Friday, January 28, 2011

Mass hypnosis

Here's the formula. Decide on world policy, place each major country with your people programmed to deliver it, and watch the carnage from a distance. Obama's latest speech confirmed every aspect of this, the empty emotionless tone, full of predictable empty words told me he is not thinking and aware of much of it, but just told to recite a prepared speech in order to have a very good life after he retires from office. Around the world other leaders in the UK and Australia have already given almost identical speeches regardless of party or official policies, which should not actually happen if each is voted in independently to carry out the wishes of its own voters.

Instead we have the same plans imposed worldwide, one country at a time, regardless of who voted for what, meaning the rules have been planned in advance and whatever we choose within the major parties the people have been hijacked by the same source. This is no longer a theory or a projection, but now a reality. If he spends the US pot on 'clean energy' that's another country heading the way of Zimbabwe, and the land of the free will become the land of the broke. Let's hope now the shit has truly hit the fan a few people will suddenly realise and rise against it.

I've been a hypnotherapist some time now, and if you see someone in a trance mindlessly parroting someone else's material, that's Obama, Gillard, Cameron, Bang-Ki Moon, and all the rest of the buggers who make the orders for us ordinary people, speak from a single voice. That's programming, the empty eyes and faces of them all, Ed Miliband the Tony Blair graft, cut from the rib and grown in a petri dish. All cells and no heart or mind. They all seem like they're on morphine and answer like machines whenever questioned. And since when has radiation been clean I wonder? Possibly in Obama's own dimension it us but when he brings it into ours even his body will suffer the same effects if exposed to it. This man has now said CO2 is a pollutant, radiation is clean and he's the fucking president of the world's most powerful country? If you don't stand up and fight as a result then you are as programmed as them.

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