Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hoping for more

I've been reading a lot of spiritual stuff recently, and am now seeing how the yawning gaps between apparently guided events are still part of the same guidance. I'm definitely connected to what are usually called the Akashic Records, the pool of everything we can all tune in to like using the internet without the computer. Today I went on Google Streetview, had an area to check, and went straight to another old direction sign, only the second one I've found by random (as opposed to informed) searching. Because of the congestion charge, which although set for reduction from the enlarged zone maybe when pigs fly, it was not absent today or in a year ahead, so will have to go at night.

Since the last one it's been business mainly, had to be done and gone smoothly so can't complain however boring it's been. Like working I think, if I can remember that far back. So at least I have the next day or two sorted out, if the sign's still there I'll be a happy man and not worry about doing too much on that front for a while. I'll be free to do all the housework and gardening I don't do when I'm out taking photos. I made a video on Saturday but there's a glitch for a few seconds that stops it working and means Youtube can't upload it, which is a shame as it wasn't one on my doorstep. I'll probably have to make a new counter for here since Blogger removed the numbers and now it's stopped counting. 26378 I think and that's in a couple of years or so. Because of Streetviewing taking priority I haven't had time for reading many blogs, especially as so few are still there I did read. It takes far longer finding active ones than reading ones on the list.
I've had no more replies on signs from any council, and the radiation story died a death, which didn't really surprise me as the evidence had mainly decayed within a couple of weeks.

So I am just watching what happens at the moment, as if nothing is really guided or connected then it would mean that's even stranger than the idea it is, as otherwise how would everything come together so frequently? You can't dismiss the experience of your own life, and when things are apparently random then start working as if written by someone the difference is drastic. I could still do with a bit more, as during the gaps it is just as bad as before, and would need a way of finding how those parts are just as much part of it, as the Celestine Prophecy says. The fact I think of the numerous things which aren't here does make me wonder that if things are guided, how can they be beyond finding old signs and getting my grandma's estate sorted out smoothly. It's a start but can't base your whole life on it. The enlightenment described in the book and others (although one teacher is now denying it exists) seems like my ultimate goal, as those who are happy as things are have no interest in it. The only material thing I really need is a woman, the very thing lacking for nearly all my life. Then friends and family, and then everything else. But once you wonder if there is more you only want something beyond the known and the book contains most of that.

I'd hate to think all this was going nowhere. There are givens, my own clairvoyance and intuition, and the way at least some complex events have guided me to signs I'd probably never have found otherwise. But as the book said, once we realise things are not as taught in school then if one event can be fixed by other forces then they all can. A miracle covers all beyond science, and if it happens once it's real, even if you never come across it again. That is not hope but reality, and should only gain hope from extending known reality, or as the teacher said, you end with hopeless.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Totally lost

I could do with escaping now. However high you rise it only means you can drop further, so despite finding one of my best signs on Saturday looking on Google, I couldn't follow it. I found four no through roads since, although one was guarded by a gang of youths who wouldn't have appreciated having a camera pointed near them, so left for later although it was only exactly the same as the others. I wouldn't have taken more than one type of standard (non place) sign when they were normal, but now I try and get them all as obsolete and can add a mark on my map. I had bugger all to do the two days following and did the Winchmore Hill trip today which almost killed me. Avoiding traffic is universal so any alternative route is just as bad as everyone else is doing the same. And when you reach a target there's nowhere legal to stop so you just put on the brakes, take the photo and hope no one is behind you.

Besides 1 hour of TV I've then had the phone non stop, nagging as I don't seem to be able to discourage people as most would, so they find me and drain my energy for them. Despite increasing my collections it only changes my life in that I need to add other items less and less, although besides a little one in Tulse Hill I also found, there are quite probably no more within a reasonable distance anyway. The result is besides my mental energy being almost worn out my physical is now following and if it doesn't return then my arrangements for the next week or so will be almost impossible to carry out. I'd never expect anyone to do what they can't do, I'd just ask someone else, but people assume you are the only one who can do it, or what they want to do with you is the only thing they want to do with you. Sod who I am, if I don't go to the specific place a woman wants to go at that exact time then she doesn't want to know. I am just happy to be with them, anywhere. Women however seem far more interested in where you take them than who is doing the taking. Bull shit.

