Tuesday, April 03, 2012

How much are our rulers elected?

I wrote this in answer to a forum question, and something we all need to know in Britain:

The sum total of who makes our rules is on a sliding scale of election. The MPs themselves have been covered, while the powers of the unelected lords are negligible unless appointed as ministers. But most of our new laws (eg the latest deregulating of postage prices) are made by the EU, and as such we must consider who votes for them? Their structure is on two main levels, the parliament and the commission. To be honest I don't actually know the legislative power of the parliament as the little research I have done appears to indicate they discuss existing decisions made by the commission and little else. Unless someone can put me right I am wondering if they can do anything at all. But the EU regulations are made by the commission directly, they are unelected and can stay for many years as they are civil servants given the role of legislators, instantly breaking the rule of separation of powers.

As a result they are free to legislate pretty well unhindered, and there is a further ability above and beyond where they can meet and draft material in private and their records are not open to the public. As this is their primary role (legislature and executive combined) I am as I say unsure if the parliament do any more than the Queen or presidents of countries like Ireland, as the actual regulations originate from above them and don't know if they can even amend them let alone veto any.

Above the EU is the UN. in 1991 they wrote Agenda 21 for sustainability, and as such every member state is bound by the regulations, usually applied through local councils through the body titled ICLEI. Fortnightly bin collections,  compulsory recycling, road narrowing and restricting new parking spaces are all influenced directly by Agenda 21 as one plank is to reduce dependence on private transportation, hence EU plans to ban cars from city centres and flight taxes. So one can say that at the scope of the UN and Agenda 21 (all unelected) there is no accountability, or with anything which comes from the EU as once joined and new treaties accepted we have signed away greater and greater functions previously assigned to our elected parliaments, if you read about any new laws or regulations like the postal charges just check the source and you'll find most are direct from the EU and only applied by our parliament.

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rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

If you think the present system is un-fair and too complicated for the average person to understand and most people don't care or want to know how their lives are controlled by politicians and government workers, then you wait until and see what totalitarian control there will be when the One World Government is in full power. A government in effect controlled by the two most populated countries in the world, China and India. Elected for eternity and once elected there would be no more elections. This subject is well covered on other pages on this blog. Be thankful that you have no grandchildren or children who would be doomed to suffer under such population control.