Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The three horsemen

The three methods of control by the extreme (there's no doubt about that once you read on) left of the 21st century have been the three horsemen, racism, sexism and homophobia. Between them they are like 'browns, seasons, thickens, all in one go', or 'beats as it sweeps as it cleans', ie can be used to cover every situation they oppose and block it.

How exactly can three forms of discrimination manage to work to cover, like rock, paper, scissors, every issue the left feel is eroding their view of society, and accuse its perpetrators of a combination of the three, sometimes bringing in an inappropriate second just to enhance the impact of the tenuously relevant first. Such as comparing climate change deniers with racists.

First we must begin with the definitions. Sexism and racism refer to treating those of a different race worse than others, or as inferior. Homophobia appears to have been invented in the 21st century as an essentially meaningless term, as no one sane is actually scared of homosexuals, but technically they range from a mild discomfort to direct discrimination, with no distinction being made in degree on their part.

Clearly genuine discrimination is a bad thing, and as a result the Race Relations Act and sexual discrimination laws were brought in long ago to make these all illegal. Job done. But this did not satisfy the left, they wanted to ban even mentioning such views in conversations as opinions, shutting down all sides they disagreed with although had they genuinely been discriminating then they could be prosecuted for doing so, and clearly are not. However, in practice these transgressions are not entirely restricted to their opponents, as what they call racism and sexism is not applied universally at all, but just to the groups they see as their chosen victims. Anyone else is fair game, so rather than apply the same rules to themselves they claim to enforce against others, they throw their full force against anyone not 100% positive about any black person, from a footballer to president Obama, regardless of the fact they are deserving of the accusations of being useless or incompetent or whatever, if they are black then all attempts to criticise them are closed down, even though for example there are plenty of black US Republican members who are totally accepted by their own supporters of all races. But like the black drivers who complain to the police they only stopped them because they are black, until it is pointed out it is dark and the police couldn't see who they were till they were stopped, the race card has become the blunt instrument of the left in attacking any criticism of a group or individual regardless of the validity of such criticism. And the new phrase adopted by the liberal left, first heard a year or so, describing Newcastle as 'hideously white' was repeated only again today on BBC Radio 4 about the BBC itself. Imagine getting away with that about any other colour at all. Yes, the left are at least as racist as those they claim to expose, but only against white people. Is that any better? Not in my eyes.

However, when they then go on to enforce rules forcing ethnic minority police and female board members by law, meaning the right candidate may be rejected for no reason other than they had to have someone different by law, they are simply discriminating differently. And as for racism the greatest anti-semites I have ever come across are on the far left, blaming the Jewish lobby for running the media, like Jenny Tonge and David Ward from our LibDem government, repeating the same memes straight out of Mein Kampf, which led to the destruction of six million Jews, and apparently trying to finish the job the Nazis didn't get the chance to complete. Then they further devalue the holocaust by calling people who refuse to accept the certainty of man made global warming deniers, as if claiming the Nazis didn't really kill 6 million Jews, all dead, bodies and property thoroughly accounted for, with something which hasn't actually happened at all and doesn't look like it ever can.

In the end it is nothing more than an attempt to say 'Our opinion is the only opinion', and pervert genuine methods to quell discrimination as weapons to maintain order in society their way. They are far more dangerous than a single person they are fighting against, as if the BNP or even Ukip (as if they would) are genuinely that racist then just let them say it and judge them as a direct result, not as the champion of the thought police, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wants to do and silence Ukip altogether, a valid and legal political party set up to expose the lies her own side have been using since the 70s in North London council chambers and trendy universities onwards. If you really think someone is anything -ist then let them say it and the law deal with them appropriately. Stopping debates on immigration or even leaving the EU, let alone the validity of gay versus traditional marriage by accusing anyone raising them of being a dangerous criminal and who should be silenced by law is far more dangerous than making jokes about black people or not having equal numbers of female MPs as not enough want to waste most of their time doing it unlike men.

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