So I am cash (as in things anyway) rich and income (as in new things and people) poor. The pyramid arrangement of hierarchies still means each event is at a certain level, and the higher they get the smaller as well. Each event is classified and even the ones which come and then go can still leave you with a lasting satisfaction having covered that item, like speaking on TV. Nothing I want can be bought, and it's all free anyway besides the house I want where I used to live. Like collecting old train tickets, taking photos is free, meeting friends and girlfriends is free as are all the best things that happen. Meditation is free as are the results that may come from it, but like the women you put in the work but have no control of the success of the outcomes. And when something that can work indirectly but rarely does, then you stop doing it as the hour is not worth the rare benefit it gives compared to whatever else you could have done with it. But I still look for guidance in it all, but the tests of faith get larger and larger and how I could overcome some I imagine are possible would be beyond anyone in my opinion. I already see these hazards in advance and unless I was somehow connected to god itself then I see no other way to do so.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A global week so far

Well it's about the third week of not making plans and been pretty busy. I checked the stats and didn't record the comment visit so something's up the creek and still can't get the counter back on my profile.
Last week was making little deals/negotiations that saved me a small fortune, and then spent a couple of afternoons boxing up the last of my grandma's belongings to be collected tomorrow and auctioned on Monday. Three floors, four bedrooms and 99 years of stuff. My friend's doing all the actual arranging as it's his job anyhow, so saved us both more trouble than we could probably have handled.

Otherwise it's been more or less business as usual, random photo trips and when I called the radio tonight to explain why global warming has been created to part the masses from their cash the previous caller, who was pushing the official line word for word turned out to be Professor Robert Winston! My call was straight after to contradict him, although I'd prepared it before he got on. That was some honour and gave me more material to pull to bits. Over half the other callers agreed with me as really the consequences of believing are creating the toughest totalitarian regimes outside the existing ones. Just like you don't stop terrorism by banning photos of the police you don't stop burning fossil fuel by charging people as it just makes them poor. The dissonance between claim and result is enough for many people to realise as everyone has to use the fuel they do then in fact the only change is the tax collected.

I've also scanned probably the last of my old prints online, and not an old sign among them despite passing a good many on the way. Just different aims at the time and missed them as they vanished almost to the end. I got another (15th) no through road nearby from Streetview and there's another some way further if I can be arsed, just to mark another on my map. Nothing of any significance seems to have happened, but if it has I've either forgotten or missed it. Today was one of the many (far more now no grandma) I didn't see a single person to talk to, and can't be good for anyone. No types of sex are bad enough but no conversation either is why I have to do it here instead. The phone isn't the same at all. When you go on summer camp at 8 to the holiday equivalent of Colditz a call home makes very little difference, ditto when living alone.

The radiation leak was ignored by the first newspaper so now sent it public and hope it gets picked up. A second person has developed a bleeding mouth and the symptoms are all consistent with Chernobyl. There has been a nast leak at Aldermaston but that is nowhere near Kent and would have poisoned everyone for 60 miles if that had reached there. My sole role now is to publicise it online while I've passed it onto someone in the media to spread it there, so every site I use is one more that has read it.

I still haven't a single specific plan, but have used every day well so far despite probably not fixing anything that could be fixed ling term. That isn't our role though as besides things like moving house (provided you can afford to pick and choose, which most people can't) those changes come from outside. There are the different areas, business, pleasure and spiritual. I've managed business level 1, survival, but not fame and fortune. Pleasure is the big gap as I'm sure everyone's realised, and spiritual is probably about level 2 having learnt and shifted the basics like meditation and clairvoyance. The end point is enlightenment and do see many more claiming it online where they certainly didn't 10 years ago in meetings. That is most down to effort and I have my practices which come and go depending on what else is happening, and besides fitting the Celestine Prophecy system and seeing the guidance already am uncertain how much else I've managed.

Finally a quick summary of the earlier radio call, whay the hell are people worried about climate change? It's not unknown, we have records of climates of all types going back millennia, and from the time humans arrived they've had extremes of hot and cold nothing like we know and survived all but the ice. Populations of plant and animal life always increase with temperature, and so far it has never risen to levels beyond acceptable despite being way above current ones. So given the fact the past is known, then why fret about the future? If it gets warmer so fucking what? More people thrive and those already in very low lying areas or hot ones will have decades to move minimum. That is what they always did and continue to do so. How people can be blinded to ignore the obvious is a feat worthy of Derren Brown and David Blaine working together. These are otherwise educated people talking and thinking a pile of toffee.

