Thursday, May 08, 2014

Information, the current position

My new blog, the Information Revolution, is still a work in progress, as whatever your experience and knowledge it can always be refined ad infinitum. That's not saying it's wrong, but of course presentation can always improve as can some of the principles themselves. But the base facts which cannot be disputed form the solid skeleton of the material, while the others if nothing else are thinking points. But I can summarise that for example economic figures, where a large percentage lose out from certain policies, mean they are facts. Low interest rates hit 60-70% of savers, including everyone with a private pension. Therefore keeping them low is against the people. That in turn leads to higher house prices, where no one profits except property dealers, if you live in it then it's an illusory rise as you can't sell the asset and liquidate the money unless you downsize or move abroad, in which case forget any chance of going up the market again. Otherwise every single person loses from high house prices as it works as a multiple of your income and no one can ever spend more than a certain proportion of it before they go broke.

Shutting down alternative opinions and beliefs is the next element I highlight. Calling people names because they disagree with your group view is simply totalitarian and can lead to laws outlawing freedom of speech. If gay marriage was the only way it could be then why wasn't it there till 2013, only in a handful of countries, and voted against by many politicians who insist you cannot change the definition of marriage by government diktat. Or the latest radio presenter who said someone who cared about Britain's ethnic makeup was a racist simply for not agreeing it didn't matter. Dangerous territory. Speaking for others was an earlier version, where able bodied, rich, educated white people in North London told everyone which words they should use for non white and disabled people, even though they hadn't asked them and many weren't the least bit bothered about using terms doctors had used previously to name them for hundreds of years. But if you used certain of these words while working in their councils you'd be sacked.  Never mind the fact few Muslims care about people celebrating Christmas, or people with disabilities using the names the left have outlawed for themselves, this is about control and nothing to do with protecting anyone.

Other facts dressed up as the exact opposite include one of the worst known current examples, wind farms. Let's face it, without government rules to ditch burning fossil fuel, as apparently keeping ourselves warm is allowing nature to do it for us (it isn't, really) would never have dreamed of using a single turbine connected to the grid, as frankly, they do nothing. Actually they do less than nothing, as while they produce no actual additional power as the backup has to be on constantly and produce power for all the times the wind doesn't blow, so may as well just use the backup, they consume power for the brakes, motors and heaters, and waste all the power produced when not used as it can't be stored. Add the manufacturing, grid building and maintenance costs and the losses are eye watering. But try and tell that to a supporter and they accuse you of being a murderer or even a racist (yes, I have heard this as well). Madness grows, and this madness has taken over those on one particular side of politics, those who genuinely want to believe that as well as all being treated equally and fairly, every single person is born equal. The fact we have genes and DNA, all of which can now be traced to almost what we eat for breakfast, and separated twins have followed similar lives half way across a country or the world regardless of their environment falls on blind eyes and deaf ears. They are so naive they truly want to believe a disabled person can run in the 100 metres and beat someone able bodied, or someone with Down's can get a degree with enough encouragement, and it is totally unfair if we are all the same why some should have a lot more money and wealth than others, as we are all equal.

That is like inventing a society in a work of fiction, reading it for so long you start imagining that is real, and then trying to adjust the actual society to fit it. Das Kapital, and even more sinister works such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf are read by millions, and treated as gospel by many of them, as they are convinced those writing them were doing so as an academic work of fact, and again represent a long term pattern of treating opinion as fact and vice versa.

It is impossible to dispute the annual production of a wind farm less the costs and associated losses, and the association of genes with intelligence, but they simply shout all the louder as if disliking scientific material will make it go away somehow, while imposing their own version of nature on us in replacement, where men can marry men and maybe one day their relatives or two or three men or a man and a woman, and if you stretch marriage to include the same sexes why not more? Then you could legislate when death occurs (they have really with abortion, by pretending an embryo is not alive, despite it having its own DNA, not it's mothers, and many aborted foetuses which are aborted alive and left to die of neglect). It is equally impossible to claim it is racist if you personally prefer a society with an overall domination in numbers of the people who have lived there for millennia, rather than a random mix of growing pockets of ethnic minorities. It may not be very socially acceptable in some circles, but applied to the rules of most countries around the world till the 21st century so were clearly the majority opinion once, and can only ever remain an opinion. Therefore wanting mass immigration and a preference for a mixed society is one person's preference, while preferring the opposite, something which represented most countries until the mid 20th century where many populations were shifted during and after the war, was the norm until then. I cannot say either are right or facts, as they are no different to choosing where you want to live. But claiming mass immigration and multiculturalism is the only way to be is simply imposing your preference over others, and demonising the alternatives. There are plenty more examples, but all equally guilty of imposing a total lack of options over the opposing opinions.

I am not interested in good intentions if the results are bad. Societies in Africa, India, the West Indies and South America still grade their social status by colour, Brazil being the worst example, the reason they do is that is how their society has arranged itself. If the Brazilian government want to do something about it then they can do the same as we have in Britain with the race relations act, and make it illegal to pay black people less or banning them from renting accommodation, but beyond outlawing direct discrimination whose role is it to engineer society to iron out its current ills, as if there won't be others once you get rid of one? If there is a genuine problem you can legislate to get rid of it, and look elsewhere to see how they did it before you, but there is a limit to how far you can rebuild any society, more so anyone else's abroad. And if anyone disliking a gradual change in the makeup of our society is racist, then how different is that from all the people using skin whiteners to try and get further in their own societies, as even though nearly everyone is black or brown they are blacker or browner and discriminated against. That is more something universal in people generally, and not for outsiders to come along and try and cause a revolution, rather to recognise the only way to deal with genuine (as opposed to imaginary) racism is to legislate it away and then must leave society to arrange itself.

It is a complex area but not too complex to fathom out once you get the general picture and see the tricks the opposition use to try and confuse us. Once you see one or two examples clearly the rest are all variations on a theme, lies presented as truth, opinions presented as facts, and enemies demonised. They want society to be the way they wish it could be, and then extend their wishes into actual claims that is how it is. But you can't beat nature, you can only shackle it in chains.

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