Sunday, October 02, 2011

Getting things right

If anyone's read Robert Monroe's books, one trip involved being put in the same situation over and over again until he worked out how to get it right. Possibly for the first time in my life I've been using the usual sort of setbacks as a reason to do something rather than get in a state. It wasn't even a conscious decision, after the first it was the same reaction as normal, but then I got something to compensate (an old road sign to replace one too far to return to), and decided to go and get a bunch across London I'd probably not have bothered to otherwise.

More setbacks occurred, but with the new approach which actually worked, to make lemons out of lemonade, made each one motivate me to carry on and possibly do more, rather than bend and break as I always did before. This shit hits everyone. Roads are the best example, if you drive all day for work as I once did, you have accidents. None were my fault, but being out there means every so many miles some twat will hit you. A drunk postman, a new driver, and a vandal who cut me up and then attacked the van as I didn't give way to him. You can't avoid being hit by drunks or treading in shit, but you can learn what to do when it happens.

So, I'm learning new tricks even at my advanced age, plenty of shit out there but carrying on regardless. I've also dropped the politics mission now I've seen no one new wants to know, so can and have returned to the far superior spiritual path. The dreadful happenings around the world affect me as much as everyone, but like I know I can't have what I never did but only what I do, I have half the income I would without the recession, but can manage on it so what the heck. The world will survive or fall, but it's not my problem now. Maybe a seed I've planted in someone will sprout at some point and they'll get it like I did, but that's not my problem either. I've done my bit and now will do it for myself.

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