Hypnosis is my business, and am now even more amazed by its power as I realised the small scale glitches you can introduce into people's minds, but this one is universal besides the majority who aren't affected. But they are helpless like me as the ones that matter are the ones creating the illusion, not those affected by it. There are just enough not to burn down the BBC the next time they spend a whole science programme talking about global warming, (as they did twice this week so far), as no ifs, no buts, they are lying to each and every one of us and I know how and why. One day people will thank me for this effort.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Please leave comment!

According to my stats no one has read the last entry. Last month despite updating as often as usual my hits dropped by 75%, fair enough, but according to the stats I haven't had one visitor for a week besides one today. The fact it also shows a visitor on the 26th may indicate a problem, and the site has hidden the HTMP to repost the counter on the blog so everyone else can see it as well. I know I've hardly commented on other blogs for a while but never stopped me reading them myself. Maybe (life is like that) it's the repetitive nature of my life and resulting entries, but I can't write what doesn't happen, despite a couple of weirdos accusing me once of being a liar. I am weird, eccentric and politically incorrect, but always speak the truth.

Just in case there is a glitch could everyone leave a comment here just to check how many people are visiting, I did have 50 a day before they stopped the links, and when they returned got 90 when people were insulting me. I'd rather not have that as a reason for readers, and if anyone wants more themselves I'm happy to come on their blogs and call them names if that's how they'd like to do it.

I am reaching the end of a totally free week. With no grandma after 49 years I now have more time to fill, and having realised you can't always plan ahead just did whatever I could think of this week. That ended up with a reasonably decent (as the DVD ran out after I just started) video of people crossing the zebra in Abbey Road, another aborted photo visit to Watford (traffic came to halt before bridge yet again), and saving myself a packet on home insurance. Besides that and some food shopping I haven't done that much but hasn't been a waste. Other little jobs like accounts and probate for my grandma's will have also been done which probably wouldn't have had I been out more.

I'm still not really planning. There's a possible photo album to be made for a nearby library if they say yes, another online quiz to write, no actual work (big deal) and the rest (including the blog hits) is a mystery. I'm still trusting the Celestine Prophecy to provide what I need to, although the source seems to be no more than his imagination it already corresponded with most of my experience so if there is a single source of information we are all connected to it.
Meanwhile I hope I both return to my stats and find it was a glitch, and secondly I find a way to get the numbers back here where everyone else can see them.
Of course I'm still hoping for more. This week was more business than pleasure, although the money saved provided some pleasure as a result. I also spent some time on the radiation case which although I haven't heard back yet is an important issue that needs publicising. More so not just in itself but if proved means the government hide dangers from the public hoping they won't get found out. I knew this already but this would mean everyone else would, and maybe start doubting some more of the bullshit they talk (the greatest being carbon emissions of course). One by one people have to wake up to the fact that simplifying a false concept so some people believe it isn't going to make it true, and the information required to find it is false is all over the internet written by the genuine experts who don't lie to save their careers.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Becoming invisible

You win some you lose some, after being ripped off £60 for going through a gated road (as they'd left the gate open, logical) I wondered if there was any way to get it back elsewhere. I had a random call from a company offering me a house insurance quote, which was way below what I was paying, so rang my company up and told them and got well over £100 off the old price. Job done.

Otherwise I'm currently publicising a radiation contamination in Kent which will hopefully get in the papers now besides me showing 50 people online, as it's a bit of a nasty situation where man made elements were found implying it was an accident and one they haven't admitted to. How many others are there we never found out about either? The teachings at all levels say to avoid nuclear power at all costs, as there's no cure for the effect of exposure and no reason to touch the stuff compared to alternatives. Yet another example why now.
So from no plans again but freedom I saw an ad for the Beatles in Abbey Road to push their new (old) album release and decided to make my own. Besides the DVD filling up after 1 1/2 minutes (no spare carried for a change) I got everything I wanted without repeating people crossing for 10 minutes as intended. I also got all my hardware shopping in my local shop today (pretty obscure stuff) without either having to go further afield or find the items at all. It all counts. So my rugs are not slipping now on the wood floor from removing the old carpet, and have a pizza wheel now so I can slice the pizzas without them slipping across the room.

