ago when my last programme was aired on US cable, the latest experience reminds me of all the others since until something actually happens. I had a reply from one council (a BIG one) so far who say they also want to preserve old signs, although in the time they took to reply three had been removed, which I replied to their statement of theory. It didn't correspond with the reality though. I hope they respond to that as words mean nothing if they don't reflect actions.

Now if only tomorrow made some good news for a change. One or both newspapers follow me up. Someone else replies with a good result. Especially my enquiry about the mystery roundabout sign in Surrey I haven't been able to find (unless it's gone) since I saw it about November. I have a very poor response level at times, I see something and unless I make a note of it at the time forget about where it was within an hour or so. I've missed so many things that way, TV and radio programmes, other interesting locations and goodness knows what else. Or put off taking photos until something was gone as I passed it all the time. We all lose a proportion of the potential available, I see myself slip up over and over again but can't stop it happening. Once something has gone it's as if it never existed, it is seen once, the location literally wiped from my memory (it's photographic so I can see the scene but not locate it), and usually have someone with me who forgets as well. Anyone would think it was a ufo...

Monday, January 05, 2009

January 2009 part 1

Whatever else I am keeping busy. A month collecting old road signs, the book should arrive this week and then see if I can sell any. And more possible work in the pipeline for the next entry. There are no more actual signs now within convenient distance besides one vague reference in Surrey. I have two video requests to film next but need to fix the camera first. Besides that I still need to trust the world to keep providing activity as it has till now.

Otherwise it's just whatever else is happening as usual. More holes shot in the false facade of global warming with doubtless more to come. Look up Christopher Booker for the latest summary. With the media on their side/in their pocket those in charge need not worry until they give equal coverage of the true data as the waffle. Until the truth is forced out by constant reminders and repetition people just assume it's carrying on as normal. Well it's only carrying on inasmuch as it was a lie at the beginning and still is. That's all we need to know. Saying polar bears are dying off is a lie, saying the sea ice is melting is a lie unless balanced by freezing, as it does both. They had to admit average temperature is not rising but blame El Nina. Whatever the reason there's no warming, end of. Excuses why it's not warming is like discussing why my auntie hasn't any bollocks. She is a woman, women don't have bollocks, simple. So why they need to string out the fact the temperature stabilised in 1998 and fell in 2008 is like doing what I just did. They don't need to.

I will be phoning another female friend who rejected me soon through lack of other alternatives. Unless she's both changed her mind (they don't outside cliches unfortunately) and then developed a sex drive (apparently missing) the call may just revive a friendship to fill a different gap, but she really needs a good seeing to, and by me not some other bugger. As I refuse to pay, I have the prospect of never getting any again since my last regular supply found one closer to home. I was always after better but so was she so no conflict there. There are none left from the past who I dumped for aesthetic reasons I can call up now. One was married, many have been recalled till they moved on and the remaining few are so peculiar the price is too high to pay. I accept this as it's too complex to try and arrange a decent outcome. Again, the price in terms of effort, travelling, time and endless phone calls plus the initial dates (I'm nearly 50, please, first dates are for younger people) mean I'd rather do what comes naturally and easily and if women turn up there (they can anywhere) that'll provide the next supply.

The rest remains fantasy. I need an eye test, my night vision suggests another £300 may well need spending after the next result for two pairs, not counting sunglasses. Haircut as well and all the usual shit I barely notice now unless it goes badly wrong. I have an old sign still from a 2002 video coming but way in the background so the image I get from it may be illegible. Not much known ahead now as there are no photo trips known besides a loose sign in Sudbury I passed as in a rush, and the rest will be known when I get there. And that should leave more time to meditate which went a bit by the wayside as well recently.

The re

Friday, January 02, 2009

2008-9 review

I think many people tend to blog less when they're busy as although there may be more to report there's less time to do it. I've been on my old road sign project 3 weeks now and the best therapy besides sex. Having places to go and things to collect again has motivated me to go to more and more shit places like Lambeth again as I need to. And Bethnal Green which was like going to hell and back. It's all here in London, we have the best and worst districts in the country, usually next to each other. Drive from Highgate to Archway, Hampstead Garden Suburb to East Finchley and Hampstead to Kentish Town you cross from heaven to hell each time. Very odd.

