Sunday, November 06, 2011

Latest EU harmonisation plans

Should the current EU attempt to metricate heartbeat measurements succeed then the next item on the list is music. Bear in mind the trial in Nazi Germany, which successfully reduced the permitted music to Wagner and military marches, this will have a similar effect in eliminating all unnecessary or non-permitted notation and timings from all EU published music.

As a result 4/4 would become 5/5, 6/8 would become 0.75, blue notes would become illegal under EU regulations, and a Europe-wide mission would be set up to rewrite all the classical music to convert it. The scale would be altered from A-G to kilohertz, so not only would you know the note (by association once you learnt the new tables) but which octave it was. 261hz- middle C etc.

So you'd get efforts like Bach's prelude in 466hz, Air on a 392hz string etc, and if the Germans got their way you could have 'Take the 440hz train' as well. I should suggest it to them, it would certainly earn a Nobel Prize if adopted and make billions for the minions changing all the equipment.

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