Sunday, August 12, 2012

Government fraud? You decide

I am interested in politics, and sometimes (pointlessly) will debate the merits of left v right, but of course that is personal opinion and may as well spend hours trying to persuade people to like strawberries. But my angle is criminal activity which isn't part of left or right, but the filth which has got in and wrecked them both. I saw the seeds back in 1975 with the vote to leave the Common Market which the advertisers had about 80% more resources not to than the opposite, and appeared the advertising did far better than the actual facts.

This thread has now been followed for nearly 40 years, and now the whole thing has spread far beyond the bounds of the European version of the iron curtain worldwide. UN Agenda 21 is the plan, and whatever the wording it is about bringing world industry back to the 18th century more or less, and have what is the equivalent of a subsistence society. My legal training means once I say something it's because I've discovered it true 'beyond reasonable doubt'. In this case it's caught red handed, or better still direct confession, as many who believe they are above the will of the people have said so on record and in writing.

As long as the media and masses believe anyone making these claims are crazy they will continue to do it, but the Libor cheating is the first example of highest level organised crime and once the highest names making the orders are exposed no doubt many more similar will follow, as that is just like finding a cockroach, if you do there's always a city of them close by. That is how things were done, and once Libor catches the main operators as being at the top and not the alleged rogue operators unknown by certain leaders who have frequently be named as ordering it to happen, on top of that the fact it continued unchallenged over five years says that unless you believe our authorities are so incompetent they can't spot a massive long term fraud they had asked them to do it and as a result (as in all similar) kept it quiet and kept it going. Therefore you can't have an investigation or legal challenge if it's a government run fraud can you? Libor currently stands as a test case, and if proven (well, it is proven, only the structure remains to be discovered fully) will again not be an exception but a rule. More evidence for those still in doubt, why is manipulating Libor not a crime if those writing the law didn't want to avoid criminal proceedings (as they have)?

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