I suspect my comment rate has reduced as I haven't had the time to read many blogs for a while, mainly because the ones I did read have been removed. It takes ages to find new ones as most links are years old and the fraction who do update are not always more than a list of reviews of gadgets or entertainment or links to other sites. Do these fuckers get kickbacks as there are more than enough advertising sites doing this crap officially without some spotty geek in Luton measuring all the DVD players in PC World for us. What else could motivate people to waste time (theirs and ours) reviewing anything that's being done to death already by professionals. I think I've solved that now, just a little additional pretend blog looking like a twat from Luton but in fact a twat from an ad agency. The few intellectuals around blogging seem to be pretty hard to find.

I can't help waiting for 'the big one'. Something which will change my life from mundane to special. Had the woman from the library been single and interested that could have done it. If I can start seeing auras properly again, get on terrestrial TV, in a national paper, have an official admit global warming was announced prematurely as it's now been found not to be reliable, and anything else at that level. These things probably happen on average every 10 years (to me at least), and it's well overdue for me. I order everything in life to different levels, events, people etc, as it's very easy to rank from best to almost as good but not quite etc. I expect we all can, marks out of 10 etc. The top level have to be life changing or it's there and gone leaving you no different.

I've finished the Celestine Prophecy now, although there is the following two insights plus one never written about. I read the tenth ages ago and can't remember or find it now, but the bits I saw elsewhere seem it should flow on its own from the others. As I found within days they are meant to merge to one view of life, and I am now aware of it working that way regardless of how James Redfield worked the stuff out. It fit my previous experience and he didn't know that. Whether people really become invisible at the end is similar to David Icke's lizards, a great book with a dodgy bit. If even one person had reached that level and become invisible people would notice, and once a few had we'd know it was possible and would no longer see the world as it was. Goodness knows where that bit came from but won't worry about it affecting the rest.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A quiet week

Regardless of actual events I am seeign it through the eyes of order now, and the more I do the more I should see it and the more normal it should become. I've nearly finished the book now and surprised considering it was written ages ago it hasn't had more impact on people since. I can't be the only one who was already tuned into it surely?

Today was a test, I had no plans and instead of trying to work something out in advance just waited to see what happened. It was nothing special but kept busy. I've eliminated another woman from the search, not for reasons of rejection but she's married, as most good ones would be. It kept me in practice though and proved not only do good ones exist but locally. And you meet women far better just doing things normally than trying to meet them at events or agencies after 30.

So currently life is a total vacuum. I've got a couple of little ideas for next week but nothing special, have a system of one quiz written to go online and an old sign to be painted, and that's it. No new ideas to add, I can say one of the climate groups in America just found sunspots heat the stratosphere which explains what everyone with a brain's been saying for years. We have had very unusual sunspot activity, I remember particularly as when I had CB radio in the 80s we relied on it to talk abroad, and the could usually be predicted year by year for decades. The pattern seems to have fallen apart since then and could well be related to all the panic over weird climates. If there are any of course, ours is the same every year and always has been.

I suppose after the last few entries I shouldn't mind a quick one so to speak, but may be anything round the corner for all I know.

Friday, September 04, 2009

A teacher and a writer

I am learning via the Celestine Prophecy to actively look for guidance in all my life. Bad things which must be good, like the turds who treated me like something stuck to their shoe got me to analyse their behaviour, write a huge article about it, tell the world about it online and realise my role as a teacher. Those were two of the insights in action before I'd touched the book so my own life corresponded with it beforehand so instead of wondering if it was yet more bollocks, read in amazement as my own experiences continued to be presented in front of me.

After the hard work (for me anyhow) last week I'm on a holiday. I've had to make my own plans, but besides the trip to the library, finding the almost perfect woman was definitely still almost perfect but married, the rest has been hard core fannying around. Photo trips are now being made to places on the map I haven't taken them and just take whatever fits into my many themes. I did however find a sign I took 6 months ago was an old one after all, so managed to add another without lifting a finger. I am planning to follow the advice and make another photo book specially for the library of the local area, and hope they do actually use it.

