Thursday, May 12, 2011

A cautionary tale

Just imagine this scenario. Some nutjob state (eg the UK) under orders from a higher authority (eg the EU) hooks up a small town to 100% renewables. Because of a newly elected Green council (high on rhetoric, but painfully low on facts) they want to prove their commitment to clean energy and zero emissions, so rely entirely on wind and solar, as one of their older members refused to pass the law if nuclear was included (despite being on their approved list).

What their lack of application allowed through was to include the local hospital on to this grid. Soon after the coal fired station was bulldozed and a statue of Stalin erected on its rubble one of the council leader's elderly parents suffered a heart attack and had to go on life support. That night (ie the solar panels, like most of the people, were sleeping) the wind increased (ie not stopped or dropped below the threshhold) so much that it breached the maximum working limit on the windmills (how many people know it has that?) and as built, they cut out to stop the system overloading. As the only two sources of power had run out within minutes the whole town went dark, and as the old hospital backup generator, used during the power cuts of the 70s had been disconnected when the law was passed as it ran on dangerous diesel, every machine in the hospital suddenly ground to a halt, and within a couple of minutes the woman was dead, as were all the other patients on life support.

In an interview the following day the councillor said that 'Although of course I deeply regret the death of my mother, the cost benefit of lives saved now and in the future from climate change mean far fewer people will die overall from this policy than have died last night. As a result we will continue with our policy for the sake of the planet.'

How long will it take before each of these scenarios becomes reality?


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

About the BEST ITEM you have done in over a year. What you have put should be sent to EVERY politician, council etc in the world.
I have taken the liberty of Copying it to a Word file and then adapting it to email to my Australian friends. Also sent your original to some UK friends.
South Australia has the largest number of wind power things in Australia and is becoming more reliant on them in some rural areas, also there is a push for solar panels on all new homes. Yet we have here in South Australia the LARGEST deposit of Uranium in the world and NO nuclear power stations because the socialists and greens won't allow it, yet we export the stuff around the world. We also export coal, Australia has some of the largest deposits of coal and China takes most of that.
No country in the world can afford to rely on just solar or wind power. We also have, like Iceland, very geothermal deposits to provide power for electricity but the greenies won't allow us to develop it because it might contaminate the artisan basin water. If we left life to the socialists and greenies we would all be living in caves, naked as can't kill animals for clothing or even food, no fire as can't use wood, and we would starve as can't dig up the ground to grow things. We would just be micro-blobs living from energy from the Sun.
Please do another article like this to stir up the energy debate.

David said...

You are one step ahead of me, it's being compiled as I write.