Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Current review

Having sat here over an hour waiting for a call to go out (clearly not coming, I was happy to stay in) it was time for a general report again for a change. It does seem the principle the truth will out is beginning to take place, with the greatest analysis of climate data of all finding pretty much nothing (Hebrew University last week, no known media reports), although the infinitesimally less important Met Office revision of their decadal prediction of temperature being revised down with a new computer (I suggest the sale at Staples if they want a really good one) being all over the world, even the BBC! This is a step in the right direction, but reporting the major study would have been vastly more useful. I've callled and tweeted local radio all afternoon (they were discussing it) to no avail but won't give up, in over 10 years this is the best piece of research to come out and won't stop till people know about it.

Generally I am still working through all sorts of tests and theories around life, learning the odd new lesson along the way. If I have been given a mission (if so then we all have, and it's just a matter of noticing) then I'll carry it out and hope there is more of a reward at the end of it than knowing more useless information than I did before. There's no point having a journey if you end up where you started. Meanwhile my internet life has used the global warming war (their words, not mine) to learn about psychology and politics, as the vast majority of debate on it is personal and political, the data is ignored at the expense of a feeling either of personal superiority or abject terror for those weak minded enough to actually believe it. Regardless of the fact no catastrophe has ever been predicted in history, by scientists or anyone else, when the fear kicks in any brains that were present head towards the arse.

My first lesson was not to be patronising to these empty minded wankers. Of course the lesson now means I say that about them rather than to them, and we are only affected when the proportion is great enough to drive world policy and opinion, which sadly is well over the line currently. But in actual engagement keep to the facts and do your best not to introduce any personal superiority regardless of how much you are aware of. That is a challenge close to not showing a woman you like them as when they do they won't want you. The upside is my own certainty of my position as I've had the time and interest to research in the background long enough before going public to know enough to have the confidence to take on all comers. It's expanded my own mind if nothing else and as always the problem was not the knowledge side but the presentation.

Otherwise the spiritual quest ploughs on interminably. My angel project is a few months old, and apart from the relative smoothness of my activities with a few exceptions no requested prizes or results have materialised so far. I suppose the climate study is the closest but that's got a long way to go before anything actually results from it. No actual women, meditation results or much more than usual, but can't give up as it's the only direction to go in with a chance of improvements. It keeps me busy if nothing else.

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