Thursday, May 05, 2011

Practice and theory

I am crossing my fingers blogger isn't in terminal decline as it really is a unique and free way to write literally whatever you want, with optional pictures, for the world to see and interact with. Facebook doesn't, although has now created a blog option is hardly as easy to follow as these.

I've continued my photo trips as per, with the rest of the day entering them on the map which mops up any remaining time to do anything else online. Late grandma's house is going on Tuesday at last, so also spent many days there clearing out junk and doing the garden, that has been hard work for two years now and wonderful when actually over but still at least one visit left. Outside the news has been busy but on closer scrutiny meaningless to us. Bin Laden's dead, yes, so what? Will the fanatics give up now? The best that will happen is they'll lose some funding, but presumably most of his money will be shifted long before anyone else can get their hands on it and continue paying for arms.

The other news like the royal wedding isn't actually news at all, as people get married every day and also divorced as most of his family have done already. It's not as if I'm going to be offered a crack at her as well so why should I care? My news has had to remain personal, mainly in the way of insights and discoveries, and as a result filter through to friends and clients who often use them for themselves as the truths of life are universal.
The best one I read at the weekend explains why so many scientists are both up themselves and so frequently wrong despite often having doctorates. They can see the small picture very clearly but very few people overall can put the pieces together. That is the difference between learning and originating, and the academics can never be at the top of the pile. I had to get a degree simply as I knew no one would ever listen to me without one, and ideally a master's as nowadays any cunt can get a BA in the UK now they've replaced the dole for school leavers.

So my specific area has been highlighted, I add each part of new information to the jigsaw, while others simply file them separately and can't even follow the connections when spelled out to them. The vast majority of idiots who despite three now being convicted of fraud (ie those set up as an example while many more escaped) believe most politicians are still honest is one example, and while people accept the shit fed to them from above will never get any better than we have now. David Icke's reptilian theory is a good analogue, hold them up to the light and you'll see the equivalent of a snake inside, but only in how their minds work. If you know what to look for- the small lies, inconsistencies and other slipups you'll soon realise who you're dealing with, much like bad boyfriends or husbands where everyone else can see what they're like except their woman, until possibly she's in intensive care.

Well we are almost there now. Carbon taxes and the EU are going to make basket cases of us all, and the old eastern bloc will be repeated now throughout the west as well. The leaders in their cars and the citizens driving ox carts through the street with bicycles for the party members. History has begun to repeat itself, I see the big picture and like all higher intelligence, the view is shared by so many people there aren't anywhere near enough to do a thing about it besides come on blogs and tell everyone. At least you've been told and I've made my point to be confirmed possibly long after I've gone and it's all happened. Unless we stop them.

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