Friday, October 05, 2012

I see the future, and it is red

I would have been out for a walk now but it's raining, so will continue analysing life until I get some decent answers. My friend is convinced angels and many other things I have no experience or knowledge of like reincarnation are real, and certainly prepared to have my own gaps filled in around the angels although I think what happens after we die isn't important for what we do here so not much benefit speculating about as if we could find out anyhow. I collect so much information and although it helps a few people who need it it doesn't get me any professional benefits I know of. I'm past the stage of insecurity where I don't know if it's good enough for publication as it has been already, but the lack of connections and working alone means there simply is no market for new writers unless have some special status which would need years back at university.

It does seem a bit of a waste to create so much and see so little results from it, it does mean I also learn the same information to write it so have grown my own data, but when I see some which can undo a problem and no one wants to know it does make you wonder how people can suffer so much at times yet when offered a possible way out don't even believe it much of the time. I know ultimately it's all a film and everyone are the cast with roles based on standard characters, and as long as we are not burnt by the screen fire or shot by the guns it's fine. I look at the material I learn, and the main effect it has on me directly is higher costs for energy of all types. That in turn meant I bought a smaller car and can't travel as far for photos or anything else as it crawls along the motorway rattling as it wasn't designed for it. I also earn a fraction of my investment income as the interest rates are about 5% lower than market rates would dictate, so have under half as much as I ought to to pay for said energy costs. I could even move house if the income was higher, which has been an ambition ever since I left the area I grew up in.

But worse still is where this path will lead. We are heading for energy rationing and travel restrictions (all planned by the EU and UN, car bans, road pricing etc), meaning I will rarely be able to travel at all and have little to write about as I haven't actually done much to come back and report. I see the solutions to these problems, and people either know already, don't believe me or simply couldn't care less until it happens. Then it will be too late and they won't even remember I warned them.

How long anyone can go on dribbling the same genuine information before they either give up or get heard is not known, I find more material confirming what I said years ago every day, the EU are facing power cuts in a couple of years now as they are closing coal power stations with nothing to replace them. It is an arbitrary loss, much like the genocide in the last war, simply a symptom of a twisted power base ruling with a rod of iron over gullible subjects. I mean, do people really believe it's better to freeze and have someone's life support machine cut off than risk global warming? Oh yes, they do, that's why they voted for these laws in the first place. Except the EU ones, no one votes for them, it's made by the Commission who are permanent members and not subject to any investigation from outside. I said this would happen when we had our vote in 1975 and no one listened then, they still don't now.

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