So the week was free after all, no nasty surprises blocking my rest, and all I do now is see each day what I can think of to do as there's nothing particular on the system. But as I've found things to do so far I'm not bothered, and most good things that have happened have been far from predicted in my life and yours I'd expect. Tomorrow's spare again until the evening, and any gardening has been off as it's rained on and off all week. Now my council charge to take junk away I can't just dump my old carpet as before, and they charge for five items minimum which means looking for four more before the first can go. Next door didn't have anything so will be some time before I can find enough to make a visit worthwhile.

I only know one person who reads this from Facebook (although others could do) but have found for reasons suspected a few of my friend invitations went unanswered. These people have all stitched me up in one way or another, and fear they believe I deserved it, so haven't added me not because of any vague feelings of guilt they are some of said turds who, for absolutely no decent reason, spat me out when I apparently got in their ways, and despite my own acts of forgiveness (I give people chances after most transgressions, besides the Nazi who threatened to kill me). Funnily enough the death threat could be forgiven but not his Nazism as I don't believe that can change at his age. You can be sorry for an act but not who you are. All the others acted very badly, and other people who are now friends had in the past and I totally dropped it when they behaved nicely again. Power is abused by people not forgiving as well as being perpetrators. And who loses? I'd have lost two really nice people if I hadn't accepted their apologies for not only what was appaling behaviour but spread over months. But ultimately harmless.

I hope I set an example. If I can do any of these things everyone can as we're all in the chaos that is other people. Buddha taught this crap 2500 years ago so I'm not exactly being original, but how many people remind you to do this? And as I'm talking professionally I also aim to make this area a possible source of income, as I'd rather be paid for what I do naturally and easily than the sort of job a donkey would be suitable for. I've done plenty of those, including after my degree, as most undergraduate degrees do not lead to specific jobs besides teaching, which I did. But until the final job I wasn't paid in the holidays so what began as a caretaking job changed to furniture removal as the business expanded. I gave up after dropping a gas cooker off the back of the van and although was happy to man the office for less money had enough of that at the age of about 31. That was my final crap job and after that, besides private teaching, I ended up exactly where I started in retail as that was literally all I could get after a few hundred applications, and both from people I knew.

I planned slightly different work, and work I would probably still be doing had I qualified. O level maths stopped a few, no teachers training without it and all the private schools have little regular work in my areas. I can't remember if the then year long social work course needed maths as well or I'd probably have stayed on and done it, and now regret not doing the same thing for librarianship (assuming even that doesn't need it). Becoming a therapist meant I both did what I was best at and helped people, but there's fuck all work in it outside self employment and that's restricted to a few elite who have posh places and plenty of contacts. We all get their crumbs and nothing I do can make a living that way. So writing would fill the gap perfectly and as I've been published for about 15 years (first by myself admittedly but it did sell) then am clearly able to. Like most jobs it's a formula or feature writers would be lost each week as they don't report news but do basically what I do, pick a topic or two and waffle. Boris Johnson summed it up, he whizzes it off in a few hours and earns £250,000 a year. Hardly anyone can reach that rate but only a variation of that amount for them all.

Luckily somehow I pay my bills but have an income most people would assume was Polish or possibly Ghanaian (assuming they don't get much), or maybe even Chad (they certainly don't). I'm just so incredibly careful with my money I save it for what needs paying first and don't spend it on anything else unless get a present. So a large and regular income would be very new to me, and don't see why all my qualifications, knowledge and experience can't be used instead of physical labour as before. Working in a shop is barely different as besides the demeaning nature of being ordered around by customers you have to keep the stock updated, clean the shop (only big places employ cleaners), carry boxes up ladders, unpack deliveries etc, so basically a glorified warehouseman. It could be done in my sleep and had long periods of time to do crosswords when it was quiet but every work experience bod who came in at 16 got the hang of it after 2 weeks so hardly up to my level besides the ease of operation. That was before the minimum wage and I earned a fraction of it, so was basically paid according to the level of the work I was doing.
Although I would have done it again elsewhere I'd like a professional regular job if possible one day based not on another course but the ones I've done already. I get employed for it willingly in the media, but they either pay thousands or sod all. I'm not a socialist but sharing it more evenly would help us all.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time and effort

