Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Guided by an outside force

The first thing that hit me in various conversations tonight was the larger force driving us all, whether we are aware of it or not, to our personal missions in life, and in some cases like my own can see how nothing I could have done would have stopped the force, as every single aspect of my life directed me to complete the mission even long before I knew it. I'll add details tomorrow, but basically after losing my job twice in the late 90s/2000 I used the difficulty of returning to work to raise my level of qualifications, following a letter from my organisation I was now entitled to do so. I stretched it out to take one for the other group after, and then a two term weekly course in spiritual healing (only as the teacher left before the year was up, but we got the certificates anyway). Then came my meeting with the British UFO expert, who by total coincidence was my friend's brother from the 80s (ie when I used to see him, not when they became brothers), which led to a series of TV appearances in the late 2000s. That dried up and he now lives abroad since he got married, although other people within the community still put me up for programmes none have yet succeeded although even I'd admit they were all variations on a theme but with different people.

By then I'd got hooked on global warming, which led me to seeing the network of international conspiracy generally, staying up reading and discussing, and then writing half the night, much to the annoyance of friends and family as I ended up getting up at lunchtime, but I was being swept along by the larger system, with at no time any more idea I'd be used in the media besides trying to publish my written material while a thousand similar people also write about that sort of thing.
Then David Icke set up a web TV studio a couple of miles away, and while I was considering volunteering (my nerves were the reason I didn't go straight there as per normal), and before I did his regular presenter announced on Twitter he'd done a programme on global warming fraud, I told him I had material on it, and bingo, many year's worth of material ended up in a 30 minute interview, hopefully the first of more as he's asked me to, and I have at least 1-2 more prepared.

My point is at no time since losing my second job did I either expect to drift off into research, get on TV and into the media through it, and learn so much simply through being concerned about global warming and how it hadn't done what they claimed. And now the current long process has completed I've looked back on it and decided it was something I was part of, rather than random or planned by me, as everything fitted perfectly, like all my other known short term examples of guidance, and even my financial needs were totally looked after to allow me to get on with the work only I could do as it drew on my legal work and knowledge of psychology, and tremendous persistence and compacted memory. That means the facts (mainly due to learning cases) are all in boxes and mainly able to be recalled and strung together to continue the thread once I start at any point. And I love to speak and teach. Therefore due to my innate qualities and specific education it was down to me to do this particular job, I was then provided with the means- time and money- to do so, and shown after the event how it was guided and completed. It is so tidy even a script would be considered unrealistic as supposedly nothing in life works so cleanly, but I've seen in many cases it certainly does.
That goes full circle to my spiritual work, as those lessons continue to be taken as well, and state we are only part of infinity, and as such are directly connected and accessible to any and all of it as required. My mission is not to convince anyone of it, but mainly become aware of it myself directly as part of my own development. Of course that is called enlightenment, and although that is the ultimate human goal you then start all over again learning as an enlightened person, as infinity never stops growing its knowledge and power.

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