Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 report already!

David's 2013 blog:

My visitors have now left and catching up on the second life online as usual. Odd and interesting things are happening already, ie more than usual. In life we are all equally given the freedom of our own opinions, and unless someone's go against me directly then it's their business not mine. Opinions being where it is a choice like food or music or books, not on facts where some people choose to guess one way or another where either no one really knows, or worse still they do yet they choose to stick with the idea they prefer as the reality freaks them out. Like whether intelligence is innate or not. There's enough evidence for that to fill a library, but those on the left who believe we're all a blank slate all with the potential to become Einstein if given the right environment and we are all equal will ignore it as they prefer their opinion of the world.
Anyway, you like a person first and their opinions are simply part of who they are. I've met loads of people who share my ideas and are absolutely nothing like me and not worth hanging out with at all, like the women on dating sites who are perfect on paper. As his parents are in touch with me I wonder what the outcome will be, as it's not so easy to cut and run when there are still connections.

After I predicted Obama would avoid the fiscal cliff by minutes yesterday he delivered as I virtually guaranteed, not because I use a crystal ball but because these things are planned in advance and staged to mould public opinion. So it wasn't really a prediction as based on a decision made long ago I just worked out as I know how politics operates behind the scenes. Unlike the Greek non-default this was announced so close to the event (rather than non-event) no one had the time to forget and had it in writing clearly enough to remember. I hope it will make a few people think how politics isn't a random set of actions but an engineered choreographed sham which gives the impression of two sides working for the common good but really one side working for their own good. You need examples, I have now offered two.

Along with the bad and the ugly, here's the good. It's also bad and ugly, but the outcome is good. I just discovered a major political pressure group (no time to look up the name) run by scientists (what, did someone say 'What's politics got to do with science?') claimed the acidification of the oceans by 2050 would make coral die out. Coral is over 400 million years old, and the CO2 levels then were in the 1000s of parts per million, so they have both exposed themselves as idiots, and then when they continued the claim (it was first made in 2009) after someone pointed out it was impossible, as liars. I have never made claims about nefarious activities before I knew they were enough to convince a jury, as that is my own training, rather than science. Like the Crown Prosecution Service really. If people want someone caught red handed before they will believe any wrongdoing then here it is, QED.

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