Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's important to you

Revisiting an old topic, each issue resonates with different people. This works in two ways. Firstly it allows something to be done about everything, as no one can carry the entire troubles of the world on their shoulders, so it wouldn't be appropriate for people to care passionately about every problem there is. But the other type of resonation is different to me. I've described the first type of caring, where there are so many different problems which could be addressed in the world, and a few people care so much about each individual one they do something about it, and that is how things should be and are.

But there is a second set of caring and issues I am interested in here. Looking at Twitter and other sites I see people either taking up issues I see as misguided, or ignoring issues I see as essential for everyone, as they affect everyone and don't need anything to be done except knowing about them. These are simply mocked, dismissed or ignored and means when there is a major problem which will simply stop if enough people are aware of it, by dismissing it or worse still disbelieving it then they are then becoming part of its creation.

I developed my radar from its natural source, and when you get a hundred different pieces of information the few significant ones always stand out for me, and I can explain why. Most follow Albert Ellis's 'false conclusion' theory, where people make a mistake based on inaccurate information, and then act on it as if it was true, often with very dangerous consequences. Others are precedents, where a totally new event has happened meaning it is now possible. It's not really complicated and if you know enough to pick out both simple errors and significant events you can use the same formulas as well.

I suppose the conclusion is certain things should be important to everyone. It is like a white cell mopping up pathogens. I notice certain things that stand out like a fluorescent highlight, and while a minority I tell get it, most think I'm making up conspiracies. That is the secondary mechanism which ends up acting as a means for the pathogen to survive indefinitely and become invisible to the system it's infecting. The best way to demonstrate it is with some examples. The next stage is are they important as they mean something or are wrong. Either way they need to be exposed and like vampires, if they are wrong they tend to crumble in the light of awareness. The other way round is when other people find things important, but they fall through the cracks in my interest system and I want to explain to them either they are wrong, or they are too trivial to matter. I've noticed online and the radio many people suffer from racial paranoia. I heard the phrase today 'white privilege', which apparently is a blanket term designed to remove responsibility for everyone who isn't white who hasn't done as well as they think they should. Now in Britain at least exam papers aren't marked by name or colour, so with the most vital source of success being educational achievements, exams and degrees are totally colour blind. Now whether an interviewer for an educated or experienced black candidate is biased or not can never be known, but if someone's actually good enough to do a job then they will usually get it. No one does first time, most take tens or hundreds of applications, but you don't hear white people anywhere on the planet say 'I didn't get the job because I'm white' or 'If I was black I wouldn't have had to apply 107 times before I got a job', they just accept it's a massive competition. As soon as you believe you have any form of disadvantage it is reflected in your negative attitude and it is that which will put people off, and would do whatever race you were. I'm not saying such prejudice doesn't exist, but virtually everyone is going to find some sorts of obstacles on their route to success unless they're part of an aristocracy who get a fast track.

I am also concerned about the current fashion for transgenderism. Body dysmorphia is a serious psychological problem, and although some surgeons do remove limbs for people who are unhappy with them it does break the Hippocratic oath, so removing sexual organs from people with the same family of disorders is no different. You can treat the mind that believes it's in the wrong body, but can't put the things back you've sliced off, or repair the urinary problems many suffer with for the rest of their lives.

These are technically none of my business, but as a free man I have the right to comment. But they are human, and if a single person is suffering for no reason it's one too many, and by stoking the fires of paranoia and mental illness the establishment is actually eroding society, so in the end such actions affect all of us.

I hope by gradually explaining the mechanisms of knowledge and awareness it will spread and grow, as it's only a matter of seeing things clearly and recognising not what's just important to you, which everyone knows already, but what's important and relevant in all the flood of material you come across every day, including what the establishment say is important and is absolute crap. If people don't get jobs or do well in business it's basically because they're not good enough. Any other tangential reason is irrelevant and only work to hold back the individual if they even consider race, bias or any other reason why they can never succeed. If you are good at something and don't give up you will succeed in any free country. Walking around with a chip on your shoulder means you are carrying a heavy weight and it is only that which will hold you back as other people ostracise you for carrying it. Drop the attitude and you'll suddenly find you are succeeding for the first time.

It's the same in the news and politics. What they report as important is often total irrelevant drivel, and many really important issues get known on the internet years before they are finally reported or dealt with like female genital mutilation or forced marriage. Those are dire oppressions on women and girls people have known about for decades and are only just being addressed by the liberal, immigrant prioritising parliament of Britain. They had overlooked such issues in the fear by exposing them they would divide the society which was already divided as they had sent out search parties for people carrying out disgraceful barbarism from the third world from the 90s onwards. It's one thing sending out parties to educate them where they live, and a whole other thing inviting them to Europe and turning a blind eye to their primitive and savage practices. We wiped out suttee (murder) and thuggee (robbery) when we colonised India quite rightly, but when we import similar practises from the third world we wait decades before they become so prevalent they have no choice to start cracking down on them. It is actually more important to the rulers of the so called 'civilised' authorities to overlook killing and suffering to maintain a multicultural illusion. Putting politics over people is a crime against humanity but will we see any of the councils or police who hid evidence of child abuse in the north of England for years to protect the Muslim immigrants be convicted for assisting an offendor? Of course not. Society is corrupt at the top and always will be until people become aware of how they do it and reject it from the bottom up.

Update: A day after I wrote this a story turned up of the world's first official transracial, Rachel Dolezal, who has spent most of her life telling people she was black, and changing her hair and skin colour in ways to convince people she actually was, until her blond white parents said she wasn't. Now my question is should people be allowed to have surgery to look black or white if they feel they were born the wrong race?

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