I am pretty sure that the amount of effort put into anything besides specific jobs has no bearing on the outcome. I have put quantity over quality possibly in a few areas, such as spreading the word on global warming being purely a scheme to redistribute wealth, banning road humps and the like, along with my own personal career, and any results I've had (with the career anyway) have been simply from good ideas followed by other people calling me. Once I'd done my bit the actual usage was out of my hands. But the time spent for example on dating agencies, where I joined a couple at a time, went through profiles constantly and followed by regular dates got me sod all until a free internet site delivered one who lasted a short while before disaster struck. Just turning up at a friend's when the right woman is there and hitting it off involves no effort, it just means being in the right place at the right time. I've put lots of effort into many campaigns of all types recently and the results have been one old road sign painted (by me) and another promised by the council (who I trust as they've prepared it already).

But compare that with the emails I've sent and work I've submitted. Writing is considered work, seeing the huge amounts reporters earn (a lot more than therapists I can tell you), they can get an idea, as Boris Johnson explained, run it off in a couple of hours at home and earn thousands. He has proved my point alone but it is the case for national papers at least. I'm not saying I don't get the results sometimes but since my college courses have not been related to any amount of work I've put in. Of course it's balanced by areas I do bugger all in but then again probably do just as well there as any other which basically means why bother full stop?

So looking at the little I can do about my progress anywhere I am basically going with whatever flow happens, dealing on a reactive basis as even my own good ideas come when they feel like it and can't force them either. The Celestine Prophecy should easily be finished this week and at least that provides a framework for life I was already aware of so not something I've invented, observed and possibly got all wrong as whoever wrote it (and where he learnt it from) agreed. I know nothing of it's origins but will check that next. No plans this week, last week I worked more than I had for years (clearing my grandma's house is work as well as I'm an executor of the will), so welcome some free time although haven't a clue (besides taking my photo book to sell to the library) what else I'll do. But I only work day by day now and that's tomorrow's job along with food shopping on the return. I intend to spend more than usual on West Indian frozen meals since buying a test container, I've only seen them in one shop and worth an extra pound or so for the quality.

I've also joined the global warming is a lie type group on Facebook, and urging everyone to email the contact BBC News site to ask why they never seem to mention the accredited scientists who either never believed in it, or better still those like Dr Claude Allegre who realised what I always guessed, it was not something humans can control either way. Playing God is a phrase I've seen used, the arrogance of pretending they can stop our climate rising by more than 2', as if they even knew it was going to. Until the BBC and similar give equal reporting rights to both sides it's my duty to spread the word as I don't see any other fucker doing it. Except you Roger admittedly and someone I know called Dave in America who at least spreads it on our trivia site as well as myself. But considering the vast amount of data out there, all basically agreeing on the amount of CO2 we emit isn't enough to beat termite farts (they are one of the greatest causes) let alone volcanoes, yet the BBC are paid to ignore it. And governments give grants to scientists to in turn give them the green light to raise taxes. Anyone not under 24 hour care ought to get this one but there's nearly half a million people on the biggest stop global warming group on Facebook and only a few thousand on the biggest of the opposites. Hence the need to repeat, repeat and keep repeating until one person at a time gets fed up and checks what I'm talking about, and realises it may actually be true. Who the hell wants to feel stupid? But isn't it better to be released from a trap than stay there in comfort?

My cleaner returns after well over a month on Saturday with great relief, I've done a lot better than expected on my own although wouldn't last much longer. I will continue to practice looking at auras as I'd say it's the single most useful thing I can do, as increasing our own senses must be. Strangely everything I've seen this time round has been static, only growing and shrinking in size, whereas most in the past were either smoky or wispy. Auras are auras so unless I'm doing something differently wonder why although I am now also seeing colours (which I hardly ever did before) it's just a static glow rather than like a heat haze or pulsing energy. If I run out of places to go I can always do that but it wears you out after a while.
So not a clue what I'm doing as usual, other chores beckon as always but again as always can be delayed some time. I'm not really waiting for any more than the second sign to be painted, none of my other emails got me anywhere and most of the best (and worst) things come out of the blue anyway, although my new intuition exercise from the book is in early stages, first two produced nothing though but carrying on.