Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guidance progress

Following the guidance progress in my life, there hasn't been anything major or complex since the last, but although I almost finished Streetviewing for old road signs a few more came up elsewhere including roads I'd already checked yards from places I've been along regularly. That's a good example of my Buddhist passivity method where you tune yourself into particular aims and then do nothing more but wait and see what happens. As often when you make an effort for a specific end and still get nothing, like a girlfriend or a job, and then one turns up on its own, I tend to find that you can get pretty much anything besides taking an exam course just as well by letting it come to you as I've seen many ambitions fail however much work I've put into them, the energy has to open for them first.

I did have a small setback which if the guidance is universal came as a valuable lesson as far too specific to be a coincidence. I did my last long trip to complete my photo map, and two days later found I'd missed an old direction sign on the road I'd turned off to the sea front. I can't go 62 miles to one sign, there are loads a lot closer I won't waste time just to increase an already huge collection, but the first time I've missed one as it's too far to go back somewhere I'd been to already. My first reaction was to get one of the others I'd previously considered too far, and the best candidate was somewhere with 7 but on a route involving both a detour to avoid major roadworks and an assortment of roads to get there. I aimed there yesterday but have been tired for a few days for uncertain reasons as if I've been working hard without enough sleep (I haven't) and after going through every set of red lights parallel to the major road I was avoiding was too pooped to continue and turned round. I had taken photos of 5 new map squares on the way as I start as soon as I hit the first new one, so had completed a minor mission, and won't kill myself going anywhere at all now unless I feel like it, no one's making me and no one else will be impressed or care, so why should I boss myself around as if I was someone else? That's my lesson anyway, I won't make myself go anywhere in future as I've done enough, and like the sign passivity whatever needs doing will doubtless be done either way.

The good news is whatever I am doing I am free now, I have been on a good number of 50-60 mile trips this year for the photo map project and that was all I aimed to do. Missing a road sign is hardly a big deal as I've got loads and missed plenty before which were removed before I had a chance to get a photo. It's never about what we haven't got or missed but what we have, the rest doesn't exist as we haven't had it to lose it. We all have the margin of things we didn't get we could have, my first was females due to various disasters interrupting the coitus, and however willing they were didn't guarantee we could get the conditions to complete the job. We mustn't let losses put us off, as they are part of the rules of this game and the same for us all. I still disagree with some teachers who say we shouldn't care how we feel as it's unenlightened, as we are designed for pleasure and until we are enlightened can't be anything else. But not all enlightened people are fit to teach, and I doubt many even know how to become enlightened, so tend to teach their own route although maybe it won't work for many people besides themselves. There is no single route, many work, some more than others, and whoever told me none work the results don't tell me that, the more effort people apply the more are enlightened. I've seen enough examples to know that, and can never tell people who are not that they should think and act as if they are.

So, I am free at the moment, too tired for my possibly final mission (as I've decided not to waste too much effort on it any more, you have to draw a line somewhere) and mustn't feel guilty if I don't do it as no one asked me to. Hopefully the more I see the more I can trust the system and not expect to get driven into a tree if I let go of the wheel. It's a bit like a trust game and so far it seems to warrant it.

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