Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Materialism and morphic resonance

I've just been reading about the conflict between traditional material science and Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance field, and it pretty much expresses both the conflict between closed minds and open minds, which I deal with elsewhere, and reality itself.

Having spent a lot of the last 40 years investigating this area myself, I can conclude for certain the materialism is based on the human mental failing of only accepting what you can see directly. This is not science as it draws a clear boundary where reality must end and the current Skeptic movement claim nothing beyond it exists. They are simply wrong. Since their dawn quantum physics now actually affirms most of their dismissed phenomena (as they are not repeatable reliably or measurable directly, so they 'don't exist' to them) at quantum level, and as translocation is now being carried out at greater and greater sizes (insects and small animals to follow) they have now demonstrated these phenomena aren't only possible at quantum level, and even if they were we are made up of quantum units so still subject to their actions.

Because it isn't possible to repeat these phenomena reliably, as even in the most talented individuals it is not something you can usually turn on at will like normal scientific functions, science assume they simply don't exist, and wreck anyone's career who claims otherwise, as they did with Sheldrake and John Mack. But the opposite part of repeatability is precedent. If something happens once it must exist, like exceeding the speed of light, or finding a single Higgs Boson. Even if you never do it again it's happened. It's also not so easy to draw the line from this side, the infinite unlimited possibility means some phenomena can be explained as scientific, as animals all have different visible and audible spectra, and when we expand ours we see things maybe UV or infra red cameras can see, although we can't usually or constantly science has found them so can't dismiss then when we find our eyes can do it directly and see auras and energy. Telepathy is definitely beyond their line though, so any examples prove them wrong and happen the whole time.

Telepathy is often dismissed when people first experience it, but the more it happens if it does the less it can be. Then you double the weirdness and foresee future events, not because they haven't happened yet but they must have on a different timescale, meaning ours is wrong. We see time as linear, but simply using relativity if two objects moving at completely different speeds then one will see the other maybe a second behind, and guess what, the other will see a second ahead, things that hadn't happened yet on their own timelines but definitely would. Not even the branch theory where the future is never certain but branches off depending on choices and prior events. We also respond by feeling, you get it about a person or place, and even if you couldn't see them may still feel it as everything contains its own frequency and we are designed to tune into them.

Dreams introduce many examples, as when you get words and names you never heard before which turn out to be specific foreign words and where you get a few all turn out to be in the same area. How exactly can this happen normally? As our minds are almost totally withdrawn from outside material when we are asleep then there's very little else coming in to distract us, and is clear for anything which is able to come in to do so. My own experiences are rare and low level, but enough to know it's real, and the whole point is if any of it exists then all does. Like water leaking through a seal, if it leaks once then you know there's water behind it, even if the seal is closed again. The point is the area beyond the seal contains water. Therefore if our minds open and connect with the morphic field or Akashic record, or collective unconscious (it has so many names as new people each generation keep discovering it and are then dismissed by everyone else), when they close again the field is still always there, and our minds can access them, they just very rarely do in most cases.

Luckily science doesn't create reality, it only describes what it currently can detect within it. But it is not science's job to say what doesn't exist, only what does. Free energy, aliens, all the rest may exist, we don't know, but is impossible to say they definitely can not. Those are two things we really do not know about, but the thought field has been accessed since the dawn of humanity, but science has yet to catch up.

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