Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ed Miliband, the heavyweight

I had technically used up everything I can about Ed Miliband, but his tutors have clearly been spending many hours on presentation skills, and he is now presenting his utter bollocks in a far more convincing way. Yes, he now talks like he means business, but if you read the words rather than listen the standard Labour party regime cannot ever change with either New Labour (they just screwed you from behind instead of in front) or any other, assuming you are not either a union member or one of the small groups (like Muslims currently) who gain actual benefits by default.

Just in case anyone is wavering following recent articulate performances, it is only the same polices reiterated in a stronger voice and fewer tangents, although no one is likely to produce a worse election result for them current or past, I'd rather it was a disaster than a close one, especially as I don't want too much of the new government majority to be lost to dead Labour MPs. On the background, his own views going back in history have been coming out in reports, and his own admission he was going to bring back socialism should be enough for everyone who does not actually want it that however he learns not to talk like Timmy from South Park (apologies to the disabled to be compared with Ed Miliband) he is set to make us the people's republic of whatever he wants us to be. Imagine, should you be able to experience it locally, the London borough of Haringey or Islington on a national scale. As he also added, his version of Labour is not that of the tough, anti Europe and anti immigration working class Labour movement of the 60s and earlier, it is 'Metropolitan liberalism', ie the middle class intellectual movement of the 70s since, of the richest few percent of London professionals who in total seriousness believed in redistributing wealth, and equality and diversity which has strangled Britain in the 21st century, along with the open door immigration policy sucking resources like a tumour.

Admitting you made a mistake when in power when it's too late to fix it is like offering to decorate the house you burnt down for a discount. As with the energy prices. This is his trademark, fuck the country as a minister, then either apologise as it's too late, or offer to fix it a bit if he gets back in but leave it as it was eventually. That's some offer, exactly the same principle as losing a pound and finding a penny. That is all he can offer and that is pretty much the best he can do, seeing as he's had long enough to sound almost normal and stop making childish remarks about the government rather than serious challenges. His presentation is picking up, but he and his ideas haven't changed and are based on a toxic cocktail of multiculturalism, diversity and green policies that have already made much of London into a third world open prison, and spreading even under a coalition government mainly under the Liberal Democrats and EU legislation which are both pretty much the same.

So basically whatever the mask, it's always Ed behind it, and behind the weird body is a far weirder mind which will only get weirder and weirder. Never let yourself forget that whatever they do with the presentation. Higher income tax, inheritance tax, mansion tax, carbon tax, more immigration, pro-perpetrator rules, deeper into a federal Europe, more diversity and multiculturalism (except for the national culture which they claim never existed as a single entity), accusations of racism and sexism, positive (ie enforced) discrimination, massive energy costs, huge travel restrictions (will he follow Paris and ban cars?), pay per mile, more quantitative easing, more foreign aid, more restrictions on the press (privacy law as well maybe?), lower requirements for exam passes, lower standards in all state schools, no referendum on anything, ever, and an ultimate surrender of virtually all power to the EU.

Yes, Miliband is definitely a heavyweight, a heavy weight of total shit dumped on our country if he ever wins an election. Never forget what he stands for, however well he smartens up his image.

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