Thursday, October 04, 2012

2012 roundup

With the map completed for 2012 having taken photos on each compass point and getting dark too early for more till next spring I now have more time here to do things like write my blogs. It's been the most active year since my post-viral (I am guessing it was a virus unless bacterial infections can knock you back for a year as well) decline in 2005, managing to drive 80 miles by the end in each direction without any bad effects. Prior to that I could drive up to 500 miles in a day without a second thought but had to pretty much start again from scratch. Although I've had nothing new (on top of the existing synchronicity) from the angels so far someone I know woke up last night to see a bunch of human entities around her bed she was able to talk to, she had no idea who they were but apparently a rare view of other dimensionals. So I asked for a sign and she got it although not aware until I explained its probable meaning.

Now the photos are done distance wise I've kept up finding old road signs like this one on Sunday

and then with no sense of guilt remaining have kicked around locally doing shopping, gardening and anything else which needs doing like catching up on recorded TV. I am being made to detach from the news, it's not as if much of it affects me if I know it or not, the only change I've suffered has been having to buy a small car to save money as petrol went up so much. The EU and UN make laws gradually catching up with those in pre-war Germany (I've read some of Hitler's speeches and he pretty well wrote the foreword to Agenda 21 which comes as no surprise), but having learnt all this it's not my place to do more than write it up, let people know and fuck off. If they aren't interested I can't make them, so have had to leave both the spreading of the material and the interest in it behind and return to the spiritual path I was forced to leave when they faked global warming. I've established anyone can investigate a fraud adequately without the need to be qualified in the area it originated from, an investigator looks for inconsistencies and standard patterns people follow when making stuff up, once you are familiar with them you can see it in the results rather than the need to originate the material yourself.

So whatever I've collected it means nothing in the present as I return to the same thing when I have, only meaning I don't have to visit somewhere I've done already. Spiritual development however opens up new abilities and feelings and although they haven't lasted for more than minutes in most cases and very far apart at that, I know they are possible and unless I meet a woman and can afford to move back where I came from before I had to leave the only changes can be in me rather than outside. Having reread the basics of Buddhism have confirmed I both understood it correctly and have been following it, the only exception being I believe karma/reincarnation is a throwback to previous religious relics and has no place in spiritual progress. After all, the past lives would be irrelevant anyway once you learnt the path and applying it breaks you free of it regardless of the bad deeds and other crap you aren't actually aware of so couldn't correct if you wanted to. Therefore just following the rules stop you making more karma and free you of whatever you remember or not so there's no need to theorise where it came from or not. It recognises all the psychic powers (unlike western religion except the Kaballa) but once you are enlightened are happy without anything from the outside world.

So I have a blank space ahead, I am free, nothing is wrong, and still have no more than usual so am just apparently adding nothing new. There is at least time to meditate a lot more and that is really the only known route to non-physical benefits, and if the angels can bring some of the physical where my own influence cannot reach all the better. I've got till the spring to work on it before I can do some more big journeys again.

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