Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's called discrimination for a reason

The BBC are now calling for ethnic minority quotas, along with a few others. It is technically illegal as all discrimination is, but why no one has bothered to use the Race Relations Act (I expect they found a loophole, they always will if it suits them) I don't know. Unless it excludes white people from it, which presumably it must do. But that would mean if a black club in Brixton or an Asian shop in Southall refused to serve a white person they would be allowed to, and how could that be legal?

Legal or not, by setting the precedent of social engineering the BBC are creating one of the most dangerous and totalitarian rules we have seen in the 21st century. Think about it, besides women and ethnic minorities, like everyone else, only applying for the jobs they are qualified for and interested in, they must now reject qualified candidates for the only criterion of being white while there may not even be a qualified ethnic candidate to replace them. And then imagine if this extended to professions like medicine and law? Would you really accept doctors' jobs being restricted to certain races as they hadn't yet reached their quota? But the really clear picture forms when you turn it round the other way, and not just in Britain but any country in the world. That could allow quotas for white footballers and boxers, and a minimum number in the 100 metres. And if not why not?

Further consequences of such policies mean white unemployment will directly fall, with more accusations they are lazy as a result, and calls for even more immigration to do those jobs they will not, except they are not being allowed to. This in turn will continually increase the ethnic makeup and increase the quota ad infinitum. Using the principle fairly and evenly you would have to make sure every third shop in Southall was white run, schools in Brixton had to have a quota of white pupils (schools are already making efforts to introduce at least some mixing with ethnic minorities, since a school in Devon was classed as 'too white'). Imagine them saying it the other way round, yet they easily got away with that. In the end once you outlaw discrimination then women, ethnic minorities and the disabled have a free run at every job as anyone else, it is a level playing field. Simply comparing the ultimate numbers with society as a whole, complaining if it isn't the same, and then forcing more people in until it is, despite there being no tolerance of deliberate exclusion, is simply creating discrimination by law instead of stopping it. There are endless reasons certain types of people prefer any job. The latest study saying forcing women into technical jobs is pointless as most simply aren't that interested in them is the first example of solid academic evidence. Just as not many women I spoke to cared at all about the World Cup or competitive sport in general. You may as well force every football crowd to be 50% female for the same reasons, dragging them off the street each Saturday and kicking men out until the numbers are even. If you think that's crazy why don't you think the other ideas are as well?


Extant said...

David, I would like to speak to you. I was on Marks show the opther day after you. Can you please skype me on tgrogers or email me

Extant said...

David, I was on Marks show after you the other day, I would like to speak with you. Can you either skype me on tgrogers or email me