Anyway, that will have gone down like a private joke to 99% of the readers but at least you can look up pictures easily to see the places. So besides that and seeing a few friends and cousin from abroad that has been about it besides each day aiming in a different direction. There are no other projects but this has been so guided as to keep turning up new material each time I thought I'd run out, with more coming over the weekend. I've collected all my life and am happiest when doing so. Besides the sex of course. The year means less as each new one arrives as besides organising what you've done in a certain period besides 2000 adding a new number doesn't really change anything else besides what's on your gravestone. I've learnt now to plan the day ahead and no more and there's no need to. Plus any plans made beyond than inevitably fall apart as so much can change by the time you get there, and it will gradually stop me worrying about it as well. Trusting it is even harder but not thinking about it is the first of the two steps.

What I'd like to happen this year never changes and so far never happens either , well not since 2002 or so. Plus the TV appearances. Many gaps on the other fronts but I no longer try and tinker with the social side as that seems out of my control and happens when it wants and not when I want. My friend won't come back from America as I want him to, my ex won't leave her boyfriend for me, and no other women will go out with me just because I like the look of them, for every possible reason from being married to hating the sight of me. I can't change that. I can't get new TV jobs either, they come to me, and even if I paint and write more than a full time job there's no reason I'll sell any of it. Just collect heaps of work like Van Gogh and if any sells I'll be long gone before it happens. But one change in 2009 is I don't give a fuck anymore. And I didn't swear before I came here and read everyone else's, so that is another liberation as I was trained not to as soon as the first 'fucking ice cream' came from my lips. I don't want that fucking ice cream! or the like, in front of my friend's mother, aunt and two young female cousins around the age of 8. It was worse than Russell Brand's latest outburst, the whole world came down on me and I kept it to myself ever since, most of the time. But never ever wrote it to stay after it had been said. Like blasphemy to me. So to those who complain this was 45 years of repressed rude words queueing up to come out like the South Park film where they could finally say what they wanted to in all the TV series. I hadn't laughed so much since my teens.

I find it's only the people who swear as punctuation who waste it, as demonstrated in the 'Shit' episode where everyone was allowed to say it there by law and the fun wore off. Every bad word needs to be saved for where it works otherwise the effect is gone. I proofread a book for my teacher once and got a shock near the end when he said 'Fuck off', precisely to demonstrate we are not who and what people assume or expect us to be. But had he not saved it till then but peppered his lectures with words as some do no one would have noticed it after ten minutes. Only Derek and Clive managed to make repeated use of two or three words funny indefinitely as they were geniuses and went to Cambridge. Everyone else has to do it carefully.

Well looking back over last year (we only get one opportunity so I may as well) the main high was my health finally improved and once my energy came back I could do many of the things I hadn't for a couple of years, not through any phobias but I wasn't well enough. It forced me to sort out my priorities and was able to turn down most invitations with no embarrassment as I had no choice and people had no chance to complain. I knew anyone who objected would drop me and it would save me finding out what they were like later on. But as I understand other's limitations they should bloody well understand mine as I don't ask them to do anything for me as so many do to me and others. That's far worse poncing off friends than turning down their wanky arrangements to go to some affair 20 miles away or go to the funeral of someone you hadn't seen for 20 years. When I'm dead I won't care who comes and when my family die I'll be focused on the loss and not who does and doesn't come to the funeral. I'd be happier not to waste the effort and have one as it doesn't bring them back.

It is true your health is the main thing as without that you can't enjoy anything else. The year was technically as sterile as a science experiment but I was more and more free to shop and travel again and now appreciate it all as I couldn't do it for so long. So I wander around Golders Green, bump into the odd person I know there (it was always the one place I could do that) and cover all the places I knew when I lived in Finchley as well. I used to think going to the shops and library were boring but now see them as social activities and talk to all the staff as you can easily get into a conversation with anyone if they are there to speak to, unlike online. Or on Big Brother. So I take full advantage of it and appreciate it as once I get home there's no one, including the cat since she died in June.

So although I know I can easily be alone for the rest of my life I don't think about it any more, I plan today and tomorrow and there's nearly always enough to do for them. And so many people have turned down my invitations I realise it's not just me, so many people pick and choose and try and dictate what we'll do and only when I started objecting realised how bloody inflexible many of them are as well. So no, I'm not that different, ask someone over when you usually go there, they either say yes and never do or turn you down flat. People are picky. I think if they just go to parties and films then they can get away with avoiding everything else whereas I am the opposite. I just want to see my friends and don't care what we do or who turns up to my death. They may go for surface appearance but going to someone's wedding you barely see or know or seeing a friend all the time and not going to their wedding seems very clear to me which is better but not to many others. Yet.
Have a good 2009, except the anon person who I reckon would probably support Hamas. It all comes in the same package, just look at Ken Livingstone for a perfect example. That is good riddance to the worst rubbish, he did to London what Castro did to Cuba and he was actually voted in to do it twice. People are morons.