Tuesday, June 29, 2004

First entry

Hello, if anyone besides me actually ever reads this.

I have just been given this site by someone almost a year after wanting to start a blog but not being able to find a decent website. I posted a journal on my main site www.kingsbury.tk but that was as far as I got. Now it's great to be able to update everyone (both of you maybe?) on life in Kingsbury, partly through the eyes of a professional therapist and amateur philosopher.

Well, that's where I am now. Single minded and directed, the journey starts here.
Otherwise catch me on www.funtrivia.com where I spend most of my online time.


Angi said...

Hey David.

Angi here. Nice blog you got here. Yeah, I can understand how you feel about that women. Cheer up, it happens to the best of us ! ;)


sarah karen said...

awww David...

David said...

Don't worry Sarah, it wasn't you! (you knew that...)

sarah said...

No I din't know that David..