Tuesday, February 01, 2011

If I was god

Being a born collector I'm always happy when adding to any project, including women as well. Now my road signs have nearly all been found according to the map my next photographic project will both keep me adding new ones and get me as far away from home as I can possibly manage. This new year I've been taking photos to add to the Geograph map of Britain, adding a red square for each added. That is compulsive and done about six fairly local trips already where I found gaps on the map. Once the clocks go forward I've got a few further ones planned and will see how it goes. Otherwise it's business as usual, pursuing global warming education of the masses (deprogramming) and now working with some of the top guys in the country who have come to the same conclusion and met online. My intuition is such, much as the great Lord Monckton who had an hour's programme on TV last night despite them trying to make him look like an amateur, we have the intuition and no science to back it up. The scientists on the other side know half the science (no one knows much more around the climate as it's chaotic and barely measured thoroughly as it would be almost impossible to do more than random sampling), and have absolutely no intuition as my latest small part of science tells me one simple thing:

CO2 was 280ppm before industry and is now 390. The paper expectation to double to 560 is 1C. The IPCC maximum (way on the edge of probability) is 6C, one used by nutters worldwide as if inevitable. However, CO2 has almost doubled already, so adding about 40% has corresponded with a 0.7C rise. That was in a rising period (there's always one or the other, the ice age cycle guarantees them naturally), so double that and a bit and you get 1.5C, the 0.5 being quite close to the expected rise otherwise. If you extrapolate a century long trend the same distance ahead then unless some unknown (as this has never happened before) mechanism no one can think of kicks in between 390 and 560 then it will indeed become a 1C rise or so, which is not a problem for anyone as a normal and safe change known from history. So why don't they use this as a benchmark as we're already half way there?

Theme 2 is someone on Facebook just asked to name one good thing about God, and I said sycnhronicity and love, another said we only have bad things happen as we don't realise our own power to change it. Creation has always been said to go in hand with God, so one way or another it is happening already, but if I realised who I was (as in Yogananda's book) I'd fix so many things it would be heaven on earth for me and presumably anyone else who wanted it. Although it would also involve knowing the universal law of how much you should do for others. So sticking to my own world I'd probably do the same as anyone else. I already realised it is not cheating to fix the world as it feels just as bad when it's bad whether you do it or someone else, so the relief of ending it is just as good whether by another's hand or your own. How we feel is the bottom line, and removing causes of spoiling that is the first priority. I'd remove my own health problems, at least the worst I know of, and that would be the main barrier removed, and then start fixing outside.

It's a 50-50 split, if you're improved then what happens outside isn't so important. I've already arranged many things somehow so the biggest demands have already been removed from my life, and would then introduce a few more friends back here, and one rule is you can't choose specific people as they have free will, so anyone who fits the requirements will do. Then I'd move some blockages in as many areas as I can. Watching the slow or even backward pace of progress on issues which are dangerous or unnecessary regardless of the evidence is like watching people heading for a car crash and being unable to stop them. As the laws are already in place regardless of lack of evidence, we need quick data to arise to finally show they cheated so much whatever they can show to be true (as the devil's work, the hiding a lie in the truth so people won't see it) will be worthless as they lied to fill the huge gaps. Then people would suddenly realise the corruption at every level and may cause revolutions which are happening in the Arab world as a domino effect (ie one engineered by Islamists to take over as many countries as possible, but still happening). But realising our leaders are corrupt will be all that is needed to stop them in many countries. No one likes to look an idiot, and quite happy to name names if required, government lackeys like David Attenborough and Lord Winston who have quite a bit of clout will metaphorically tear the crap out of the politicians who made them look like morons as their pride will be wrecked.

That dealt with I'd then blow apart the corruption of secrecy, and any information on aliens and free energy would be released for the benefit of all. We've had hints for decades and still no further along than the day it started. I have no idea about aliens but certain about free energy as I know people who have found it themselves. The shots and death threats etc inevitably followed as did removal of funding and the usual ostracising by companies worldwide. As we have a real energy crisis now with record prices and taxes it can't take any longer to release this information to catch it before we are all rationed by income. I would then open up the apology energy. I have recently read everyone who hurts someone removes their bad karma and takes it on themselves, but it still hurts when they do that. I actually got what passed for one today so may have started already, but that list is already beginning to fill a page and I knew what I'd done wrong at about three years old having been taught properly. Instead of fucking up and having to apologise I was simply polite to people, until global warming which stole so much of my own money the diplomacy vanished. That's returning now as only fuels divide a rule but cost me a 45 year friendship already.

Then I'd speed up my general career. I've reached the first level of the media, ie being used, but the second is being known. It's a lot harder to get there at all so have broken through, but have to get employed by the right people who are seen by nearly everyone to move up properly. At my age it's too late to hang about any more. Of course once you see the outside improve you react accordingly and feel better as a result in itself. Finally (for now) I'd open the psychic channels I know I have at will and continually, as there is a lot more to see and know than we can most of the time. I'm not freaked out by it and if there are spirits standing around me I'd rather see them and communicate, they are just as natural as insects or other people in the room and they don't freak us out besides the spiders. I'd rather have a house full of spirits than one of them thank you. And to tie it up, the god inspired information comes to the greatest geniuses, who say they are not creating the music and art themselves but it comes through them. For me a lot of data comes through me rather than anything physical, but would like that to fully open as well as having read about it am now no longer likely to abuse any power offered. Ultimately we are all one so hurt another and you are hurting yourself as well.

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