Monday, August 06, 2012

Back to normal?

Keeping anyone who's been following up to date the last month has been the busiest for at least a decade. Not by choice but just had a constant stream of arrangements which weren't beyond me (many are), a school and internet reunion, two olympic cycle races, various distant trips to find old road signs, my first football match for four years, an afternoon of open houses for an art exhibition, a photo exhibition and anything else I may have forgotten. It's now over and besides a trip to the Cotswolds planned as my last long photo trip (as all directions will have been covered) I am pretty well done. I have no idea what I'll do instead besides collecting all the squares on the local London map photos for the same website where you score for getting them all per 10km square, and I'm nearly finished on my second.

Of course the thing about collecting is it doesn't change your life one bit, except meaning you don't have to do certain things again once you've done them, but have a distant photo of Bradley Wiggins and the British team, the best possible road signs barely in existence for 50 miles of London, and met lots of people which is probably the most beneficial as every person online who becomes a real face is no longer a mystery. On the politics front the quotes from the Club of Rome I started sending round are now coming back to me, and from some major websites as well as individuals. They can't keep doing it once enough people know.

I have learnt we can all assess any professional subject we can understand as long as they do the technical stuff first, they can work out the data but we can all judge it. As science has become the new Spanish Inquisition, you're either with us or against us, it's become what is now far closer to the mafia than the people who spent most of their lives curing illnesses and saving lives. Now the most visible side of science is ordering us around and telling everyone else they know nothing and are the enemy if they question what are such manipulated findings a small child could see what they're doing. I am not a scientist but then again it takes an investigator to pick out a fraud in any area, so it's police and accountants who can blow apart long term scientific frauds, as two just have, as scientists tend to be trusting, and supportive of all their colleagues.

The only part missing in my personal education was having to drop a master's degree (sociology) due to poor health and switch to a diploma which only had classes once a week instead of twice. It did mean I qualified as a therapist but somehow postgraduate qualifications somehow mean you are listened to and accepted by all simply as you have learnt more than most in your field. As Anthony Davis (no degree) said on his radio show to me, you don't even need a degree to do this, just common sense. He has collected the climate data, and unlike me who has to call the show to share it he can do so as and when he chooses on his show so has the chance to win over the uncertain. But studying law just to degree level teaches you two things, one is to assess evidence and the other is never to produce evidence until it's almost definite. Those two alone can wreck any careless or dishonest professional's productions as we are trained to spot crap and not to say so till we're sure and can prove it beyond reasonable doubt. This means when I share information it's already known and not smoke or secondhand stories. As far as I'm concerned the information speaks for itself, my only personal input is choosing the right stuff and fitting it into the big picture of world political control.

So I can be anonymous like many bloggers, and post things people can check for themselves and see they are genuine, that's all you need in the investigation business, no one needs any more than the ability to do so and totally judged on their results. So when a doctor can misdiagnose the same person three times so they die, their qualification doesn't make a bit of difference, but when a journalist spends months investigating a bogus company you needn't know who they are but could use their findings for a successful prosecution. I've learnt all this as a result of the climate investigation, so pick up all sorts of knowledge along the way. As my first job after graduation was teaching, which is my nature, I will always do so. I saw the faults in my own teachers and made sure I remedied them. No training, as you need O level maths, but can teach anywhere except state schools. I've also learnt cult busting from the climate scam as the mind control used to persuade people a slight rise in temperature is dangerous (it's not, it's beneficial, look at history) is the same as the most evil cults in history as well as Goebbels who wrote the modern rules. They change minds by the million, I undo it one at a time. Clearly not long enough to make a difference alone, but each convert tends to add to the flock and join the mission. In the end you can't keep any lie going very long as the results people discover are not the same, and now climate data is coming in showing steady temperatures, CO2 being ineffective and half the data being made up (at least). The media then have to see enough has come out to change sides (as they always like to back the winners) and once they switch to the truth then it can't last long as an illusion.

I've learned a lot on this job, what people do and don't need to know and how to present it. And more rules, especially if you are put in a position where you discover something is wrong if you don't do something about it you have become part of the problem. There are almost as many people who hear about global warming who work out it's crap but do nothing, many who work in the field and would lose their jobs or promotion, and others who see the investment potential while wind and solar are guaranteeing money for a small outlay. Whatever the reasons once someone knows they are being dishonest they've let the side down. The Euro has ruined the lives of many people but is continuing as they want a united Europe and that needs a united currency, at any cost. So they sacrifice southern Europe for the sake of a dishonest goal. The dimwits who live in these countries (I've seen hours of interviews) have no idea this is the case, but can you imagine them being worse off than they are now with the Euro?

I wish I had the ears of a newspaper instead of yet another blog, I see some of my stories picked up by one or two but it's the exception rather than the rule. I don't know of anyone else outside the odd obscure magazine preaching to the converted who mentions Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome, the mechanism which has been setting this up for centuries (the first divide and rule propaganda has been traced back to publicity material from 1970, but the meetings themselves go back many decades before at least) but the methods they use make most immature people think their claims are genuine and people must police each other for their carbon emissions. That's breathing out, so the aim is to stop people breathing out before they cause more pollution, and of course there's only one way of doing that, and that, most appropriately, is the ultimate aim of them all.

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