Thursday, February 17, 2011

Academic versus intuition

My global warming campaign has taught me one simple truth beyond the subject in question. I spent weeks on a site of scientists committed to persuade the world we are guilty of fucking up the climate (my paraphrasing) and punishing us with huge fines and restrictions, while I am not a scientist beyond O level and simply using the formulas of marrying cause and effect like a jury. I also know many people partly or not qualified at all who are geniuses at science by nature, can build a plane or engine in their heads and then make it and it works, and see others' plans and know if they will or not. Benjamin Franklin was one such person, and in the end innovation is created more by those who are born to innovate whether or not they go on to qualify as well. They can always work with experts, but the experts may be great at repeating courses on paper but very narrow in their awareness, missing whole points completely while sticking to their own small areas.

I will never care again about my subject qualifications now while taking on all comers. The only difference is I can't explain why they're wrong without help, but they bloody well are. That is a valuable lesson and one outside whether they win the fight on killing civilised society in the name of the climate or not.

Otherwise it's almost business as usual, I'm following more spiritual practices and will announce if and when results follow. They can't all be wrong and have also learnt how not to abuse any power if it comes. Psychic power is the same as authority, you musn't take advantage of it, and can rebound if you do unlike normal power. Knowing you're right regardless of the ability to prove it is also behind both intuition for understanding outside ideas and how to treat other people, and is really the best force behind all others. I pick up people who have either dodgy foundations or high ones, and am usually proved right sooner or later (wasn't I Roger, benefit of the doubt for over a year and you failed majorly), and have seen others screwed over who didn't believe me and trusted some of the lowest scum I've ever come across. It's only like a play, we have heroes and villains and possibly the villains just haven't learnt enough to know better yet, but are all part of humanity. If you are true to yourself and others it's not your problem if others aren't, and should never drop to their level if they aim it in your direction. Being human none of us can be perfect but only have one rule to make the best of ourselves.

I'm no longer interested in spiritual teaching either, that was the ego and am purely interested in advancing myself, and would only ever teach if I reached my own goal and people asked me to. Otherwise it's for me and that's quite enough. I'll teach everything else I know as people need driving lessons in life the same as on the road, the hazards are just as clear and predictable and have strategies to avoid them. That is my job and although founded on intuition going back to childhood (I have the library here to prove it) I am qualified there as well. I may not always get it right as no one can, but the chances are until I've seen the same thing work over and over again I won't pass the results on. And I don't recommend anything I can't do myself either so teach by example. Thank goodness I have enough money so I don't need to go out and about trying to make a career out of it, and quite happy to pass on whatever I can to whoever needs it. Anyway, I'm getting there and am now aware how academics operate and am no longer scared of or in awe of them when outside my own fields. One difference between law and science is you can't get law wrong as it's written by people and if uncertain we know it is and why, while science is the best they currently know, and as you can't stick a thermometer up the atmosphere's arse to take its temperature then the arrogance of the climate camp they think they know what's going on is no more than an ego the size of the universe.

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